Pool decoration: original solutions and useful recommendations

The monotonous everyday life of a resident of a big city is sometimes annoying, especially in the summer. I would like to somehow decorate my weekend, if there is no way to go on vacation. The construction of a pool in a country house or in the country will be an excellent solution to the problem. The design of the pool includes not only its decorative finish, but also the specifics of installation and communication.

version of the beautiful style of a small pool

The pool in the country can be covered with wooden planks for durability

idea of ​​unusual decor for a small pool

The pool in the country will be a great place to relax on hot days.

idea of ​​a modern interior of a small pool

Pool in the country will help to survive the intense heat

Types of pools

Pools are classified for various reasons.

Classification basis


Placement of artificial pond

Closed and open

Water drainage method

Skimmer and overflow

Design features

Stationary and collapsible

The selected type of pool will directly affect the design features. For example, an outdoor pool can be easily equipped with fountains; beach furniture is perfect for the interior of the courtyard, but it is difficult to use such decorative elements in closed ones. In addition, the design of the pool indoors and outdoors will be very different, so you need to start the design project with the definition of the type of structure. The choice of the shape and size of the pool depends on the type of reservoir and landscape features of the site.

An artificial pond of any kind should look harmoniously in the interior of the room or in the landscape of a personal plot. A successful design decision will increase the attractiveness and cost of the residential complex, will be an excellent indicator of the social status of its owner.

version of the original design of a small pool

Above the pool you can make a wall with plants

version of the unusual decor of a small pool

For a more presentable appearance, you can use this solution

idea of ​​modern design of a small pool

Pool can be done in the house

Design project development

Usually, the owners of a land plot or house begin to engage in decoration after the completion of basic work. Although it is better to combine both projects, since engineering decisions are extremely important in the design of the pool, which, as a rule, are realized during preliminary work.

The combination of functionality and attractive appearance is possible if:

  • try to maintain the classic style;
  • try to achieve the use of different colors in the design;
  • use lightweight structural elements.

Avoid dark shades, better try to create a bright, summer mood. To design the bottom of the pool, use a nautical theme or bright abstract compositions.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of a small pool

A large pool in the country will be a great place to relax with your family

version of the original interior of a small pool

Fountains will perfectly decorate the big picture

The principles of lighting artificial reservoirs

Lighting plays a key role in the design of all types of pools. The most popular two areas:

  • classic style;
  • decorative approach.

Classical lighting will create a soft light that will give the pool a completely natural look in the dark.The decorative approach will allow to beat the design features of the artificial reservoir, such lighting will look especially advantageous in a non-rectangular pool for zoning of individual sections. Decorative light can be combined with musical design, which will give the design of the reservoir even more originality.

Recently, LED lamps with increased protection and reliable tightness have become popular, to avoid contact with water. To create a unique room or landscape of a personal plot, you can combine the lighting of the pool and the surrounding space.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of a small pool

The pool in the house is a great idea

version of the modern design of a small pool

You can make steps in the pool

Modern design styles

Most often uses four directions of decorating the pool:

  • Classical. The use of materials such as paint and decorative plaster is characteristic.
  • Art Deco. Actively used colored mosaic and reflective surfaces.
  • Ethno. The space is made out on the basis of traditions of this or that people.
  • Country style. Natural materials are used: natural stone, wood, living plants.
idea of ​​the original decor of a small pool

Near the pool you can put a TV and sun loungers

idea of ​​an unusual decor of a small pool

The pool in the yard will save you from the heat

Outdoor pond - design ideas

The outdoor pool is more suitable for the southern regions of the country, where there are no long periods of winter frost, so you do not need to spend resources on heating, which should prevent freezing of water. Another drawback of an open reservoir is the excessive pollution of water with leaves, dried grass and other natural debris. For the temperate climate of most of Russia, collapsible artificial open-air reservoirs are suitable.

To design the coastal zone, frost-resistant materials are used: wood, paving slabs or natural stone. The design of the outdoor pool will certainly include living plants: trees, shrubs and flowers that are best placed not only near the pond, but throughout the garden. It is better to plant plants whose flowering period falls on different months. Then the area around the pool will look cozy and beautiful for a long time.

version of the original interior of a small pool

Pool decoration can be made of mosaic tiles

idea of ​​the original design of a small pool

Such a pool will save you from the heat

variant of a beautiful style of a small pool

It is best to make the pool trim blue mosaic tiles

Indoor pools

When constructing a building, it is better to initially lay down the premises for the pool in the architectural design. If it is planned to place the artificial reservoir in the old house, a special extension should be made, in which engineering communications for the functioning of the pool should be provided. The main advantage of a closed reservoir in our climatic conditions is that it can be used at any time of the year.

a variant of the unusual interior of a small pool

When making a pool, you also need to take care of the children and make a small pool for them.

idea of ​​a modern decor of a small pool

Blue mosaic tiles will make the water transparent

variant of the beautiful interior of the small pool

You can make a small fountain in the pool, it will look beautiful

It is necessary to build an artificial pond on the ground floor of knowledge, which is due to current standards. Basements are also poorly suited for the pool, as it will be difficult to provide adequate ventilation and conduct a water drainage system. The pool room should be well ventilated.

The ceiling must be plastered and painted, or use stretch ceilings, or glass. The use of wood materials for its decoration is not recommended, since moisture will accumulate at the top. The ceiling can be used to hide ventilation and engineering systems.

idea of ​​an unusual style of a small pool

The stones in the pool will look very beautiful

version of the modern design of a small pool

In such a place it will be a pleasure to relax in the heat

For wall decoration, the use of waterproof materials is recommended.This function is excellently performed by ceramic tiles, glass, special murals, stone or decorative plaster. This approach will help prevent mold and mildew.

When designing the floor, it is better to use tiles or porcelain tiles. The current trend in design is wood flooring, but it is not too practical. The room in which the pool is located has high air humidity, and the warm floor will dry it. Another advantage is the ability to walk barefoot regardless of the functioning of the heating system.

idea of ​​the original decor of a small pool

The pool in the house will be a great place to relax.

version of the original decor of a small pool

Pool decoration made of bright blue mosaic tiles

Interior design pools in the houses

The design of the pool in a private house is different from the design of open water. Creating an authentic corner of nature in four walls is very difficult, so you can experiment and apply imagination.

The interior decoration of the pool should start with the decoration of the bowl. Decorative film in a closed pond looks cheap, so this option should be immediately discarded. Natural stone is also good only in open space. The best solution would be ceramic or mosaic. The choice of decoration materials is determined by the shape of the bowl; a mesh-based mosaic is more convenient for the design of curved lines.

A picture of the seabed in a bowl, abstract lines, the use of bold color combinations will look beautiful. If the pool is multi-level, you can use tiles or mosaics of different colors for additional zoning.

idea of ​​modern design of a small pool

In the country, you can put a portable pool.

version of the original decor of a small pool

Pool decoration made of blue mosaic tiles

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a small pool

Design project of a house with a swimming pool in the courtyard

The design of the floor is best done concise, without protruding parts to avoid accidents. On the walls and ceiling, 3D visualization looks spectacular.

The approach to decorating any kind of pool should be as responsible and serious as it is to construction. You can try to choose the style and decor elements yourself, but if you are not sure what you can do, professionals will help with the design of the enclosed space and the creation of landscape design.

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