Decor for March 8 for a romantic atmosphere

When winter ends, a trembling time for waiting for the women's holiday comes, I want to somehow transform my house in the spring. For those whose hobby is some kind of needlework, it will not be difficult to independently make a decor by March 8th. The main thing is a good idea and seasonal compliance. If you want every holiday to be different from the last, it’s better to choose something new every time. This may be decorating the apartment, which will maximize the style of the interior. A good option is to find a room decoration that will become an independent accent that creates a festive mood.

the idea of ​​festive interior decoration by March 8

The bottle can be decorated and stick flowers, beads, feathers on it.

version of the original decoration of items by March 8

Room decor can be decorated with balls

the idea of ​​bright decoration of objects by March 8

Lampshade can be decorated with artificial flowers

Where to start decorating the interior for the holiday?

The basis of the decor for March 8 with your own hands is a suitable topic, and there are several of them on this holiday:

  • Spring;
  • flowers
  • presents;
  • living nature;
  • motherhood and femininity.

In the development, you can take one thematic area or all at once, if it fits well into the overall concept.

variant of beautiful interior decoration by March 8

Flowers will perfectly complement the festive design.

The idea of ​​original interior decoration by March 8

On such a holiday, you just need to put flowers in a vase

Further, it is important to decide who will do all this apartment decor by March 8:

  • older children;
  • men
  • the whole family together;
  • a woman for herself - as a pleasant pre-holiday preparation.

This may be the first needlework experience to create an original surprise or another interior decoration by March 8. It makes sense to learn a new technique for working with paper or to take as a basis a favorite workshop. Do not think that men will not be interested, this is a great opportunity to do something more than buy a traditional bouquet of tulips and a box of chocolates.

variant of beautiful decoration of objects by March 8

You can put flowers on napkins, thereby decorating the table setting

option for bright interior decoration by March 8

Many different colors will look very romantic.

the idea of ​​festive decoration of items for March 8

The bottle can be decorated in a festive style

There is no problem for a home master to spend a couple of evenings on simple home decorations for the spring holiday. If the children do not know how to please their mother, one of the adults can give a good clue.

From what to do interior decoration by March 8 with your own hands is another important point. The easiest way to use what is always at hand, and buy some necessary little things. Depending on the technique and material for the implementation of the idea, you can presumably calculate the cost of interior decoration.

version of the original interior design by March 8

Flower pots will pleasantly complement the festive atmosphere

the idea of ​​beautiful decoration of objects by March 8

You can decorate a paper bag and put flowers in it

Most often for interior decoration by March 8 they use:

  1. Yarn, thread, fishing line, clothesline, twine, tows.
  2. Colored paper, thin cardboard, boxes, corrugated and colored packaging, foil, "self-adhesive".
  3. Glass containers of unusual shapes, bottles and plastic containers.
  4. Loose foods, cereals, pasta.
  5. Satin ribbons, lace, scraps of leather and fabric, colored elastic bands, sequins, pebbles and other haberdashery decor.
  6. Interior paints, gouache, markers, spray cans, varnish.
  7. Twigs, steel and copper wire.
  8. Polyfoam, plywood, trimming cans, plastic and gypsum plaster.

The amount of decor is also important. Someone decided to confine themselves to one thing, for example, a decorative inscription or a bouquet in an original vase made of a glass or plastic bottle.And someone will want to make sure that the personal space of the woman to be congratulated on the holiday is buried in flowers, balloons and the exclusive decor of the apartment by March 8th.

option for bright decoration of items by March 8

Pink color will give a great mood

the idea of ​​festive decoration of the interior by March 8

Decorating a bottle of wine with paper flowers is a good idea.

variant of bright interior decoration by March 8

Room decor in this style will give a festive mood

Best decor ideas for March 8

In one small article it is impossible to describe all the souvenirs with which you can decorate the house on the eve of the spring holiday. But it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on what is accessible and pleasant to women.

Each lady will be pleased if she is freed from the duties of preparing a feast. To set up a table with decor is a practical idea.

In the preparation process, you do not need to engage in long cooking without practice and proven recipes, it is enough:

  • make hot sandwiches;
  • put a beautiful cut (cheese, sausages, fish);
  • open conservation (can be purchased);
  • organize plus a sweet table.

But the main thing is table decor on March 8th. It is better to pre-buy a beautiful tablecloth or just a bright fabric that is 20-30 cm wider than the countertops on both sides. You can put beautifully folded paper napkins for each participant in the feast. For a festive or romantic atmosphere, they place candles. The entourage will complement your favorite flowers in the original vase or their imitation in the interior.

You can implement a flower theme yourself as a decor on March 8 in different ways.

the idea of ​​festive decoration of objects by March 8

A basket of flowers will perfectly complement the festive atmosphere

the idea of ​​beautiful decoration of objects by March 8

Wine bottles can be decorated with flowers.



Dry ikebana

Perform arbitrarily from branches, dry flowers of immortelle, spikelets, herbarium, palm trees


Classical ikebana

Use flowering plants symbolizing 3 elements, directed in different directions


Fancy bouquets

flowers of a rare shade (blue, purple, green, black) or a special composition


Artificial flowers

From colored, crumpled and corrugated paper, vinyl stickers, foil, plastic


Origami crafts

Plane and voluminous flowers, midpoints from modular origami, techniques vary


Drawings and applications

In the original framework, in the wall panels as a seasonal decoration


Children's drawings

Interesting in the performance of young children


Exclusive Hand Made

Perform in any technique, respectively, hobbies, artistic taste or skills

Wine, sweets and romantic candles are indispensable attributes of the interior on March 8th. Candles can be placed inside the wide glasses, decorated with their own hands.

variant of festive decoration of objects by March 8

You can decorate the bottle and stick artificial flowers on it.

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior decoration by March 8

Baskets of flowers perfectly decorate the festive design

the idea of ​​original decoration of objects by March 8

Small flower pots can be put on the table

Lamps from glass vessels decorated in a festive manner will surely please every woman. Small glass coffee jars decorated with lace or mesh look good. You can take any containers and tie a ribbon with branches of fluffy willow, mimosa or surround with small artificial flowers. To paste over lamp-jars with artificial buds or flowers using the origami technique is also an option.

A vase from improvised materials is sure to be appreciated by every woman, especially when there is only one flower. A sprig of mimosa, an orchid, a rose or a spring primrose will bring a lot of positiveness when presented in the original design.

version of the original design of items by March 8

Baskets with flowers perfectly complement the interior

option for bright decoration of objects by March 8

You can make daisies from paper and hang them in the room.

Some ladies are against giving them flowers to cut, preferring indoor exotics in beautiful flower pots. It is advisable to know what a woman loves, and add to the collection a new variety of indoor violet, another cactus or succulent. The more original containers with flowers are decorated, the more joy they will bring to their new mistress.

Vases from improvised materials - the most popular spring room decor on March 8.If there is one vase, and it is not very effective, it can get lost in the interior. Several vessels will look much more attractive, especially when they are all different, but united by a common idea.

The bottles are decorated with ribbons, yarn or colored twine from the neck or from the bottom, gradually winding along the walls greased with glue, circle by circle. Having completed the first stage, we move on to a voluminous decor that can be made from anything - fabric, artificial flowers, pebbles, beads, etc.

version of the original interior decoration by March 8

You can put flowers on the wall

variant of festive interior decoration by March 8

You can make a heart out of twigs and flowers

the idea of ​​original decoration of objects by March 8

Room decor can be decorated with balls

If you have doubts about your abilities, then a champagne bottle cleared of stickers can be "made rich." It is not difficult to cover the container with spray paint, but you will have to do it very carefully so as not to get dirty and not create problems with cleaning. It is better to spray in an open space, in work clothes. The decor of the “new” vase can be completed by gluing sparkles or pebbles.

the idea of ​​beautiful decoration of items by March 8

You can put flowers in bottles

the idea of ​​festive decoration of items by March 8

Bottles can be decorated with beautiful patterns.

A flower (living or artificial) in a home-made vase is not only an excellent interior decoration by March 8, but also a great DIY gift. It remains to put a rose or an orchid in this vase, decorate the room with balloons and garlands with colored hearts made of paper, as well as everything that I have long wanted to do and give to my loved one. Then after the holiday you will want to leave everything as it is for longer - all these embodied ideas for the decor on March 8th.

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