We select a fireplace for the interior of the living room

The living room without exaggeration, they call the heart of the house. Home and guests gather here. When in the interior is present fireplace, it becomes an important component in creating comfort and warmth. Having decided to decorate the living room with them, you need to be able to make sure that the fireplace is in harmony with the design of the room. Let's talk about how to do this.

We select a fireplace for the interior of the living room

Beautiful living room

Living room interior with fireplace

The item is installed in spacious rooms. The area should be 20 square meters or more. In the free living room, he brings elements of luxury and emphasizes style. But in small rooms, its inept arrangement will lead to the feeling that you are in the back room or bathhouse, and not the living room.

Choosing a fireplace for a cozy living room with glass furniture

Interior of a cozy living room with glass furniture and a stylish fireplace

The stone fireplace, made in the classical style, will fill the air with comfort and romance. In this room you want to be for a long time, relax or chat with family and guests.

Choosing a functional fireplace for a small living room in brown shades

Design a small living room in brown tones with a trendy fireplace

Of course, a real fireplace is installed only in a private house. To do this, you need a reliable floor that can easily withstand a serious load. Installing it is far from an easy task. Better to entrust the process to professionals. Particular attention when choosing a fireplace, in addition to the floor, is given to the height of the ceiling, the strength of the walls and fire safety.

Living room interior with fireplace

Fireplace in the interior

In a city apartment, you need to correctly select furniture and decor. In a small room, special attention is paid to ensuring that maximum free space is preserved in it. In such a room, only a false fireplace will do. Then you don’t have to think about the height of the ceilings and the scarcity of square meters.

Fireplace design for a small living room with reading area

The original design of the living room with fireplace and seating area

Types of fireplaces at the installation site

The interior item is classified by location and by the principle of work.

Depending on the installation location, fireplaces come in the following varieties.

  • Island type is in the center of the room. He is very capable of heating.
  • Wall type is placed next to the wall. In this case, classic types of fireplaces are used. A wall can be internal (between rooms) or external (behind which there is a street). In the first case, the installation will become more practical. If with it the room is heated, it is better not to install it on the external wall, since part of the heat goes outside, especially if there are windows between it. In addition, the fireplace must not be placed next to wooden elements, such as stairs or doors.

    Choosing a fireplace design for a large and bright living room

    Bright large living room with a functional fireplace

  • Built in The fireplace fits perfectly in small living rooms. Such a variety is installed in a special column or niche.
  • Popular are also angular fireplaces. They look elegant in different styles. These species are especially common in small areas.

Types of fireplaces according to the principle of work

Modern fireplace design for a functional spacious living room

Snow-white living room in a large house with a fireplace

Today, designers and architects have come up with many models suitable for installation in a house and city apartment. Consider how they now work.

We select a fireplace for the interior of a modern spacious living room

Design living room with a functional beautiful fireplace

  • Wood type. This is a classic antique fireplace that has survived through the centuries. And now there are houses where such fireplaces are installed.Moreover, they not only decorate the room, but also perform their main function of heating. As the name implies, the mechanism of work is carried out on wood. At the same time, a firewood is installed in the fireplace area for storing logs. This type is suitable for houses with spacious rooms equipped with solid floors. When installing, special attention is paid to the chimney and the portal.
Types of fireplaces according to the principle of work

This is a classic antique fireplace, extant through the centuries.

In an ordinary city apartment, the best option is electric fireplaces. There are many modifications and forms. They come in classic and original designs. At the same time, the operation is completely safe, easy to use and clean. After all, there will be no garbage from firewood, as is the case with the classic design. In addition to simulating fire, such a fireplace is capable of radiating heat. And this is already a useful function, and not just a decor element. At the same time, the atmosphere of comfort created by the electric fireplace is extremely important for the family.

We select a fireplace for the interior of a large stylish living room

Design fireplace for the interior of a large and stylish living room

It is better to install a fireplace near a perpendicular wall from a window

Fake - refer to another variety of these interior items. True, there is no need to speak of a direct appointment. It is clear that no heat will come from here. It is installed with the purpose of decorating the room. And I must say, with this function, the false counter does an excellent job.

Stylish fireplace with stone tiles for a large living room

Design of a large living room of a country house with a fireplace

The advantages of these parts in the latest version include many qualities. So, if desired, they are made independently. Real firewood is sometimes placed in the cavity of the fireplace to simulate the original. The flame is imitated by the burning candle located here. For this, a mirror is mounted on the rear wall. There are no requirements for the construction of the house and directly the premises where the false fireplace is located. It can look original in spacious rooms and in modest small living rooms. The chimney and other components for the operation of fireplaces are absent here. Flowers, photographs, candles, mirrors and other decorative elements are placed in it.

Types of fireplaces according to the principle of work

Falshkins - refer to another variety of these interior items

Gas fireplace is the most modern invention. Together with him they enjoy real fire and at the same time do not care about firewood.

And lovers of watching television should put a fireplace and TV on the walls perpendicular to each other. Then the room will be divided into two zones. The TV cannot be placed above the fireplace, otherwise the gaze will be thrown between watching TV and watching the flame. Then the whole point of our idea will be lost.

Simple and modern living room fireplace

Design a simple living room with a fireplace and comfortable armchairs


All interior items, including those considered by us, should be combined in a given image. To do this, you need to understand the styles. Consider the most popular of them.

For Hopscotch minimalism is characteristic when the fireplace does not stand out. The style is performed in a restrained form or in luxury. The material for making the portal is stone or wood, where there is nothing superfluous. Mirrors, paintings or lamps are placed above the structure.

Fireplace for a bright and modern living room in the apartment

Fireplace for a bright and modern living room in the apartment

If a luxurious style is realized, then natural stone is certainly used, as well as art parquet. In this style of high classics, which stands out separately, light shades prevail in the room, and the decoration is represented by decorative plaster, stone carvings or stucco molding. The room is supposed to be certainly spacious - at least 25 square meters. meters and having a lot of natural light.


If a luxurious style is realized, then natural stone is certainly used, as well as art parquet

The furniture is arranged providing a cozy corner.

Another popular style is Country. It is ideal for decorating the living room of a summer house or country house.The fireplace here looks advantageously paired with a high ceiling and wooden or stone trim.

It is made massive, with a protrusion from the wall. Stone laying can have large uneven lines, and the design around is carried out by trophies with hunting or rifles.

Spacious living room interior with stained-glass windows and fireplace.

Fireplace ideas for a spacious living room with stained-glass windows

Style Modern Looks great in a square living room, where a fireplace is installed along the wall or in the corner. It can be performed with irregular and original forms. Design can be ordinary, as well as with additional stained-glass windows.

Fireplace for a stylish living room interior with red bright walls

-Living room in bright red color with a fireplace on the main wall

For style Baroque pompous lines are characteristic. Design is allowed in the form of mosaics, where elements of landscapes may be present. The best material in this case is snow-white marble.

Decorative fireplace in style High tech It has the right to have its own legal unusual, and at the same time strict form.


The stylish interior of the living room will not cease to delight you, as well as your guests


So, given the style, you already imagine what your fireplace will be like. For him, choose the cladding, and then the elements of jewelry. To harmoniously fit the room, the fireplace must have at least one color, of those that are in the living room.

Fireplace design for a stylized living room of a rustic house

Living room design of a rustic house with a functional fireplace

Usually a picture or mirror is placed over it, boxes, vases and other decorative elements are placed. This is an important stage. With a symmetrical mantelpiece, the fireplace looks lighter, which is more typical of the classical style. Asymmetric execution has its own charm. The fireplace is involved in spatial structuring and sets the tone. The main rule that is followed during the design of our interior item: the more symmetrical the execution, the stricter the form looks and has a classic look. The more asymmetrical, the more relaxed and dynamic the picture.

Fireplace idea for a very small and comfortable living room

Interior of a small cozy living room with fireplace

If they prefer to gather here, next to it, an armchair and a sofa are set against each other, between which a small table is placed. Fifty centimeters from the fireplace place a bookcase or bedside table.


A fireplace placed on an external wall will give part of the heat to the environment.


Consider several options for the interior of the living room with fireplace.

  1. The classic look looks spectacular in a room made in bright shades, in the presence of fresh flowers, additional elements with delicate openwork, antique furniture.
  2. A small room with bright walls gives off a marble fireplace. Furniture choose high.
  3. A white fireplace with metal trim looks great in the living room, made in gray and purple colors. A mirror of the original form with a similar frame is installed above it.

    The idea of ​​a fireplace in the living room of a country house

    Modern fireplace for the living room of a country house

  4. In the living room, which has high ceilings, dark furniture and prevailing beige, yellow or green colors, a stone fireplace is suitable.
  5. With upholstered low furniture, in the interior of the flowers of light wood and the sea wave, a fireplace with a regular rectangle shape looks good.

    White fireplace under the interior of a modern large living room

    Modern design for a large living room with a white fireplace

These are just a few ideas in an infinite space from which you can find the most suitable for yourself or come up with something completely new.


Fireplace design for a simple living room with dark furniture

Simple living room with fireplace

What could be more comfortable than sitting by the fireplace in a warm sweater when the weather is bad and peering into the enchanting and mysterious picture of the fire while drinking tea or good wine? To do this, it is worth the effort to choose the right model for the living room, and design it in the best way.

Fireplace in the living room

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