Vase decoration: a highlight in the interior

Design plays an important role in shaping the overall mood of the room. Proper design can emphasize the sophisticated style and create an organic look of the room. Creating a harmonious interior in the house is possible without impressive cash expenses. One of the most popular home decoration methods is to do your own vase decor. There are many ideas for decoration, in this article we will consider the basic tips for decorating a flower vase.

the idea of ​​a beautiful tabletop vase

The vase can be painted black with a golden hue

variant of unusual decoration of floor vases

A newspaper can be used as an element of decor, making flowers out of it

bright vase decoration

Artificial fruits with yellow leaves are great for decorating a vase.

10 original ways of decor

With the help of simple improvised tools, you can create a unique interior element from an ordinary vase. For decoration to bring pleasure and the expected result, it is important to follow your imagination, combining incongruous and introducing the most unexpected decisions.

Marine style vases

What do we associate with marine style? With shells, sand, nodules, waves, ships.

To implement the simplest way to create a vase in a marine style, you will need:

  • Several vessels of various shapes
  • Twine or twine
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Dye for fabric (or dyes for Easter eggs)
the idea of ​​original tabletop vase decoration

The vase can be wrapped in beautiful paper, it will look very beautiful

variant of bright design of a floor vase

An example of how to make a vase decor

Round vase

Prepare the twine according to the height of the container. Apply glue. Glue the ends of the rope. Make sure the base of the twine is firmly fixed. Then start weaving the braid (see the figure below), not forgetting to smear the surface with glue as the rope is applied. Hide the remaining seam with a layer of ropes with glue, fixing them vertically to create a contrast with weaving.

the idea of ​​a beautiful vase decoration

You can wrap a vase with ribbons, this will give it softness

idea of ​​original decoration of a table vase

It doesn’t matter how to decorate the vase, the main thing is that the result would be beautiful

variant of unusual decoration of a vase

You can fill the beads inside the vase

Vase "Ombre"

For this aesthetic version of the decor of a vase, you can use a vase of any shape with your own hands. We recommend resorting to a cylindrical vase. Apply glue and start wrapping it with twine from the base to the top. Wait until the glue tightly fixes the twine. Then place the bottom of the vase in a container of paint. Saturation and consistency can be chosen independently. Leave the vase to dry. Once the vase is dry, you can see the fruits of effort. Smooth transition of your favorite color on an exquisite vase.

It's time to run for flowers, right?

You can also use shells for marine decor.

Or do not take any action with the appearance and place marine elements in it instead of flowers.

variant of unusual design of a floor vase

If you have the ability to draw, you can beautifully decorate a vase

variant of bright decoration of a floor vase

You can make covers for a vase, it will look very nice

Do-it-yourself vase spot painting

This type of design is quite complicated in execution, but it gives free rein to imagination and allows you to bring ideas to life.

What you need for painting:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Brushes, toothpicks, sticks (all that can be applied with paint)

The shape of the vase does not matter. It is recommended to choose a dark shade.

Apply convex points with paint, take a ready-made drawing or style as a basis. Be careful not to touch the already applied layer. The most popular drawings for dot painting are ethnic, Indian, tribal patterns. However, the flight of your imagination can take you much further!

idea of ​​original vase decoration

Beads are great for decorating a vase

version of a beautiful decoration of a floor vase

You can wrap a regular glass bottle with a bright cloth and get a beautiful vase

the idea of ​​bright decoration of a table vase

From a regular bottle you can make a beautiful vase

Dressing a vase with clothes

Putting a vase in your clothes sounds ridiculous, but with this method you can quickly and beautifully decorate a vase.

  1. Decor sweater. If you have an unnecessary knitted sweater, then it is quite possible to decorate a vase with it. With the help of a piece of sweater and glue - you get an original element of decor. Just imagine what coziness you can create with its help on a cold winter evening.
  2. Dressing with socks. Prepare a small container. Trim the bottom of the toe or leggings above the heel. To determine the size of the base, use a sheet of A4 paper, circle the size of the base. According to the size of the bottom - cut a patch of scraps from the scraps of the sock. Sew a shred for the base with a toe and voila - the cover for the vase is ready!
variant of unusual design of a vase

Leaves in a vase will perfectly complement the interior

the idea of ​​original decoration of floor vases

There are a very large number of ways to decorate a vase, choose what is closer to you

Work with floor vases

In interior design, floor models are often used that give a special charm and fit perfectly into any design - be it minimalism, hi-tech or sophisticated classics.

In order for the floor vase to sparkle with new colors, an organic decor should be created.

Cover the container with plain paint, and decorate the neck with twine or twine.

A sense of harmony and unity with nature can be achieved with the help of sections of twigs neatly glued to the outer surface. Pieces of warm paper can be placed under the cuts.

Floor vases are ideal for interior decoration with stones, cereals, artificial floral elements and other types of fillers.

A vase decorated with beads looks very aesthetically pleasing. In general, a hand-made creation will fill the house with special energy!

variant of the original design of a table vase

You can make simple lines and it will look beautiful

the idea of ​​bright decoration of a vase

Golden scuffs will give a vase of elegance

the idea of ​​a beautiful tabletop vase decoration

You can use stickers to decorate the vase.

Marble vase

Decor with acrylic paint will help to achieve the effect of "marble". For this, transparent packaging is needed. The secret of the decor is that the coloring will be carried out not from the outside, but from the inside.

  1. Rinse the vessel, degrease it.
  2. Prepare some shades of acrylic paints
  3. Do not add water to acrylic! It is necessary to rotate the vessel in a horizontal position, adding paint drop by drop
  4. After distributing a layer of one shade, add a couple of drops of a darker color to create a marbled paint effect.
  5. Turn the vessel over and place it on a towel or any other cloth to drain excess paint.
variant of unusual decoration of a floor vase

Knitted covers for a vase perfectly complement its appearance

the idea of ​​the original design of the vase

You can decorate a vase very beautifully with beads

Glass and pebbles

Using glass pebbles, it is possible to decorate an unusual surface of a vase. This requires a glue gun and PVA. You can use elements of different colors to make the decor even more original.

Simple vase decor

We offer you to get acquainted with ideas for decorating flower vases.

Using coarse threads you can create a bright and comfortable design for any type of container.

Romance! Fill the vase with wine corks and artificial flowers.

For autumn chic decor, use cones, twine and artificial flowers. Create a mood in the house!

Can painting with copper paint. The most unusual vase in the house.Room decoration can be decorated with artificial flowers.

Do not throw away broken saucers! Apply a layer of painted gypsum and place the pieces of beautiful dishes in it. You can also use colored or glossy paper.

variant of beautiful vase decoration

A golden scuffed vase will look expensive

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a floor vase

You can decorate a vase from improvised means

variant of bright decoration of a table vase

Vase design with fabric and paints

How to decorate a vase

Below is a table of additional materials used for decoration.


Method of use


For decoration you will need a craft look of paper. For design, PVA glue is needed. First of all, it is necessary to glue the outside with plain paper soaked in glue. Twist the kraft paper strips into flagella. As soon as the container dries, start gluing the harnesses. As a result, you get a stylish design.


For filling, you can use cereals, coins, stones, shells, earth, beads. Using the layer method will create a wonderful, extraordinary contrast.

Sheet music, newspapers

Coat the cut materials with glue and stick a vase around them. Using a brush, align the formed folds. After drying, fix with varnish.

Sticks, branches

Pre-prepared dry branches can be glued to the surface, creating an interesting design. It is also possible to use slices of branches of different sizes for a cylindrical vase


Having chosen the desired pattern and design - start gluing rhinestones on the base. Use self-adhesive rhinestones, or purchase glue and ordinary rhinestones in advance.

Twine, twine

Fasten the end of the rope to the base of the container using glue. Then the thread is wound around the container. Remember to grease the vase with glue.


Apply a layer of painted gypsum and place any decorative elements in the gypsum. The dry version will exceed all your expectations.

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of a vase

Such a vase will harmoniously complement the decor of the room

variant of a beautiful decoration of a table vase

A black vase will look beautiful against a white wall

Create beauty! Use everything you see. Buttons, leaves, stones or coins. Let a handmade vase make you happy and create an unforgettable experience of your interior.

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