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In the spring and summer, I want to bring bright colors to the interior of my home, while it is necessary to adhere to the rules of minimalism and not visually overload the space with things. To create an outstanding accent in the room, just bring in one detail that will contrast with the rest. Despite the abundance of various accessories in stores, it is much more pleasant to make jewelry with your own hands.

The most budgetary and easiest option for hand-made beginners is to use paper. Corrugated sources will allow you to create any composition that will become the central element in the apartment. There are some simple recipes that make it easy to create your first jewelry. Pay attention to paper fans. The simplicity of the technique and the minimum number of tools are what you need to get started.

cardboard fan in corridor design

Fan for room

paper fan in the style of the kitchen

Multicolored fans

a fan of paper in the interior of the hallway

Surround fan

Paper circular fans for decor

These jewelry are associated with the east. In the culture of Japan and China, this element is part of a national tradition. Therefore, on the walls in the minimalist and restrained houses of the Japanese, you will always see a fan. As a rule, it depicts scenes from books, beautiful landscapes and panoramic views. Fans from paper are completely replaced by wall pictures habitual for us. They stand out from the rest of the items, attract attention and create a romantic mood.

paper fan in bedroom style

Mosaic of fans

paper fan in room design

Fans in room design

paper fan in hallway design

Pink fans in the interior

It is especially beneficial to use this decor in a room that is not overloaded with furniture. Walls without a pronounced pattern will look advantageous against the background of a fan. You have two options - to make a composition of small circular fans, or to make a classic large fan on a wall with your own hands. Quite often, such decorations are also used to decorate the holiday. This is a universal idea that will captivate you during your leisure time and allow you to acquire additional skills.

paper fan in the style of the corridor

Multicolored fans

cardboard fan for kitchen design

Round beautiful fan

Cardboard fan in room style.

Mosaic of fans

To make fans, we need:

  • colored corrugated paper of any size, scrap paper is suitable;
  • scissors for shaping the workpiece;
  • glue;
  • satin ribbon;
  • small accessories (buttons, bows, sequins, tassels, beads, etc.);
  • wooden skewers.

Prepare a wide table or any other place to make you comfortable working. The process does not like rush, so you should free up time in advance for the implementation of your creative ideas.

paper fan in the hallway interior

Beautiful fan in the room

cardboard fan in room design

Hanging fans in room design

guest paper fan

Fan option

The process of making paper fans

First of all, it is worth considering the design of the decoration. You can be inspired by ready-made fan sketches by viewing thematic pictures from the Internet. Determine the size of the product and prepare the required amount of paper. It is easiest for a beginner to make circular fans. The instruction is very easy, so even children can master the process of making crafts with their own hands. Getting down.

paper fan in kitchen design

Colorful fans

hallway style cardboard fan

Green fan

paper fan in the interior of the guest

Interior fans in the room

  1. We take a strip of paper whose width is greater than the length (preferably 2 times).
  2. We mark the threshold of bending, for example, 1 cm. If you are not sure about the accuracy, mark the points with a pencil.
  3. We make the same bends over the entire area of ​​the paper so that an accordion is obtained.
  4. We take the lower edge of the fan and connect at one point. The resulting classic fan is bent to form a circle. We fix the edges with glue or tape.
  5. After gluing the bottom of the product from the back, we fix a small square made of paper to secure the workpiece more securely. As an auxiliary tool, double-sided tape is used. It holds edges well and is almost invisible when trimmed neatly.
  6. On the front side at the junction with glue a button, bow or any other decoration. Our fan is ready!

The decor is attached to a wall or any other surface with tape or strings. You can also pre-prepare a frame from under the old picture to place paper fans on the canvas and then hang the composition on the wall. Take this idea as a basis to make yourself something new and more original.

a cardboard fan in the interior of the guest

Hand fan

paper style fan

Beautiful fan

paper fan in the interior of the corridor

Children's fan

cardboard fan in a kitchen style

Beautiful fans in the design of the room

The brighter the paper, the more interesting the composition. A combination of different shades can achieve an interesting effect. From the remnants of paper it is quite possible to make flowers or other simple home decorations. They are ideal for decorating rooms for a holiday, theme party, birthday or wedding. “Sweeping” paper fans on the wall are made using the same technology, but without circular gluing.

paper fan in guest design

White round fan

paper fan in bedroom interior

Blue fan

paper fan in bedroom interior

Hanging fans in the interior

paper fan in corridor design

Beautiful fan

Features placement jewelry

Handmade decor will look great on the wall above the sofa or bed. It is actively used as a decoration for a children's room. Cozy garlands or paper shades can decorate a terrace or balcony. It is especially advantageous to decorate the reception or relaxation areas on a personal plot outside the city. Paper lanterns will be organically woven into the surroundings of the beach party. Such a light and original product is applicable in any home. It looks stylish despite being inexpensive.

bedroom style paper fan

Paper fans

paper fan in room design

Colored paper fan

When placing crafts in an apartment, try not to overload the space with them, so that the room does not look like a school study. Paper flowers should be placed in a large vase on a table in the living room or hallway. A large fan will decorate the bedroom or sitting area. You can also give your crafts to friends and relatives. Enjoy the process and bring each family member to such a pleasant leisure. Most importantly, you can always do something new, and please your eye with little things that create mood.

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