How to use graffiti in the interior

Letters and inscriptions in the interior can be a wonderful home decoration. They make beautiful designer accents. In addition, they carry an interesting, funny or philosophical message. For example, the words in the hallway “Welcome!” Or “Come in, wonderful people live here” will immediately set the guests in a positive mood. A poster in the living room with the words “We were born to be real, not ideal” will make you think about simple worldly wisdom. The plate on the door of the nursery "Caution! A terrible mess in the room ”will make even the most serious visitors smile.

The inscription above the sofa in the interior of a residential building

Typically, graffiti speaks about what is important for the owners of the house

Letters and inscriptions in the interior for motivation and design

Calligraphy graffiti in the interior and interior letters - this is a real Klondike for designers, especially in Western countries. It was they who invented the fashion for the textured decor of the rooms. Ideas to beautifully enter a phrase in any interior - millions. Words and sentences can be added using textile, wooden, paper, foam volume letters. They are very easy to make yourself or order from the masters. Motivating texts are completely easy to change at least every day. To do this, you need a little - buy a slate board with crayons. By the way, such boards are often covered with a magnetic layer on which letters can be attached.

The inscription on the head of the bed in the bedroom

There are no clear rules in writing phrases - it all depends on imagination and taste.

The inscription in English in the interior of the living room

Famous phrase on the wall in the living room

Vinyl stickers will help to put text on the walls. They are attached to the surface without any problems. Removing them is as easy as sticking them. If desired, you can zonate part of the room using ordinary wallpaper, on which the letters are applied. There is an even simpler option - paint the plastered wall, and then write wishes, mottos, names with the help of special markers or use acrylic paint.

The inscription in Russian over a bright sofa

Vinyl stickers can be made to order the right size and color

Wooden letters with bulbs in the interior of a living room

Backlit wooden letters

Backlit letters for home interior decoration

Example of mounting backlight bulbs

Stencils of the alphabet, winged expressions, numbers are easy to find on the Internet and print using a regular printer. Pillows with letters or curtains duplicating the sayings on the walls will be able to connect the text design in the interior with the decor of the room. Decorative souvenirs in the form of Cyrillic or Latin letters will do a good job of this.

Letters, numbers and motivators in a residential interior

Letters, quotes, phrases are appropriate in almost any room at home. Only the theme and style for each room should be different. Cabinet inscriptions set up for work and career goals. In the children's numbers, the letters of the native and foreign languages ​​are bright, funny, but at the same time they fulfill one important function - they teach. They will help the baby to love learning from an early age. In the kitchen, the alphabet and numbers are also useful. With their help, you can mark jars with different cereals or make a wall dial for watches. Another idea is to hang a little board with a culinary joke that says: “Applause to the cook!”.Textiles with a chaotic written print will look great in the bedroom.

Colored foam letters on the wall of a living room

Volumetric letters are quite easy to make from foam

Letters in the interior of the living room

There are many decor options for the living room. But most often the owners prefer to beat their initials in the interior of the guest room. They can be made of wood or sewn from flaps of fabric. They are easy to make from plywood, paint, then attach to the wall. Another idea looks stylish - for the room, one motivator or a wise statement is chosen, which becomes the main emphasis of the design of the room. The simple phrase “Our home is where our soul is” can turn into the main semantic content of the living room. If these words are printed on a carpet, curtains, pillows, then a stylish logical connection will appear in the interior.

Map inscriptions over the sofa in the living room

Lettering world map suitable for loft style living room

The name of the landlord on the wall of the room

3d name

Wooden letters in the interior of the living room

Volumetric letters made of wood

By the way, for decor, they often use inscriptions in the interior in English, German and other languages. Lounge areas of small rooms can be zoned using text pointers. To do this, the reading area is distinguished by calmer wallpapers, decorated with shelves and the word BOOKS or BOOKS. And the part where guests will be received is brighter, with the hospitable texts “Welcome” or “Welcome”, “Be our guest” or “Be our guests”.

Letters for cabinet design

The style of asceticism always reigns in the office. Nothing should distract from work. On the contrary, every detail in the interior creates a working atmosphere. Most relevant here are the sayings of famous people. They can be printed and framed. Optimistic motivators will also help, such as: “To become successful, believe in success.” If the study is a creative workshop, then here you can give free rein to imagination.

Home office wall decoration with pictures with inscriptions

Eclectic Home Office

The design of the wall above the desktop with inscriptions

Creative personality desktop

An unusual idea is to order a cabinet in the carpentry workshop, where each shelf is carved in the form of a letter of the Latin alphabet or Cyrillic alphabet. Such a creative idea has a practical side - the locker will be an excellent organizer for papers that are easily arranged in alphabetical order. Unusual furniture in the form of numbers or font will help to express the creative atmosphere.

Interior letters and inscriptions in the kitchen

The kitchen is an ideal place for such a design. Texts can be printed on the tile, and then made from it an apron over the kitchen table and sink. Very often, slate boards began to be used in the kitchen interior. With their help, it is convenient to write down a recipe for a dish or leave a note for your loved ones. There is even kitchen furniture, the facade of which is made of slate-coated boards. Each locker is signed in chalk. Now, no more confusion with his appointment should arise.

Kitchen apron vinyl sticker

It is convenient to use vinyl stickers on the tile

The inscription on a wooden cutting board

Decorative cutting board

Walls will be decorated with thematic framed inscriptions. Idea for spice lovers - share the meaning of your favorite seasonings using the text: “Sage is power. Parsley - peace. Peppermint - hospitality. Rosemary - Fidelity. Thyme is courage. Marjoram is happiness. ” Such a plate will be a great addition to the interior, especially if it is made in a vintage style using decoupage technique.

Letters and numbers in the interior of a children's room

The greatest practical value of the text design is for the children's room. It is so interesting - to add colored felt letters into words, to learn the rules of mathematics with the help of soft numbers. And after the lesson, this whole fun alphabet easily turns into pillows or other decorative elements. Volumetric letters or numbers can become anything in a nursery: a high chair, a crib, little thoughts, a favorite toy.

Wall decoration in a children's room with colored letters

Colored letters in a children's room

The inscription in pink colors on the wall of the girl's room

The inscription in the room of the girl

Panel with letters on the wall of a children's room

Such a panel with letters can be done with a child

Shelving in the children's room in the form of Russian letters

Children's shelving in the form of letters

Textile square poufs look good.Velcro tapes are sewn to each side. Then a set of fabric letters and numbers is made, to which the second part of the Velcro fastens. Then puff-cubes can be put into words or solve mathematical problems. Handmade parents can easily make an interactive rug for their children. He will not only decorate the kids' room, but also help to learn the world of alphabet and mathematics. Magnetic boards, slate easels with colored crayons or markers will cope with the same task.

Decorative letters in the bedroom

In the bedroom, it is better to maintain a calm color scheme. In modern design, a black and white palette is increasingly used. It goes well with the graphic design. Against such a contrasting background, the text becomes sharper and more prominent. In the bedroom, motivational statements will also be appropriate. An expression of such a plan will give a charge of vivacity for the whole day: “No matter how you feel. Get up, smile, go ahead and never give up! ” If you do not need motivators, then you can paste over the area above the head with wallpaper with text inserts. It would be nice to repeat the print on the floor lamp, pouf, bedspread.

Love phrases over the head of the bed

A beautiful font in itself serves as a great graphic decor.

Headboard with decorative lettering

Lettering over the headboard of spouses

The watch or decorative shelves in the form of initials of the name of the owners look original. And the lamp in the form of the word “Happiness” or “Happiness” will complement the design.

Letters and numbers in the interior: various options for manufacturing and use

You can make interior letters and numbers from anything. There are many options for creating an alphabetical decor. You can create it yourself in different ways:

  • Cut from cardboard and wrap with colored threads.
  • Sew from felt, chintz or cloth.
  • Order wooden (plywood) letters from the joiner.
  • Cut from metal in a special workshop.
  • Knit or sew pillows in the form of letters and numbers.
DIY letters for decorating the interior with your own hands

Interior letters from felt

The inscriptions on the light gray wall in the interior of the dining room

You can simply paint the wall in your favorite color and make an inspirational inscription with dark paint through a stencil

DIY wall decals for interior decoration

One of the easiest options is to fix A4-format leaflets with phrases written in beautiful handwriting on the wall

Wall decoration with a chalk slate

The inscriptions made in chalk on a blackboard can be changed whenever you want.

In addition to the usual placement of texts on the wall, there are many other design ideas. For example, you can decorate the wall of any room by scattering volume letters of different sizes and fonts around it in a chaotic mess. Get a creative mural. But here it is important not to overdo it with the number of flowers - there should be no more than three or four of them. The inscriptions in the interior help guests navigate in a strange house. For example, the words “Here we take off our shoes” will tell you where it is better to take off your shoes. And the question on the wall “Are you hungry?” (“Are you hungry?”) Will indicate the direction to the kitchen. Ideas for implementation - the sea, the main thing is to put your soul and all your creative potential into them.

DIY plywood letters on the living room wall

If you have a jigsaw and a desire to join, letters can be cut from thick plywood, sanded and coated with paint

Video: how to make DIY letters for decor

Photo: inscriptions in the interior of rooms

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