How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands

New Year is a holiday highly revered in our country. This is a new stage in life, many believe that with the advent of next year, changes must necessarily occur. And they depend on how you spend this holiday. There is even a saying among the people: "as you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it." For this holiday, it is customary to cook many different dishes, do the cleaning in the house and decorate it in every way. Even without following the traditions, people nevertheless decorate their homes before this holiday, as decorations are harbingers of the holiday. They create a special atmosphere, create a New Year's mood and allow you to surprise guests with the mastery of the owner. Today we will devote a day to create a Christmas wreath with you hands together.

do-it-yourself example of a bright decor of a Christmas wreath

Decorations are harbingers of the holiday

do-it-yourself version of the beautiful style of the Christmas wreath

For the New Year holiday, the wreath will be a great decoration.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​using a light New Year wreath design

Wreaths made from anything

New Year wreath - a bit of history

In our country, it is customary to make a wreath as a New Year's decoration. However, it has a certain history and symbolism. This jewelry came to us from Western countries, where it is a symbol of Christmas. And the real name is “Christmas wreath”. It is believed that his invention dates back to 1839, and is attributed to the hands of Johann Hinrich Wijern. A Hamburg theologian, Lutheran raised children from a poor family. With the onset of winter, they often asked the mentor if Christmas was coming soon (and according to Catholic tradition, this is December 25th). So that the students could count the days until Christmas, he made a wreath of old wheels, branches from the garden and satin ribbons, and put 24 small red candles and 4 large white candles in it. Every day, the children lit one candle, and on Sunday, along with the little one, they also set fire to a large white candle. So on December 24, the last candle was burned on Christmas Eve, which indicated the coming of Christmas.

This version is the most famous. However, there is information about the ancient German settlements where such wreaths were made before Christmas. The ancient Slavs made such wreaths of ears, hung on the door at the entrance. They considered him a talisman and very revered. But there is no exact data on how these wreaths looked and what symbolism they carried. In ancient times, Ukrainian Slavs, for example, used diduh decoration as a symbol of Christmas. This is a sheaf of straw, which was installed in the corner of the house under the icon. It was considered a talisman, a symbol of wealth, prosperity and the preservation of the family of ancestors.

In modern traditions, the Christmas wreath has lost its symbolism, and is used as a decoration. Often, spruce branches, holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are used to make it. These plants are famous for their ability to stay green all winter. In addition, there is a belief that if two lovers kiss under a wreath of mistletoe on Christmas night, their life together will be full of happiness. So, this decoration is hung over the front door or put on a festive table. In the second case, candles are often used to light them on New Year or Christmas night.

In general, this tradition is characteristic of Western countries.However, as a decoration we meet him in our country. Only here he does not bear much symbolism, and they make wreaths not for Christmas, but as a New Year decoration. They look very attractive. We offer to create this miracle.

do-it-yourself version of the unusual design of a Christmas wreath

New Year wreath has its own history and symbolism

the idea of ​​using a beautiful DIY Christmas wreath decor

There are several stories of the appearance of the wreath

General principles

Although the Christmas wreath is recognizable in any form, it has its own modification in different countries. So in Scotland we will see pieces of checkered fabric on the product along with spruce branches. American decorations use red ribbons, which supports the traditional combination of red and green for this country. In France we will meet wreaths with an interweaving of dried flowers. We use all the tools at hand. So you can see on the doors of neighbors wreaths of socks, ties, tinsel, and of course traditional fir branches.

do-it-yourself example of using a light New Year wreath style

For each country, the wreath has its own modification.

do-it-yourself example of using a bright design of a Christmas wreath

The goal for all wreaths is the same, only modifications differ

do-it-yourself version of the unusual style of the Christmas wreath

Red ribbons used in American jewelry

But regardless of their modifications, Christmas wreaths have a common principle of creation. Only the tools and materials used vary, in some cases the number of steps and creation principles may differ. We divide the work into several stages.






Prepare everything you need

Depends on the species

Pliers, threads, glue, scissors

Foundation creation

Make a base circle for the wreath

Wire, cardboard

Pliers, scissors

Preparation of decorative elements

Cut the required amount of tinsel or spruce branches, string the candy on a string, etc.

Candies, tinsel, Christmas toys, spruce branches, ribbons, cones, etc.

Scissors, glue, threads, varnish, paint

Preliminary layout

Make a composition without fixing it

Finished circle, material selected as the basis


Final stage

Lock all items based on

All finished parts of the composition

Glue, thread, tape, wire

We see the main stages of creating a composition. In the process, we will follow them. We proceed to the manufacture of holiday decorations, having examined different types of Christmas wreaths.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​using a light Christmas decor wreath

Creating a wreath on your own is easy if you follow the instructions

do-it-yourself example of applying an unusual style of a Christmas wreath

For the wreath, all available tools

Various options

We offer you a variety of options for making Christmas wreaths. You will be surprised what materials are used and how many modifications of wreaths exist. We have already said that the principle of their creation is similar, but only the external design is different. And the ring for the Christmas wreath on the table is about the same for different options. There are two most used types: a basis from a wire and a cardboard. Of course, you can make a circle of paper, wood, polystyrene foam, do not use the basics at all. However, the use of cardboard or wire will help make the product more durable. So, let’s start with the foundation.

do-it-yourself version of the bright decor of the Christmas wreath

A wreath can be made of cardboard

the idea of ​​using a beautiful DIY Christmas wreath design

Ring for a wreath can be made of metal or cardboard

do-it-yourself idea of ​​applying a bright decor of a Christmas wreath

The use of wire can make the wreath more durable

Ring for wreath

First, determine the size of the future wreath. It depends on its location. If you plan to decorate the table, remember that it should be neat and not interfere with food, but at the same time noticeable at the holiday.

So, for a start, draw a circle on a piece of paper corresponding to the size of your future wreath. Now cut the amount of wire along the circumference. We calculate its size according to the presented formula:

C = 2nr

Where C corresponds to the circumference, n is the mathematical constant equal to 3.14, r is the radius of the circle. You can measure the radius with a ruler and calculate the required wire length using the proposed formula.You can also use another method, and applying the wire to the sketch of the circle to determine the required length. It is even easier to form a circle “on the go” without accurate calculations.

In any case, we decided on the length. Now twist its ends with pliers to form a circle. Depending on what the next layers consist of, wrap another one or two layers of wire, holding them all together. Done.

A cardboard ring is made without blanks. A circle of the required diameter is drawn on a sheet of cardboard. Then, a certain distance from the outer line at four points of the circle is laid aside (so that the inner one turns out equal). According to the marked point, an inner circle is drawn. Now delete it without violating the external. So we have only the rim left. This is the ring for the New Year wreath, on which decorative elements are attached.

Now the base is ready, and with its use we can begin to manufacture Christmas decorations using various materials.

do-it-yourself version of the light style of the Christmas wreath

First of all, you need to determine the size of the wreath

do-it-yourself example of using an unusual design of a Christmas wreath

It’s much easier to make a wreath on the go, and not to calculate every centimeter

Christmas tree branches

It is worth paying tribute to tradition. The symbol of the New Year, and in the western countries, from where this tradition came to us, and Christmas, is a spruce (New year tree). A wreath of fir branches is perfect as decoration on the door, on the window, as well as on the table.

To create it, use both a wire and a cardboard base. The latter is better to wrap a thick layer of paper to give volume. Now we are preparing the decorative part. Take spruce or pine branches (with short needles), cut them into small pieces, prepare glue, yarn. Additionally, you can use cones, satin bows, artificial berries, bells, etc. But do not overdo it. It is advisable to mix no more than three colors (in our case it is green, red and gold).

Now proceed to the layout. It is carried out in two ways.

Regarding fasteners, you can:

  1. wind the branches to the base with the help of threads;
  2. stick them using polymer glue.
DIY example of using beautiful DIY Christmas wreath design

The most popular is a wreath of spruce branches.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​using a light New Year wreath style

To decorate the wreath, toys, cones, ribbons are suitable

do-it-yourself example of a bright decor of a Christmas wreath

To create such a wreath, you can use cardboard and wire.

As for the appearance, we make a wreath in the following variations.

  1. "Tousled", arranging the branches in a chaotic order. To do this, they must be short. Put them on the glue so that they stick up. Fill in the blanks and add braid, bumps, etc.
  2. Smooth compared to the first option. To do this, we tie the ring so that the branches are on both sides, and they are attached to the inside of the ring. So they will be directed in one direction (from internal to external), and we will get a relatively smooth and voluminous wreath. For this option you will need flexible and long branches.

In the same way, a wreath of holly, fir or mistletoe is made. You can find it in flower shops, or grow it in the garden. This amazing plant also remains green throughout the year.

do-it-yourself version of the unusual design of a Christmas wreath

The wreath can be made smooth by placing branches in one direction.

do-it-yourself version of the bright decor of the Christmas wreath

By spreading the branches in a chaotic order, you can get a voluminous wreath

Natural materials

Other natural materials that are quite suitable for making a Christmas wreath on a table with your own hands include cones, acorns, nuts, tangerines (dried), berries.

For these materials, it is better to use a cardboard base, tying it with a large layer of paper or fabric (for volume). Fasten most securely with glue.

You can make a wreath entirely of cones. So, paint them the same color, different, or leave a natural brown. Also, cones will make an excellent company for tangerines and cinnamon sticks. Gifts from squirrels - nuts and acorns look good together.

It is better to dilute such compositions in green, using natural green leaves or a few twigs of needles. It will also turn out well to withstand the entire composition in brown, adding twine or burlap to it.

do-it-yourself example of applying a light style of a Christmas wreath

Natural materials can be used for decoration.

do-it-yourself version of the unusual style of the Christmas wreath

Cones are great for decorating a wreath

do-it-yourself version of the beautiful design of a Christmas wreath

For natural materials it is better to use a cardboard base

Fabric and Thread

Speaking of burlap. Use it yourself. It is a great material to create a warm, rustic atmosphere.

Create a wreath using burlap squares. Cut the same squares, modify them as you wish. We suggest folding them, wrapping the edges, and overlapping to place on top of each other. So fill the whole circle. Add some greens and a bright bow to the composition.

Another option. Cut a long piece of not very stiff burlap, fold it in half and sew. Then, with the help of a needle and thread, sew in the center of the stitch, collecting the fabric a bit (to make an “accordion”). Here is an airy and light wreath. Use it without a base, or fix the resulting element on a cardboard ring, diluting it with decorative elements (bells, asterisks, berries, etc.).

Introducing the original idea using threads. A wreath of colorful balls. This option looks great both on the door and on the table, symbolizing homeliness and warmth. It is made as follows.

Coil balls of wool of various sizes. The threads should be woven as freely as possible so that the balls are light. Then sew or glue the resulting tangles to the cardboard base in a chaotic manner quite tightly. Tie a small fabric of the same thread. Sew it to several balls and stick the knitting needles. This idea looks creative and adds a special cosiness.

do-it-yourself example of using a beautiful style of a Christmas wreath

To decorate the wreath, you can use fabric and thread.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​using a light Christmas decor wreath

This wreath looks very beautiful and gives the room a special atmosphere.

Tinsel and Christmas toys

New Year's tinsel is the material that is in every house, and is a symbol of the New Year. A beautiful Christmas wreath will also come out of it.

Here we will use a wire base. It is enough to wrap it in large quantities with rain to make a three-dimensional silhouette, and the wreath is ready. Dilute it with cones, acorns, sweets, Christmas balls. Combining several colors of Christmas tinsel, you will get a wreath with a pattern that does not require additional elements.

The mentioned Christmas balls, like other Christmas balls, can be used independently. The principle is the same. Fasten them on a wire frame with a thread, and the wreath is ready.

There are still many ideas: use pasta, socks, ties, legumes, clothespins, sweets ... In general, everything that comes to your mind. The main thing is that a festive mood is present in the process of work.

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