Using stucco molding in the interior

Stucco molding in the interior is able to create an atmosphere of nobility, sophistication and uniqueness. The decoration is very original, so you should deal with the nuances of choosing and decorating a house with a similar element.

Stucco molding in the interior of a modern living room

In the interior of modern living quarters, stucco molding is considered a spectacular decoration technique, moreover, simple and affordable.

Stucco molding in the interior

They can be applied in many styles. Stucco molding in the interior is widely used and therefore it is necessary to understand what design it will look appropriate.

Plaster stucco molding in the design of the living room

Exquisite bas-reliefs, cornices and figurines are not suitable for every style of interior.

All suitable styles are reflected in the table.

Design Description
Roman It is characterized by an abundance of similar elements. You don’t have to worry that you overdo it. You only need to competently think over the ornament of details.
Art Deco Suitable for lovers of brightness and creativity. It is important that the decor is distinguished by a cross and grace.
Empire It is distinguished by its fundamental nature and emphasized status. Suitable jewelry from this material, columns, arches.
Baroque, Rococo The key elements are splendor and lightness. In the first style, the emphasis is on volume and asymmetry. Rococo suggests an ornament with animals or military details.
Classicism Stucco molding in the interiorthe classics look great. The main thing is to observe symmetry and thoughtfulness.
Roman style living room interior with stucco decoration.

The interior in the Roman style consists almost entirely of stucco

The use of moldings in kitchen design in the art deco style

Art Deco allows incompatible at first glance combinations; creative design can include all possible elements of chic

Plaster moldings on the ceiling of the Empire style living room

Gypsum elements in Empire are monumental and massive.

Decorating the stucco molding of the living room ceiling in the rococo style

“Gallant” stucco molding in Rococo style

Classic stucco molding in the interior of the living room in the style of classicism

Classicism style living room decoration with polyurethane stucco molding

Stucco molding technology

It includes the following steps:

  1. The construction of the model, subject to high complexity of the product.
  2. The construction of the form.
  3. Processing of the created form and its coloring.
  4. A special mixture is poured.
  5. The finished product is polished and painted. This will help achieve perfect smoothness of the surface, create a protective layer to protect from the negative effects of sunlight.
DIY stucco molding

The more complex the relief pattern, the more time it takes to make a decorative part

Types of moldings made of polyurethane

Stucco molding in the interior is used in various forms and variations. It can be columns, decorative sockets, borders, pilasters, platbands for mirrors, doors, arches, portals for a fireplace and more. The product is used to successfully hide the communication system, pipes, cables. An element can even fit into a modern design. Minimalism does not welcome curls, but you can make a cornice with strict geometry of lines.

Some varieties of polyurethane stucco molding

Polyurethane stucco decoration - a wide range of different parts for interior decoration

Decoration of the living room ceiling with stucco decorations

In addition to geometric elements for decoration, figures of people or animals are also used.

Stucco molding material

Previously, a cement mortar, gypsum, lime or stucco was used for the product.Modern technologies make it possible to create elements of their gypsum mixture from polystyrene or polyurethane. These materials are glued to the surface, which is pre-prepared, then paint is applied.

DIY gypsum moldings

Before casting a decorative part from plaster, you need to make a mold

Do-it-yourself gilding of gypsum stucco molding

Gilding stucco decoration requires painstaking handmade

How to complement the interior of the apartment with stucco molding?

In the past, stucco molding in the interior was a key sign of prosperity. Modern ideas help to realize this option even with small investments, using stucco decoration. It is important to follow certain rules:

  1. Eliminate the use of such elements in small rooms. Otherwise, a feeling of crowding, clutter.
  2. If the ceiling height is less than 3 meters, it is not recommended to decorate with stucco molding. It will look out of place.
  3. All details of the room should be combined in style, texture, range.

This design creates a unique design, gives personality to the room.

Beautiful decorative cornice made of polyurethane stucco molding

Decorative cornice at the junction of walls and ceiling

Making a doorway with gypsum capitals

Capitals in the doorway

Stucco molding from polyurethane in the interior

The polyurethane stucco molding in the interior resembles natural gypsum because of its high strength. The texture is very pleasant, attractive. The material is not afraid of extreme temperatures. It withstands high levels of humidity, not severe mechanical damage. Details are painted in various shades. You can make antique decor.

Polyurethane stucco embossed ceiling

Stucco made of polyurethane is affordable and does not visually differ from gypsum products

Stucco molding from polyurethane in the bedroom interior

Any bedroom begins with a bed. This is the central part of the room. Therefore, the entire decor will be associated with a berth. For this room, the following options are often chosen.

  • Classic. Furniture made of natural wood, decorated with carvings, fittings made of bronze or gilding. It is characterized by the maximum amount of textiles, smooth lines. It should be supplemented with narrow Roman columns, rosettes on the ceiling to decorate the chandelier, murals on the walls and panels.
  • Minimalism. The simplicity and elegance of objects, the abundance of light, a lot of free space. Narrow cornices, original panels on the wall, combined with other patterns on textiles, will do.
Design of a classic bedroom with stucco molding on the ceiling

Classic high-ceilinged bedroom with stucco decoration

Interior of a bedroom with stucco decorations

Sophisticated architectural elements look gorgeous against a turquoise bedroom background

Stucco molding in the interior of an apartment in the kitchen

In this space you can embody any ideas and styles. The stucco kitchen in the interior is popular in the form of blocks along a non-working zone with a 3D effect imitation. You can place a panel with a different pattern and relief. Beautiful stucco patterns complement the futuristic style and classics. Achieved thanks to a wide range of products. Decorating the kitchen in this way, it is important to remember that the room should be practical. Not allowed overlapping ventilation, hoods.

Kitchen interior design with stucco.

Creating a luxurious and stylish interior is simply not possible without the use of moldings.

Classic style kitchen interior with stucco elements.

White ceiling with a socket and embossed cornices, as required for a classic style kitchen

Stucco molding from polyurethane in the interior of the hallway

If the walls and ceiling are even, it is not recommended to decorate the surfaces with a panel or artificial stone. This will only reduce precious centimeters. It is better and more practical to add stucco molding to the interior. Molding creates an original effect does not fall out of the general concept. Additionally, you can beautifully beat lighting fixtures.

Baroque city apartment hallway interior with stucco molding

Baroque entrance hall with stucco molding and gilded candelabra

Using moldings to decorate the hallway

In the narrow entrance hall, an abundance of stucco molding is inappropriate; decorative moldings of the doorway and ceiling are enough

From the door, surrounded by curly moldings, you can make an arch. From scraps it’s worth building a decorative decoration for paintings on the walls.

Use in the interior of the living room

It seems that to use the stucco molding you need a spacious living room in a huge mansion. But luxury can be created in any room if you select the decor correctly. In this space, stucco molding looks most appropriate. You can take risks, focus on the design, using large details.

Interior of a country house living room with stucco decorations

Stucco molding gives the living room interior a cozy classic style, the walls look more interesting and complex.

Using ceiling rosettes with stucco to decorate the wall in the living room

Decorating the living room wall with ceiling sockets

This can be a key emphasis in the room. For conciseness and rigor, gypsum should be covered with dark paint. Additionally placed items of the same gamut. And products of a white or milk shade are perfectly combined with hand-painted. The design of doors and walls with curly molding is suitable. Additionally use columns, racks. As a material, it is recommended to choose gypsum. It has a beautiful appearance, ease of care. It can absorb and give away moisture, which allows you to regulate the microclimate.

Stucco molding from polyurethane in the interior of the nursery

You can buy a ready-made molding. But it is better to turn to specialists who will embody any fantasies and desires of the child. The room can turn into a blooming garden, castle processes. Dragons, fairies, and other heroes may be on the walls. It is embodied thanks to hand-sculpting and paint of bright colors.

Decoration of stucco molding in the children's room

Plaster moldings in the bedroom of a young princess

Interior of a children's room for a girl with stucco decoration

Beautiful room with stucco decoration in classic style

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Photo: stucco molding in the interior

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