Decor of corners with use and esthetics

The rational organization of space implies thoughtful functionality and decor of corners in the apartment. But in any house there are not only internal and external corners that must be properly protected from mechanical stress and destruction. In a small apartment with a typical layout, it is important to consider the arrangement of all corners so that each square meter is endowed with useful functionality.

the idea of ​​beautifully designed corners

Great idea to save space.

variant of bright decoration of corners in the apartment

Here is a collage of paintings can be made in the apartment

variant of unusual decoration of corners in the apartment

Decorating corners in an apartment is best done with a flexible stone.

Secrets of zoning a corner space in a house

It seems to many that a few centimeters on either side of the corner is a completely useless space, but it is not. It all depends on how they are used, the useful area functionality - this is how the corners in the apartment are decorated.

Personal space is something that is sorely lacking in a cramped apartment with numerous households. Sometimes there is nowhere to retire, so that after work we can escape from obsessive thoughts to listen to good music with headphones. Not much is needed for this - a comfortable armchair in the corner, which can be separated by a mobile screen or curtain, but this is not necessary. There are options on which it will be convenient to sit:

  • bag chair;
  • recliner;
  • folding couch;
  • computer chair;
  • soft chair with armrests;
  • classic or folding chair-bed;
  • chaise longue or spinosushi (in the summer they are taken to the country).

A cozy place in the corner is suitable for communicating on social networks (behind a laptop or tablet), it is advisable to have a lighting device nearby. There may be a landline telephone, but for communication on a mobile you will want to come into this chair after hearing a call. Such a corner can be equipped in any room, even in the corridor, but lighting must be considered.

the idea of ​​the original design of the corners

Flexible stone is perfect for corner decor

the idea of ​​brightly decorating corners

Wall decoration with a flexible stone will look great in the interior

It is very convenient when in such a personal space there is a small coffee table or other horizontal small plane:

  • wall shelf;
  • console;
  • floor lamp with a shelf;
  • folding tabletop.

On a small shelf, you can place a lot of necessary things, including tea with a sandwich and a charger, if there is a socket in the corner or a carrying is brought. You can take such a corner for privacy in turn, but it can be someone’s really personal space. Even if the furniture goes a little beyond the corner, the method of application will not change.

The work area is also an important functionality, especially when you have to zone a one-room apartment. The equipment and furniture of the working mini-cabinet varies according to purpose:

  • computer desk;
  • a desk for the student;
  • corner for sewing equipment and cutting;
  • place for music lessons;
  • sports simulators and equipment;
  • artist's corner with an easel.

Using compact furniture, you can store everything you need for work, study, development and self-education in one place. It is convenient when a corner shelf, shelving or built-in furniture is placed to the ceiling. It is also important to consider how to decorate the working corner of the room - colored cases for documents, glass shelves, fresh flowers, photo frames, etc.

the idea of ​​the original decoration of the corners in the apartment

In the corner of the room you can make a fountain, it will look gorgeous

beautiful corner design

It is best to decorate corners with a flexible stone.

the idea of ​​beautifully decorating corners

Such vases will be a great solution for decorating corners

A small-format collection rack is useful for those who have nowhere to put their "treasures". There is no sense in hiding real hand-made masterpieces on cabinets, it is better to arrange them nicely on shelves and display cases.

A narrow corner bookcase is just the case when you can’t do without furniture. It is desirable that he does not go beyond his place, then the decor of the corner of the wall is not needed, they will be replaced by exhibits. If furniture is not planned, you can display your needlework in frames on the walls of the corner.

The mini-library in the corner is a great use for small empty spaces. If someone thinks that in the age of computer technology books have gone into oblivion, it is mistaken. In many homes, books are still valued, read, and carefully stored on shelves. They need shelves, shelving or coasters, not necessarily angular, depending on how to decorate the corners of the walls in an apartment with a mini-library.

A fireplace corner, while a real fireplace, a modern, modernized fireplace or a false fireplace can be located there. This is a self-contained element of the interior, it does not need additions, but a clock or an original souvenir can be placed above a decorative fireplace.

A living corner is another reasonable application for an unoccupied space. There may be an aquarium on the pedestal or an entire “fish-raising” shelf, if the family does this for the sake of additional income. You can also place a cage with parrots, a chinchilla, a squirrel or another rodent here. A lounger for a cat or dog is the lower "floor" of a home mini-menagerie.

The most common way to occupy the free corner space of a well-lit room is to put a large plant, indoor exotica or flower stand. If the corner is spacious, a bookcase with flower pots or a block of vertical landscaping will enter.

the idea of ​​brightly decorating corners in an apartment

You can put tree branches in a vase

variant of beautiful decoration of corners

Flexible stone is perfect for decorating corners

Tips for choosing corner furniture



Hallway and corridor

Floor hangers, narrow shelves for shoes, coasters for umbrellas, small poufs, banquets


Bathroom and toilet

Hanging corner plumbing, “corners” for the bathroom, wall mounted mirror cabinets, pencil cases


Children's and teenager's bedroom

Folding sofa, chair, coasters, children's modular furniture, shelves for equipment


Living room, hall, office

Upholstered furniture of various types of compact configuration, hinged shelves, shelving


Kitchen and dining room

Traditional kitchen furniture and appliances, corner wall cabinets and doors



Bed, wardrobe, bedside shelf, nightstand, console, dressing table, mirror, chest of drawers, table

When deciding how to decorate a corner in a room, do not rush with the purchase of furniture. Pay attention to the samples, which today are many in catalogs, in furniture drains and on supermarket malls. For a small space fit:

  • compact models;
  • corner products.
original corner design

In the corner of the room you can put fresh flowers, it will look very beautiful

idea of ​​unusual decoration of corners in an apartment

You can put a chest of drawers in the corner

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of corners in the apartment

You can hang pictures on the wall

Before buying, it is important to measure the area of ​​the corner so that the furniture fits perfectly into it. Its functionality and technical characteristics should be suitable for the room.

  1. Entrance hall and narrow corridor.

    The thoughtful decoration of the corners in the interior of the hallway, like in a theater, “begins with a hanger”. A narrow floor model with “horns” for hats is the best option. The corner bench takes up little space, but it is very convenient when you need to sit down and change shoes or put the bag on the doorstep.

    If the angle is very small, it will be decorated with a mini hanger for 2-3 horns, a case for umbrellas or a corner shelf for shoes. In the spacious entrance hall, an original floor vase with twigs, bamboo shoots, reeds or dry ikebana will decorate the free space.

  2. Bathroom and toilet.

    The less space in the hygienic room, the more rational the owners of small-sized apartments try to use the area of ​​corners. Hinged mirror cabinets are popular. Hanging and corner models of compact toilets and bidets are gaining more and more popularity, as in the photo.

    Behind the toilet bowl can also be placed on a shelf a compact model of a washing machine with minimal vibration. In a small combined bathroom, if there is nowhere to put a bath, in the corner there is usually a shower compartment with a tray behind a glass door. Decor of free corners - hanging shelves, decorative inserts and original towel holders.

    the idea of ​​the original decoration of the corners in the apartment

    Walls in the bathroom can be decorated with flexible stone

    bright corners

    Decorative in the corners will look very beautiful

  3. Children's room or teenager’s bedroom.

    In a special way I want to make a corner in the children's room. There can stand not only a children's sofa or chair, but almost a real Indian wigwam or a karaoke scene for the future “star”. A suitable corner decor in a child’s room keen on sports, painting, dancing or music of a child (teenager) is the placement of letters, diplomas, cups or medals.

    Musicians in the corner most often put guitars on a stand or a music stand, and the instrument hangs on the wall. When there is enough space, there can be a cabinet grand piano or an acoustic piano. The classic instrument is the best decoration of the living room, which functions as a music salon.

  4. Hall, living room, study and studio apartment.
variant of beautiful decoration of corners in the apartment

In a corner you can put a vase with dry branches

idea of ​​original decoration of corners

Flexible stone is perfect for decorating corners

idea of ​​bright decoration of corners

Decorative stone is great for wall decoration

With a lack of "square meters" the corners should not be empty. They are furnished in functionality, and the decor of the corners and walls in a 1-room apartment or living room is subordinate to the overall design. Keep in mind that even compact sofas are:

  • straight and angular (under the right and left corner);
  • with transformation and without layout;
  • sliding forward and sideways;
  • modular (from separate blocks) and island (located in the center of the room).

In a small corner, they can be placed not only close to the wall, but placed diagonally. Folding models should stand so that there is a place for the starting position and in the unfolded form, plus a place for passage.

The rest of the space can be occupied by any compact furniture. The best angular version of a computer table - combined with a rack to the ceiling, a lot of necessary trifles will fit on its shelves.

option of unusual decoration of corners in the apartment

In a corner you can put a vase of flowers

option for bright decoration of corners

There are special corner paintings, they look unusual

Kitchen and dining area.

Before you make a corner in the kitchen, look at how it can be occupied to the maximum. See if a refrigerator, a narrow pencil case, or a small section of a kitchen unit will go in there. They can be placed one above the other - up to the ceiling.

If there is a gas column in the corner, an extractor hood or a counter, such an angle can be decorated with the doors of a wall cabinet, simulating a full-fledged kitchen module. The only difference is that the box will have no bottom and top. You can transform the finished mounted sample.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the corners in the apartment

Decoration of the corners of the room can be done with decorative stones.

variant of unusual decoration of corners

Decorating corners with a flexible stone would be a great idea.

variant of bright decoration of corners in the apartment

In the corner of the room you can put a bookcase with flowers

For such a case, the most convenient are the angular models of kitchen cabinets. They are more capacious, do not interfere with neighboring modules from the door. If in the corner of the dining area there is a small compact table with chairs, you should consider decorating the corners in a small apartment - for a pleasant assimilation of food.

Experts say that the appetite causes yellow, orange and red decor, as well as some shades of green. The subconscious mind passively perceives brown, purple, black and blue foods, as well as dishes served on metal utensils.

The methods of decorating corners and walls in the bedroom depend on the main furniture - a bed and a wardrobe (wardrobe, dressing room). A small space in the corner by the bed should be equipped with a comfortable plane:

  • chest of drawers;
  • bedside table;
  • bedside table;
  • console under the mirror;
  • a small dressing table;
  • floor lamp with a shelf;
  • dressing table.
the idea of ​​bright angles

The corner of the room can be transformed into a workplace

version of the original decoration of the corners in the apartment

Wall decoration with flexible stone is perfect for decor

The decor traditional for a bedroom is flowers, pictures, panels, mirrors (on a wall or on a stand). It is important that all objects are in harmony, creating coziness and a special intimate atmosphere. An exhibition of paintings in the style of "nude" is appropriate.

For more about decorating a corner in a room, see examples in our photo gallery.

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