Forms, sizes and features of modular paintings in the interior

Modular paintings in the interior of houses and apartments began to appear only a few years ago. In such a short time they were able to gain sympathy and popularity. Thanks to them, great opportunities are opened for room decor in a way that does not require large expenses or efforts.

Wall decoration over the sofa with modular paintings

Decorating a room with modular paintings dramatically changes the interior with a minimum of cost and effort


Modular paintings combine traditions from the past and trends from the present. The name of the picture comes from its appearance, that is, it consists of one image divided into several fragments. It includes a stretcher, canvas and a drawing applied to it. It varies in form, number of parts, sizes, compositions and much more.

Modular triptych picture on the living room wall

A series of segments merges into a single composition, looks vibrant and dynamic

Striped pillows on a dark gray sofa

Segments may be different in size.

A picture can consist of a different amount by segment, so professionals gave them the necessary name to make it easier to sort out the varieties. There are also differences in the method of manufacturing products, which are also important to know.

Title Description Preparation method Description
Diptych Consists of 2 canvases The drawing is done in oil on canvas. The canvas is pulled onto a special rack subframe and applied picture.
Triptych Includes 3 fragments The drawing is applied to the glass. Batik is rolled onto glass, thereby creating a picture.
Quadriptych Consists of 4 segments Drawing on the skin or its substitute. Images carefully drawn on a layer of skin.
Polyptych Can be made of 5 or more paintings Volumetric product. Using pieces of leather or other materials, a pattern or picture is laid out.
The embroidered picture. It is embroidered from many materials: beads, threads, beads, ribbons.

Important! Modular paintings made on natural canvas look much better, brighter and more advantageous. However, they require more care, do not tolerate temperature extremes and cost a lot.

There is an alternative in paintings made on artificial canvases, they are less expressive, but unpretentious and will be able to please the cost.

Choosing a modular picture for each room

The decor element is selected depending on the room in which it will play an important role. Since the paintings are made of different materials, and they have different properties. For example, some types of products are not recommended to be hung in the kitchen. In this room, the temperature and humidity level are constantly changing, therefore only modules resistant to external irritants are allowed to be installed here.

Geometric modular print

Modular paintings add dynamism to the interior and make it truly exclusive

Modular paintings in the interior of the living room

If a modular picture is installed in the interior of the living room, then all the attention in the room should be paid to it.Other eye-catching elements may adversely affect the overall situation.

Images have a significant impact on the well-being of people living in the house, on the home atmosphere. Psychologists assure that the choice of color or patterns when decorating a home must be approached consciously and with great responsibility because of the subsequent influence on households.

Interior of a living room of a private house with modular paintings

Bright poppies on a background of gray wall decoration

Pictures can become a decorative accent in many areas of the room:

  • Area by the fireplace. Decoration will help to attract more attention to the hearth. It will serve as a decorative detail with which an unremarkable fireplace will become an attractive element of the living room.
  • The area above the sofa. Modular paintings in the interior of the living room above the sofa will look interesting and occupy a dominant place in the room.
Decorating the living room wall with modular paintings

Stylish modular picture with black and white image

Advice! It is necessary to select paintings not only in accordance with the color palette of the walls, but also the sofa. Then, against its background, the product will look attractive, and the sofa itself will be transformed.

Abstract on modular paintings in the living room

It is important to select paintings taking into account the room

Choosing a picture for the bedroom

In the relaxation room, you should install paintings with a calm light composition, with romantic themes made in pastel colors. Suitable modules with: flowers (orchids, lilies, roses, lavender, wildflowers), landscapes.

Often, elements place a bed at the head of the bed, then beautiful drawings frame the bed and add comfort and warmth to it. Also, the picture can be hung opposite the bed or against the wall opposite the window. There will be an opportunity, before going to bed and after waking up, to enjoy the pleasant detail of the decor and tune yourself in the right, positive way.

Design a bedroom with a modular picture

Image of expressway in bedroom of energetic young man

Important! Do not install the picture on a wall with windows, it will hang against the light, so it will not be clearly visible. This will not be of any use. The options offered above are the most suitable for location.

Modular landscape paintings in pastel colors

To create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, it is better to use calm landscapes in soft technique

Children's room decoration

The modular paintings in this room are selected solely in accordance with the age of the child. The perception of the product depends on this. Light, light paintings made of different plain colors or with the image of positive characters from cartoons or life (kittens, puppies, butterflies, bears, natural scenes) are suitable for kids. Older children can also participate in the selection of a picture, suitable options will be: characters from cartoons, fairy tales, films, family photos and other similar ideas.

Hand-drawn elephant in a modular picture in a nursery

The subject of paintings for a children's room directly depends on the age of the child

Suitable pictures for the kitchen

To diversify the interior of the kitchen with the help of modular paintings will work out to the best extent. They get along well in the dining area, will be able to please household members while preparing meals and their guests during home gatherings. Pictures will transform the room, and show the character and tastes of the owners.

The use of modular paintings for decorating the kitchen

Triptych in the interior of the kitchen

Modules with the theme of food (fruits, vegetables, their compositions, ready meals, drinks made using various techniques) and with exterior details (streets, buildings, landscapes of different subjects) are well suited for decorating the kitchen. Such elements will complete the improvement of the kitchen and give the household a unique room.

Important! Before buying a painting, it is necessary to clarify its properties and performance. The kitchen is an aggressive place for such a product, so you need to monitor quality and after - care.

Modular paintings in the interior of a modern kitchen

Culinary theme is always popular for the kitchen

Rules for posting modular paintings

Proper placement of paintings on the wall guarantees success for decorating any chosen room.This kind of decor wins due to the dynamism that is created by the absence of a frame for each element.

Night city on modular paintings in the bedroom

When placed horizontally, the wall appears visually wider

Modular paintings in the interiors of different rooms are placed in a certain way. The rules help create the perfect composition and pleasant atmosphere. Such rules include 5 points:

  1. Paintings must be hung on a wall decorated in bright colors. Bright details or decorative plaster will spoil the impression of the product.
  2. Segments are attached at the same level or several. It depends on the composition and plot.
  3. Elements are placed at different levels and the lower edge of the last part will be located above the back of the sofa by 15 cm.
  4. The center of the composition must be placed exactly above the center of the sofa.
  5. A vertical picture can visually raise the ceiling in the room, and a horizontal picture can expand the room.
Modular octopus paintings

To decorate a room, just one set of paintings is enough

White wall of the living room with a bright modular picture

Vivid paintings look advantageous in monochrome interiors

5 layouts of fragments on the walls are presented:

  • Standard - segments are mounted at the same height.
  • Popular - from the middle to the edges, the height of the paintings decreases in a straight line, which runs in the center of the individual modules.
  • Staircase - each subsequent fragment of the picture is located below the previous one at an equal distance.
  • Diagonal - elements are hung in a straight line, which is directed diagonally with respect to the floor.
  • Geometric - individual canvases form geometric shapes (square, circle, rhombus, triangle and others).
Stylish modular paintings in the interior of the kitchen

Popular arrangement of picture modules

Selection of paintings depending on the interior

Before choosing a composition, you should consider all the nuances and focus, first of all, on the style of the room. A modular picture made in the appropriate direction will suit a certain style.


Pictures with floral, household or historical motifs are best suited.

Three paintings over the sofa in the living room

Stylish triptych in the spirit of the last century

High tech

Walls decorated in black, white, gray, brown or beige will work well with futuristic patterns on the product.

High-tech living room interior with modular paintings.

High-tech paintings look good accents on a contrasting background

The Mediterranean

Well suited for the interior of the living room or bedroom, paintings with marine motifs, Greek or Italian landscapes, images from the ancient era.

Triptych of modular paintings on the living room wall with fireplace

White Mediterranean-style living room


The style is distinguished by originality and color. Indoors, segments with African savannas, sand dunes, and African animals (buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, lions, zebras) will look spectacular.

Low bed in the bedroom with paintings on the wall

African-themed polyptych on canvas


For the rustic French style in the interior of the living room or kitchen, pictures with landscapes of fields, forests, seas harmoniously fit in. Floral motifs (wooden houses, lavender fields) are ideal for decoration. They will help to create an accent wall without affecting the rest of the room.

Rural triptych for interior decoration

Rustic theme will be most suitable for living room or provence decor

Video on how to make modular paintings with your own hands

Modular paintings - photo

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