If the sofa in the interior is gray?

Gray color in the interior is considered ambiguous. Someone is of the opinion that he looks dull, and someone perceives it as a universal neutral shade. A gray sofa in the interior with the right selection can transform the interior of the room.

Two picture over a gray sofa in the corner living room

The restraint and elegance of gray color will appeal to many

Color features

Shades of gray are perfect for people who live in a frantic urban rhythm, and prefer a quiet measured lifestyle. He will fill the living room with calm.

Black armchair next to a gray sofa in a white living room

The gray color is located at the boundary between black and white - this is their peculiar shadow

Gray corner sofa in the living room interior

The gray sofa is considered neutral, so it will be a good background for any shades

Psychologists consider the gray color of antistress. Moreover, it has the following features:

  1. It goes well with any cold shades (blue, purple, green).
  2. It harmonizes with warm colors (orange, yellow).
  3. Creates a light atmosphere in the room.
  4. By adding gold or silver decor elements to gray color, the design becomes more elegant.
  5. The gray sofa with velor upholstery looks luxurious in any interior.
  6. Perfectly creates a contrast to any palette.
  7. It can be used as a connective shade.
Abstraction over a gray sofa in a small living room

Light color is often chosen by business people who do not want to stand out from the crowd and attract close attention

Bright red pillows on a gray sofa

It is important to pay attention to decor items, so that the room does not look too gloomy and gloomy

Living room interior

Modern designers break down stereotypes about the monochrome and dullness of gray upholstered furniture in the interior. And more and more often they offer projects based on gray sofas of different shades. They consider it a universal color, suitable for all surfaces, combinations and styles.

Light gray carpet on the living room floor

When choosing a gray sofa, you must consider the size of the room and the degree of illumination

Living room interior with gray sofa in the middle

A gray sofa can be used as the main accent of the interior.

Interior of a modern living room in gray tones

A gray sofa can well become a laconic element of the interior

Gray color fits best with the following styles:

  • Minimalism.

    Red color as an accent in the design of the living room

    A contrasting combination of a gray sofa with a red wall in a minimalist style living room

  • Provence.

    Provence style living room interior with gray sofa.

    In Provence, a sofa can have smooth lines and a small pattern.

  • Classic.

    Classic living room design with gray sofa.

    A combination of a light gray sofa and a charcoal armchair in a classic-style living room

  • Modern.

    Gray sofa in a large Art Nouveau living room

    Practical Art Nouveau living room interior

  • High tech.

    High tech living room interior with gray sofa.

    A black and gray sofa looks great in a high-tech living room.

Such furniture can be easily emphasized and beat with decor and accessories. There will be no boundaries for fantasy and experimentation. The gray sofa in the interior of the living room is quite capable of revitalizing the situation, making it bright and fresh. In this case, it does not matter whether light or dark shades of gray will be used.

Sofa with gray and beige pillows in the living room with large windows

For the interior in a modern style, a gray-beige combination is well suited

Scandinavian style bright living room interior

Gray sofa with fabric upholstery in a Scandinavian style living room

Red fridge next to a gray sofa

A sofa with gray upholstery will be a harmonious complement to the interior in the loft style.

Combined curtains in the interior of the living room fusion style

Fusion style living room, where some curtains are matched to the sofa, while others are a bright accent of the interior

Color schemes

Designers highlight several basic color combinations for a gray sofa in the interior. They are given in the table:

Combination Description Tips
WITH in white An optimal and quite interesting solution. Design the rooms It turns out cozy and calm. one.The main thing is color balance. White and Gray should not be used in equal proportions. For example, gray sofa can become a link white and black.

2. Soften stern sofa style can soft white pillows. It is better to choose fleecy fabric.

3. Neutral sofa upholstery blends in well with bleached oak.

Bright living room AT bright saturated design colors It will look great darkgray sofa from suede upholstery or eco-leather. 1. It is better to choose yellow or blue contrasting colors.

2. Red Colour walls will act tiringly.

Bright decor To dilute grey colour can be used bright accessories for living room. 1. Decorative pillows of lilac or pink shades more suitable for lightgray sofa. With this decoration, the atmosphere will become lighter and more romantic, and soft furniture won't seem boring.

2. Brightly- purple plain pillows and indoor plants will add the interior luxury, light and comfort.

3. The trend is always soft combination of all shades of gray and pistachio. Pillows of this tone are perfectly emphasized silver sofawill add a touch of cool to the design. It is recommended to choose curtains to match the pillows.

4. Turquoise pillows on bright sofa create an unobtrusive atmosphere with rustic motifs in style Provence.

Fur cape on a gray sofa in a small living room

For a small room, a light gray sofa is better suited.

Dark gray sofa in the living room with large windows

Dark gray tones visually reduce the volume and make the room more comfortable

Sofa selection

When choosing furniture, the buyer pays attention primarily to two factors:

  1. Colour.
  2. The form.
Gray sofa with a direct configuration in a room with striped wallpaper

The direct-shaped sofa is complemented by armrests and can be of completely different sizes, which is convenient for planning a room of almost any type

Assembled gray sofa bed

The angular design is convenient in that it easily turns into a comfortable berth

Modular gray sofa in a spacious living room design

A modular sofa is a combination of independent parts that can be combined in different variations.

So how do you make the right choice? For several seasons, designers have insisted on the versatility of gray sofas in the interior. But do not assume that the design of the living room will be completed immediately after the acquisition of this piece of furniture. Moreover, it is sometimes not so simple to decide. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different designs and shades of upholstered furniture. Before making a purchase, you should accurately determine the style of the living room and the overall color scheme. Only then can you get a comfortable room.

Modular paintings over a gray sofa

Discreet living room interior with gray corner sofa

Upholstered furniture should be not only comfortable, but also functional. Particularly popular now are corner folding sofas. Moreover, they can consist of several models that can be combined in different ways, which is very convenient. Moreover, such models are very compact, have several built-in linen drawers, and in some cases various shelves and even a bar.

Manufacturers offer sofas that may well fit into the design of the bedroom. For such options, it is better to choose light furniture and combine with a white decor.

Important. Do not forget that the style of the living room must be combined with the general design concept of the house or apartment. The gray color in the design will emphasize the taste and elegance of the created environment, add warmth and comfort to any room.

Kitchen design with gray sofa.

Gray sofa to match kitchen set

A small gray sofa in the children's room

In a children's room, gray is best diluted with bright details

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Gray sofa in the interior - 50 photos

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