How to use blinds in the interior

Blinds - one of the tools of a designer working with interiors. They are a multifunctional design that has tremendous aesthetic potential. Such an alternative to curtains on the windows is beautiful and useful.

Black armchair on the background of light pink blinds

Modern technology allows you to create blinds that make a serious competition to the usual curtains and curtains

The functional purpose of the blinds

Blinds are used for:

  • regulation of the degree of illumination of the room by the sun;
  • protection from prying eyes;
  • restrictions on dust and moisture entering the room;
  • soundproofing.
White horizontal blinds in a bedroom with a gray bedspread

Blinds allow you to adjust the level of natural light at your discretion, which traditional curtains are deprived of

Thus, such a replacement of curtains makes the room more comfortable and safe for humans.

Blinds in the interior as an artistic tool

In addition, the blinds on the windows make the design of the room more interesting and stylish. There are some of the most common design techniques based on their application:

  1. Change in proportions. Vertical or horizontal stripes are able to visually adjust the proportions of the room. Make it taller or wider.
  2. Game with light and shadow. Clearly defined streaks of light and shadow moving along the surfaces of the floor, walls and furniture are able to emphasize the features of their shape, the beauty of the materials used, their texture. This works especially well for modern laconic styles devoid of decorative details.
  3. Introducing color and prints. There are blinds with almost any image, pattern, photo printing. With their help, you can noticeably revive the interior of the living room, nursery or bedroom, add brightness and contrasts to it.
Raspberry blinds in the interior of a bright living room

Bright accent in the interior

In other words, blinds are a powerful artistic tool with great potential.

Clothes hanger near vertical fabric blinds

Refreshing blue jacquard blinds

There are a huge number of types of this product on the market. Different samples can vary greatly in price, appearance, functionality and more. It is worth understanding what blinds exist. What are the unique features of the proposed models.

Gray sofa against the background of vertical blinds

Stylish blinds with an abstract pattern, matched to the tone of the upholstery of a gray sofa

A variety of materials: features of the most common options

Most often, metal, plastic, fabric or wooden swatches are found. A comparison of the basic characteristics of the blinds made of these materials is given in the table:

Evaluation criterion Metal Plastic the cloth Tree
degree of vulnerability to sunlight does not fade fades a lot fades a lot almost does not fade
ability to resist the destructive effect of moisture high very high low high
degree of hygiene easy to clean, does not absorb odors easy to clean, does not absorb odors relatively difficult to clean, absorbs odors easy to clean, weakly absorbs odors
weight big average small big
price relatively high low low relatively high
existing models horizontal horizontal,






As can be seen from the table, each of the options has pluses and minuses. This is not to say that one of them is better than the rest. For different situations, their types of blinds are good.

Living room interior of a private house with shutters

Vertical blinds made of wide fabric stripes with leaf ornament

Metal blinds in the interior

All the magnificent characteristics of such an analogue of curtains, their enormous resistance to harmful influences, hygiene, durability, overlap with one unpleasant minus. They are very hot in the sun, and then give their heat to the room, it becomes hot in it. Because of this, they are rarely used in living spaces - living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Only in non-residential rooms.

Shiny aluminum horizontal blinds

Aluminum blinds are easy to clean - just walk with a damp sponge

Red pillow in a room with shutters

The metal shutters make a characteristic “clanging” sound when opened during opening.

But for an outdoor terrace in the garden, porch, workshop, this option is perfect. Aluminum blinds look strict and graphic, fit well into modern and classic styles.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic

Blinds from this lightweight technological substance are more common than any other species. Despite not the best strength characteristics and the tendency to lose color over time, plastic is practical and convenient. And, importantly, cheap.

Two table lamps next to the plastic blinds

Cheap low quality plastic will quickly lose color and integrity

In terms of design, its capabilities are very wide. Plastics come in any shades and textures, it is easy to give them a non-standard shape. Wave-like elements, for example, look very impressive.

Quality plastic louvres for horizontal blinds

Plastic lamellas are more resistant to mechanical stress than aluminum counterparts

In addition, vertical blinds are also made of plastic. And they, according to many, partly resemble classic curtains. And, due to this, they fit better into the interior of a residential building. They are also suitable for arched windows typical of some traditional architectural styles, emphasizing the symmetry of the room, if necessary.

Powerful traditional material: fabric blinds

Mistresses usually have more confidence in blinds made of eco-friendly cotton or elegant polyester than plastic or, moreover, metal. And for living space it is justified.
Yes, the fabric is more responsive to moisture, soot, and fat. But, for example, in the living room all these things are unlikely to occur often. There the use of fabric is quite possible. The same goes for bedrooms, study, library and other similar rooms.

Vertical fabric blinds in a white bedroom

The fabric for lamellas is impregnated with a moisture and dustproof composition

Among the advantages of fabric are the following:

  1. Variety of options. Fabric blinds in the interior can be of any kind. Matter in this sense has no limitations. In addition, it makes it possible to choose from an unlimited range of colors and textures; photo printing can be done on it.
  2. Ease. Curtains of any design, based on fabric, do not require additional reinforcement of window frames. Accordingly, their installation is easier to carry out.
  3. Profitability. This is especially true when it comes to roll options that require significantly less material for manufacture. As a result, the final product is cheaper.
  4. The feeling of comfort. Whether we like it or not, natural elements are emotionally perceived by us as warmer. Therefore, the fabric is subconsciously felt by people as a more “comfortable” solution, suitable for the living room, dining room, bedroom.
  5. Compatibility with the most different styles. Both modern and traditional styles work great with matter.Classics require more restrained shades, modernity will well accept bright contrasts and bold prints. One way or another, for almost any style, you can choose the right kind of fabric blinds.
Colored blinds in the interior of the living room

Beautiful blinds made of multi-colored stripes of fabric

Cloth products, both consisting of separate segments and rolled, have great potential.

Features of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds have good performance. Durable, hygienic, they can last a long time. In addition, many people greatly value the appearance of a tree, its smell, and environmental friendliness. It, like natural fabrics, subconsciously seems to people warm and homely.

Wooden shutters on a window of a country house

Although wooden blinds are quite expensive, the game is worth the candle, because the sophistication and beauty of natural wood can not be replaced

Two windows in the living room with wooden shutters

Wooden slats fit perfectly into any interior

However, there are several drawbacks that make wood products not universal:

  • The first is the cost. It is significantly higher than that of fabric or plastic.
  • Secondly, the limited color scheme. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a tone that would harmonize well with the interior of the room.
  • Finally, wood is quite difficult to combine with plastic. Therefore, in most cases, such blinds are installed on wooden windows.

Design, installation, mounting methods

Structurally, the blinds are long lamella plates fastened together by ropes or slats. Composite elements can be fixed motionless or be able to rotate. Depending on how the lamellas are located, the blinds are divided into vertical and horizontal.

Wooden slats for horizontal blinds

Horizontal lamellas are fastened with thread along the edges, and wide even in the middle

Multi-colored stripes of fabric blinds

Vertical fabric lamellas are strips of fabric with a weighting material in the lower part

Vertical blinds

In this case, the vertically fastening lamellas at the top and bottom are connected with special cornices. They can be moved along them like traditional curtains. That is, they can be pushed and pushed if desired. Panels can also be rotated. This is done using the side chain.

Ceiling-mounted vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be fixed to the wall above the window or to the ceiling

Light green blinds in the window opening

Sometimes used in the window opening mount

Horizontal blinds

This is the most common variation of this curtain alternative. Lamellas located one above the other like steps of a ladder are connected together by cords. They can also be rotated using the chain on the side. Elements are also collected at the top, thereby opening a window.

Black horizontal blinds made of plastic

Horizontal blinds visually expand the room

Window in an apartment with horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds can be selected for any interior

A feature of such blinds is that they, unlike ordinary curtains, do not completely cover the window opening. They are attached directly to the frame.

Roll models

Roller blinds, although not composed of lamellas, are also considered a type of blinds. They are a continuous web fixed on top, which is screwed onto a roller with a special guide. Like a horizontal model, this design is attached directly to the frame.

Green roller blinds in a white room

Solid Blind Roller Blinds

Especially interesting is the variety of rolled curtains "Zebra". It is based on two layers of fabric from alternating transparent and opaque stripes. By shifting these layers relative to each other, you can adjust the degree of illumination of the room. This ingenious solution allows you to achieve very interesting visual effects.

Zebra-type roller blinds on a living room window

In the closed position, the blinds look like a whole canvas, in the open strip they “bump” against each other, forming gaps for sunlight

Thus, different types of blinds are quite different. And the method of installation depends entirely on the type of structure.

Tips for decorating a city apartment

The process of creating interior design is very individual.Decisions in this area are made based on a variety of factors. However, there are several universal points.

Special requirements for the kitchen

There are more harmful things here: dirt, grease, moisture. Because of this, it is better to use plastic. It is easier to wash, and if individual elements are damaged, only damaged fragments can be replaced, and not the entire structure.

Modern kitchen with plastic blinds

Plastic - the best option for the design of the kitchen window

Features of small apartments

With a lack of space, roll options seem to be a real salvation. They are installed directly on the windows and do not clutter up the space.

Narrow roller blinds on the Khrushchev window

The mini-roller shutter system is convenient for installation on individual window sashes.

The advantages of vertical blinds

On the contrary, they require more space and look more impressive. If you want to give solemnity and solidity to your interior, give preference to this particular version. For example, in a spacious living room of a classic style, it will look just fine.

Fabric blinds in the design of the living room

A contrasting combination of stylish black blinds with a red armchair

Do not be afraid of bold decisions, make the interior of your apartment interesting and unusual!

Video about the benefits of using blinds in a modern interior

Beautiful photos - blinds in the interiors of rooms

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