Big clock in the interior: photo, types

A clock in the interior is not so much a means of knowing the time as a decoration element. Sometimes spectacular large models become an emphasis in the design of the room. For the manufacture of dials, a wide variety of materials are used, handmade products look especially impressive. In order for such a detail to harmoniously fit into the situation, the clock must be selected taking into account the general style of the interior and the color scheme.

minimalism metal clock

Big clock in the interior of the room

plastic clock in the living room in a classic style

Interior of a room with a large clock

Style selection

It is not necessary to purchase expensive models in order to effectively decorate a room, the design can also find a place for the simplest options, the main thing is to make a good choice. For minimalism, watches of simple shapes without decor are suitable, and in a classic interior, instead of wall ones, it is better to use large floor clocks. If you select wall structures, they should be in an expensive frame, ideally antique. A watch with a stone inlay or carving looks beautiful in a classic.

Electronic displays are best left for high-tech or avant-garde rooms. In the latter case, the dials of the most unimaginable forms are appropriate. Asymmetry and surrealism in design are welcome.

wooden clock in the hallway in eco style

Design a room with a big clock

plastic clock in a country bedroom

Big unusual clock in the interior of the room

How to choose a watch for the interior style


The form




Geometric with smooth lines (circle, oval), classic models with a pendulum.

Wood, glass, metal, stone.

Carving, gilding, metal elements from bronze or brass, silver.


Simple outlines, or plant motifs.

Wood, stone, glass.

Almost absent, no chrome parts and elaborate elements.


Geometric shapes - square, circle, oval.

Plastic, glass, metal, wood.


High tech

Rounded squares and rectangles, circles, polygons, cylindrical shape, electronic projections and holograms.

Plastic, glass, chromed metal.

Glossy surfaces, chrome elements, emphasis on manufacturability.


Cuckoo house, simple, simple form.


Simple carving, aged metal parts, craquelure, worn effect.

In an eco-style or ethnic style, a case made of bamboo, rattan or willow will look good. The main thing is to use natural materials and natural colors. The decor in the form of flowers looks beautiful, they can be a painting or a volumetric composition. You can choose very unusual design options - stylization under a birdcage, an aquarium, tree branches, dials, paintings.

For Provence or Country, you can choose a wall model with a cuckoo. The ideal option is a real old watch, inherited from my grandmother. If luck did not smile, you can artificially age the body with the help of a skin or craquelure varnish, which gives the effect of paint cracked from time to time.

wooden clock in a high-tech kitchen

Big clock in the interior of the room

eco style metal clock in living room

Design a room with a big clock

Where to place

Watches are appropriate in any interior, however large models are preferable to hang on the wall in spacious rooms. If the living room or bedroom does not differ in size, do not risk it. Too massive decor elements visually make the room smaller.

The clock harmoniously "fit" into the interior of not only city apartments, but also country houses.If the house has a real fireplace, they are hung directly above it. Such decor will make the room more comfortable. In addition to the classic wall models, there are several types of watches:

  • floor (the most massive option, suitable only for spacious rooms);
  • with a pendulum;
  • with a cuckoo (it is not recommended to hang in the bedroom, the cuckoo can interfere with rest and sleep).

Wall clocks in the interior must be placed harmoniously, they should not take up too much space. It is convenient to select specially for them a free section of the wall - above the sofa, bed, table, between the wall modules, etc.

metal clock in a country style bedroom

Interior of a room with a large clock

wooden clock in the high-tech hallway

Big clock in the interior of the room

Living room interior

To decorate the hall, it is better to choose the most expensive and beautiful models, since it is this room that is often designed to receive guests and conduct family celebrations. The living room is often combined with the dining room, where gala dinners are held. A luxurious watch made of expensive materials will decorate the room, giving it a formal look.

minimalism plastic clock in the hallway

Design a room with a big clock

wooden clock in a classic style kitchen

Big unusual clock in the interior of the room

Watches in the interior of the living room are the main emphasis in design, so you should choose them especially carefully. For the hall, elegant, exquisite models made with taste are suitable. This, for example, paintings in beautiful frames (landscapes, still lifes), photos of ancient cities and sights, images of famous actors of the past (appropriate in retro style, fusion, loft). On the case there can be various decor elements - stucco molding, gilding, silvering, stained glass elements, inlays with semiprecious or ornamental stones, metal fittings, mother of pearl, etc.

It is important to choose a watch so that it looks harmonious. For classics and Art Nouveau, it is more appropriate to choose expensive woods with bronze or gilded decor. Such a combination will show the taste of the owners, giving the room a respectable look.

eco style metal clock

Interior of a room with a large clock

plastic clock in the high-tech hallway

Big clock in the interior of the room


This is the quietest and quietest room in the house, they spend time in solitude, relax and sleep. In the bedroom, unlike the living room, strangers are rarely allowed, it is not intended for prying eyes, when choosing a clock, first of all, you should focus not on their front view, but on your own taste.

It is desirable that the color of the case is not too bright and in harmony with the decoration of walls and furniture. It can be pastel gamut, beige, light gray, pearl, milky, ivory, brown, blue or blue. Red tones, orange and bright yellow are best avoided in a bedroom setting. The dial can be either monophonic or with a floral ornament or floral pattern. Calm colors and neutral images allow you to relax faster.

minimalism wooden clock in the hallway

Design a room with a big clock

classic bedroom metal clock

Big unusual clock in the interior of the room

Landscapes are good in the bedroom, including marine ones, as well as images of birds, butterflies, cats. In large families, models with photo frames are often hung in the bedrooms, where photos from the most significant events in life are inserted.

When choosing a clock mechanism, it is important to pay attention not only to the external design, but also to the sound. If the arrows go too loud, this sound may interfere at night. It is better to choose mechanisms with smoothly running arrows. But the electronic scoreboard, despite the noiseless operation, is not recommended to be hung in the recreation area - the luminous numbers will only interfere.

plastic clock in a country style living room

Big clock in the interior of the room

minimalism metal clock in the bedroom

Interior of a room with a large clock

Children's room

The clock in the interior of the nursery can be very diverse. Often these are images of characters from fairy tales or cartoons, vivid shapes, berries, fruits, animals, the sun, a month, cars, castles, etc. The shape of the dial should be chosen not so much for reasons of aesthetic taste, but based on the age and preferences of the child.Children's watches can also be combined with a photo frame, slate or magnetic board, colorful alphabet, etc.

plastic clock in the kitchen in eco style

Design a room with a big clock

wooden clock in a country style living room

Big clock in the interior of the room

Important! all body parts must be firmly fixed, and preferably only natural materials.

Kitchen space

In the kitchen without the exact time, nowhere - often the readiness of the dish depends on it, and a minute of delay can cost a spoiled dinner. Color, size and shape are selected for reasons of convenience and practicality, as well as the case must be combined with decoration and furniture.

classic clock in the hallway

Big unusual clock in the interior of the room

plastic clock in the country style kitchen

Interior of a room with a large clock

Since the kitchens in typical apartment buildings are quite small, you should not buy oversized watches. It is better to choose a case of compact size, simple shapes and discreet colors. To bring brightness to the interior of the kitchen, you can hang a dial on the wall with realistic images of fruits or berries, flowers, still lifes.

The shape of the arrows may also be original. For example, in the kitchen, spoons or forks will harmoniously look instead of the usual arrows. The case in the form of a teapot, coffee cup, plate or glass also successfully fits into the design of the kitchen.

Important! for the kitchen it is worth choosing easily washable materials.

classic metal clock in the living room

Design a room with a big clock

plastic clock in a high-tech bedroom

Big clock in the interior of the room


In the corridor, you should definitely find a place for a wall clock, they will help you to get together on time and not be late for a meeting, study or work. In addition, it is an interior decoration that sets the overall tone for the entire room.

For the corridor in the classical style, you can choose products from natural wood, metal (bronze) or even ceramic products. The form can be very different, the main thing is that it harmoniously fits into the interior. Circle, oval, square with softened outlines of corners, cuckoo clocks, classic designs with a pendulum, etc.

minimalism wooden clock in the kitchen

Interior of a room with a large clock

metal clock in a country style living room

Design a room with a big clock


If desired, you can hang the clock in the bathroom. However, it should be borne in mind that this is a very humid place with temperature extremes, so the case must be airtight and made of waterproof materials. If there is the slightest crack, the dial will constantly fog up from the inside, and sooner or later the moisture will ruin the clockwork.

eco-friendly plastic clock in the hallway

Big clock in the interior of the room

Useful Tips

What else is important to pay attention to when choosing?

  1. Try to acquire silent models, especially if you choose them for the living room or bedroom.
  2. The large sizes of watches are in trend, they will certainly attract attention, decorate the interior of the room, emphasizing its style. However, such models have a drawback - they can only be used in spacious rooms - living rooms, studios, etc.
  3. If you want to add a touch of originality to the design of the room, you can buy a watch with a pendulum, which with its ringing will inform about the time of lunch or dinner. Of course, such models are most appropriate in the dining room.

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