Table decor: techniques for transforming countertops and ways to design a feast

Transforming old furniture inherited or acquired by hand is a pleasure. There are many interesting techniques to do the table decor with your own hands. You can transform only one countertop using craquelure, decoupage or decorating with mosaic from broken tiles. Then furnishings with their own history will decorate the interior in retro style, boho or shabby chic.

variant of beautiful table decoration

You can make Christmas trees from cardboard and put them on the table

the idea of ​​bright decoration of countertops

Flowers on the table will perfectly complement the general idea of ​​decor

original table design

On the table you can lay a beautiful path with drawings

How to choose a decoration technique?

Restoration of vintage or antique furniture - a willingness to give a second life to things that have served their time and are awaiting disposal. So I do not want to part with the original table, inherited from my grandmother, on which she put her favorite grandchildren hot cakes with milk in the morning. Sometimes it’s enough to do a little repair and table decor with your own hands to transform beyond recognition, while its unique shape will remain recognizable.

It happens that you are not looking for new upholstered furniture according to announcements, but you meet a unique thing with bent legs, and the countertop is hopelessly spoiled. Of course, any defect is easy to hide under a tablecloth, but it’s better to make a little effort to get a unique coffee table or a pot-bellied nightstand - a symbol of a bygone era of postmodernism.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of countertops

Colored paper can be cut into small pieces and scattered around the table

variant of the original decoration of countertops

In the plates you can put figurines of animals

Of course, the easiest way is to give a table to the workshop, but then the almost junk thing will become literally “golden”. But you can get by with minimal expenses in order to master some new technique for decorating an old table with your own hands:

  1. Potal is a unique method using thin foil that imitates decorating furniture with gold leaf or silver plating. They work on a smooth or carved surface through sets offered in specialized stores for artists and restorers. Having mastered the technique, you can become a specialist in this field, with the possibility of additional earnings.
  2. The easiest way - do-it-yourself tabletop decor with molding and repainting. Overhead parts (plastic, wood carving, foam cornices) are used, after which everything is covered with a common paint, most often with aerosol paint.
  3. Mosaic decor of the surface of the old table involves laying out patterns of various materials and grouting. Sometimes the mosaic is covered with glass or varnished in several layers to get a smooth surface. On sale you can find special sets of colored squares or circles for mosaics. It’s cheaper to lay out an ornament from pieces of broken tiles, mirror tiles and colored glass.
  4. Artificial aging (patination, craquelure, cracking surfaces chemically, decorating the shell with subsequent refinement). The method is good for retro design wood furniture.The kitchen furniture from several items looks luxurious, which was decorated with their own hands the same way - a buffet, chairs, tables.
  5. For art painting with acrylic paints, it is desirable to possess the appropriate skills or education. But there are different techniques that do not imply special abilities - they use stencils, brushes of different widths and rollers with a pattern for rolling images.
  6. Do-it-yourself napkin decor for a table - decoupage. A fairly popular technique, thanks to which any wooden surface can look completely new.
  7. Furniture hauling with a do-it-yourself fabric, including decorating the countertops with a beautiful fabric, which is then opened with varnish for practicality.
  8. Imitation of marquetry - mosaic panels from different species of wood, cut exactly according to the pattern. When simulating, you can use any material that mimics the texture of wood. Upon completion, the countertop is sealed with glass or protective varnish. One of the most luxurious techniques in the hands of the master. In the same way, you can decorate countertops from materials imitating an ornamental stone (malachite, onyx, charoite, lapis lazuli, jasper, sardonyx, agate). You can also use leather and suede, cork, bamboo or veneered wallpaper in different colors and textures.
  9. Non-standard methods of decoration using natural materials to get the original image. It is not necessary to align the countertop if the furniture will not be used for its intended purpose, but will perform purely aesthetic functions in interior design. Such a table can be placed at the mirror in the hallway or bedroom, as in the photo.

On how to decorate a desk with your own hands in one of the listed techniques, we offer a master class.

the idea of ​​a beautiful table decoration

On the plates you can put green twigs, it will look beautiful

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of countertops

On the table you can put decorative leaves and put candles

bright table decoration option

Flowers are great for table decor

Where to start restoration and decoration?

Any product that is awaiting transformation must go through a chain of transformations before decorating the table until it becomes the way one would like to see.

The main stages of decoration



Clean the restoration item from old plaque and dirt

Mechanical cleaning, soap solution

2 .

Carry out an audit and identify shaky joints and parts requiring repair

Standard carpentry tools


Remove old coating as far as possible.

solvent, gel, special fluid


Cracking a mixture of wood dust and wood glue

Sifted sawdust and glue (can PVA)


Sand the surface of the countertop, legs and body



Decorate in the chosen way (master the technique)

The set depends on the type of decoration


Record the result and seal if necessary

Acrylic varnish, silicone sealant

The set of tools depends on the decoration technique. You need a square, a ruler and a pencil for marking, as well as sponges, spatulas, emery. They work in overalls, it is advisable to protect the respiratory system with a respirator when working with solvent, paints and varnish, preparing to perform table decor.

There are also special gels and liquids for removing varnish and old paint. They are applied for some time and the rest of the coating is removed from the surface of the table with a spatula. In difficult places, varnish or paint is removed with an awl, toothpicks or gypsy needle.

option for the original design of countertops

Bright colors are always in fashion.

idea of ​​unusual table decoration

Flowers on the table perfectly complement the general idea of ​​table decor

Table decoration with foam for painting

One of the most affordable is the do-it-yourself table decor, using a foam baguette, which hide the junction of the walls and ceiling when wallpapering.

The only condition is that the shape of the countertop should be rectangular or polygonal, but not an oval table. This impromptu decor is used instead of trimming when it is missing.

It is advisable to insert a beautiful picture under the glass, which is securely attached to the countertop with brackets and sealed with building silicone. The end part will be covered with a painted baguette. It is recommended to cover the foam with an acrylic primer (the other will not work). You can cover the whole product with golden paint and fix with varnish.

If there are carved sides made of wood - even better. Table legs can also be decorated with wooden decor and put them on wheels. They are in any construction or furniture supermarket. You can cover the entire product with dark pitch varnish to give a more expensive look, as in the photo.

option for bright decoration of countertops

Candles on the table will look very beautiful and practical.

the idea of ​​a beautiful table design

The table decor is designed in one color scheme.

the idea of ​​a bright design of countertops

You can decorate the table in different ways, try different options

Mirror or glass table is more relevant to modern furniture fashion. But it happens that the countertop is hopelessly lost, but the cross or frame with beautiful legs remains. You can order a finished countertop for it in any carpentry or shop, which will be cut with a machine of the desired shape and size.

The glass top has to be decorated in the case when someone has poor eyesight or children often come across a table. Beautifully arranged coasters for a tea ceremony or a beautiful table setting will solve the problem and emphasize the style of the interior.

variant of unusual table decoration

You can beautifully decorate a table with flowers

idea of ​​original table decoration

There are many ideas for table decor, fantasize

What is decoupage countertops?

Today, decoupage is a fairly popular technique for decorating antique furniture. The selected pattern is transferred to the surface and fixed. In this way, many objects in the interior are decorated - hangers, dishes, vases, caskets. Decoupage cards are soaked and transferred to the prepared surface of the countertop or other part of the vintage furniture.

The technique requires attention and perseverance with repeated methods of image processing and their fixation. For those who are interested in how to decorate a table with their own hands, it is better to master all the secrets of technology in the master class.

Craquelure techniques imitating the cracked surface of a retro-style table are no less interesting. In the photo - shell decor.

option for a beautiful design of countertops

A vase of flowers will perfectly complement the table decor

the idea of ​​beautiful decoration of countertops

From napkins you can make bows and decorate the table setting

the idea of ​​a bright table design

The table can be decorated with flowers

Fabric decoupage

A fabric with an original pattern, Pavlovo Posad shawls, hand-painted painted batik are a quick way to decorate a table with your own hands. If the countertop is made of natural wood, the fabric is easy to fix from the bottom with a construction stapler.

The restored and prepared product is covered with a stretched cloth and varnished. The edges of the countertops are treated with a wooden side with carvings. Varnish is applied with a brush. The legs can also be covered with colored cloth, but it can be difficult to tighten and fix.

option for bright table decoration

Tree branches will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of countertops

Table decor can be done in different ways, fantasize

Table top decoration with mosaic pattern

Laying out mosaic patterns requires patience and accuracy. You can select a ready-made sketch and make your own adjustments to it, based on the available material.

It is not always possible to find a real mosaic - colored glass squares (of another shape). Most Available:

  • broken tiles (ceramics, tiles, porcelain tiles, artificial marble);
  • ordinary glass (you can put colored foil);
  • pieces of mirrors;
  • colored glass.

To obtain small pieces of the desired shape, use nippers or pliers. Porcelain tile is too hard - waterjet cutting is needed. It is necessary to work with fragments carefully, in goggles and gloves.

Decorating the countertops with mosaics involves coating the prepared surface with light paint. On this basis, a pattern is laid out - each element is fixed with glue.After the mosaic panel has dried, the seams are filled with light grout. The edges are fixed with an aluminum profile.

You can make mosaic decor from unconventional materials - sea pebbles and shells, tree cuts, colored plastic.

variant of the original decoration of countertops

So you can decorate the table for Easter

the idea of ​​a beautiful table decoration

Table setting can be decorated with fruit

variant of unusual table decoration

You can make trays from wood cuts

Festive feast dining table decor

Solemn table setting is the best way to create a festive mood. Tables are decorated in different ways, the basis is a colored or lace tablecloth and chair covers. On the tablecloth, each guest can also be served linen napkins or coasters for hot food made from decorative materials.

Tablecloths can be replaced with a colored loose cloth, the edges of which are not sheathed, but tattered, taking out several rows of threads. Oilcloth on the festive table is an eerie bad manners, but sometimes an acceptable transparent film on top of luxurious hand-knitted tablecloths. For a home feast, you can take any fabric that is well washed and ironed, better synthetics. For the celebration, the table is covered with satin or silk (in summer), plush or velvet (in winter).

Bouquets of flowers are an indispensable holiday attribute, but it is better not to put tall bouquets that block the entire review and the interlocutors at the opposite table.

As a decor, you can put New Year's ikebana with fir branches, cones and Christmas tree decorations. Small compositions of fruits and berries are also appropriate as a decor for the table. For a romantic dinner they put candles and lamps. Crockery and decoration should be in harmony.

The decor of the wedding table is not only distinguished by pair attributes, everything should be at the highest level here - the main event in life.

idea of ​​unusual table decoration

Candles on the table harmoniously complement the festive atmosphere

option for bright design countertops

On the table you can put a vase of flowers, it will look very beautiful

The table of the bride and groom is distinguished by decorated glasses and bottles of champagne, decorated as "He" and "She." They are kept on the wedding anniversary and meeting from the hospital.

Decorate not only the table, but also the hall, especially the back of the bride and groom. A wedding is a day when decor cannot be much. These are balloons, ribbons, flowers, hearts, rings and other symbols.

Examples of competent decoration of a feast are in our gallery.

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50 photos of table decor ideas:

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