DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Preparing for the New the year for many begins long before the start of the holiday and includes several steps: the external design of the rooms and the entrance, the purchase of food and sweets, the preparation of dishes. In recent years, when decorating the interior, they began to follow some Western traditions.

wreath for new year

As a decoration for the holiday, New Year's wreaths were made mainly by parishioners of the Catholic Church.

For example, decorating a real or simulated fireplace with artificial snow, caramel and knitted socks for gifts. Also popular is the tradition of decorating the front door with a Christmas wreath. This brings warmth and coziness to the house, gives a feeling of celebration to the residents of the house and their guests.

christmas wreath design

Now many people are trying to decorate their home with a wide variety of decorations.

Christmas wreath of cones

To make such a do-it-yourself craft is a good option, since it is not necessary to purchase everything in the store, there are many useful things in the park, square or forest. Do not be afraid of experiments and creative impulses, then the result will exceed all expectations.

christmas wreath of cones

New Year’s wreaths on the door made of branches with cones, today are quite common and every year the number of such decorations only increases.

Required Components to Create

For work you will need:

  • Glue gun;
  • High density cardboard;
  • Linen fabric;
  • Cones of different sizes and shapes;
  • Jute threads;
  • Sewing thread;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Additional decorations in the form of dried slices of citrus fruits;
  • Decorative snow.
do-it-yourself wreath

Cones can be left in their original form.


  1. First, cut out the cardboard frame for the future wreath and paste it over with linen cloth. For convenience, the fabric is cut into ribbons, wrapped around a paper frame. It is worth bonding only in a few main places, so as not to spoil the appearance.
  2. Now you should put the bumps. Accommodation depends on their size. They can be attached in two rows, so the composition will seem more magnificent.
  3. On top of the composition are attached slices of dried oranges, lemons. From the peel of fruits, you can cut stars and a month. Bows are made from jute thread and fastened to fruits. It is necessary to leave space on the craft for a bow made of fabric.
  4. For a bow, you need to take a fabric 10 x 40 cm and a ribbon with a width of 2 cm. The fabric is folded to achieve the perfect look and glued, in the middle it is wrapped with a ribbon to make it look professional.
  5. The finished bow is attached over the composition. If necessary, the edges of the tape are trimmed. Top product is sprinkled with artificial snow.
wreath of cones for the new year

This makes it completely finished and elegant, after which the craft is hung in its place.

wreath of cones

Christmas wreath of cones on a wire basis.

Christmas - Snowman

The decoration in the form of a snowman will decorate the entrance on the eve of the holiday.To create it, you need components that you don’t have to buy in the store; they can be found in the park.

snowman at the door

You can decorate the house on New Year's holidays with the help of a Christmas wreath.

Necessary materials

To get down to business you will need:

  • Twigs without leaves;
  • Small spruce paws;
  • Cones;
  • Glue gun;
  • Tight threads;
  • Black cardboard;
  • White, red beads;
  • Tulle;
  • Decoration: dried rowan berries, garland;
  • White paint.
christmas snowman

You can make it from decorative and improvised materials.

Making christmas wreath

  1. First you need to twist two circles from the branches, after that - paint them white. Both circles are wound together with a dense thread. Spruce branches, cones and mountain ash are glued on top, this gives the scenery a more festive mood.
  2. Next, the case comes to creating elegant bows and flowers from tulle and beads. The fabric is cut into identical ribbons, which are folded and fastened with glue.
  3. A shape resembling a bucket is cut out of black cardboard - the headdress of a snowman. The finished bucket is glued, it is decorated with spruce, mountain ash or fabric.
  4. The highlight of such a wonderful decor will be a white garland. She wraps around each circle. Since there will be no possibility to turn it on through the outlet, you need to take care of this in advance and buy a product powered by batteries.
christmas wreath snowman

The idea of ​​a wreath with a cute snowman and colored ribbons.

New Year's wreath in the form of a rainbow

This master class will help you make a cute decoration option. Suitable for both the front door and the children's room, because such an element of decor looks fabulous.

Christmas tree wreath

The idea of ​​a wreath of Christmas balls.

Necessary components for creating

For the original product you will need:

  • Styrofoam ring for base;
  • Bags of sequins of different colors;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • White thick paper for clouds;
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors.
DIY Christmas wreath

An ordinary, traditional wreath is made of a round base, the material for which can be a tightly woven wire.


  1. A round foam frame is taken, cut to a semicircle. After the base is glued with double-sided tape, spangles are poured on the sticky part. This helps create that expected rainbow.
  2. 4 clouds with different shapes are cut out of cardboard, small clouds are placed large. Then they are attached to the rainbow with the help of toothpicks that stick into the foam.
  3. Ready New Year's rainbow is fixed at the expense of a festive ribbon. You can also leave a special place on the basis for further fastening. For this, an additional double-sided tape is glued, which allows you to put the decor in the right place.
DIY Christmas wreaths

The diameter of the circle you can choose yourself based on the size of the door.

Christmas crafts on the door of felt

For skilled craftswomen and not only to sew an element of decor from felt is a good opportunity to decorate your home with an original masterpiece and show your skills for needlework.

felt wreath

A wreath of felt will be an original decoration for the house not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.


  • Threads;
  • The cloth;
  • Needle;
  • Oil;
  • Synthetic winterizer;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • Pencil or crayon.
christmas felt wreath

For its foundation, you should choose a reliable material.

Christmas Creation

  1. The basis will be made of polystyrene foam and sheathed with a pre-knitted ribbon of fluffy threads.
  2. All kinds of figures are cut out of the fabric, filled with padding polyester, stitched. After sewn or glued to the frame.
  3. The finishing touch will be bows from satin ribbons of different sizes.
  4. The crafts can be sprinkled with decorative snow and attached to the door with hooks, glue or carnations.
christmas felt wreath

A variant of an unusual festive felt wreath.

The extraordinary idea of ​​a wreath of ties

A Christmas wreath made of this material is a good option to get rid of annoying old accessories. This decoration will attract the attention of many guests and neighbors at home.

wreath of ties

For a wreath of fabric, you need to select at least 4-5 colors.

Necessary materials

To decorate the New Year holidays, you will need the following:

  • Dense bending wire or cardboard;
  • Ties of different colors;
  • Glue - a gun (if necessary).
christmas wreath ideas

It is desirable that the fabric is as stiff as possible, then it will keep the desired shape.

Making christmas wreath

  1. A wire frame in the shape of a circle is created. There is also another option - the basis of thick cardboard. In this case, the craft is mastering in two ways - using different materials.
  2. Ties are attached to the base of the wire by wrapping them around the frame. In this case, the wide angular part of the ties should be turned on the front side of the product from the center. Ties are attached to the base with glue, gradually wrapping the frame.
  3. The finishing touch will be a bow-shaped tie attached to the wreath. Adding with a bow can occur by another method - gluing with glue - a gun. Both methods will allow you to make a durable, holistic and interesting element of a festive decor.
christmas wreath of balls

An original idea for creating a festive wreath from balls of yarn.

Cardboard Christmas accessory

The creation of cardboard products, as well as paper, is a great way to show the whole creative vein in a person. Components in any case can be found in your home, it may turn out to be the basis of toilet paper, shoe boxes, clothes, other items. However, the disadvantage of such a wreath can be those mechanical damage that will appear if you hang the product on the front door of a private house.

cardboard wreath

An original and beautiful paper wreath for the New Year can be made from folded paper.

Required Components

Materials for crafts:

  • Cardboard;
  • Two-color paper;
  • Ribbons;
  • Glue gun;
  • Sparkles;
  • Decorative snow;
  • Additional details.
how to make a christmas wreath

Decorate the finished product with Christmas tree branches, balls and red ribbon bows.


  1. The basis for the craft is made of colored cardboard. Selected objects are glued on top: stars, snowflakes, circles, Christmas trees, twigs and other elements.
  2. You can decorate elements with bows from ribbons. Also, the contour of each item is smeared with glue and sprinkled with sparkles to match the color of the item. The final touch may be artificial snow, powdered on a wreath. Clings to the door with double-sided tape or buttons (if possible).
how to make a christmas wreath from cardboard

Choose heavy kraft paper or cardboard in green, brown, red, gold.

Unusual ideas of what you can make a wreath

The product can be made from anything. For this, absolutely any materials are suitable: simple, traditional, original and extraordinary. Unusual materials - those that do not immediately come to mind to apply them, expanding the boundaries of various objects.

beautiful wreath with decor

Decor should be associated with the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Wreaths are made of many objects.

Material Preparation method
Clothespins Mounted on a base of paper, wire or wood.
If desired, they are painted in different tones, most often it is red and green.
Top may sprinkle with sparkles or decorative snow.
Wine corks They are fastened together, forming a circle.
They can also be painted in bright colors.
Bows from jute thread or ordinary ribbons are added.
Pompons, tennis balls, foam balls From these components also get an original wreath.
The balls are glued to the base with glue - a gun, pompons can be sewn together, forming a composition on one side of the product, so that the remaining free space can be filled with other small parts.
A garland can become an addition
Accessories, Baubles A Christmas wreath will turn out even from the elements of accessories that people use in everyday life.
Any small gizmos, stationery, toys are also suitable.
Between themselves, the parts are fastened with glue, double-sided tape or thread, supplemented with artificial snow or sparkles.
Garland The product will turn out with one light bulb wound around.
A prerequisite when using such a material will be a garland with small, round or elongated bulbs running on batteries, which does not heat up.
It can be supplemented with ribbons with bows, several spruce branches.
Tree branches (spruce, pine) Create a New Year's feeling, thanks to the fragrant symbol - spruce and the smell of needles.
Usually attached to a wire frame using jute thread in a circle.
Additional decor will serve as cones, crushed on top of white sparkles.
Fruits, berries Dried slices of oranges, lemons can be attached both to the frame itself and on top of spruce needles, paper elements, bows.
As in previous ideas, the end will be decorative snow, beads, sparkles.

Other items that come in handy when creating the product:

  • Spools of thread;
  • Kitchen potholders;
  • Tinsel;
  • Christmas tree decorations;
  • Miniature gift boxes;
  • Candies;
  • Wooden blocks, round saw cuts;
  • Branches of various trees and bushes;
  • Threads, balls of thread;
  • Beads, beads;
  • Felt;
  • Photo;
  • Newspaper tubes.
smart christmas wreath

New Year wreath of cones, fruits and berries.

Indeed, there are a lot of master classes in the manufacture of New Year's wreaths, they differ among themselves in that:

  • What materials to use;
  • What difficulty will work;
  • What shape, in addition to the usual round, can still turn out (a snowman, Santa Claus, deer).
wreath of fir branches

One of the options for making a wreath of fir branches.

Such a diversity of ideas proves that fantasy is limitless. You can come up with and make a unique masterpiece from almost nothing and decorate it with entrance doors from the outside or inside. However, hanging from the outside you need to remember, especially for private houses, the wreath will be affected by climatic conditions. This means that decorations made of paper, sweets and other fragile materials will not work.

original christmas wreath

Original Christmas wreath of balls and cones.

Decorating an apartment or house for the New Year holidays is one of the important stages of preparation. This sets in a festive mood, so further preparations are easy and fun.

VIDEO: DIY Christmas wreaths.

50 ideas for creating Christmas wreaths with your own hands:

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