How to use columns in the interior

Modern repair of the 21st century is not complete without decorative elements. Different styles that have come to our days from bygone years, coupled with modern building materials create extraordinary decor elements. Accents, visual effects, zoning and a minimal style of the interior - these new trends are used in almost every second new building.

Oriental-style decorative columns with embossed decoration

Columns in the interior of a modern home are considered a sign of good taste and high material status of the owner of the house

Everything modern originates from the past. Eclecticism is now a fashionable trend, that is, a combination of several styles in one apartment. It is always interesting to see how two stylistic movements of different origin and epochs coexist with the same owners on 40 square meters. For example, modern eco-style in conjunction with the French Empire, with its luxurious columns, or a classic with bionics. Impossible? No matter how. In this article, you will learn the intricacies of harmoniously combining several styles using decorative elements such as a column and a pilaster.

History of occurrence

The very first mention of the column dates back to the 27th century BC in Egypt. A local architect (architect) named Imhotep built a tomb for the then pharaoh. The tomb was crowned with a colonnade of 40 columns made of alabaster. The height of each of them was about 10 meters. This object is called the Djoser Pyramid. The building has survived to this day.

The first columns in human history preserved in Egypt

Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser - the first in Egypt

Egyptian Column Design Options

Egyptian Style Pillars

Columns in the interior

Most often, columns are erected on architectural monuments, some city buildings, museums, as well as in private homes of wealthy people. These are heavy, massive elements, reaching incredible sizes, made of brick, polished natural stone or marble. Also, columns and half columns can be found in the interior of country cottages. These elements are being built indoors, of course, not of large sizes and from light materials.

What materials are used:

  • Drywall. This material is very convenient to use due to its versatility, affordability and relative cheapness per unit. A plus when using it is the ability to give the sheet almost any shape.

    Giskartonny column with stone trim in the interior of the kitchen-living room

    Drywall column lined with natural stone

  • Tree. Undoubtedly, a tree rightfully takes the first place in its beauty in colonnade use. Its structure is fascinating. From wood it blows with the naturalness and freshness of nature.

    Classic style living room with wooden columns

    Wooden columns in a classic interior

  • Metal. Perfect for hi-tech. Metal reflections will be, like nowhere else, by the way, in a minimal style. It all depends on the color of the surface. Also, in addition to the decorative function, a steel column can carry a large longitudinal load.

    The use of metal supports in a modern interior

    Stylish and useful - steel columns support the second floor

  • Concrete. Typically, concrete columns are designed specifically for the functional maintenance of partitions, slabs or other structural elements of houses and apartments. In addition, raw concrete is successfully combined with the loft style, so this material is also widely used.

    Concrete column bar

    Mosaic Tiled Concrete Column

  • Brick. As well as concrete, it combines perfectly with a loft. In addition, red brick columns can be used in the style of Minimalism, to give an accent to the room.

    Brick columns in a loft style living room interior

    Harmonious combination of brick columns with natural wood

  • Natural stone (marble). The most beautiful colonnades are made of different types of stone. In interior design with columns, stone is suitable for small elements. It can be half-columns near the walls and aisles, or low columns, separately standing and used in the general composition of the room. A significant disadvantage of this material is its high weight and high cost.

    Classic marble columns in a modern interior

    Marble columns in the interior of the bathroom

  • Polyurethane. The most successful material, which combines several advantages over the others. Due to its lightness and strength, it is widely used in the manufacture of decorative elements of the interior, including columns. The latter is released in finished form. Fasteners are included immediately.

    Interior of a country house living room with polyurethane columns

    Decorative polyurethane columns

Combined column construction options are also possible in the interior of the house. Metal goes well with wood and stone.

In some cases, the need for the construction of the column are communications, utilities, banal wall irregularities and repair defects. In addition, when creating a studio apartment, when there is no possibility to completely remove the wall, the way out of the situation is the installation of a colonnade. In any case, the opportunity to introduce such a variety into the design of the apartment will not leave indifferent any true connoisseur of art.

Column elements

In the general case, the column consists of three main elements:

  1. The base (base) of the column. The supporting part, which is the whole load.
  2. The long part of the column, referred to as the body, barrel or fust (stick). It has a smooth thinning to the top where the capital is located.
  3. The capital is the upper part of the column, on which the architrave (beam) rests. It is the most decorated element in the overall structure of the column.
The main elements of the classical column

Components of a classic antique column

Some styles imply the absence of the first or last element of a column.

The influence of columns on the interior

The columns in the interior are a sign of greatness and wealth of the family. Now there are a lot of private houses using decorative columns in the design. But basically - it’s not as remarkable as in the “old days”, ordinary brick plastered parts of the walls. Undoubtedly, even the installation of such elements of home decoration will bring classic elegance and create an atmosphere of comfort. But what happens if you mentally imagine the interior of the living room with columns of a Doric order? The capital inherent in this warrant of classical architecture with its stylistic manners will breathe in an indescribable atmosphere into the home.

Living room of a country house with columns of a Doric order

An example of the use of Doric style columns in the interior of a private house

You can select columns and other styles or so-called orders.

  • Ionian order. Unlike the Doric "male" order, female features and flowing lines are inherent in the Ionic. Its distinguishing feature is symmetrical capitals, twisted in volutes.
  • Doric order. As described above, has more rude, courageous features. It is distinguished by strong refinement of the column trunk, as well as the characteristic features of the flute (vertical grooves on the barrel).
  • Corinthian order. It arose later than the rest, so it has a rich finish with decorative elements.
Examples of main orders of antique columns

Basic styles of classic columns

Each order is divided into several subgroups that characterize the territorial place of origin and national origin.

This classification is sufficient for a general understanding of the varieties of columns. You can pick up various options for such decor elements for an apartment in a hardware store.Themed columns are mainly made of polyurethane. But if we talk about luxury, then carved wood has no equal.

Wooden columns in the interior of a log house

Original columns from tree trunks taken along with the root part

Classic style

The ageless classics look great both in the style of clothing and in the design of the apartment. At the same time, the columns in the interior of the apartment occupy a special place. Their presence introduces a certain royal soul into the atmosphere of the room. Thanks to the widespread use of classical antique columns, it turns out to create a magnificent interior of the house. It can be baroque, with its flashy excess, executed in white and pink colors with golden accents and frames. The columns are paramount.

Living room design of a private house with natural stone columns

Stylish marble columns in the classic living room of a country house

The colonnade participating in the delimitation of residential areas is mainly made of polyurethane, as it has a low weight and great opportunities for choosing a capital pattern. A good solution would be to equip the bedroom with half columns or pilasters. To do this, it is necessary to mount half-columns into the wall, whereby a certain niche is created in which the sleeping bed will become in the future. At the same time, furniture is selected after choosing the design of decorative columns.

Polyurethane column in the living room wall with fireplace

Polyurethane architectural forms are easy to install and affordable

Important! Before installing such columns, you must first determine the color scheme and style. This is necessary to select the coloring composition of the columns, since polyurethane has the property to change color when exposed to sunlight.

Using a wooden column for zoning a room

Wooden column between the kitchen and the living room

Wooden columns in the interior will find wide application in such a classic style as Old England. Polished facades of furniture, wall panels, as well as columns painted in dark brown shades are the hallmark of this style. The installation of wooden columns in a classic interior makes it possible to equip them with open or closed type bookshelves, a minibar or a shelf for open wine storage.

Wooden columns in the interior of the living room

Wooden columns can be coated with colored or transparent varnish, depending on the style of the interior.

In addition to hallways and rooms, a column is installed in the interior of the kitchen and bathroom.

The bar of the kitchen space can have one reference point in the form of an antique column of an ionic order. In this case, it is possible to arrange the column both for the entire length (from floor to ceiling), and partially.

Column in a modern interior

Columns in a modern interior perfectly combine functionality and stylistic relevance. Loft style involves decorating a room like an old, abandoned factory warehouse. In this case, decorative columns made of concrete or brick are suitable. Additional elements are not required, since the loft implies some minimalism in its manifestation.

Concrete column with rough surface in the living room interior

Raw surface concrete column

Marble column in the living room of a private house

Natural stone is durable and looks beautiful in any light.

A column in a bright interior should focus on itself. Minimalism implies the widespread use of white, and this creates the effect of increasing space. This will require an accent, which will be achieved due to the matte color column (mainly dark tones). It can be installed both in metal and in masonry (or concrete).

An interesting solution is to complement the Scandinavian style of your living room with decorative columns.

Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room interior with marble column

Natural stone column in Scandinavian style interior

Location selection

As already described earlier in the article, a remarkable option is the arrangement of half columns in the wall of the bedroom. Here there are great opportunities for choosing design, lighting, wall niches and promising photo wallpapers.

The interior doorways are replaced by arches with patterned architraves mounted on high antique columns refined to the ceiling.

Decoration by columns of a doorway

Classical style doorway decoration

Separating a room into parts using paired columns

Paired columns as space dividers

Colonnade zoning is possible in the construction of large studio apartments. At the same time, the columns are decorated with lights (wall lights) and other decorative elements that complement and emphasize the overall style idea of ​​the room.

Zoning of the living room space with natural stone columns

Studios, large halls and ordinary rooms can be zoned in columns.

Art Nouveau living room with columns in the middle of the room

Art Nouveau columns

For example, between two columns you can install a small fountain, and run goldfish there.

The arrangement of columns is a modern trend in organizing a beautiful and richly furnished living space in the modern world. And thanks to the use of inexpensive materials, ancient antique columns are now available to anyone.

Video: how to come up with columns for your interior

Photo of columns in the interior of various rooms

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