Wall Decor: The Most Interesting Ideas

Several spectacular accents on the walls after the repair can transform any interior, making it spectacular and stylish. It is recommended to decorate the walls if the apartment does not feel any design concept or stylistic link. Not everyone can use the services of famous designers. But many ideas are quite accessible for implementation, if you decide on the original wall decor with your own hands. Having become acquainted with the various methods of transforming vertical surfaces, do not rush to do everything at once. Each room has its own decoration method, which harmoniously fits into the functionality of the room and emphasizes its style.

variant of unusual decoration of walls in rooms

On the wall you can make a beautiful drawing

the idea of ​​beautiful wall decoration

You can decorate the wall with wood cuts

the idea of ​​the original design of the walls

Very beautiful photo wallpapers create the feeling of a decrease in objects

How to choose the most suitable means of transforming walls?

Arguing on how to decorate the wall with your own hands, you have to carefully analyze everything:

  • dimensions of the room;
  • free surface area;
  • their artistic abilities;
  • the scale of the transformation of a room or apartment.

If there is no stylistic reference to the interior, and major repairs have already been completed or are not planned yet, it is important to highlight the preference in which style to decorate the apartment. A wall panel or mosaic can emphasize the choice of style, and several accessories and a curtain pattern complement the atmosphere.

option for bright decoration of walls in the rooms

The picture of dishes on the wall in the kitchen will harmoniously look in the interior

version of the original wall decoration

The process of creating a picture on the wall

The chosen theme of the image or a bright accent may be a typical expression of a certain style:

  • retro (vintage, shabby chic, grunge);
  • minimalism (constructivism, functionalism);
  • country (Provence; chalet; ranch, tower);
  • urban styles (loft, techno, futurism);
  • modern style (fusion, contemporary, high-tech);
  • ethno (African, Asian - Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Arabic);
  • classic and historical styles (antique, palace, renaissance, baroque).

If it's time to choose your own style, do not chase fashion or adopt someone else's lifestyle. Imagine this or that design sample in your apartment or house - will it be comfortable living in such an environment? Sometimes the original design of the walls with their own hands causes some rejection, rejection. On the contrary, some competently embodied and close to heart idea will fill a personal space with a special aura. But it happens that everything is just tired, and I want to dilute the trivial atmosphere with an unusual decor on the wall, as in the photo.

the idea of ​​a bright design of the walls in the rooms

You can draw fruits on the wall in the kitchen

the idea of ​​beautiful wall decoration in the rooms

On the wall you can make a collage of many paintings

unusual wall decoration

On the wall you can make a collage of paintings

By designation, a designer considers any free wall as a clean canvas for the upcoming transformation of the interior. But home decor with your own hands in the apartment can solve other problems:

  • get rid of inept children's "arts";
  • hide wall defects (spots, smudges, cracks, pits, bumps);
  • tidy up the most problematic wall so as not to make a general repair;
  • make a highlight in the interior design;
  • visually expand the space.

The decor of the walls in the apartment with your own hands is associated with creative self-realization, this is a fascinating process. But it is advisable to master the secrets of craftsmanship or choose an affordable method of original wall decoration. Do not overdo it when choosing decoration methods. It is better to do one thing, but impressive, than many small tricks that scatter attention.

variant of beautiful decoration of walls in the premises

Wall decoration can be made from large tiles

idea of ​​original wall decoration

Such wallpapers in the interior look practical

We choose simple methods of decorating walls

Unusual decor with familiar items.

A creative look is when you see familiar objects in a new way. If you do not have your own interesting ideas, you can use other people's samples and illustrations. Wall decor options are ordinary boxes without a bottom and boxes made of thick materials. They can be repainted and hung on the wall as shelves for small items, dishes or spices in the kitchen.

One mirror in every room is good. N, but if there are several of them, in addition to the main one, this is already a whole “mirror wall”. By the way, in the modern market there are a lot of facing materials with a high degree of reflection. But don't overdo it. If the room has a mirror floor, a glossy ceiling and tiles with a mirror effect - this is already too much. On the south side, the excess of reflected light will blind your eyes, in the north room or hallway without windows, this option is more appropriate. But it is better to choose a mirror wall decor in the interior in any original design.

variant of unusual wall decoration

On the wall you can draw tree branches

variant of beautiful decoration of walls in the rooms

Photo wallpaper will perfectly complement the design of the bedroom

the idea of ​​bright wall decoration

Panel with mosaic tiles will be a great complement to the decor

Photo as part of a long memory

Decorating walls with photographs is the most affordable way to decorate an empty wall, known to our grandmothers. Randomly hung "selfies" will not become an exquisite decoration of the interior. But if you select photographs by topic, build their plot, or follow the dynamics of the development of life in a certain time period, such an exhibition will be interesting.

It is good if they are all of decent quality, black and white or color photos, decorated in the same frames, hung in a certain order or form a clear geometry. Wall decoration in an apartment with an artistic photo does not exclude a large drawing in the center of the composition or a talentedly executed collage. This method is also good because photos can be replaced or added over time, as well as shifting frames or hanging them in an unusual way.

variant of the original decoration of the walls in the premises

On the wall near the bed you can stick wallpaper

the idea of ​​a beautiful wall decoration

You can stick decorative butterflies on the wall

Vinyl stickers

The theme of wall decor in the house can be emphasized with ready-made images. Vinyl stickers are sold ready-made, they are convenient, so they are becoming more popular. Some express a certain plot, for example, a fisherman with a cat and fish - a great way to decorate the kitchen wall to hide greasy spots.

Most often, stickers are used to design the walls in the nursery with their own hands. But if the image matches the functionality, they will be appropriate in any room. They are easy to apply - there is a glue base on the back, and this is a great alternative to applications and screen patterns. When a sticker gets bored it can be removed without difficulty.

bright wall decoration option

Such drawings on the walls will perfectly complement the interior of the room.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of walls in the premises

The bedroom is made in a modern style.

the idea of ​​beautiful wall decoration

Such decorative arrows can be made of wood

Screen prints on the walls

Stencils are used to get the same image or wall decoration in the absence of artistic gift. Stencil - plates of solid material with a carved silhouette pattern. This can be bought and made with your own hands from a piece of plastic, cardboard, plywood.

Any image is transferred onto it and cut out along the contours with any sharp object.

The finished stencil is applied for drawing to the prepared wall, which is pre-aligned with putty and painted. You can use the internal contours of the stencil and clipping - an image that has fallen out. The drawing is applied in various ways:

  • spray can;
  • a brush with paints;
  • a marker;
  • a roller with textured nozzles and ordinary foam rubber.

By removing the stencil, you get a graphically clear wall decoration. If paints are unstable, the surface of the picture can be fixed with a colorless matte varnish. Marker lines can be duplicated with colored tape or tape, as in the photo - a polar bear and a penguin in a children's room.

The general impression of the decor of the walls with your own hands largely depends on the choice of paints. There are textured, pearlescent, iridescent, light-accumulating and fluorescent (luminous) paints. They are preferred by those who are afraid of complete darkness. You can draw “guiding” stars and planets along the corridor on the top of the wall.

the idea of ​​unusual wall decoration

The pattern on the wall will look great in the bedroom

On the wall you can hang pictures and hang small lamps

For artists of an advanced level, you can take on a responsible task - applying a 3D picture to the wall. It can be a kind of fresco, landscape, visual illusion, spreading space. You can even redraw the Colosseum on wet plaster. But even the 3D volumetric flower above the sofa will amaze the guests.

If you don’t know how to draw, replace the picture with photo wallpaper with a similar effect.

Paper applications

Paper is the most affordable material for decorating walls. Jewelry can be seasonal or temporary, for example for the holiday.

Today, many interesting paper techniques are gaining popularity.



Iris folding

Twisting paper tapes and laying out



Paper strip cutting and curling



Join identical patterns along the axis


Papier mache

Volumetric shapes are made on glue and torn paper.


Weaving from curled paper or newspapers

The sheets of the newspaper are cut into 4 strips and folded to weave forms on the basis of a basket


Modular origami

Add up triangular modules for shapes.


Pattern applique

Same images are cut out according to the pattern.

Each technique has its own secrets, it is worth mastering at least one of them in a master class to use it for decorating an apartment with your own hands.

The simplest method is a volume application in the form of autumn leaves, flying birds or butterflies, bent in half and attached to the wall. These butterflies can be placed on the decorated wall in various ways:

  • lay out the composition on the wall from a certain point (as if flying out of an outlet or floor vase);
  • place on a branch;
  • fasten on hoops;
  • place on the wall movably (on studs, pin or needles);
  • hang on an invisible fishing line ("flutter" from the slightest draft);

Paper wall decor with voluminous colors is no less interesting, especially on the birthday or March 8th holiday. It is worthwhile to carefully choose the color and texture of the paper (with the addition of another material), the size and technique of the decor.

option for bright decoration of walls in rooms

The bedroom design is designed in the same style.

version of the original wall decoration

You can make one wall in the bedroom differently, stick wallpaper on it or hang pictures

the idea of ​​the original design of the walls in the rooms

A large picture on the wall in the bedroom will perfectly complement the interior

Original methods of decorating walls without the ability to paint:

  • placement of a handmade collection within or on a shelf;
  • decor for walls with children's drawings;
  • exposition of musical instruments on the wall;
  • handmade embroidery decoration;
  • luminous drawings of diode tape;
  • imitation of stucco molding from plastic elements or polystyrene;
  • hand-painted plates or rare items from abroad;
  • cells with coins, gems, dried insects;
  • A collection of old alarm clocks or interior clocks as an apartment decor.

You can choose any available decorating method, but you should not sculpt everything in a row - it will not look stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Unusual fabric wall decor is a favorite way of transforming the interior of many famous designers.

Working with textured materials is a pleasure, most often used:

  • leather and suede;
  • velvet and velor;
  • Organza and Kisei
  • satin and silk;
  • jacquard;
  • tapestry;
  • chenille and other furniture fabrics with a beautiful pattern.

Bedspreads and wall panels using the patchwork technique are made of fabric.

In the same way (folding the flap into the overall image) fabric applications and paintings are made.

For decorative panels that duplicate the material of curtains or upholstery of upholstered furniture, interior fabrics are selected for the road.

Drapery and upholstery of the walls with do-it-yourself fabric is a new fashion trend. The upholstered walls in the form of a carriage swoop with rhombuses behind a sofa with a low back or along seats without backs look luxurious.

the idea of ​​beautiful decoration of the walls in the rooms

Metal bars look very beautiful on the wall in the living room

variant of the original wall decoration in the premises

On the wall you can make such a collage

For those who like decor more complicated

Wall painting involves an art education or a certain experience in decorating vertical surfaces. For such masters, a wall, like a blank sheet of paper or canvas, where do-it-yourself wall decoration is done.

If you have artistic talent, you can draw on any plane, including wall treatment with textured plaster.

Flexible stone is the basis for a fresco, battle scene or historical sketching in imitation of masters from the past.

Black-and-white graphics, silhouette drawings and “pen strokes” - for masters working with black-and-white images.

You can draw in the traditional way or apply the image in an unusual way through interior paints. Murals are painted on wet plaster. You can master this technique in a master class.

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