The sizes of 2-sleeping linen and euros are of considerable importance

An example of 2-bedroom bedding

Original beige bedding

The bedroom is a small corner of our house, which should be cozy and calm. The interior of our room largely depends on the choice of bed linen, its decor is desirable to suit the color scheme of the bedroom and the apartment as a whole. You can place an order for bedding online through the online store. In this case, one should rely not only on the photo, but also on the dimensions provided in the description. There is one rule, in the apartment you should highlight a certain width for the recreation area. She should not be small in order to ensure a calm and healthy sleep. Before making a purchase, you should measure the mattress with a pillow and blanket and compare the data with the characteristics of the goods.

System of standards

The sizes directly depend on the furniture, the manufacturers of which dictate their standards. Classification of bedding in size:

  • single (80 - 90);
  • one and a half (110 - 150);
  • double (190 - two meters);
  • non-standard.

Each of the groups requires the selection of certain sets and mattresses. On January 1, 2007, the Russian authorities introduced an amendment on international bedding standards. Sleeping accessories should be made according to GOST 31307-2005. He was composed counting on couples. The standard set includes a sheet, pillowcases (two pieces) and a duvet cover. There are only two types of measurements in the world. Manufacturers from America use English, and European - metric. American firms use feet and inches to measure sizes, European manufacturers in centimeters and meters. Accordingly, Russia uses a metering system. Based on this fact, a certain grouping of all bed linen was introduced:

  • Euro;
  • one and a half;
  • double;
  • family;
  • children’s.
Euro bedding example

Euro bedding

One and a half bedding

One and a half bedding in a marine style

An example of 2-bedroom bedding

Double bedding

Family bedding

Family bedding

Baby bedding

Baby bedding

When choosing clothes, you should not rely solely on this classification. Before buying, it is better to carefully study the packaging and the dimensions indicated on it.

Euro bedding

It has its own classification:

- the designation full is a double linen, which is approximately five centimeters larger than the European standard;

- one and a half linen has the designation extra long single, it has a slightly larger size than the standard;

- single denotes a single set, is not widespread, but exists;

- king-size is a designation of an enlarged double set, is considered the royal size;

- family - here the name speaks for itself. Family double linen.


You can see other terminology: 1-bed, 1,5-bed, two-bed and children. It is single, one and a half sleeping, double and children's. Euro kit is approximately 10 cm larger. For owners of custom beds there is another way. You can sew your own clothes using the decor according to your preferences. This will emphasize the interior not only in the bedroom, but also in the apartment itself, giving it a zest and personality. If there is not enough time to do it yourself, then you can place an order for the manufacture of a custom bed set.

An example of modern euro-size bedding

Modern euro bedding

Euro full bedding

Euro full bedding is double bedding that is about five centimeters larger than the European standard

Euro bedding extra long single

One and a half lingerie has the designation extra long single, it has a slightly larger size than the standard

Single euro bedding

Single means a single set, not widespread, but exists

King size bedding

King-size is a designation of an enlarged double set, is considered a royal size

Euro family bedding

Family Double Linen

When buying Euro underwear, you should pay attention not only to the exquisite decor of the kit, but also to the packaging itself. It should contain all the information about the manufacturer, composition, size of the kit. If there is incomplete data, it is better not to buy this product, you can purchase a fake. Another trick may be marking. It is indicated, for example, a double, but in reality it turns out to be less.

Kit selection

The correct selection of a set of linen depends on two values. Need to measure the width of the bed and blankets. The sheet should be larger than the mattress 100 cm wide. A duvet cover is about five centimeters larger than a blanket all around. Ordinary pillowcases 70 * 70 are suitable for square pillows, rectangular - 50 * 70. For a bed wider than 140 cm with a large mattress, a family set is perfect, where the sheet is 240 cm and the duvet covers are 150 cm. Two blankets can be replaced with one, for this it is better to choose a set of double or euro standard. With your own hands, the interior of the bedroom can be made more modern if you buy a sheet with elastic bands, where there is a unique decor. It will not be small, suitable for beds from 140 cm wide and will look stylish and neat.

Euro Size White Linen Example

White bedding

Euro bedding with a coral reef

Coral reef bedding

An example of an original euro-sized bedding

Original bedding

White bedding with petals

White bedding with petals

An example of euro-size bedding with roses

Beautiful bedding with roses

Those who want to make their bedroom royal, whose interior can be seen in the photo of glossy magazines, can buy a large bed. For a double bed, two mattresses are most often used. It’s hard to wash a double set with your own hands, it is easier to two one and a half.

The width of the blankets also determines the option of bedding. The blanket is 140 cm - one and a half, for two blankets, the sizes of which are 140, a family set is suitable, if 180 cm, then a double, more than 190 cm - this is a euro, the blanket is wider than 210 cm for a euro maxi set. With pillowcases it’s easier, sizes vary in length 40-80 cm, width 30-50 cm.

Euro beige bedding example

Beige bedding

The quality of bedding should be at a high level. The material is natural - contributes to a good sleep, quality of tailoring, wear resistance - the linen will have a long service life, persistent dyeing ensures the presence of a bright color throughout the entire service life.

Classification of material used

Most often, bed linen is made of satin. Ideal for people creating aesthetically neat little bedrooms of 10 square meters. m. It has a special strength, cotton fibers have a unique weave. It looks attractive. Characteristics contribute to healthy sleep. The fabric perfectly transmits air and retains heat. The price is also notable for its affordability. Kits from this material are the best sellers.

Sample Satin Euro Bed Linen

Satin bedding

Linen distinguished by its naturalness, which contributes to excellent quality. The only drawback of such a bed is fragility. In its pure form, linen is practically not used, most often synthetic fibers are added. This does not impair quality at all, but provides high strength and thermoregulation. Linen bed linen is in high demand among buyers.

An example of linen in Euro size linen

Linen bedding

Silk - This is truly royal material. Perfect for people who want to create an exquisite bedroom interior. The decor is so linen apartment, even a small 44 square meters. m will make her special. Do-it-yourself nondescript room in 8 square meters. m. can be made exclusive.Such linen has a high price, but it is durable and of high quality. Silk bedding has an analogue that has a more affordable price - this is artificial silk. Such material has some disadvantages. It has a slippery surface and rather vulnerable material that requires care. Deficiencies are offset by virtues. It is very durable, has excellent thermoregulation, hypoallergenic. Its distinguishing feature is its special softness. It contributes to a positive effect on the human body.

The acquisition of cheap bedding can affect not only the appearance of a small apartment of 35 square meters. m., its design, but also on the well-being of a person, chemistry has never brought benefits.

The role of linen in the interior

The bedroom is a place for relaxation, complete relaxation, comfort and peace. Sometimes you want change. To quickly change the depressing atmosphere in a small room of 11 square meters. m., you should replace the bedding set with a set with a different design. To understand what color is not enough for the mood, you can take a photo of the room and mentally pick up the kit. The bedding market offers a wide selection of bedding. You can buy in your city, order on the Internet. In online stores are provided not only a photo of the product, but also its detailed description. New linen can transform an apartment of 50 square meters. m. beyond recognition.

An example of modern euro-size bedding

New linen can transform an apartment of 50 square meters. m. beyond recognition

Euro printed bedding example

Original printed bedding

Beige patterned bedding

Beige patterned bedding

Euro-size romantic bedding example

Romantic bedding

You can pick up any fabric. Choose a texture or print. It can be geometric, abstract. Delicate floristic is ideal for young ladies, the little builder will like the architectural. A variety of fabrics allows you to meet the requirements of any design decision or to add your own colors to the interior.

You can pick up cheap calico, silk, which will give a precious look to an apartment of 44 square meters. m will shine with high cost. Thick satin will add sophistication and modernity. In a modern interior, mainly a combination of various fabrics with original prints, ornaments. The main thing is not to break the harmony in combination.

Price policy

It is important to choose a bed not based on price. Buying cheap goods, you throw money away. Quality plays a role here. Inexpensive linen will not last long, it will be difficult to sleep on it, because after the first washing, spools may appear, they cannot be cleaned manually. In one year you will need to purchase about three sets of low-quality linen. One set of expensive bed can last more than two years, subject to care. Coloring a cheap kit may come down in a week. A quality kit pleases with its color for a long time.

An example of quality euro-size bedding

High-quality kit pleases with its color for a long time

Before buying a product, it is advisable to deploy it. There may be differences between the ornament and the packaging shown in the photo, this often happens with 3d prints. The apartment is small in size in 45 square meters. m. having a special style, will lose its uniqueness with a cheap bed linen set. A careful choice will eliminate frustration. Good lingerie contributes to a good mood for the whole day, excellent well-being and cheerful body. Saving on bedding, a person saves on himself and his loved ones. Particular care should be taken in choosing baby kits and sets for a newborn.

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