Useful furniture for the home: a bench in the bedroom

It is impossible to imagine a cozy house without comfortable upholstered furniture - a sofa and armchairs. An equally important element of the interior is bench seat for installation to the bedroom or rest room. It is a bench with soft upholstery without a back or a small sofa. Sitting on a banquet, you can relax or change clothes. Such a design will fill the interior with an atmosphere of luxury and wealth.

Varieties of banquets

Initially, carved wooden furniture with legs was referred to banquets. In recent years, designers have developed dozens of variations of a traditional interior item. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish a bench from a sofa or pouf. As a result, several types of banquets appeared:

  • With or without backrest
  • With or without legs
  • With or without armrests
  • On wheels
  • Footrest bench
  • Transformer

Classic banquets are decorated with carvings, gilding, patina. The material for the manufacture is solid wood. Valuable species are used - oak, ash, cherry, beech, walnut. The product is elegantly shaped, reminiscent of ancient baroque furniture. In the modern interpretation, the bench looks like a pouf.

Varieties of banquets

The material for the manufacture is solid wood

Product Dimensions

Furniture should be appropriate for the size of the room. The convenience of banquets is that they occupy a minimum of space. But if you wish, you can order a double or even triple model. In this case, it makes sense to pay attention to products with an ergonomic back.

Furniture salons even sell corner modifications designed for placement in rooms with a non-standard layout. A bench with armrests without a back is placed close to the bed. In this case, it is used for dressing.

Seat height varies depending on the destination. The coasters are quite low, usually sold complete with a chair. Legs also come in various lengths.

Tip. When picking up a bench, make sure that it is the same height or just below the bed.

Product Dimensions

The convenience of banquets is that they occupy a minimum of space

Sustainable design - quality forever

A classic banquette stands on four legs and looks like a goat. Elegant forms of the product are taken from the ancient Greek culture. The wooden frame is upholstered with fabric. Today, in addition to standard models, budget banquets from chipboard are produced. Products with a metal frame are extremely rare and are considered intended for installation in public places.

The history of the banquets

In the old days, furniture prices were prohibitive, because every detail was made by hand. Only representatives of a wealthy noble family could purchase products with upholstery from elite wood species. Accustomed to luxury, the owners of the mansions preferred to live in comfortable conditions. Even in the ancient era, chambers were furnished with a large number of furniture for various purposes. In bedrooms and dressing rooms put banquets. Such a miniature sofa was used to change shoes or attire.This element of the interior replaced the chairs for guests. It can be found in the living rooms and ballrooms of the palaces.

The history of the banquets

Bench for a bedroom

Modern trends

Centuries later, the banquette has not lost its relevance. Compact benches upholstered in leather or cloth are bought for furnishing apartments, country houses and changing rooms in shopping centers. Executive models and inexpensive mass-produced products made by woodcarvers are sold. Banquets are not necessarily old-fashioned structures from an antique store. The collections of furniture brands include minimalist high-tech and art deco models.

It is interesting. A novelty of the twenty-first century is a frameless bench with a memory effect. It takes the form of a person sitting in it.

Upholstery Types

The appearance of furniture is largely determined by the type of upholstery. When buying, take into account not only design features, but also the textiles used for upholstery. The following materials are used for decoration:

  • Upholstery silk - expensive, looks noble
  • Brocade - luxury fabric for luxury headsets
  • Jacquard - attracts attention with a bright pattern
  • Tapestry - reminds jacquard, eco-friendly and smart
  • Genuine leather - looks expensive
  • Faux leather or faux suede - stylish and inexpensive
  • Velor or velvet - pleasant to the touch, associated with chic palaces
  • Flock - standard material for the manufacture of sofas
  • Microfiber - low cost, looks like velvet
Upholstery Types

When buying, take into account not only design features, but also the textiles used for upholstery

Interior decoration

To update the interior and fill the house with new colors, it is enough to purchase new furniture. The bed plays the leading role in the bedroom, and a fashionable banquette will help to create a complete ensemble. She will replace the chair, and the nightstand, and the hanger. The clothes can be stacked or hung on the armrest. Waking up in the morning, you can change clothes sitting and easily find the necessary wardrobe items.

Tip. Choose upholstered furniture from one collection. Then all the elements from the chair to the foot pads will overlap with each other.

Bench - the best solution for a small apartment

When there is a catastrophic lack of room, you have to use every free square meter. To get rid of bulky cabinets, designers invented furniture with drawers for storage. A spacious bench with a compartment for storing bedding will save usable space. It will also be a compromise if you want to put an additional sofa in the bedroom.

A miniature bench will take up no more space than a standard chest of drawers. At the same time, it will perform several functions at once. On a soft seat you can relax after a busy day, and put clothes and other personal items in a storage box.

Useful information. The compact bench can be slid under the table with a flick of the wrist or put into the closet.

Bench - the best solution for a small apartment

A miniature bench will take up no more space than a standard chest of drawers.

Convenient storage

Practical people at first doubt whether to purchase a banquet. Perhaps it will not be used every day or even interfere. If you are overwhelmed by such thoughts, pay attention to multifunctional modifications.

Widespread banquet transformer. It can be a chest of drawers with removable soft seat or a table with a lid-seat. In online stores you can find unusual variations.

Convenient models with removable armrests or backrest. There are also items like a chest. The seat leans back and the inside compartment is designed to hold things. Ladies will like stylish models with a built-in mirror or dressing table.

Convenient storage

Widespread transformer bench

Always relevant eclecticism

To create an interior in a single style, you will need to spend a lot of money. In the future, before you purchase a new accessory, you will have to carefully think about how appropriate it is. You can avoid these difficulties by choosing an eclectic style that involves mixing styles. In this case, any bench you like is suitable. However, it should be borne in mind that the subject should fit in the color scheme.

Use in a classic interior

This style can not be imagined without expensive antique furniture and elegant decorative ornaments. An indispensable companion of the classics are soft chairs with armrests and footrests. Given the specifics of the traditional interior, both impressive models, such as sofas, and small banquets-pouffes will be appropriate. Skillful creations with curly legs, gilding, and impregnations of bronze should be preferred. Minimalist options made of wood with no frills are also suitable.


Wavy edges and bizarre shapes distinguish this style from the rest. The abundance of decor and sentimental decorative elements made Rococo an exclusively feminine style. This trend is somewhat like a classic. But the decor is not so restrained, oriental motifs are felt in it. A catchy banquet with many decorations will harmoniously complement the artsy interior. Velvet upholstery, fringe and tassels along the edges of the seat are relevant.


Wavy edges and bizarre shapes distinguish this style from the rest.


The rustic style is divided into several independent directions. It can appear in the form of an elegant Provence design, filled with the spirit of antiquity. In this case, a banquet painted with pastel paint, through which the texture of wood is visible, will be a suitable addition to the aged furniture. Finishing the seat with embroidered fabric or floral prints is a stricter version of the country style that has its roots in the United States. It uses a lot of raw wood for decoration. The bedroom resembles a farmer’s home, which primarily appreciates practicality and comfort. The furniture is simple, without unnecessary details. A stool is selected with upholstery in a box or plain. Pompous carved elements and satin fabrics are unacceptable.

High tech

Mirrored surfaces and strict geometric furniture with no frills are direct signs of hi-tech style. For modern interiors, models often decorated with faux leather or rough fabric are often chosen. The colors are restrained, the predominant color is gray or silver.

Where to put a bench

Even in a spacious room, it can be difficult to determine the location of cabinets and other items. The bedroom does not put a lot of furniture. The bench is placed next to the bed or against the wall. She does not become dominant, but rather emphasizes other elements. However, without this convenient thing, the interior looks unfinished. Previously, kings and influential persons acquired banquets. Now everyone can purchase a similar product. It symbolizes the comfort and warmth of the hearth. Bench brings up associations with previous eras, and at the same time has practical application. This is not a simple decoration, but a comfortable place to relax or even a storage for things.

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