The use of stencils in the interior: photos, varieties

DIY stencils allow you to create a unique interior. Ready-made templates allow you to apply any ornament on walls, furniture facades or glass surfaces. Even if you do not have artistic talents, it is not difficult to transfer a drawing according to a template. It is important to do this carefully, choose the right color combinations and drawing style.

beautiful stencil in corridor design

Design room with round stencils

unusual stencil in the interior of the room

Stencil room interior

beautiful stencil in the style of the bedroom

Stencil in the interior of the room

What is it for?

Floral, floral, animal, abstract, etc. motifs allow you to diversify the interior. They can be applied to any surface - floor, walls, ceilings, furniture, mirrors, windows. Screen images reflect the individuality of the owners of the house. In addition, this is a simple and inexpensive way to update a boring interior without major repairs. You can buy ready-made templates in the store or do it yourself.

unusual stencil in the interior of the house

Butterfly Stencil

beautiful stencil in the style of the apartment

Stencil in the interior of the room

Stencils are used not only to decorate the interior of rooms, they can also be used for:

  • scrapbooking;
  • posters;
  • decor of paintings (corners, vignettes, etc.);
  • calligraphy;
  • greeting posters and cards;
  • holiday decorations;
  • inscriptions and signatures.


First of all, stencils for decor are divided according to the materials from which they are made.

Adhesive film

A one-time option to transfer the picture to the surface. To transfer the ornament, it is enough to glue the film on a smooth surface, paint is not required. The assortment of images is quite large - butterflies, cats, birds, puppies, cartoon characters, etc. The advantages of the film are its low price and ease of application, however, such a stencil can only be used once.

unusual stencil in the design of a nursery

Stencil in the form of a portrait

unusual stencil in the design of the kitchen

Stencil in the form of a heart in the interior of the room

Hard plastic

It can be either transparent or opaque, the first option is preferable for work. Such templates can be used many times, the main thing is to store them correctly and after painting, completely wash off the dye residues. With the help of plastic templates, you can get three-dimensional drawings, if instead of paint you choose decorative putty.

Stencils made by yourself can be made from any means at hand, the main thing is that it is convenient to apply the drawing to the surface. It is best to choose thick cardboard or plastic, they are easy to cut, the edges come out clear and tough enough not to wrinkle during the application of paint or plaster. At the same time, plain paper will work for draft options.

beautiful stencil in the interior of the hallway

Stencil in the interior of the room

unusual stencil in the style of the corridor

Stencil in the interior of the room

Where to use?

There are no strict rules about where to place stencils for decoration. However, it is important to consider that open surfaces of a large area are better suited for applying ornaments. An ideal option is a wall free of furniture. The drawings allow you to fill the void in the room if there is not enough furniture in it or it seems too spacious and uncomfortable.

Also, using patterns applied through templates, you can draw attention to the decor or furniture, decorate the space around outlets with switches. The patterns on the wall behind the bed or sofa look beautiful, this is a great way to zoning the space.

beautiful stencil in bedroom design

Stencil of the water world in the interior of the room

How to do it yourself

The pattern chosen as the basis should be clear. You can draw it yourself or find a suitable image, scale it to the desired size and print it on paper. You can enlarge the selected ornament by transferring it to a larger sheet using a scaled grid. The image must be transferred strictly cell to cell, such a method requires a lot of patience and care.

When the draft is ready, it needs to be duplicated on a denser sheet - plastic, thick cardboard or film. The finished image is cut strictly along the lines with the help of a clerical knife. Try to change the blades as often as possible, a blunt knife will not be able to leave clear lines. If small flaws appeared during the cutting process, you should not throw out the almost finished stencil and start all over again. Minor flaws give the image a certain charm, and also show that it is handmade. People are not machines capable of drawing perfect lines to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. Some interior styles quite allow minor irregularities, this is their chip - Provence, Shebby chic, loft.

beautiful stencil in the interior of the house

Beautiful stencil in the interior of the room

unusual stencil in the style of a child

Stencil in the red room in the form of fairies

beautiful stencil in the style of the kitchen

Beautiful stencil in the interior of the room in the form of roses

Tip. To get beautiful and even curved lines, you can use patterns from the sewing department or stationery store.

Image selection depending on the style of the interior





Plant motifs, vine, flowers, stripes, ornaments characteristic of Rococo, Baroque or Empire.

Pastel palette, brown tones, light gray, white, gold, bronze, silver


Urban plots, skyscrapers, appliances, lights, electric lamps, stylized inscriptions.

Black, brick, white, gray, brown, beige.


Floral patterns, traditional ornaments, peas, flowers, strip.

Green, brown, white, gray, milky, beige, sand, golden, red, blue.


Landscapes, plants, birds, sea waves, olive branches.

White, milky, beige, all shades of brown, green, blue, turquoise, lavender, pastel color, pearl.

High tech

Abstractions, geometric shapes, stripes, zigzags, waves.

Black, gray, brown, metallic.

unusual stencil in the design of the hallway

Stencil in the interior of the room

beautiful stencil in the interior of the apartment

Large butterfly stencil in the room

How to transfer a picture

So, you made DIY stencils or bought ready-made ones, now it remains to transfer the drawings to the selected surface. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. The base for painting should be perfectly clean and dry.
  2. If you need to apply several identical images, to mark the evenness of lines and symmetry, mark the markings with a simple pencil. It is not necessary to draw the entire contour, it is enough to note the main points - top, bottom and sides.
  3. If you need to choose a shade of paint, conduct experiments on a draft, for example, a sheet of cardboard. In addition to color matching, you will gain skills in working with templates, if you do this for the first time.
  4. On the “clean”, the workpiece is fixed with a special glue so that it does not slip in the process.
  5. If you use paint in a spray can, keep it at a distance of at least 30 cm. This way the color is superimposed evenly and the image will not be damaged by drips.
  6. When using a sponge, squeeze it to get rid of excess paint.
  7. The brush is applied vertically from top to bottom.
  8. If you have chosen narrow templates, you should not use a roller, you can accidentally leave traces on the wall by inadvertence.
unusual stencil in the design of the apartment

Chinese style green stencil room

beautiful stencil in hallway style

Dandelion stencil in a red room

Living room decor

The hall is the main room in the house, guests are welcome here, celebrations are held, they gather in the evenings with the whole family. The interior of the hall should be both cozy and solemn, and screen images will help.

Silhouettes of birds, plants, swings, cats, arches with or without people are very popular in modern interiors. Most often, these are rather large compositions occupying a free wall above a sofa or between wall modules.

Motives can be used both individually and together. For example, tree branches can be decorated with flowers, birds can be planted on them, cells can be hung, or they can be placed at the roots of sitting people. As for the colors, most often such a composition is monochrome, or when applied, two or three shades are used, no more. Black, dark gray and other strict tones are suitable for the living room in a modern style, and pastel patterns will fit well into the classics, oriental style, and Provence.

unusual stencil in the style of the house

Stencil in the design of the room

beautiful stencil in the interior of the kitchen

Stencil in the interior of the room

An interesting solution would be to continue the wall ornament on the ceiling. In this case, the patterns can be complemented by a suitable backlight - spotlights in the branches like fruits, LED strip repeating the pattern and more.

Corners should not be ignored either. Properly selected shades and patterns will help give the living room volume. Images at the corners can overlap with the decor on the ceiling, the pattern on the curtains or upholstery of upholstered furniture. Such a design will look harmonious and complete.

For the Japanese style, blanks with hieroglyphs are perfect, they can be applied to walls or furniture facades, to make inserts on the ceiling. It is important to carefully approach the choice of signs, given their semantic meaning. You can choose the statements of the ancient sages, verses, phrases, wishes of good luck, family happiness, prosperity, etc.

beautiful stencil in the design of the room

3D stencil

Bedroom decoration

This room is designed for relaxation, so the motives of the images and colors should be selected in accordance with this. It can be beautiful inscriptions, flowers, floral patterns, animals, butterflies, fish. The best place to composition is the wall above the head of the bed. It is she who is most often one of the central decorative elements.

For centuries, for decorating a bedroom, paintings, tapestries, skins, etc. were hung over the bed. In modern interiors, photo wallpapers, contrasting combinations of shades, decorative inserts, modular paintings and stencils are used for the same purposes. At the same time, no artistic skills are required to apply the image using the blank.

unusual stencil in the bedroom interior

How to apply a stencil

The drawings transferred to the surface can be supplemented with vinyl stickers, moldings, or independently paint some elements with a thin brush. Screen paintings are combined with almost any kind of decor. In addition to wall surfaces, you can decorate the screen with mirrors, mirrors, cabinets, shelves, even textiles, if you choose special paints for the fabric.

The color scheme of the bedroom should be calm, it is better to choose soft pastel colors, avoid orange, aggressive red, black. If you still want to add brightness to the interior, red shades should be used in very small quantities and always against a neutral background, which will smooth out the brightness. Gilding or bronze also looks good, this is especially true for classics - Empire, Rococo or Baroque.

unusual stencil in the interior of the corridor

Dandelion stencil room interior

Kitchen decoration

Even the smallest kitchen needs bright details that can diversify the design. And here, as in other rooms of the house, it is appropriate to use stencils for decoration. As images, you can choose the ones suitable for the topic - a cup of steaming coffee, fruits, vegetables, kitchen utensils, sweets, cakes and everything that looks so appetizing.

In addition to various food motifs, you can use geometric ornaments or even abstractions when it comes to loft, urban style or hi-tech. Simple figures are also appropriate in minimalism. To add contrast to the design of the kitchen, you can choose landscapes - forests, rivers, mountains, images of the sun. The kitchen should create a good mood to increase appetite, so gloomy colors and stories should be avoided.

unusual stencil in bedroom design

Eiffel Tower Stencil

Children's room

The nursery is a real field for experimenting with vibrant colors and stories. As the child grows rapidly, the interior of this particular room changes in accordance with his age and interests. The easiest way to change the environment is to use stencils. In addition, the process of transferring drawings to the surface itself can be fun for the child. The kid can also finish the missing elements, place vinyl stickers wherever he likes, etc. Such an activity will certainly interest and captivate a child of any age.

As images, you can choose cars, ships, fairy-tale heroes, animals, princesses, knights, comic book characters, popular superhero characters, letters, numbers, clocks, calendar, words, etc. It is best to connect the child himself to the choice of drawings, allowing you to choose necessary, including the location of the future painting in the nursery.

beautiful stencil in the style of the corridor

Design of a room with a stencil of cats

Stencils can be a teaching tool for very young people. According to them, you can teach your baby the daily routine, learn the alphabet and numbers, colors, names of fruits, animals, plants with him. If fairy characters are used in the decoration, let them play some instructive scene, for example, the rules for crossing the road. The main subjects are friendship, mutual assistance, good manners, security, etc.

Painted bathroom

Wall tiles, traditionally used to decorate the bathroom, most often plain and boring. You can diversify the interior of the bathroom by decorating the walls, ceiling or floor with screen patterns. Ornaments are perfectly applied to ceramics and glass, so the workpieces can be used to decorate the bathroom.

Important! Choose waterproof materials for drawing a picture.

It is not necessary to buy everything in the store, if you have a thick cardboard or even a sheet of ordinary paper, you can make a blank yourself. Of course, such mock-ups are an exclusively one-time option, but there is an opportunity to create a unique design that is not found in other places.

To decorate the bathroom, the marine theme is most popular. These are stylized waves, beautiful shells, tropical fish, dolphins, seahorses and stars, jellyfish, ships, seagulls, pebbles, algae, islands with palm trees, etc. The color scheme is also maintained in marine style, these are all shades of blue and blue, white, sand, gray, as well as bright colors for marine fish and animals. If the bathroom has a shower, then the ornament on the walls can be duplicated on its doors.

You can go the other way, choosing plant motifs, flowers, butterflies, birds. The selection of subjects also depends on the style of the interior. It is appropriate to decorate the Japanese bathroom with sakura branches or hieroglyphs, images of plants combine well with eco, you can add national ornaments to the country depending on the direction (Provence, Russian style, Scandinavian style).

beautiful stencil in the style of a nursery

Design room with stencil patterns

Hallway Design

The corridor is usually the smallest room in the apartment, however, decorative elements in the form of screen paintings are also appropriate here. It can be thematic images, for example, umbrellas, hats, outlines of shoes. Also, patterns can overlap with another decor or match the selected design.

For small rooms, you should not choose too large or bright drawings, visually they will make the hallway even smaller.It is worth stopping at neutral options - waves, zigzags, stripes, flower borders on wallpaper, etc.

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