Furniture decor: decoupage, aging, painting, replacement of upholstery

Often there is a desire to give a second life to old furniture, to make new special. It is not necessary to use the services of specialists. You can decorate your furniture with your own hands using completely affordable materials and tools. There are many original ways to do this, which are very easy to implement.

the idea of ​​replacing the dresser casing with improvised materials

The shelf can be painted and pasted with drawings of flowers

do-it-yourself table decoration option

The way to create a soft coffee table

cabinet decoupage option with materials at hand

You can paint the metal bookcase and stick flower stickers on it


Decoupage is a fairly simple, always relevant and excellent decoration method. Opportunities for registration by this method are limited exclusively by the imagination of the master. There are several varieties of decoupage, which have their own characteristics. To decorate furniture with any of them, the following tools will be required:

  1. Special napkins, glossy clippings, printed interesting pictures, lace, photographs. It is not necessary to prepare all the indicated elements at once, it is required to choose the most suitable for the implementation of the planned decor.
  2. Adhesive for decoupage or regular PVA.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Small sponge or paint roller for smoothing the surface.
  5. A cloth or sponge to remove excess glue during operation.
  6. Varnish coating.
  7. Brushes.
  8. Primer.
  9. Acrylic paints.

Now it is worth considering in more detail the methods of decoupage.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​furniture

On the table you can put this picture

do-it-yourself furniture painting option

Cabinet decoration in a modern style


It is gluing any picture to the surface of furniture and varnishing. Similarly, you can decorate stools, tables, bedside tables, chests of drawers, cabinets. The work includes several stages, which are described in the table.

Actions Instruments
Removing old paint from furniture surfaces Spatula, sandpaper
Dyeing Acrylic paint, primer
Image preparation (cutting the desired pattern and separating the top layer) Scissors, napkins
Gluing images Glue
Smooth surface Paint roller or soft brush
Removing adhesive residue Cloth or sponge

After performing the described steps, the product must be dried and varnished. You may need to add smoothness with fine sandpaper.

the idea of ​​aging a table with improvised materials

You can decorate furniture in various ways.

option of decorating the cabinet with improvised materials

Dresser decoration option

DIY replacement idea

On the dresser, you can stick drawings of flowers

Reverse decoupage

This method is great for transforming transparent furniture. It can be cabinet doors with inserts or glass tables. The pattern will be fixed on the reverse side. To decorate furniture using this technique, the following work must be done:

Actions Instruments
Image preparation (soaking) Better use vibrant magazine clippings or printed pictures.
Surface cleaning Spatula, cleaning products, degreaser
Glue coating the front side of the pictures PVA
Bonding and smoothing patterns Paint roller or soft brush
Fastening Clear nail polish


A longer execution time method is not implemented as easily as the previous ones, but the result is worth it. It consists in collecting a composition of different elements glued butt-to-butt.

chest decoupage idea with improvised materials

The cabinet can be painted; a new color will update its condition.

DIY table painting option

You can put glass on the table

This method is not bad for transforming dressers and nightstands. It includes the following steps:

Actions Instruments
Cleaning an item of old furniture Sandpaper, spatulas
Surface treatment Primer
Image preparation Selected Images
Adhesive coating PVA
Sticking pieces Soft brush
Removing Surplus PVA Cloth or sponge

After drying, two layers of varnish are applied.

Decoupage allows not only updating old furniture, hiding its shortcomings, but also making new interior items unique.

the idea of ​​decoupage cabinet improvised materials

Furniture can be old
in the interior it will look unusual

do-it-yourself furniture replacement option

Restoring chairs is very simple, just paint and decorate them.

the idea of ​​aging the chest with improvised materials

The chest of drawers can be decorated

Furniture aging

Sometimes, to maintain a certain idea in the interior, it is necessary to age some items. You can make the specified furniture decor with your own hands. To work, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • water based paints;
  • Craquelure varnish;
  • stain;
  • sandpaper;
  • acrylic paints of bronze or copper shade;
  • brushes.
the idea of ​​replacing the cabinet lining with improvised materials

On the table you can stick a picture of flowers

DIY chest decoupage option

Aging will add sophistication to your furniture.

To give the interior items an aged look, there are several ways to decorate. In any case, at the initial stage, you will have to conduct surface treatment. Consider the technique in more detail:

  1. Use of stain. This technique is more suitable for bright subjects. It is applied with an even layer on the prepared surface, special attention is paid to the edges, bends, cracks. And then with a sponge dampened in water, the coating in the center is removed. After drying, you can rub antique wax. This decor will look unusual.
  2. Craquelure. With this varnish varnish give the product a cracked look. First, you need two acrylic paints of the same color combination, but in different tones: darker and lighter. The first layer is applied in a saturated shade, and the second (after complete drying) is light. Furniture is best left in the open until completely dry. And after it, erase small areas with sandpaper until the first layer appears. Then you can apply craquelure.
  3. Gold color. Furniture modified in such a way looks elegant in any interior. Decorating is simple enough. You will need to paint the item with the desired color, and after drying, quickly apply a gold paint (unevenly) with a sponge and varnish.
the idea of ​​painting the cabinet with improvised materials

Restoration of a TV stand

do-it-yourself furniture option

The shelf can be painted and used as a flower stand

the idea of ​​decorating the table with improvised materials

Such a chest of drawers in the room will look unusual

New upholstery

Do not throw away a good sofa or chair due to the fact that the upholstery is rubbed or does not wash from spots. They can be updated by fitting a new cloth with your own hands. At the same time, you can add the originality of upholstered furniture, creating a drapery.

To perform the work you will need the following:

  1. New dense fabric.
  2. The stapler is construction.
  3. Hammer and small carnations.
  4. Knife.
  5. Pliers.
  6. Large needle.
  7. Kapron threads.
  8. Chalk or pencil for fabric (you can also use dried soap residue).
  9. Screwdriver.
  10. Reliable glue. Very comfortable view with thermal gun.
  11. Drill.
  12. Nail clipper.
chest decoupage option improvised materials

The box can be painted with drawings of flowers

do-it-yourself cabinet painting idea

Furniture can be old, it will look beautiful

The first step is to remove the old tissue and only then proceed with the update. Each detail must be accurately measured, cut out, applied to furniture and make sure that the dimensions are accurate.

You can update the look and a little easier: to sew new covers on upholstered furniture. In this case, removing the old fabric is not required.

option of decorating the table with improvised materials

Dresser decoration option

option to replace the cabinet lining with improvised materials

On the dresser, you can stick drawings of flowers

DIY furniture decoupage idea

Such a mosaic on the table will look very unusual

Using stencils

If there is a desire to have furniture painted with bright colors, but there is no artist’s talent, then stencils with which drawings are made will come to the rescue. They can be bought in hardware stores or prepared with their own hands from cardboard. You will also need paint in spray cans. The method of transformation is simple and creatively interesting.

do-it-yourself idea of ​​replacing table cover

A small stool can be decorated

option of aging the chest with improvised materials

Any outdated furniture can be restored

The result will be better if the surface of the furniture is made even. Stencils are applied to the right place, for accuracy, they can be fixed with masking tape. And then spray paint. In conclusion, it is recommended to coat the product with varnish. If you need several colors in the picture, then you can apply acrylic paints, they fit perfectly on wooden surfaces.

Designer things are not cheap, but you can always create them with your own hands. In this case, the thing will turn out exactly as it seemed, and the creative process will give incredible pleasure. Creating an individual furniture decor with the help of improvised tools will transform any interior, make it unique.

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