How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2018 New Year

With the approach of the new year, many are trying to decorate their homes. This helps to fill the premises with the holiday atmosphere, adding even more comfort. Important decorate the Christmas tree for the new year in 2018 year harmoniously. Therefore, you should use the recommendations so that the holiday symbol is framed correctly and beautifully.

Christmas tree decorations in 2018

The eve of such a holiday as the New Year always turns into the most wonderful time, because it at least briefly returns adults to childhood, and gives children the opportunity to experience the feeling of a fairy tale.

how to decorate a christmas tree in 2018

The coming year will be held under the sign of the Dog, when decorating the New Year tree in 2018, this should be taken into account.

How to hang toys on the Christmas tree of the 2018 new year - photos, ideas

You should start with large toys. They can be placed at the bottom of the tree or evenly around its perimeter. You make the final choice based on your own taste. You can create the effect that toys as in a pyramid increase in size closer to the crown. Or they will hang in a checkerboard pattern. Do not place nearby products that match in tone, size or shape.

how to decorate a christmas tree in 2018 photo

The colors of jewelry should be bright, catchy.

Christmas tree decor for the year of the dog

2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog, so the shades of this element should prevail in the Christmas-tree outfit.

How to dress up a Christmas tree for the new year

The symbol of the coming year is of key importance. This time it is a yellow dog. Keep in mind that she prefers naturalness, is friendly and modest. Colors may include golden, yellow, beige or brown. Suitable for a Christmas tree is white or a natural palette of green. The Christmas tree should be characterized by restraint, no frills. Refuse or reduce the amount of tinsel.

tree for 2018

Give preference to natural jewelry like cones, fruits, nuts.

In what style to decorate a Christmas tree for 2018 - photos, fashion options, ideas

It is important to determine in advance the style of the Christmas tree. It should be fully combined with the overall design of the room. Therefore, it is worth relying on your own preferences and the organic nature of the entry of the chosen style into the overall picture of the house. There are many design options. It is important to consider each in order to choose the most suitable. Most often they stop at the classics, but there are other decor options.

Christmas tree decor in 2018

When decorating a festive interior, you need to use as many shiny objects as possible, tinsel, sparkling Christmas garlands.

Christmas tree decor 2018

Please the hostess of the year, and she will give you good luck and success in various areas of life.

Christmas tree in European style-2018 (photos, options, modern ideas)

It has a luxurious view and is popular. Key features are the elegance of the created image and its restraint. Bows, angels and balls are suitable for decoration. Be sure to have a single color palette. More often you can find elements that have one shape. Do not combine more than three tones in one composition. Bows often use reds.To them can be added elements of a blue, silver or golden hue.

decorate the Christmas tree for the new year 2018

In order for your green beauty to look as stylish and bright as possible, you can use the basic algorithms for her decoration.

Christmas tree in marine style-2018 (photos, options, fashion ideas)

If you want to surprise guests and add originality to the overall design, you should choose a marine style. A similar tree will look very unusual. Toys and decor items can be made with your own hands. For this you need shells, pebbles from the sea, figures and pictures of the inhabitants of the sea. You can use everything that is connected with the marine theme. The composition will look unusual, original and beautiful.

christmas tree decoration style

Most often, Christmas balls are hung in a chaotic, random order, the garlands are wound round, and the tree seems to be ready.

Christmas tree decoration in the style of provence-2018 (photo)

It features a combination of pastel colors with natural materials. It looks very gentle. Light colors like blue or lavender are suitable for decorations. The decor consists of balls, bows, snowflakes. You can add little snowmen and Christmas trees.

how to decorate a christmas tree

There are several rules that can turn the Christmas tree into a real work of art.

Do-it-yourself jewelery looks great. It is important to comply with the measure. It should not be a flashy composition. The Christmas tree should exude tenderness and tranquility, filling the house with a soft, cozy atmosphere.

Christmas tree decor in 2018

Do not forget about the competent selection of shades of jewelry, decorating a festive tree.

Feng Shui Christmas tree decoration in 2018 (photos, examples, options)

If you want to do everything according to the teachings of Feng Shui, it is recommended to start by choosing the right place to install the tree. If you want to increase the material condition of the family, you should choose an area in the southeast of the room. The decor should be in red, silver and gold.

Feng Shui Christmas tree decor

In 2018, the coniferous beauty should shine and sparkle as much as possible, but this does not mean that you need to hang on it toys of all colors of the rainbow.

Be sure to place a rain on a forest beauty, a garland of bright colors. From this, it will turn into a money tree. It doesn’t matter if you put a real spruce or artificial. If you prefer to choose a different design and colors for the composition, it is recommended to install in the northwest of the room. If you need to strengthen, establish relations in the family, choose the eastern region.

how to decorate a christmas tree

In modern times, the needlework style in decorating a festive tree is becoming more and more popular.

For the symbol of the coming year, it is important to put coins, money or jewelry made of gold on the beauty. It is recommended that the balls hang on red strings. Remember that the place where you put the tree and the decor elements located on it are a kind of “order” from you universe. Therefore, you should carefully think about what you want to receive, adjust and place the right jewelry on the beauty.

european style christmas tree

The Christmas tree greatly contributes to creating the right atmosphere in the house.

Snowmen for Christmas tree decoration, photo

A similar decoration is sold in the store. But it’s more interesting and exciting to make snowmen yourself. You can enlist the help of children. For the manufacture of suitable fabric, cardboard, felt and even chocolate. If you have everything you need and skill, you can dump a snowman out of wool. It will look very unusual and beautiful. Not only hang on the Christmas tree, but also presented to guests as a gift.

snowmen and mittens on the tree

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree will create a festive atmosphere in the house and become the center of the New Year's interior.

Christmas tree decor snowman

New Year’s preparations are a great opportunity to spend time with family and children, to captivate them with the process of creating Christmas toys with their own hands.

Christmas tree in country style-2018 (photo)

A key feature is the maximum involvement of handmade jewelry. Therefore, you will have to show all your talent and imagination to create your own decor. You can connect all family members to the process and have a good time.

country style decor

A luminous garland is an integral part of New Year's decor.

Toys can be knitted, made of paper or cardboard, sew. Make garlands and beads. Country reflects the rustic style, where natural materials and self-made elements are a priority.

country style christmas tree decoration

Beautiful, shiny, elegant balls made of glass - the main element of a beautiful Christmas "dress".

Christmas tree arrangement

Christmas tree toys can be arranged in different ways. One option is longitudinal. According to this principle, a garland is also fixed, fixed at the top and stretched along the branches to the base of the beauty.

how to decorate a christmas tree

You can hang garlands on a Christmas tree in three ways: vertically, horizontally (floor) and with a spiral.

If you do not want to arrange all the decorative elements in a similar way, you can tie a tinsel with a bow and place between the passing lines. It looks original and beautiful.

spiral design of a Christmas tree

The original idea of ​​decorating with balls is in the order of rainbow colors.

In what order to decorate a Christmas tree in 2018?

The order of decorating the Christmas tree is shown in the table. It is recommended to stick to it so as not to forget anything and arrange everything correctly.

how to decorate a christmas tree in 2018

Beautiful, shiny, elegant balls made of glass - the main element of a beautiful Christmas "dress".

Stages Description
Stage number 1 Start by fixing the beauties. It is especially important if there is a small child or animals that can dump a Christmas tree. Therefore, it is important to take care of reliability. A heavy metal stand is suitable. You can hide it from the eyes with tinsel.
Stage number 2 Then move on to the garland. First, be sure to make sure that it is working. It should be wrapped around the structure so that it can be conveniently reached and turned on.
Stage number 3 Proceed to the basic design using decorative elements prepared in advance. Toys should be placed evenly so that there are no gaps in the composition. But it’s not worth it to completely hang up. Otherwise, the tree itself simply will not be visible.
Stage number 4 The final action is the design of the crown. It all depends on the chosen style. You can place a star, a spade or a beautiful, large bow.
Christmas tree decor in 2018

Thanks to the different colors of the balls, you can create completely unexpected Christmas tree “outfits”.

decorate the Christmas tree in 2018

A fashion trend for decorating a festive spruce is beads.

Christmas tree in eco-style-2018 (photo)

A feature of this design is moderation and maximum simplicity. The minimum number of colors, a variety of materials. The ideal option is not to buy a tree, but made by you personally from improvised means.

decor christmas tree eco style

Do not use an excessive amount of toys - everything should be in moderation.

Forest beauty should look beautiful, but modest. Without pomp and pomp. This decor is perfect for families with children. After all, you can make a Christmas tree and decorations for it yourself.

tree in eco style

To create a unique decoration you are not limited in your fantasies.

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