How to use a decorative cage in the interior

Decor items, and even more so - made with your own hands - enliven any interior. Lightness and tenderness in the home environment will make a decorative bird cage. She can decorate a house decorated in the style of Provence and fits perfectly into the vintage interior. You can buy a finished cage, or you can do it yourself.

version of the bright style of the room with a decorative cage

A candle holder will create an atmosphere of comfort and romance in your home

the idea of ​​a beautiful apartment design with a decorative cage

Wall decor will look much better with such a cage

the idea of ​​an unusual interior room with a decorative cage

Bright beautiful flowers will look very beautiful through the bars of the cage

Provence Decor

The style of the French provincial village is characterized by flowers and birds. It is not surprising that a cage with a song or decorative bird looks harmonious in such an interior. And if you don’t want tweets to wake up in the morning? It is enough to leave a cage or its imitation in the interior of the house.

Birdcages can be of different types:

  • round, semicircular, square;

  • white metal or forged;

  • deliberately new or artificially aged;

  • wooden.

version of the original facade of the apartment with a decorative cage

A cell, as a kind of planter planter for succulents or other plants

the idea of ​​a bright interior apartment with a decorative cage

The cage will harmoniously complement the design of the room, even if it is empty

The main requirement for cells is a spherical top. In any form, they can become a decoration of a room - a bedroom or a living room, decorated in the spirit of a Provencal village. They can be used for its intended purpose, having settled feathered friends, or as a decorative element:

  • candlestick;

  • unusual flower vase;

  • aquarium for sea souvenirs - shells, unusual pebbles.

Even a house for a kitten can be made from such a cage of the appropriate size, placed on the floor. Lay a soft litter with delicate floral decor in the style of room decoration and put into a cage a fluffy friend.

version of the original style of the room with a decorative cage

There are not many flowers. Do not hold back imagination and do not limit yourself

version of the unusual facade of the room with a decorative cage

Hanging cages will complement the interior and will not take up much space at all

variant of the bright facade of the room with a decorative cage

Bird houses look beautiful anywhere

Decoration of a decorative cage

Having bought a finished bird cage, you can decorate it with your own hands. You can come up with a lot of options - depending on the style and color design of the space.

Flowers and herbs

An openwork white cell can be decorated with a composition of artificial flowers that surround the cell lattice from the outside. You can place large artificial flowers inside.

Modern technologies make it possible to produce artificial imitations of roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, not at all different from real ones. Even one or three roses, beautifully located on a lattice or a dome of a birdcage, will enliven the interior, fill it with romance and comfort.

A composition of dried flowers will look beautiful and fill the house with the aroma of meadow, mountain flowers. She will find a place in the interior of shabby chic, provence.

A small cell can be decorated with flowers made of foamiran - a plastic sheet material that has the ability to “remember” the shapes given to it, due to which the flowers from it look realistic. A beautiful scented candle placed inside the cage will decorate the interior of a romantic bedroom.

In the kitchen, fruits, spices, for example, garlic heads, placed under the dome of the cage, will become a stylish decor element. You can plant aromatic herbs in a low bowl. Decor in the style of Provence is ready.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior apartment with a decorative cage

The dishes in the cage will certainly catch the eye of the guest

the idea of ​​a beautiful facade of an apartment with a decorative cage

An artificial bird on a cage will radiate joy and pleasant emotions

The effect of antiquity

In addition to the metal cage, you can use wooden bird cages - having painted them with white paint, creating the effects of attrition. Shebby-chic, vintage, Provence and others like them will be happy to accept such a “gift”. A wooden cage can be decorated using the decoupage technique, creating a crackle effect - cracks created in a special way - using craquelure varnish - will create a convincing imitation of a tree that has cracked over the years.

You can create an imitation of an antique cell using the tinning method. There are different types of processing that allow you to achieve a spectacular appearance, as if the cell has retained the old coating:

  • prime metal parts of the cell with minium;

  • coat with varnish, oil-based varnish;

  • apply beeswax and polish.

You can create a patina effect, this will enhance the decorativeness of a stylish piece of English interior, emphasize the vintage stylization of the house. Complete the cage with lighting - a small enough LED “twig”, and a romantic atmosphere is created.

the idea of ​​the original interior of the room with a decorative cage

A cell with a flowerpot will harmoniously complement the interior of the room

version of the unusual design of the apartment with a decorative cage

Black check will be a great complement to the decor anywhere

idea of ​​an unusual design of a room with a decorative cage

This option of cells with candles will bring diversity to any room

With dreams of the sea

The Mediterranean style can be emphasized with a decorative object reminiscent of the open spaces - place sea shells, sand, pebbles brought from the sea in a cage. Place inside a wide and short candle-column.

House for a friend

If you decide to settle a feathered friend inside the cage, you can also create the appropriate surroundings for him - elegant thin rods, ornaments in the form of leaves, twigs look spectacular from the outside, and inside you can hang an openwork feeder, a mirror in an elegant frame. You can decorate the cell inside and out using thin satin ribbons of delicate shades.

variant of the bright facade of the apartment with a decorative cage

Cells with mirrors will look unusual and original

idea of ​​the original style of the room with a decorative cage

Put the cage in any place and it will immediately update the situation

When summer gives way to autumn

If you don’t want to take care of a live bird, “put” a dummy in a cage. You can create a whole composition - a nest with bird eggs-dummies, fruit and flower decoration from twigs, flowers and dummies of berries, fruits. Bright autumn red-orange palette will decorate the room, bring warmth of the autumn garden to it.

In spring, it can be replaced with delicate green-blue or yellow tones. In winter, create a New Year's entourage - coniferous branches, cones, snowflakes and bright or snow-white Christmas balls will bring the fabulous night of fulfillment of wishes closer, fill the house with New Year's mood.

variant of a beautiful apartment interior with a decorative cage

It will be hard not to pay attention to such a creation

the idea of ​​a bright apartment design with a decorative cage

Such an element of decor will cause you only positive emotions.

variant of the original interior of the room with a decorative cage

A small decorative cage is what will transform your room

Create a cell with your own hands

If you love creativity and are interested in how to make a decorative cage with your own hands, pay attention to the following tips. The most common and uncomplicated methods for making birdcages for home decor are from wooden sticks (barbecue skewers can be used) and paper (newspaper) tubes.

Wooden cage

In order to make a decorative cage, you will need 2 square flat pieces of polystyrene 10 * 10 or 15 * 15 cm in size, wooden skewers. Along the edge of the foam at the same distance from each other, you need to make several small holes (not through), pour glue into them and insert skewers. Do the same with the second piece of foam, putting it on the upper ends of the skewers. The cell turned out.

The roof is made of cardboard, it can be painted or pasted over with paper for scrapbooking to taste. Glue the roof to the base of the cage, decorate as desired.

version of the beautiful facade of the room with a decorative cage

During the holidays, the cells will be very appropriate, the main thing is to decorate them correctly

the idea of ​​an unusual style of apartment with a decorative cage

By placing the cage on the floor or on the windowsill, it will immediately transform the whole room

Paper cage

Twist many thin tubes from the newspaper. Of these, you can weave the base - the bottom of the cage, rods and roof. Color and decorate the cage with flowers. If you choose the colors of natural materials - to create an imitation of tree branches, you can decorate the cage with flowers from flax, burlap, natural materials - branches, berries, cones. She will decorate the house in a rustic style.

the idea of ​​a bright room interior with a decorative cage

A cage made of branches is not inferior to durable metal

variant of the unusual facade of the apartment with a decorative cage

Different forms will complement design differently.

version of the original design of the room with a decorative cage

Turn on the fantasy, even the worst ideas can surprise you

Fabric cage

It will not be difficult for the needlewoman to make a cage from improvised materials. Take a round box (for example, from Raffaello candies or the like). The upper and lower parts must be individually covered with cloth. Take a fabric with a small floral pattern. "Rods" can be made of skewers or paper tubes by sewing fabric covers for them or wrapping them with satin ribbon. You can also make a roof by connecting the elements in the center. Place a bird on the dome or decorate it with flowers, feathers, ribbons.

the idea of ​​a beautiful apartment style with a decorative cage

Hanging cages over the table would be a great idea.

variant of a beautiful apartment design with a decorative cage

A cell with flowers in a room in the Provence style will look very harmonious

Home for the Romantics

A decorative cage can become the basis for creating compositions with porcelain dolls, vintage soft toys. Whatever you come up with - birds, flowers, toys - such a decorative cage, decorated with your own hands in the spirit of a romantic dreamer, will envelop the house with enchanting atmosphere, return you to childhood or fill your heart with love.

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