How to choose the right picture for the interior of the room

For each person, comfort in the house is something special, unique, filled with warmth and emotions, memories or dreams of residents. In any interior, a person puts a piece of his mood, character, fills the space in the house in accordance with his preferences, as a result of getting a unique and native atmosphere with a bunch of thoughtful small details that form an integral image of a small world.

Yellow armchair against a blue wall with a picture

The paintings give the interior a special charm and originality, emphasize the taste and individuality of the owners of the house

Often when creating an atmosphere in a house, it is necessary to revitalize the space, fill it with new colors, emotions, inspirations. This goal can easily be achieved by hanging pictures for the interior in the desired places.

Examples of room decoration paintings

Any room carries its own mood, so the picture to its interior should be chosen depending on the purpose of a particular room. For example, for the bedroom, it is better to choose calm paintings in the form of your favorite flowers or landscapes. For piquancy, you can use images with erotic notes.

Dressing the bedroom wall with a picture

Landscape - a good choice for the bedroom interior

For the kitchen, images of juicy still lifes, beautiful dishes, elegant butterflies or ripened sunflowers are suitable. For the children's room, you can choose from the image of cartoon characters, kind animals or beautiful dolls.

Picture in a golden frame on the living room wall

The tradition of decorating the living room with paintings has long roots

In the living room - the flight of fantasies is practically unlimited. Here you can find wide canvases with a plot composition, with abstraction, modular works, works with a landscape pleasing to the eye, flowers, famous buildings, portraits of famous people - all that expresses the owner makes his world individual.

Icons, paintings, interior carpets

A pleasant combination of exquisite taste with spirituality can be expressed in the work as an icon. If before, a special place was reserved for icons somewhere in a secluded corner in the kitchen or bedroom, but now icons in the form of chic paintings with rich massive frames, they decorate the walls of study rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms.

Icons in the design of the bedroom

Icons will be especially appropriate when decorating a bedroom in an old Russian style

You can give softness and at the same time complement the decor with carpets, both floor and wall. You can calm the bright, screaming zain with a monotone of calm tones on the floor carpet, and chic paintings with rich massive frames decorate the walls of your office rooms, Gositin's sharp-pointed, painted carpet can decorate the wall of one of the apartment's rooms.

Picture in frame

The design of the wall is created not only by the picture itself, but also by the frame in which it is enclosed.Most often there are white frames, but for each room you can choose individual frames:

  • from wood;
  • from plastic;
  • massive metal;
  • black and white;
  • carved frames with monograms and volumetric patterns;
  • decorated with flowers, nuts, stones.
Sofa group in a classic living room

A picture in a baguette frame on the wall of a classic living room

The actual direction is canvas without any frame, imitating only finished work, which has not yet been put on the frame.

Modular picture in the bedroom of oriental style

Without frames, modular paintings are often performed.

How to choose a picture for the interior of different rooms

To choose a picture for each room, you need to decide in which best location you would like to stay in it. For example, if in the bedroom you would like to feel relaxed in the evening, but at the same time fresh and cheerful in the morning, the image of a sea breeze or flowering fields against the background of dawn is suitable.

Flowering field in the picture in the bedroom

The best solutions for the bedroom will be pastel colors and calming plots.

In the kitchen, any housewife wants to feel like a welcome woman, so it’s worth adding works with your favorite flower buds combined with bright juicy fruits.

Functionality of the room: paintings for the interior of each room

From the point of view of the functionality of each room in an apartment or house, it is better to select paintings in them as follows:

  1. First you need to determine the function of each room. Each apartment in a particular room has different functionality.
  2. Define the color scheme and basic shapes of the room.
  3. Choose the image that is most suitable for the functionality, colors and shapes of each room.
Bright paintings in the living room of a minimalist style

Symmetrically arranged canvases make the atmosphere more austere and restrained

Principles of selection of paintings:

Room in an apartment or house Functionality Colors and shapes Image Options
Living room Reception, watching TV Brown square Abstraction, city
Children's room Games with children, lessons Light, angular Animals
Bedroom Vacation of a married couple with a baby Pastel colors, rounded Bright and happy family, or personal photos
Rest single men Dark shades, asymmetric Black and white picture of a half-naked woman;

Successful man

Kitchen Cooking, eating Yellow shades, rectangular Still lifes, landscapes
Reception of relatives and friends with treats Greens, oval Funny company
Asymmetric arrangement of paintings over the sofa in the living room

Asymmetry adds dynamism to the room

Living Room Decor

When an inspirational repair was once a little fed up, and you still don’t want to make a new one, you can bring some decor elements to the living room that will enliven the room and fill it with new colors. As a decor in the living room you can do:

  • tapestry on the wall;
  • new carpet;
  • curtains that you have long dreamed about;
  • pictures;
  • photo wallpaper.
Decorating a picture of a wall above a sofa

The main rule for choosing a picture for the living room is to match the general style of the room

Wall decor in the hallway and kitchen

In the hallway, decor elements can be:

  • new hangers, coat hooks;
  • wall decoration with textured stones;
  • filling with mirrors.
Paintings on the wall of a spacious hallway

The sizes and number of paintings for the hallway are selected taking into account the size of the room

In the kitchen you can decorate:

  • interesting colored shelves;
  • to glue the kitchen set with adhesive film of interesting colors.

Fashionable options for the office

Any client, visitor or employee will appreciate the fashionable interior in the office, which cannot do without modern accessories: glass tables, decorated floor lamps, interesting paintings depicting abstractions, majestic mountains, famous and successful people. At the same time, such an interior will look complete when using the same material and color of the frames as the furniture in this room.

Three modular paintings on the wall in the office

In office buildings, walls are often decorated with modular paintings.

Paintings in a modern interior: style and accents

The modern design of the apartments is characterized by the arrangement of color accents, emphasis on the incompatibility of styles. So, in the modern interior, a certain minimalism can be traced: luxurious fleecy carpets are replaced with carpets made of dense curtains, chic monograms and candelabra replaced lamps without floor lamps and black and white furniture.

Abstract painting in the design of the living room

Abstract canvases refresh the look of the room and give it a new sound.

It is here that it will be fashionable and stylish to add bright accents to the wall. Unusual canvases for this style will be quite appropriate.

What to choose: classic or creative?

Many people think: what will look more appropriate in his house - a copy of the work of a famous classic or the creative work of a novice artist.

Dark green sofa in the classic style living room

Replicas of famous paintings - a win-win for the interior in a classic style

Of course, you need to choose according to the style of the entire interior of each particular room. And do not forget that in different rooms there can be different styles, so your apartment is able to combine both classics and creativity.

Pop Art Paintings

New evolving design style - pop art. Amazing paintings with a riot of colors and emotions, bright and neon images - this is the main idea of ​​this style. This style will fit well into the apartment of a young energetic family, or a youth fitness room.

Large copper lamp on the ceiling of the living room in pop art style

The main feature of the pop art style is its ambiguity

Kanzashi paintings in the interior

Each painting made using the kanzashi technique is almost unique and individual, since for the most part they are made by needlewomen from ribbons, beads, beads and other fabric materials. Original embroideries on canvas on the theme of flowers, plants and greenery will fit perfectly into a cozy bedroom or kitchen.

DIY kanzashi painting with beautiful flowers

Thanks to its grace and positive energy, kanzashi paintings are suitable for any room in the house

Baroque interior paintings, nude

Not everyone can afford the luxurious baroque style in an apartment or house. But those happy owners of this style are sophisticated aristocrats, emphasizing their choice of their status, wealth, taste. And the choice of a picture for the Baroque style is a responsible task, since it also should ideally fit the royal style. It can be canvases of famous artists of the XVII - XVIII century.

Baroque living room paintings

The paintings belong to the main decorative elements of the interior in the Baroque style, however, like the fireplace, figurines and moldings

The Nude genre can also be attributed to not often found. Works in the Nude genre dare not hang in their homes. They depict half-naked girls, which gives them special piquancy and eroticism.

Using Nude Paintings in a Modern Interior

Nude painting on the wall of a stylish loft living room

Surrealism painting in the interior

Lovers to delve into the subconscious, find many meanings for the same objects, it is imperative to get a picture in the spirit of surrealism.

Living room interior with a picture of Salvador Dali

A copy of Salvador Dali's “Meditative Rose” on the living room wall

It can be both copies of the canvases of the famous Salvador Dali, and the work of aspiring artists.

Impressionism Paintings

Such works are created by artists without specific contours and black colors, they are not painted in workshops and without mixing colors on the palette. Interestingly blurry forms and outlines of images may appeal to high connoisseurs of art.

Reproduction of a picture by Armenian artist Aikui Khachatryan

Inspirational canvas from Aikui Khachatryan

Pictures of this style should not be weighed down by massive frames.

Pictures and furniture

When choosing, a prerequisite is to combine them in style, material and colors with existing furniture. In general, it will be harmonious when the emphasis is on particular details - either it is bright impressive furniture and calm tones of the picture, or vice versa - discreet furniture combined with flashy canvases.

Decoration picture of the living room wall with fireplace

Canvas with traditional landscape in a Victorian style living room with modern elements

In any case, do not place them next to a closet or windows, above a TV or next to a mirror. It is better to take a free wall or free space above the sofa, bed or over the dining table.

Composition of several images

Interesting compositions from several images were widely used. Several paintings of the same thematic series are arranged in a symmetrical order, either in a row or in several. Or asymmetric, placing the largest in the center.

Airplane in a modular picture in the living room

The plot of the modular picture is able to emphasize the features of the room. For example, canvases with a take-off airplane fit perfectly into an elongated living room with a high ceiling

On such compositions can be placed as several images, and one, divided into several parts.

Where to place the picture?

To place the selected work on the wall should be approximately opposite the eyes, or slightly higher. If the picture will be located above the dining table, it is better to hang it opposite the view from the sitting position.

How to determine the height of the hanging picture

The line at eye level - the optimal height of the picture

Rules for hanging the picture over the sofa

A single picture above the sofa looks good, if both the top and bottom are approximately the same distance

When placing a picture, symmetrical lines should be avoided next to cabinets, doors, windows.

Abstraction on the white wall of the living room

Sometimes, to find a place for a picture, it is enough to listen to the inner voice

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