Choosing a flooring design

Floor design rightfully occupies a leading position in the design of houses and apartments. No wonder. The flooring provides support underfoot, acts as a heater, and also occupies most of the house. Therefore, the requirements for it are special. In addition to quality indicators, thermal conductivity, there are visual, decorative features.

Boardwalk in a bright living room with a white sofa

The choice of flooring should be considered, because remodeling the flooring is quite problematic

Currently, apartment flooring can be done in almost any format: from ordinary deck masonry to intricate patterns. Let's look at the most interesting installation methods.


Wood has been appreciated at all times. According to its characteristics, wood is a unique building material, similar you will not find in other products. Thermal conductivity, coupled with a prestigious look create unlimited possibilities for floor design in the apartment.

Dog on the parquet floor made of modular shields

Parquet - the floor is expensive, but it looks solid and quite representative

To begin, consider the methods of laying the most ordinary parquet:

  1. Deck.
  2. French tree.
  3. Modular.
  4. Art.

The deck method is the easiest to install, which makes it more common. The boards are stacked end to end. The location in the room can be either parallel to one of the walls, or at an angle of 45 degrees.

Deck laying of natural parquet

Deck styling looks neutral and does not attract too much attention, so it goes well with a variety of room design options

Gray bed on the parquet floor of the bedroom

An interesting pattern can be created if you use unsorted dice.

The French tree requires much more labor, but it looks excellent. Boards are located to each other at an angle of 45 degrees with short ends.

Laying parquet in the form of a French Christmas tree

An oblique cut of the end of the bar for a French Christmas tree requires greater accuracy of the geometry of the products

Hungarian Christmas tree flooring

In a classic Christmas tree, dies with straight ends are located at an angle of 90 degrees relative to each other. This installation method is also called the Hungarian Christmas tree.

Modular installation involves the purchase of ready-made, glued blocks with a specific pattern on them. They are installed simply: square, less often rectangular modules are brought together end-to-end. On more modern products, there is a spike / groove of a castle type.

Photo of modular parquet on the living room floor

Modular flooring looks gorgeous, and fits quite simply

Artistic laying involves an individual approach. Before starting work, the wizard draws up a project that reflects the drawing and other features. This method provides complete freedom of expression, but is the most expensive.

Hall of a private house with art parquet

The luxury of artistic parquet is achieved by using dies of various shapes made of different wood species

Selecting different types of wood, its shades, structure, floor design is very diverse. Combinations of patterns create a unique pattern that is unique in nature.

Laying parquet board on the floor of the living room

More affordable than parquet is parquet board, also made of natural wood.

If you need to save money, then pay attention to the floorboard. In appearance, it is no different from parquet. The difference is in the production method. It is made from expensive wood, such as oak, ash, beech, cherry. The top layer of the product is made of just these valuable breeds. But the bottom is plywood.Thanks to this, you will save a lot of money. The choice of flooring is represented by numerous options. The texture and palette is extensive.

Ceramic tile

Thanks to the artificial coating on the tiles, the floor design is given any texture. Previously, 10-15 years ago, tiles were laid exclusively in bathrooms, toilets, and also for hallways. Now such flooring is done everywhere, for all rooms. Installation of underfloor heating using hot water or electrical equipment completely eliminates the side effect of a cold surface. Of course, this pleasure is worth a lot of money, but its beauty can not be compared with anything.

Ceramic floor in the design of the living room

Ceramic tile combines practicality, reliability and attractive appearance

Ceramic tiles are produced in any format, size, color, texture, so creating any interior design is not difficult. Having bought a special series, you have the opportunity to become a true designer of your home yourself. Choose a different shape of the product, or a wide palette of color shades. Create a rainbow splash in your apartment. Durability of a tile will pay off any big money investments. Do not save on your own well-being.

Check out the photos below. We showed them the interesting design of the rooms with tiles, which will not leave you indifferent.

The glossy surface of the ceramic floor in the hall of a private house

Glossy ceramic coating in the living room

Ceramic floor with matte finish

Matte ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor

Interior of a long corridor with ceramic floor

Ceramic floor in a narrow corridor

The interior of the bathroom in the log house

Ceramic flooring in the bathroom of a wooden house


Laminate flooring is second only to ceramics. This does not make him second-rate. Using this material, you can choose the style of flooring for any interior. The richness of the palette will allow you to perfectly complement the classic room, modern art nouveau, or high-tech high-tech. Laminate is suitable even for a bathroom and toilet. Now it is produced on a moisture resistant basis, which does not allow deterioration under the influence of a large amount of water.

Laminate in the interior of a spacious living room

Laminate perfectly imitates any type of wood, stone or tile

Light laminate in the bedroom interior

The material will be a great alternative to parquet on a limited budget.

Make the entire space of the house from the laminate. Thresholds here will not be appropriate. Create a monolithic carpet. This method will allow you to prepare breakfast for your loved one in bed, and deliver it on a beautiful wheelbarrow-tray.

Laminate for sale in various designs. Forms of panels, gamma, texture - everything is produced by an extensive range of products. Laying methods are varied. A deck, Christmas tree, and even an artistic way is ideal for such material.

Red sofa on the laminate floor

Laminate flooring can be chosen to finish the floor of the room in any style

Gray upholstered furniture on a light laminate floor

The combination of light laminate with dark furniture

A great advantage when using a laminate is its relative cheapness and affordability. Thanks to this, you have a unique opportunity to create a unique room design: a beauty that does not require victims!


The advantages of linoleum include ease of installation, as well as resistance to moisture. The variety of textures presented makes it possible to organize the design of floors of amazing beauty. You yourself, with your own hands, will be able to lay such a floor covering without spending excessive efforts.

Gray linoleum in the design of the living room floor

Linoleum has not gone out of fashion for many decades in a row, and with the development of production technologies has increased its quality at times

Dining table on the floor of linoleum

Linoleum is distinguished by thickness, protective layer and susceptibility to abrasion, is divided into three categories - household, commercial and semi-commercial

Checked linoleum in the interior of a children's bedroom

The linoleum category is selected based on the purpose of the room - in the hallways you need a thicker material, linoleum with less wear resistance is suitable for bedrooms

The presented coloring organically fits for any style of interior decoration.


A new trend is the introduction of marmoleum stores. In appearance, it is similar to linoleum, but it is a product made entirely from organic compounds. Due to this, it is not toxic, environmentally friendly.

Marmoleum in the interior of the living room

Marmoleum is essentially the same linoleum, only natural

Yellow marmoleum in the interior of the living room

The material is not afraid of things like women's heels, furniture castors or pet claws

On sale, it is most often found in roll form. There are also tiles and panels. Solid (rolled) products look most beautiful. The types of marmoleum pattern are extensive. It is made of any color and style. In terms of quality of operation, it is in no way inferior to linoleum.

The main advantage of this flooring is its low cost, ease of installation, and durability when used. It also includes good heat and sound insulation, moisture resistance.

Use of marmoleum as a floor covering for a children's room

Marmoleum is suitable for any room, even for children and medical

Brown armchair on a striped marmoleum

Natural marmoleum is equally good for both public spaces and private homes

In the interior design of the house, this product is widely used. Surface patterns can be found for every taste. Therefore, the marmoleum will fit into every style of space.

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Photo of flooring in the interiors of various rooms

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