We decorate a chest of drawers with our own hands

To make a chest of drawers decor with your own hands is to create a unique designer item from an ordinary piece of furniture. She will dilute her usual atmosphere with her brightness, transform the general interior of the room. Consider several ways to decorate with your own hands.

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Restoration and painting cabinets

beautiful do-it-yourself chest decoration

Dresser decoration

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Dresser cabinet decoration

Updating the old chest of drawers

Sometimes it’s a pity to throw out old, but high-quality furniture. In this case, it can always be transformed.


Restoration is a laborious process that goes beyond the simple transformation of an interior item. But more often you cannot do without it when working with old things. Before you begin restoring a chest of drawers, you should carefully examine it for value. It is possible that it may turn out to be a handmade item made dozens or hundreds of years ago. To do this, first of all, pay attention to the accessories: handles, legs, screws. If they are not the same, there are differences in the notches, then most likely they are made by hand, and not by an industrial method.

unusual decoration of the stand

Cabinet design

beautiful decoration of the cabinet yourself

Beautiful decor chest in the form of a designer

If a decision on restoration is made, then the following things will be required:

  • special glue for wooden surfaces;
  • putty;
  • several types of sandpaper;
  • screwdrivers;
  • gloves
  • respirator;
  • Toothpicks
  • old toothbrush, paste;
  • brushes;
  • varnish for wood.

Updating a chest of drawers involves several steps

Product cleaning and preparation

Surface cleaning should be done carefully so as not to damage any decorative details. To begin with, the surface is wiped with soapy water, a toothbrush is very useful for cleaning small parts. Furniture fittings can be removed if necessary.

To combat plaque or stubborn dirt, it is better to use fine sandpaper, but the main thing is not to overdo it and not spoil the furniture. If you plan to completely replace the color, then the entire surface will have to be easily sanded.

do-it-yourself classic dresser

Restoration and painting cabinets

do it yourself original decoration

Dresser decoration with rulers

unusual design chest of drawers yourself

Dresser cabinet decoration

After the dresser has become clean and dried, it needs to be repaired. You will need to inspect the product for scratches, damage to screws and so on. Cracks are covered with putty, the hardware is replaced with a new one.


Most likely, it will be necessary to paint, since it is unlikely that the old chest of drawers will correspond to the modern color scheme of the interior. You can repaint it in a solid color. You need to paint carefully, especially in the corners. Use requires a special paint for working with wood. If desired, you can varnish the chest of drawers.

unusual dressing do-it-yourself chest

Cabinet design

beautiful decoration of the cabinet with your own hands

Beautiful chest of drawers decor

Design solutions

There are many ways to decorate an updated chest of drawers. You will certainly be able to choose the most suitable method.


The easiest way to do this decoration is on a white surface. Decoupage is a modification of the product using special napkins. They can be purchased in stores with goods for needlework. In the bedroom you can apply a floral print, and for the children's room - images of the heroes of your favorite cartoon. The work includes several main stages:

  1. Chest covering with white acrylic paint and good drying of the product.
  2. Preparing and cutting decor items. At this stage, you need to pull out all the boxes, determine exactly where which image will be placed.
  3. Sticker carved patterns with glue PVA. It is better to smooth the picture on the dresser with a special roller so as not to damage the thin paper.
  4. Coating the surface of the dresser with varnish.
classic chest decoration

Restoration and painting cabinets

classic design chest of drawers yourself

Dresser decoration

unusual decoration of the cabinet with your own hands

Dresser cabinet decoration

Decoupage can be performed not only using paper, but also using fabric. This option will be much more economical if you glue improvised scraps. More often, they decorate the facades of drawers, choosing colors to match curtains or upholstered furniture. Pens must be removed from them before starting work. Next, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Tissue cutting. The flaps make a few centimeters wider than the facade. This is mandatory for bends.
  2. The box is coated with PVA glue, cut-out fabrics are applied, smoothly smooth all folds and bubbles from the center to the edges.
  3. Glue the ends of the facade with glue, make bends. You can attach it on the inside of the facade with a stapler.
  4. Screw the handles and other fittings.

English style chest of drawers decor

The decor of the chest in the English style will look stylish in any modern interior. An old piece of furniture from ikea is well suited for such a design. Two nights are enough for you to work. For decoration you will need:

  • scarlet and blue acrylic paint;
  • putty;
  • brown oil paint;
  • toplazur (wax-based coating);
  • decorative nails for furniture;
  • putty knife;
  • masking tape;
  • paint brushes and rollers;
  • sandpaper.
beautiful dresser design by yourself

Cabinet design

beautiful do-it-yourself cabinet decoration

Beautiful chest of drawers decor

The work consists of the following steps:

  1. Removing all accessories from the dresser and cleaning it from dirt and dust.
  2. Coating the surface with a thin layer of putty. It should not be smooth, but textured. You can make a few spots on top and smudge them a little.
  3. After drying, the product is coated with white acrylic paint.
  4. Marking with masking tape of zones for painting.
  5. Preparation and cultivation of blue and scarlet paint. The more pigment added, the richer the color. When staining, do not be afraid of spotting. It should be so. You can paint in two layers.
  6. Sanding the sides and countertops of the chest with sandpaper.
  7. Using a sponge, the entire surface is covered with toplazury (it is better to choose the tone "nut").
  8. Driving at the same distance along the facade of carnations.
  9. Handle installation. Coating them with oil paint (to darken).
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Restoration and painting cabinets

do-it-yourself cabinet design

Dresser decoration

original dressing yourself

Dresser cabinet decoration

Antique decor

The design of the old chest of drawers will look quite stylish. Typically, this method is chosen by lovers of creativity, Provence or country. To work, you need to cook:

  • chest of drawers;
  • sandpaper of different stiffness;
  • acrylic paint (2 colors);
  • craquelure lacquer;
  • soft sponge;
  • wax candle;
  • paint brushes;
  • screwdrivers.

Before starting the decor, they pull out all the drawers, remove the countertop of the chest of drawers, pens. Then all surfaces are sanded with sandpaper until smooth and wiped with a sponge moistened with water. After drying, apply the main coat of paint and allow the product to dry again. Now you need to make scuffs with sandpaper and rub them with a candle, as well as some parts of the main surface.

classic do-it-yourself cabinet

Cabinet design

do-it-yourself unusual decoration

Beautiful chest of drawers decor

After that, paint of a different shade is applied (darker or lighter - everyone chooses for himself) and wipe the areas covered with wax with a sponge. The paint is easy to get off there. You can paint or decorate the chest of drawers using the decoupage technique, and then cover it with craquelure. This type of varnish will add small natural cracks to the wooden surface.

Once the varnish has dried, the chest of drawers can be collected and used as intended.

Volumetric decor

The voluminous decor of the chest of drawers does not require a large monetary outlay, and the work will bring only pleasure.Moreover, in this technique, you can transform the cabinets, cupboards and other furniture. Stencils may be required for design; they are easy to make from thick cardboard.

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Restoration and painting cabinets

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Decorating a chest of drawers with pictures

the original design of the dresser yourself

Dresser cabinet decoration

For decoration you will need:

  • putty knife;
  • stencils;
  • acrylic based putty or bulk paste;
  • acrylic white and brown paints;
  • brushes and sponges;
  • masking tape.

The work is simple, the main thing is to do everything carefully, after removing the handles and removing the boxes. Stencils are mounted on the surface, and putty is put on them with a dense layer. Most likely, the applied layer will have to be slightly trimmed with a spatula before removing the cardboard. The volumetric pattern is left to dry.

unusual design of the cabinet with your own hands

Cabinet design

do-it-yourself chest of drawers

Beautiful chest of drawers decor

You can cover everything with one color. Or highlight a volumetric element. To do this, follow these steps:

  • To paint a dresser, for example, with a white shade.
  • Grate the convex parts with wax.
  • Cover everything with a brown tone, and wipe the wax areas with a sponge. They will remain white.

This method is suitable for both the old chest of drawers and the new one.

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