Wood in the interior: decoration, furniture, decor

Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material. Its presence in the interior of a house or apartment helps to calm down. Traditionally, it is associated with flooring and furniture, but wood is often used to create decor in the room.

Wooden elements in the interior - aesthetically pleasing and affordable

The tree in the interior can have a huge number of the most diverse decisions, according to modern designers.

This material can be used in various forms:

  • raw elements;
  • stripped and prepared.

The wooden texture always looks original, radiates warmth and comfort. The house, filled with wood decor, is a modern, stylish and environmentally friendly housing. The most important thing is to correctly emphasize and not overload the overall situation.

This decor looks great on the background of light plain walls. It can be beige, pink and any other warm shade.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of giving in a tree

Design made of wood is perfect for gardening

a variant of a beautiful design of a house in a tree

Wood design combined with different styles

the idea of ​​the original interior of a tree house

The tree in combination of white color looks very unusual

Wood also goes well with natural stone (or artificial, but outwardly similar to natural material). Such a combination of wood and stone will not only make the interior unique, but will also last a long time. Wood in the interior can be used as an element of decor in the following options:

  1. Wooden ends fit easily into any style. For over a century they have been very popular among masters.
  2. Tree branches are used in the creation of many designer gizmos for the home.
  3. Floor lamps, sconces, vases, hangers, small tables made using natural wood - this is an excellent design solution.

Such material allows you to experiment, combine it with stones. Everything is limited only by the imagination of a person, his mood and preferences. In any case, the design of the room will be cozy and unique.

variant of a bright interior of a summer house in a tree

The design of the walls in the living room is made of wood

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a house in a tree

All the furniture in the kitchen is made of wood

Apartment interior

It is a mistake to believe that a tree is suitable only for the decoration of country houses, cottages. In the modern world, the choice is increasingly being made in favor of natural environmentally friendly materials. And a new fashion trend in apartment design is the use of wood in the interior.

The tree provides countless possibilities in creating the atmosphere and home decoration. Particularly pleased with a large selection of breeds, shades, properties.

From wood not only decor items can be created, but also the furniture itself. It will be distinguished by the highest quality and durability. Also, the material can be used for coating floors, walls, windows.

version of the bright style of giving in the tree

In the room you can make such a partition

version of the original interior of the house in a tree

Design with wood looks expensive and beautiful

variant of unusual design of a house in a tree

Design living room with fireplace made of wood


Especially original tree in the interior when decorating the apartment looks, if you select the classic style. You can use ordinary wood panels, as well as choose a finish for walls with carvings or moldings.The truth is to understand that such pretentiousness on the walls will not be appropriate in any room. For example, in the bedroom it will look ridiculous, there will be a feeling that the walls are “crushing”, even if the area of ​​the room is large.

For living spaces (bedroom, nursery, living room), wall panels that convey the texture of the material are better suited. The rooms will become much more comfortable and calmer.

For the floor, you can choose parquet made of natural wood. Although it is sometimes very difficult to find it, and the prices are very high. But on the other hand, such flooring will delight apartment owners for a long time with high quality.

the idea of ​​the original style of giving in a tree

Walls and floors can be made of wood

idea of ​​a bright interior of a summer house in a tree

Bed on wooden planks

Finishing with natural material is great for children's rooms, housing for people with allergies. It is noted that much less dust accumulates in such rooms. Wood is an insulating material that reduces dampness.

Many designers propose to trim the entire space with wood: walls, floors and ceilings.

The choice of materials for decoration

Before you begin actions to restore beauty in the apartment, you should carefully consider the choice of finishing material. First of all, the breed is determined:

  1. Coniferous. Suitable for rooms with high humidity (bath).
  2. Deciduous. Ideal for ordinary residential, well-ventilated rooms.
    version of an unusual style of giving in a tree

    Wooden furniture
    will be in harmony with the interior

    the idea of ​​the original style of a tree house

    Wooden walls are perfect for zoning rooms

    Variant of bright design of a summer house in a tree

    The tree in the interior will always look good

Finishing material is divided into several varieties, the advantages and disadvantages of each will be given in the table:






Finishing material having a locking system. It features a very simple and quick installation.

practicality and durability;

environmentally friendly natural composition;

pleasant woody aroma;

aesthetic appearance;

affordable cost;

good heat and sound insulation.

tendency to deform;

moisture swelling.


It is made from the best raw materials that have passed numerous checks. It is divided into three classes depending on quality.

manufacturing in accordance with European standards;

exact dimensions;

the design provides a conclusion of moisture;

no additional coating is required (in comparison with ordinary lining);

high price.

Floor board

It can be made both from a solid array, and from pieces.

made from natural materials;

simple quick installation;

serves for many years;

beautiful appearance;

good sound insulation;

the possibility of restoration.

small knots and tar pockets may occur.

Block house

It can be used both for internal and external decoration


not difficult material care;

original appearance;

affordable cost;

no tendency to deform

complex installation process

Imitation of a bar

Interior Material

there is no tendency to change forms under the influence of external factors;

quick assembly;

low cost;

a large assortment.


One of the important stages in the design of an apartment or house is the selection of furniture. Of course, everybody wants to choose high-quality, durable, stylish, ecological clean wood-like interior. Wooden furniture will fit well into the decor of any style. It can be both baroque, and Japanese, and classical, and modern.

However, it is not necessary to use an expensive array for manufacturing. Designers very successfully use the so-called recycled materials. The sofas, coffee tables, poufs and armchairs created with the help of pallets (in other words, pallets) look interesting.

Logs are also often used. They may well be the supporting elements of furniture.

variant of a bright interior of a house in a tree

From the boards you can make just such a wall

the idea of ​​the original interior of a summer house in a tree

The wall in the living room can be made of wood

Add accents

The most miniature and insignificant at first glance objects are able to transform the atmosphere as much as possible. To give the room a cosiness, you can use small objects: coasters, photo frames, dishes, souvenirs made of natural wood. A correctly selected combination of the elements in question will quickly transform the apartment.

You can use more bold decisions. A coat hanger made of branches will look creative. In the room, this same piece of wood can become an original replacement of the cornice.

With a large number of tree branches, you can create a magnificent space divider from them, resembling a mini forest. It can be varied with natural stones. Such an addition in design favorably emphasizes the taste of the owners and will fulfill a functional role.

a variant of an unusual design of a summer house in a tree

The combination of wood in the interior of the living room

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of a tree house

The wood in the interior of the kitchen looks very harmonious

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior cottages in a tree

The walls and ceiling are made of wood.

From hemp and small twigs, you can create an excellent base for lamps or small shelves.

It is not necessary that the decor item carries any functionality. It can be just beautiful. For example, a unique composition on the wall of twigs. Wood is one of the best materials for creative searches and experiments. You can use all its parts: branches, slices, hemp. And with each new element of decor, the interior of the apartment will change for the better.

version of the original design of a house in a tree

Wood in the interior will create a special room style

variant of a bright style of a house in a tree

The design of the living room is made of wood

Varieties of decor elements

There are many ways to add wood to the interior. Consider the most popular and affordable ones.


Wood carving will help radically transform the house, suitable for any style of space design. Similar elements emphasize the good taste of the owner.

Natural wood elements

Thanks to numerous wood processing techniques, you can create a wide variety of interior items. All of them will have a number of advantages:

  1. Dear appearance, the absolute absence of any harm to people. They are completely environmentally friendly.
  2. Climate improvements in the house.
  3. Uniqueness. In most cases, you cannot create an exact copy. This is due to the features of the texture of wood.
the idea of ​​an unusual interior cottages in a tree

Wood in the interior will create a special atmosphere

idea of ​​bright design of a house in a tree

The roof of the house is made of wood

idea of ​​a bright interior of a house in a tree

Wooden furniture in the interior will look exquisite


The correct selection of doors is an important stage in the design of any space. Particularly spectacular look objects made from a natural array of different species of trees. It can be not only doors, but arches, openings. To perform such elements, the following materials may be used:

  1. Oak. Doors from it are the most expensive and durable. After proper processing, the product will not change externally, it will not lose its qualities even for several decades.
  2. Beech. Also considered an expensive view. But somewhat cheaper than oak. The doors will have a pleasant shade and a pronounced wood pattern.
  3. Cheaper models are made from pine.

The base of the door can be covered with veneer; it is made from cherry or walnut wood.

It is worth noting that doors made of natural wood are often exposed to environmental factors. For this reason, they are not recommended to be placed in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They can be deformed. To extend the life of the doors inside, they can put not an integral part, but small bars. Top necessarily covered with a protective varnish.


This is the most striking and functional interior item of any room. Carved wooden stairs according to individual ideas are popular. They can be created using various equipment as well as manually. The second option, of course, costs several times more.

Carving with interesting patterns can decorate the steps, and balusters can actually be made of any shape. For production, both a reliable expensive oak massif and a budget pine can be used. It should be noted that hardwoods are more resistant to moisture.


Carved panels are often used for the ceiling; they are ordered by designers for specific interiors.

the idea of ​​the original design of the cottages in the tree

The wooden bed will perfectly complement the bedroom interior.

version of the original style of the tree house

The walls in the kitchen are made of wood

Carved items for furniture

To decorate or add originality to the room, you can order carved furniture accessories. Individual work, of course, is expensive. But many stores offer pre-made options that are less costly. In addition, in specialized stores you can buy wooden linings that perfectly simulate carvings. They will decorate not only the decor in the classical style, but also in any modern.

Decorative elements for furniture design include:

  1. Legs. Hardwood is more often used for them, so that there is no deformation due to the load.
  2. Pads mentioned above.
  3. Carved sockets. They can be in the form of any geometric shapes.
  4. Mascarons are images of mythical heroes.
  5. Moldings. In other words, these are baseboards, moldings.
  6. Wooden frames for paintings and mirrors.

Modern designers come up with new and original housing solutions, combine different types of trees with other materials (for example, with natural stones) in a variety of styles. Choosing decor for your home, everyone can find the most suitable ideas.

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