Decorative lighting can be a highlight of the interior

There are many ways to make the interior of an apartment more vibrant and spectacular. The use of decorative walls and ceilings, the installation of niches and fireplaces, etc. But upon closer examination, it turns out that sometimes it is possible to decorate the decorative components of the interior themselves. And the LEDs in the interior of apartments perfectly help in this. This method is gaining popularity, and serves as a replacement for conventional traditional lighting.

the idea of ​​the original led interior lighting

Small chandeliers can be hung in the bathroom

color illumination option

Decorative lighting can be installed anywhere

the idea of ​​a beautiful led backlight design

Option for lighting the bed with decorative lighting

Designers have long preferred the use of LED lighting to decorate the interior of houses and apartments. If more recently, wealthy families could afford the LED lighting of the interior, due to its high cost, nowadays the situation is changing rapidly, and dramatically. And the effectiveness of decorative lighting in the interior has changed significantly. This allows the use of LED lighting elements everywhere. In the kitchen, in the hallway, in the children's room.

The presence of various and saturated shades of LEDs allows them to be used for zoning the premises through light. And soft and cozy lighting helps to provide a comfortable, calm and pleasant atmosphere both in the children's room and in other rooms of the house. And thanks to the flexibility of LED strips, to realize any design project and imagination is not difficult.

option for bright interior lighting

Decorative lighting is especially beautiful in modern design

variant of a beautiful led backlight decor

The backlight must be chosen to match the color of the interior.

The most striking LED strip looks on light-transmitting structures and objects. It allows you to create unusual shapes, giving the room a charming atmosphere. The use of LED lighting in the interior of the room gives ordinary things and objects in the room a new look. Thanks to this, the atmosphere becomes unique, amazing and inimitable.

idea of ​​bright design highlight

Steps can be equipped with decorative lighting

version of the original design highlight

LED plates can be installed on the ceiling

idea of ​​color led interior lighting

The backlight will look very nice in the corners of the room.

Its uniqueness is explained by the possibility of an unlimited range of applications. Ease of use, flexibility, low weight are of no small importance in the popularity of LED strip.

Options for the use of LED lights in the interior of the house:

  1. LED ceiling lighting;
  2. LED backlight mirrors;
  3. LED highlighting of curtain rods and curtains;
  4. illumination of stairs and steps;
  5. illumination of frames for photos and pictures.

As a rule, the best place for mounting LED strip are recesses and niches on interior items. They are arranged so that they are invisible, and an unobtrusive glow gives mystery and magic. In places where light is needed, it is very convenient to use LED lighting. For example, LED strips on the stairs will help illuminate the steps, increase convenience and at the same time the staircase itself will be beautifully lit.

In the interior of rooms decorated in style, high-tech and minimalism, the use of LED backlighting is simply necessary.

option of bright illumination of a decor

Usually decorative lighting is done with a stretch ceiling

idea of ​​original led backlight design

Some kitchen furniture have small lights.

LED illumination of photo frames and pictures

Buying photo frames with backlighting in the store is sometimes expensive. Or you can’t get the frame of the right size. Then you can arrange frames for paintings or photographs yourself. The ease of installation of the LED strip will help to obtain the desired result, an original interior item and an additional light source.

option of color led interior lighting

Decorative lighting can be integrated into a picture or cabinet

the idea of ​​a beautiful backlight decor

The backlighting of the room in the corners will look especially beautiful

the idea of ​​the original led backlight decor

At night, the kitchen will look even better if you make just such a highlight

LED backlighting for curtain rods and curtains

Using LED strips, you can beautifully beat curtains. Focusing on your taste or listening to the advice of specialists, you can add curtains made of light fabric or heavy noble material. The tape is attached to the fabric both on top and on the bottom of the curtain. Especially stylish will look the tape, selected taking into account color and style solutions. Color is matched to any material.

variant of beautiful interior lighting

Usually decorative lighting is installed along with a stretch ceiling

design color highlight option

In the kitchen, you can set the highlighted photo wallpaper

Staircase lighting

Owners of private houses resort to the design of steps located in the aisles and passages leading to the upper floors, attics, etc.

Such a solution helps to solve three problems at once.

  1. Security. This is especially true in homes where there are children and the elderly. The use of such lighting will give the space a bewitching beauty, and moving up the stairs will be safer.

  2. An additional element of a decor of a staircase or its part.

  3. The energy savings when using LED strips will be noticeable, even in comparison with an energy-saving lamp.

There are a lot of mounting options for LED backlight.

  • Along the perimeter of the stairs.

  • in her corners.

  • In the center.

  • Down below

The staircase decorated with LED lighting can be the pride of its owners.

idea of ​​bright led interior lighting

Decorative lighting matches any design

color led design option

Decorative lighting in the kitchen looks very beautiful

option of bright led backlight decor

Decorative lighting in the corridor in a modern style

Using backlight for skirting boards.

Traditionally, overhead lights are used to illuminate apartments. Modern designers suggest using skylight lighting. The use of LED lighting, thus, allows you to create unusual interiors and conditions for a comfortable stay. Economical LED strips do not burn out, and in some special cases they can give the room a light, romantic atmosphere. Multi-colored, uniform lighting on the bottom of the room is especially impressive in large rooms.

the idea of ​​the original design highlight

The backlight goes well with the tree in the interior

variant of beautiful decoration

The backlight can be installed not only on the ceiling and walls, but also in cabinets and furniture

Hidden interior lighting. This is a beautiful and trendy welcome for designers. LED lamps are an ideal solution to this problem. This technique is applied for the following purposes:

  • highlighting shaded places on furniture, pantries and other interior items;
  • ceiling lights to give a visual effect;
  • window and curtain lights;
  • contour lighting;
  • drawing attention to individual elements of the interior by the method of highlighting them.

LED strip has another name in the ranks of specialists in the field of interior design. Flexible neon, these are LED strips and cords. It is flexible, sold in rolls. If necessary, it can be cut. The angle of the LEDs is 120 degrees. The use of neon signs in the interior is a new trend in decorative lighting.

the idea of ​​the original lighting decor

Decorative lighting performs two functions at once: it illuminates the room and harmoniously complements the design

Bright LED backlight design option

Illumination of decorative elements on the wall in the living room

color illumination option

Modern design of the combined kitchen and living room with decorative lighting in the interior

But, despite all the advantages, the soft, multi-colored glow of the LEDs will, by the way, not be in every interior. Ethnic style (country, Japanese, African, boho style) will only lose from using such a highlight. This new, high-tech equipment will have more than ever, by the way, in interiors in the style of futurism, hi-tech and whether minimalism. In classically designed rooms, LED backlighting will also look out of place. Oddly enough, in the retro style, you can use the modern LED backlight in combination with the Edison retro bulb. A lamp combined with a color cable in the foreground can become a real gem of the interior. The relationship of antiquity and modernity, a sign that humanity is developing in the right direction. The concept of using this option is based on the principles of minimalism.

the idea of ​​a beautiful led backlight decor

It will be especially nice to watch movies in a home theater with decorative lighting

version of the original decor lighting

Decorative ceiling lighting in the interior of a living room in the style of Provence

LED strip is ideal for zoning the interior space of a room into several functional zones. You can use this technique in the kitchen, in the children's room, in the bedroom, etc. A great way to split a small studio apartment into several zones. Different light colors help establish an invisible border, and at the same time visually increase the space. A pleasant blue backlight can highlight the working area. It does not tire the eyes, and stimulates performance. The rest area can be indicated with a soft yellow or green color. It will help to relax, relieve nervous tension and sleep well.

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