Decorative bottles - an unusual detail of the interior

The best items for interior decoration are DIY. They are unique, pleasing to the eye and are a matter of pride. One of the simplest, but no less original, methods are the creation of decorative bottles. You can decorate with such items any room in the house. Do-it-yourself decorative bottles are interesting, simple and unique.

the idea of ​​stylishly decorating bottles with salt

Cloth bottle decor option

option for brightly decorating glass bottles with paints

Fabric wrapped bottles look very nice

variant of unusual decoration of bottles with beads

The bottles decorated with different colors will look very beautiful

DIY bottle decor

A glass bottle can be decorated both externally and internally. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the size, shape and subsequent location of the beautiful gizmos. It will not be difficult to choose the basis for the decor and make your own unique decoration for the kitchen. Modern industry produces bottles of various shapes and volumes. The color of the glass (white, brown, dark green, blue, etc.) also differs, which plays an important role in the choice. The more interesting the original design of the product, the more unusual it will turn out a new piece of furniture.

The technology for decorating bottles includes several basic steps.

  1. Selection of a bottle. Particular attention should be paid to containers of the original form.
  2. Cleaning up. It is better not to wash the label with water, but to steam it. Then the surface must be degreased. After washing, the bottle is well dried.
  3. Determination of the decor.
  4. Preparation of materials and tools.
  5. Performance of work.
the idea of ​​beautifully decorating glass bottles with paints

You can decorate not only a bottle, but also other dishes

the idea of ​​original decoration of glass bottles with beads

A beautifully decorated bottle will complement the interior perfectly.

Interior decor

For the kitchen or dining room, it is better to choose the internal decoration of the bottles. So they can be easily cleaned from dust during wet cleaning. This will not affect the beauty of the product. Consider the methods of internal design.

Vegetables and fruits

At first glance, it may seem that the original glass bottles contain a variety of pickles from vegetables. Cherry of any color, beans, small peppers, mushrooms are suitable here. Too voluminous vegetables can be cut, give them an interesting shape.

option for brightly decorating bottles with salt

An empty bottle can be filled with anything

a variant of beautiful decoration of glass bottles with salt

From several bottles you can make a collection

option for stylish decoration of bottles with beads

Fabric wrapped bottles will look very nice

Upon completion of preparation and sterilization of the bottle, you can proceed with the selection of filling. Fruits and vegetables should not be damaged, rotten spots that spoil the whole look of a beautiful work. After all the fruits are placed in a container, a preservative is poured. There are several recipes for him:

  1. Vinegar 9%. It is worth clarifying that it significantly discolours the fruits, giving the vegetables brown and mustard shades.
  2. Ethyl alcohol also has the ability to lighten the filling.
  3. Vegetable oil is suitable for preserving herbs.
  4. A solution of gelatin and sugar is ideal for fruits and flowers.
  5. Medical formalin. It is considered poison, conservation will not be used for food. At the same time, vegetables and fruits retain their rich colors.

Be sure to think about which preservative to make better, it depends on it how the result will look.The composition should not fade over time.

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of glass bottles with salt

Glass Bottle Decor Option

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of glass bottles with paints

Bottles of flowers will harmoniously complement the interior of the room.

When pouring liquid, the vessel is slowly tilted to the sides to evenly distribute it between vegetables and fruits. Then close the lid or cork (it is recommended to cover with liquid paraffin to increase the tightness). You can use such decorative bottles for the kitchen or dining room.


The rules for decorating with flowers practically do not differ from the previous method. When choosing a preservative, it is better to give preference to a gelatin base.

Flower buds do not need to be laid tight. Sometimes just one plant is enough. The composition can be supplemented with stones, shells.

option for brightly decorating bottles with beads

You can decorate the bottles as you like

a variant of beautiful decoration of glass bottles with paints

You can stick a photo on the bottles

the idea of ​​stylishly decorating bottles with beads

Butterflies on the bottle will perfectly complement the big picture.

Cereals, pasta

Decorating glass bottles with cereals and pasta is quick and easy. This is available even for small children. These include: peas, beans, spices, seeds, rice, buckwheat, dried berries, pasta of various shapes and colors. The main advantage is that there is no need for a preservative fluid.

Using bulk materials, you can easily create original patterns inside the bottle, for example, laying out seeds or cereals in layers.

Macaroni deserves a special place in the decor of bottles. They can have the brightest saturated color. They are also easy to paint. Color can be given with ordinary gouache. The number of shades depends only on the idea of ​​the composition.

You can use any form of pasta for decoration. The only exceptions are spaghetti - they look ridiculous inside the glass.

idea of ​​original decoration of bottles with salt

The bottle can be decorated with one color and put flowers in it

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of bottles with beads

You can not only decorate bottles, but also stick flowers on them


A decorative bottle filled with colored salt is not only an original interior decoration, but also a wonderful surprise for any occasion. Its manufacture does not require large expenses and any special skills. You will need only a good mood and a little imagination.

To decorate the bottle with salt, it is necessary to perform several steps described in the table:

No. p / p




To clear a bottle of the remains of liquid, labels. Degrease the surface and dry well. The glue is easily removed with nail polish remover.

Brush, household chemicals for washing dishes, hot water, degreaser.


Prepare the filler. To color the salt, gouache is added to small jars and water is poured. The mixture should not be pale. Then salt (larger) is put here and kneaded to a uniform consistency. Each color is prepared separately.

Salt, gouache, water.


Dry the colored salt in the oven. The bottle can also be put in order in this way.


Filling the tank is carried out using a funnel. You can pour multicolored layers or create some special pattern.

Salt, bottle, funnel.


Neck decoration is the final step.

Braids, satin ribbons, threads, bottle caps.

After the oven, most likely, the salt will turn into one lump, it will need to be broken with a rolling pin or a kitchen hammer, and then sieved. If there is no desire to tinker with staining, then you can purchase multi-colored sea salt.

a variant of the original decoration of glass bottles with salt

From these bottles you can make a collection

option for bright decoration of glass bottles with salt

To decorate a bottle on New Year's Eve, just put it in such a bag

idea of ​​unusual decoration of bottles with paints

From glass bottles you can make anything, even a mill

Exterior decor

Regular shaped glass bottles can be decorated on the outside. To do this, there are several simple, but at the same time fascinating ways:

  1. Decoupage.
  2. Coffee and various grains.
  3. Satin ribbons.
  4. Painting.


This method is the decoration of bottles with napkins or cloth. For work you will need:

  • clean bottle;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • paints;
  • PVA glue;
  • napkins;
  • brushes;
  • varnish.

The cleaned bottle is covered with several layers of acrylic varnish, each of which is well dried. It is quite acceptable to leave the container transparent, or you can cover it with any color (acrylic paints are better). Then, elements are cut from napkins and glued to the surface on PVA.

After complete drying, the decorative bottle is varnished. Using this technique, it’s realistic to create decorations for any interior.

the idea of ​​original decoration of bottles with beads

You can draw flowers on the bottle

stylish decoration of glass bottles with salt

For the New Year, champagne can be decorated with such a costume

Coffee and various grains

It is not necessary to pour coffee or cereals inside the decorative bottle. You can glue it, for example, with coffee beans. In this case, the composition is supplemented with satin ribbons, ribbons, beads. It all depends on the imagination of the master, the general concept of the interior and the availability of improvised materials.

For fixing it is better to use hot melt adhesive. When it dries, it becomes completely transparent and does not spoil the overall look, and in the process, all elements are fixed quickly and securely.

the idea of ​​stylishly decorating bottles with paints

Small bulbs in a bottle will look very nice

a variant of beautiful decoration of glass bottles with beads

You can make anything from beads

the idea of ​​bright decoration of glass bottles with beads

You can sprinkle peas in a clear bottle.

Satin ribbons

Using satin ribbons, you can decorate not only an unnecessary bottle, but also filled with a drink. It can be a wedding champagne or just a unique decoration of a festive table. Such an unusual surprise is always a pleasure to make to close people.

There are several ways to decorate decorative bottles with your own hands. You can make beautiful flowers from ribbons - kanzashi, add weaving components or just wrap the bottle with different ribbons.

option of stylish decoration of bottles with paints

The bottle can be wrapped with fabric, this will make it softer and more beautiful.

idea of ​​original decoration of bottles with paints

From the decorated bottles you can make a collection


For painting, it is better to use acrylic paints. When dried, they remain glossy, do not lubricate when applying varnish and are convenient to use. Drawing on a decorative bottle can be anything: abstract elements, flowers, ornament, story lines. It all depends on the overall style of the interior and the artistic ability of the master.

You can use stencils to create patterns. With their help, it turns out to make identical pictures in several places of the product, which is sometimes just necessary. Buy them really in stores for creativity.

Wanting to add beautiful decor to the kitchen, it is worth giving preference to handmade products. And it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on them, buy in expensive stores or order from fashion designers. It is quite possible to create beauty with your own hands.

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