How to use shelves in the interior

The presence of shelves in the living room plays an important role. Thanks to them, you can place various necessary items: books, frames with photos of friends and relatives, figurines and souvenirs. Shelves are also used for domestic needs (for storing kitchen utensils and things for cleaning or for hygiene). Shelves in the interior of any room will be an interesting completion of the design and will help create a cozy and functional apartment.

variant of a bright interior of shelves

Shelves in the interior play an important role.

beautiful shelf design idea

Shelves are able to perfectly complement the design of the room.

An example of a light shelf style

You can place shelves in a chaotic manner

Varieties of shelves

Shelves perform many functions, they are used for different purposes. In this regard, shelves can be presented in the form of hinged structures or niches, is fastened in several ways, made of different materials.




Wall mounted

As the name implies, they are attached to the walls. Positioned over a sofa, bed or next to a table.


Attached to the ceiling by chains, cables or belts. Often used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen.


Hang at the junction of two walls and fasten to the walls or ceiling. A universal option for any room.

an example of unusual shelf decor

Shelves are completely different both in appearance and in functionality

the idea of ​​a bright interior shelves

On the shelves you can store things, books or place decor elements on them

The form

Shelves are presented in a wide range, vary in:

  • shape, size, color;
  • surface (smooth, glossy, matte or textured);
  • style orientation;
  • functionality (coasters, backlight).


The variety of existing shelf designs will delight everyone who decides to add new elements to their home. After all, this will help create a unique interior design and surprise everyone with unusual shelves that can:

  • to be with or without side walls;
  • located horizontally or vertically relative to the wall;
  • possess several tiers or move to the sides;
  • have right angles or have a rounded shape.
variant of a beautiful style of shelves

Shelves can be of completely different shapes and designs.

an example of an unusual shelf design

With the help of shelves, you can significantly update the interior of the room

idea of ​​light shelves decor

Shelves in the kitchen are designed to store kitchen utensils or decorative items


The advantage of this product is the manufacture of various materials:

  • metal;
  • tree;
  • glass (transparent, frosted or colored);
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard;
  • plastic;
  • combination of two or more materials at once.

Features of placement in each room

The design of any room in the apartment requires the owners to think about the interior design in advance, that is, the presence of elements in the rooms that will reveal it in all its glory will become an interesting and useful addition.

variant of a beautiful design of shelves

Shelves are made of different materials.

idea of ​​a bright decor of shelves

When choosing shelves, consider the weight load

Living room

Shelves in the interior of the living room are an important component of decoration along with furniture, lighting and decor. Minimalism prevails in modern design: instead of bulky furniture walls, shelves or modules from shelves are preferred. They allow you to place all the necessary items without cluttering up the space.

To understand what kind of shelves you should install, you need to decide on their function.

  1. Most often in the living room shelves are hung over a sofa (sitting area) or over a TV. Then it’s appropriate to place books above the sofa, and photo frames or souvenirs above the TV.
  2. Under the shelves you can take a place in the wall niches (if any). If you decorate them with lighting, the room will sparkle in a new way. It will also help to save more free space.
  3. For lovers of flowers, shelves by the window will be an indispensable attribute. And so that the abundance of the plant does not impede the penetration of sunlight, hanging shelves are suitable.

Advice! Installing wall shelves in a checkerboard or random pattern will create an original interior. However, so that they do not seem bulky, it is better to choose light colors and a miniature model.

In the living room, the shelves combined with the bedroom can serve as a partition, both deaf and through, made in different forms. For example, in the form of an ordinary closet or stairs, slides.

variant of the unusual interior shelves

Shelves in the interior of the living room are an important element.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of shelves

Shelves can also serve as a partition between rooms.

An example of a bright decor of shelves

Under the shelves you can take a place in the wall niches


Shelves in the kitchen perform a household or decorative task. Usually shelves for kitchen utensils, dishes, and other appliances are hidden under the doors so that only the hostess can access them. In sight are:

  • cookbooks;
  • jars with spices;
  • flowerpots with fruits and vegetables;
  • decorative dishes;
  • frames with paintings or photos.

Such decorative elements are hung on the opposite wall from the work area. Corner or hanging shelves are also used. Installed at the apron or in the opposite corner.

variant of unusual shelf decor

More often shelves in the kitchen are used to store kitchen utensils and utensils.

idea of ​​light shelf design

Shelves in the kitchen can simultaneously serve as a household and decorative function


For households, the bedroom is the most comfortable, peaceful place to relax and sleep. Wall shelves are popular in this room; they are indispensable in the interior. Are established as decorative elements for storage:

  • books
  • candles;
  • fixtures;
  • frames with photos;
  • statuettes;
  • pots with indoor plants.

They are mounted above the head of the bed for comfortable use or on the wall adjacent to the bed. To create a holistic room design, the shape and color scheme of wall shelves is chosen in accordance with the style of bedside tables, dressing table, wardrobe and other items.

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior of shelves

For the bedroom, wall shelves are usually used.

idea of ​​unusual shelf design

Shelves are hung to store decorative items, books, photographs, etc.

An example of a beautiful interior of shelves

Choose shelves in accordance with the style of the room

Children's room

Wall shelves in the interior of a child’s room are an integral element. Design, construction and size depends on the age of the child.

  1. In early childhood, shelves serve as shelters for toys, designers, board games and books. The choice must be stopped on shelves with smooth corners, in the form of numbers, colors, clouds.
  2. For children of middle and older age, shelves are required for storing school and writing materials, books and other things. Also, for added convenience, wall or corner shelves are mounted near or above the desk.

Shelves are selected according to the general style of the room, if desired and skill are decorated with various elements of wood or other materials.

Placement of shelves in other rooms


The presence in the office of the desktop makes it clear that documents, supplies for writing and work, other small items are hidden in it.

Floor or wall shelves are used, at most, as a decor for books, vases, candles, photographs and other elements.


Shelves of angular or direct configuration are installed using special brackets to the walls.

Material is selected only with a moisture resistant surface (glass, MDF coated with water-repellent varnish or stainless metal).

Essential items for storing towels, hygiene products and other cleaning equipment.


The purpose of the shelves in the wardrobe is the storage of various clothes, shoes, accessories and other items. Functionality will come first. Shelves should be convenient and mobile.

variant of unusual shelf design

For the bathroom, it is worth choosing moisture resistant material for the shelves

the idea of ​​a bright interior shelves

Shelves will be able to perfectly refresh the design of the room.

Shelf design depending on the style of the room


The classic interior involves the use of natural materials, so shelves made of natural wood are suitable. They can be built into niches or hung directly on walls.

The color scheme combines the tone of the walls, furniture, or vice versa acts as a bright accent on the background of other objects.

Selected standard - rectangular shape. Shelves can be decorated with carved patterns or details for immersion in an era when classics were the dominant style.


For modern style, wall shelves of closed, glazed type are suitable. It will also be interesting to look matte or transparent shelves and several inserts with drawings and lighting. This will help create a unique interior.

Provence and Country

Shelves are selected with imitation of aged wood, usually of a simple form with carved ornaments and light shades (white, cream, gray, olive, blue, lavender).


Hinged open shelves of light or vice versa dark shades (white, gray, blue or black) will look good.

Decor items placed on the shelves will give the room a cozy and romantic atmosphere (photos, posters, flowers).

beautiful shelf design example

Elements that are placed on the shelf should complement the style of the room

an example of an unusual style of shelves

For classic design, natural materials are usually used.

variant of the unusual style of shelves

Decor items on the shelves give the room a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Extraordinary ideas

Shelves, made in an unusual form, bring into the interior a certain mystery, uniqueness, among which are products in the form of:

  • trees;
  • books
  • Guitars
  • treble clef;
  • stairs
  • doorway;
  • the pyramids.
variant of light shelves decor

When choosing shelves, consider the weight load

bright shelves

Proper placement of items on shelves is essential.


When choosing a shelf design, you need to pay attention to performance in order to be a reliable, durable, stable item that can withstand certain loads.

Also, the correct harmonious arrangement of objects on the shelves will help to find the perfect decorative element. Among these rules, an exhibition of photographs, books and souvenirs in a certain order:

  • construction of triangles;
  • layering;
  • minimum filling;
  • symmetry.

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