Pros and cons of a shower cabin in a bathroom: photo of interiors

Often, the owners of the bathrooms in the apartments of the old building can not afford to put a large bathroom. The lack of space does not allow you to accommodate everything you want: a washing machine, household chemicals, a bathroom, a washbasin with a curbstone and a toilet bowl. And I want to make repairs so that the space visually increases, and for each thing there is a place. The best solution will be shower cabin in a small bathroom, because on a photo You can see the interiors of such rooms, so you can make your bathroom more comfortable and cozy.

Pros and cons of a shower cabin in a bathroom

Bathroom with shower

Pros and cons of a shower cabin in a bathroom

Advantages of a shower cabin:

  • If you decide to change the bath for a shower, then the water flow when taking water procedures will significantly decrease, and the floor in the room will remain dry due to the tightness of the doors of the shower cabin.

    Clear glass shower enclosure for the bathroom

    The interior of a small bathroom

  • If you want to relax, you can buy a cabin with hydromassage, aromatherapy or choose the function "tropical shower".
  • If there is a child in the house, then a shower cabin with a high tray is convenient and practical. In it, the child swims, plays with toys floating in the water. In the pallet, if you wish, you can wash those things that are not included in the washing machine due to the large volume.

    Photo design shower for a small bathroom

    Bathroom decor with an original shower

  • It is recommended to use models with textured or matte doors for a small room, they will visually expand the space of the bathroom.
  • It is easy to choose a shower cabin depending on your needs, for example, if you don’t have time to constantly wash smudges from soap and shampoo, you can buy a model with frosted glass or a model with white walls. Such a shower will be less visible, and it will not frighten with its unaesthetic appearance. For compactness, it is recommended to use a booth with doors that open inward, but this model should be excluded if there are overweight people or elderly people in the house. They will be uncomfortable with them.

    Corner shower for a small bathroom

    Stylish shower cabin for a bathroom

There are drawbacks to the booths, when compared with the bathroom. Here you can’t relax lying down, stretching out to its full length, and if the water pressure is not strong, then the functions of the shower cubicle will decrease.

Pros and cons of a shower in a small bathroom

Layout in the bathroom

How to choose a cabin in a small room

Original style shower stall

Design a shower cabin for a stylish bathroom

The option to place a shower is very convenient for small bathrooms with a lack of free space. At its core, the dimensions of the bathroom and the shower are the same, the only advantage is the shower cabin takes up less space.

  • It is necessary to measure the distance from the proposed cabin to the door, it should be at least 75-80 centimeters, so that a person would be comfortable with a towel or take off his clothes. The cabin model should not be too bulky so that it does not “eat up” all the free space in the room.

    Pros of a corner shower in the bathroom

    Bathroom with corner shower

  • In a small area, it is often impossible to place the structure in the middle of the room so that there is free access from all sides.This is due to a lack of square meters. It is better to stop on equipment leaning against any of the walls or choose a corner placement option. It will easily fit into the interior and will not interfere when a person moves around the room.
  • It is more convenient to purchase cabin doors with a sliding mechanism and a rounded tray.

    Shower cabin with sliding glass doors

    Photo design shower for a small bathroom

Tip: If you need to visually increase the space, then models with transparent glass on the doors are perfect, but remember that caring for them is time-consuming and difficult.

  • If the bathroom is combined with the toilet, then models with frosted or tinted textured glasses are purchased.

    Functional shower for a small bathroom

    Proper layout in a small bathroom

  • Under conditions where the floor of the room is lined with waterproof material, it is recommended to give preference to structures without a pallet. So, you do not have to divide the space into zones, and the owner of the apartment will thoroughly save free space.
  • In a small room, it is not recommended to install equipment larger than 80 * 80 cm.
How to choose the right shower cabin for the bathroom

The right shower for a small bathtub

How to place a booth?

In rooms where the space is small, there are not many options for installing showers. The best option for placing equipment is angular. It is suitable in square-shaped rooms. If the room has recesses or ledges, then usually the shower is placed in these places.

Successful placement of shower and bath

Photo of the interior of a functional bathroom

Tip: It is recommended to leave the indents from the cabin to the rest of the plumbing, furniture and washing machine at least 15 centimeters.

  • When installing, remember that the shower door should not overlap the doors of the machine, cabinets, swing tables.
  • Planning the placement of furniture and plumbing should take into account the location of the front door.
  • If the room has the shape of a square, then the shower can be placed in any place in which it will be convenient for the owner of the apartment.

    The combination of shower and bath in one style

    The original interior of the small bathroom

  • If the bathroom is in the shape of a rectangle, it is better to put the equipment along a long wall.
  • If the door is shifted to the corners of the room, then the corner will be the best option for placement.
How to place a shower cabin in a bathroom

Placement of a shower cabin next to the entrance door to the bathroom

Shower color

An important aspect when choosing such equipment will be the color. Indeed, the acquired cabin of light shades (beige, milk, ivory, white, pale blue) will visually expand the cramped space of the room. It is important to combine such sanitary equipment with a single execution style with the interior of the room.

Photo of the original style of a shower cabin for a bathroom

Interior of a modern bathroom with shower

But dark colors (black, metallic, blue) will look bulky and “eat up” the space, for this reason they should not be installed in such a room.

We select a shower cabin

If there is not enough space in the bathroom, but you want to arrange plumbing and furniture with the least loss of square meters, then it is recommended to think over the form for the shower room and evaluate the financial possibilities before buying plumbing equipment.

We select a shower cabin for a small bathroom

Small bathroom interior with corner shower

Stylish, non-trivial and expensive models look without plastic structures, but completely consisting of glass (modern style). They are increasingly appearing in small bathrooms. Such a shower gives the room an abundance of light, making it more spacious and stylish. The color solutions of such equipment are very different, and the glass can be either transparent or frosted.

Fashionable shower with sliding glass doors

Fashionable shower design

The shapes of glass showers range from oval to five-, six-pointed, which makes it convenient to fit them into any room configuration. A distinctive feature of such models will be the lack of a ceiling. Due to this, water vapor does not remain in the cabin, therefore, it creates less condensation on the walls of the cabin.Unfortunately, often people are mistaken when they think that such a cabin is short-lived and fragile. This is a wrong judgment. Glass for the manufacture of cabins has high strength and can withstand even a strong blow. A new trend in the world of plumbing is the soul in the Art Nouveau style, but they are becoming increasingly popular among owners of small bathrooms, due to unusual shapes, a variety of watering cans and simple maintenance of the structure.

Modern and practical shower cabin in the bathroom

Comfortable bathroom interior

It is worth remembering that the price of such equipment is higher than on models with plastic inserts or doors, but their aesthetic appearance is much more interesting.

Modern bathroom with white color

Design photo of a modern bathroom

When choosing a shower, pay attention to the form.

  • corner models will save space and fit into almost any bathroom.
  • And structures in the shape of a rectangle are recommended to be installed along the wall. They are not the most successful configuration for a small bathroom, but with a good location, they are quite acceptable for small rooms.

    Rectangular shower cubicle with sliding doors

    Bathroom design in dazzling white

  • Round (ring-shaped) showers look noble in the performance of glass. They are usually placed either in large bathrooms or in small rooms, provided that they are located closer to the middle of the room. Such models have many color options. And taking a shower in them, according to the owners, is like standing under a waterfall.
  • The five-wall shower configurations that are spacious inside in a small room are suitable only if there are recesses on the surfaces of walls, niches or bevels into which such a model fits organically.

    Fashionable bathroom design with integrated shower

    Fashionable bathroom design

Design ideas for bathroom design

The great advantage of showers installed in small rooms is the visual and actual expansion of space. If the kitchen or the corridor of the apartment is small and not small enough, then installing a shower instead of a bathroom will solve this problem. After all, it will even be possible to move the wall thanks to the vacated space.

Shower and bath in one modern style

Modern interior of a spacious bathroom

It is recommended to design a small bathroom in a minimalist style without an abundance of bright bulky accent details. At the same time, the shower should fit into the interior design and not get out of it.

Design ideas for decorating a bathroom with shower

Small bathroom with combined toilet and shower

This room is zoned with lighting, because the more light, the higher and wider it seems. When decorating walls and floors, it is worth paying attention to decorating with medium-sized patterns and ornaments, and ceramic tiles themselves are recommended in light shades. Dark or bright colors “overload” the room, as well as large patterns and the bathroom will seem like a small nook.

Small orange bathroom with corner shower

The original style of the bathroom

 Tip: In order to create additional space on one of the walls, it is recommended to stick photowall-paper with the ZD effect. Do not worry about condensation and humidity, manufacturers provide for moisture resistance of wallpaper printing materials. The image of the forest, the ocean, the garden, the terrace overlooking the nature gives a sense of reality, and the bathroom will seem bigger than it really is.

Stylish design of a shower cabin in a bathroom

Small bathroom with original shower

Another design technique will be the installation of an adapted automatic washing machine under the washbasin. On these sink models, the drain is sideways and it’s easy to arrange a space for the washing machine underneath, saving space in a cramped bathroom. Closed shelves or cabinets are fixed above the sink, which look original and fulfill a functional role, hiding hygiene and cleaning products.

Transparent glass shower cabin for the bathroom

Photo of the original design of a small bathroom

On the walls behind the shower cabin often hang a wardrobe, made in the same style as all the furniture in the bathroom. Towels, bathrobes, soap, shampoos are added to it, in order to avoid creating a messy look of the room.If there is not enough space for a cabinet, then corner open shelves for cosmetics and shampoos are often hung.

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