How to create an original aquarium design?

Aquarium is a decoration of any interior. Today it is not just a vessel with fish, but a real work of art, which is displayed in a separate branch of the design direction with several stylistic views. The design of a modern aquarium includes various water compositions of algae, stones, figures of ships and fish. Before proceeding with the design of the aquarium with your own hands, you need to understand the basics of this art, choose the style in which the aqua design will be done, stock up with the necessary tools.

variant of the original decoration of the aquarium

You can put a piece of wood in the aquarium

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of a home aquarium

You can stick a photo on the back of the aquarium

the idea of ​​a bright aquarium design

The bottom of the aquarium can be decorated with toys

Basic styles for creating a unique aquarium

There are several stylistic trends in modern water design. But given that this type of art is relatively young and dynamically developing, new methods and ideas for decorating the aquarium appear. Below is a table with the main ideas of aquascaping, its features and main components.

variant of beautiful decoration of a home aquarium

Design aquarium with algae and stones

bright aquarium design

Such tunnels can be made from wood and algae


Main elements



Thickly planted plants of various shapes, colors and designs.

No more than 3 varieties of plants are used, which occupy 70% of the aquarium area;

Registration is based on the “rule of thirds”;


Large stones or rock fragments, usually an odd amount.

Each of them has its own name, destination, according to Japanese philosophy.

Zen garden

Bonsai and Japanese rock garden, driftwood, moss, sand soil as a symbol of the sky.

All components of this design must comply with the rules of Zen, has a certain size, shape, quantity and location.

Wabi kusa

In the center of the aquarium is an island or snag.

Equal attention should be paid to both the underwater and surface parts of the aquarium plant.

German (paludarium)

Plants, stones, driftwood over / underwater type.

A wide variety of flower plants are used, harmoniously combining both the underwater and surface parts of the aquarium.


Tall plant terraces, small figures and stones.

A complete imitation of the living landscape.

the idea of ​​a beautiful home aquarium decoration

The aquarium with color illumination will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of the aquarium

An example of a classic aquarium with stones

variant of the original design of the home aquarium

Algae must be in the aquarium

General instructions for aquarium design

Regardless of the style in which you decide to design your own aquarium design, there are general instructions for quality work. Compliance with these instructions is the key to a bright and multifaceted underwater flora and fauna.

variant of unusual aquarium decoration

The castle in the aquarium will look very beautiful

bright home decor option

Various items can be put in the aquarium

The main rule is the isolation of fish in a separate vessel for the duration of the design idea. It is important to fill it with water, in which organisms swam. After finishing work, pour it along with the fish into a decorated aquarium.

Also important is the cleaning and disinfecting of all elements, including those that cannot be replaced.After installing all the parts, you must make sure that all decorative and mechanical components are installed and functioning correctly.

the idea of ​​beautiful aquarium decoration

The tree branches in the aquarium will look beautiful

idea of ​​original aquarium decoration

You can decorate the aquarium with stones and shells.

variant of unusual aquarium decoration

To create a real pond for fish, you can decorate the aquarium with algae and a tree

The nuances of aquarium design

Some secrets of decorating an aquarium with your own hands.

  • When used to decorate items, personally collected on the coast or in nature, it is necessary to boil them for 6-8 minutes.
  • To test an element for suitability in aqua design, it is necessary to drop a couple of drops of vinegar on it: when the foam and a characteristic “hiss” appear, the object should not be used.
  • The background gives the effect of depth. To do this, you can use special backgrounds that are sold in pet stores, or do it yourself - paint the outside of the back wall in a solid saturated color (blue, green, gray, etc.).
  • Fix decorative components optimally using fishing line or cotton thread.
  • Do not use oak branches in the decor, as special enzymes that can stain water in the aquarium are secreted.
  • You can make the effect of an uneven bottom and embankment by putting a regular plate on it, simulating the embankment.
  • For fish of small size, it is better to use fine soil, and for large waterfowl, the use of a combined bottom will be optimal.
The idea of ​​original home aquarium decoration

You can put stones in the aquarium

variant of unusual design of the aquarium

Sand Aquarium Design Example

Aquascaping in 50 liters

Decorating an aquarium of 50 liters is suitable for beginners in aquascaping. These tanks use automated systems for water purification and its saturation with oxygen, which greatly facilitates further care. Such a vessel is suitable for slowly growing plants that do not require a lot of light access. The nuance in this design is the regular pruning of algae to provide sufficient space for living organisms living in it. For a comfortable existence, you need to populate in such an aquarium the following types of aquarium fish with the maximum number:

  • Guppies - 20;
  • Danio - 10;
  • Swordsmen - 10;
  • Pecilia - 6;
  • Molinezia - 5;
  • Goldfish - 1.

Large inhabitants, such as Shark Balu, such a displacement will not be enough for a comfortable existence.

the idea of ​​bright decoration of the aquarium

Beautiful lighting will further decorate the aquarium

the idea of ​​a beautiful home aquarium decoration

An aquarium with algae and a tree will look very nice

idea of ​​original aquarium decoration

Remember, the fish should have enough space for swimming

Aquascaping in 100 liters

Such a volume of the vessel expands the boundaries of creativity. Here you can use different aquarium plants, decorating it in the Dutch style, or use a minimum of elements and create aquascaping in the manner of an ivagumi or zen garden.

variant of unusual decoration of a home aquarium

At the bottom of the aquarium you can put a small artificial castle

the idea of ​​bright design of a home aquarium

Home aquarium design option

For example, decoration with Eleocharis sp. Mini will create a soft lawn that does not grow and does not require regular mowing. You can also supplement the aquarium with a couple of stones and a snag with moss in the form of a bonsai. To do this, you can use Javanese moss, which is unpretentious in breeding, and the only requirement for full growth is an established system of carbon dioxide circulation. In dim lighting, Javanese moss will have an oblong shape and a lighter shade, in bright light its texture will be denser and its shape more compact and neat.

variant of beautiful aquarium decoration

An aquarium with algae and pieces of wood will look very beautiful

option for a beautiful aquarium design

Stones can be poured into the aquarium.

variant of beautiful decoration of the aquarium

The aquarium can be built into the interior opening

Aqua design in 200 liters

Such an aquarium is an ideal environment for creating marine design. This style is the most difficult to create with your own hands, because it requires the use of special equipment to maintain the level of acidity, salt and other indicators of the state of water.An important detail of a marine aquarium is live aquarium stones and plants that prepare water for the launch of underwater inhabitants, provide it with special minerals and trace elements. It is recommended to lay them directly on the bottom of the aquarium, and not on the sand. As a decor, you can use real sea corals, fully reproduce the imitation of the ocean floor. An important nuance is to make a phased settlement of living inhabitants: first fish, several subspecies in 3-4 days, and after 2 weeks you can populate the aquarium with sea corals.

idea of ​​bright decoration of a home aquarium

You can put a piece of wood in the aquarium

variant of unusual decoration of a home aquarium

You can decorate the aquarium with stones

Attention! When creating an aquarium design, remember that you need to take care of it.

To create a unique underwater world with your own hands is only the first stage of long work. Like any living organism, algae and fish need regular maintenance:

  • prune overgrown algae and plants;
  • do glass cleaning;
  • vacuum the soil.

If these works are done in a timely manner, harmful nitrates will accumulate in water and soil, which adversely affect all living inhabitants of the water world. The best way to clean the aquarium is not using chemicals, but a solution of warm water and 5% vinegar.

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50 photos of aquarium design ideas:

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