Sliding wardrobe in the interior of a modern hallway: we select the furniture correctly

The modern principle of building the design of the hallway is much different from the one that was before. Its main goal was to achieve maximum comfort. For this reason, ordinary bulky cabinets were replaced with more comfortable, compact, roomy furniture. Sliding wardrobe today is presented in various variations, price categories. You can choose any color, size, model. Such furniture can be purchased by a person with almost any income level, for any style of apartment interior. This article details the choice of a wardrobe for the interior of the hallway.

Shirts and sweatshirts on hangers inside the wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes are designed so that each item has its own place and can be easily found

Sliding wardrobe in a hall

The entrance hall is the "calling card" of the entire apartment. It is this room that is first appreciated by guests at home. The design of the hall should be harmonious, effective. The functionality of the room plays a huge role. Typically, bags, shoes, and outerwear are stored in the lobby. An ideal place to store such things can be called a closet. The advantages of this furniture mass. It is roomy, has compact dimensions, has an attractive design.

Sliding wardrobe with an open wooden door

The main purpose of the wardrobe is to accommodate the maximum number of things and store them in order

Selection tips

When choosing furniture-coupe from a huge number of options, it is necessary to consider several basic criteria:

  1. Functionality. The number of shelves, the type of branches, the capacity of the product must fully meet the needs of the family. It is necessary to decide in advance what will be stored there. Finding the perfect content is sometimes problematic. In this case, there is only one solution - it is necessary to purchase goods on an individual project. The project is being developed by specialists. It takes into account the slightest wishes of the owners, the technical features of the apartment.
  2. The material of manufacture. The most basic criterion should be environmental friendliness. The composition of the material used in the manufacture of the product should be the least harmful. However, then the cost of goods will be much higher.
  3. Model. The design of the compartment must be chosen based on the general style of the room. The model should correspond to the dimensions of the room, have a harmonious color. Mandatory element of the hallway is a mirror. To save space, you can order mirrored doors. This is a popular solution.
  4. Cost. When choosing models, you should focus on your own financial budget. This option will immediately cut off unnecessary options.
Sliding wardrobe with two sliding doors

First, decide what and how much you plan to store in the closet.


In the interior of the hallway, the wardrobe will perform several functions at the same time: decorative, practical. In order for both functions to be fully implemented, it is necessary to choose the right kind of product.

Direct wardrobe closet in the hallway interior

The case model differs from a conventional cabinet with sliding doors mounted on special runners - “rails”

More details about the types of sliding wardrobes, their features are described in the table:

View Characteristics
Case This view is standard.It is characterized by simplicity of design, reliability, high strength. The design consists of three walls, sliding doors. The main advantage of such a product is its mobility. It can be easily moved if necessary.
Built in Today, built-in models are the most popular. They save space, are relatively inexpensive, and fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the hall. The design usually provides only side walls. Sometimes installation is done without them.
Radius This option has an unusual shape. It is ordered for non-standard decoration of the halls. The radius shape of the profile is a curved line. For each unit of the product, it is done individually.
Angular The corner option is the best solution for an apartment with a small footage. It fits into the corner, is quite roomy. When choosing such an item, its dimensions are an important point. With this option, it's hard to guess. Sometimes the corner coupe has to be made to order.
The dark gray doors of the built-in wardrobe

The built-in wardrobe is installed in the space allotted for it and does not have side and upper walls

Glass doors of the radius wardrobe

The radius cabinet has curved doors that can move along arcuate guides

Corner corner wardrobe in the interior of the hallway

Corner wardrobe is designed to fill the corner of the hallway, while it can be of any design of the above

Wardrobe in the interior of the hallway

Any cabinet, corner, radius, built-in closet will become a central element in the design of the room. With it, you can decorate the situation, completely ruin it. For the interior of the hall to benefit from the installation of the cabinet, you need to know a few tricks of its application. In small rooms, a cabinet with fully mirrored doors fits perfectly. The mirrored surface of the coupe effectively expands the space. Visually, the room looks larger, more comfortable. Mirror surfaces are relevant in the styles of hi-tech, classic, minimalism.

Wardrobe with mirrored doors in the design of the hallway

Mirrored cabinet doors will make the hallway visually spacious

Sliding wardrobe with white doors

Models with straight lines and contrasting finishes look good in a contemporary design style.

A beautiful illuminated built-in sliding door wardrobe is a great solution for a low-light lounge. The backlight can be located in different places. With its help it is easy to create interesting highlights, effects.

Classic style entrance hall with built-in wardrobe

For halls in the classical style, models made of natural wood or its imitations are suitable

Brown minimalist wardrobe doors

In the style of minimalism, a monophonic built-in facade without unnecessary details will be appropriate

Wardrobe in the hallway Provence style

Provence loves vintage furniture made of pastel colored wood with carved or painted patterns.

Sandblasting drawings will decorate the interior. They are usually applied to the doors. The drawing can be made to order, purchase a ready-made version. Furniture with a drawing is worth buying in the hallway with a light, neutral wall decoration.

Narrow Room Recommendations

A narrow hall is a problem for many apartments. To arrange such a room as convenient as possible is quite difficult. When choosing furniture for a narrow space you need to consider a number of nuances:

  • You need to buy a sliding wardrobe. Other options are not suitable. Doors do not swing open in compartments. They move smoothly to the sides, so it does not require a lot of space.
  • The form of furniture coupe should be simple, standard. Ideal cabinet, rectangular. If there is enough space in the corner zone, you can buy a corner cabinet.
  • When buying, be sure to consider the dimensions of the corridor. The installation location must first be measured.
  • The facade of the coupe furniture should have a simple, glossy decor. In rare cases, you can choose a facade decorated with metal, genuine leather. However, small decorative parts should be a minimum.
  • In the narrow hall fit narrow furniture coupe. It is worth paying attention to products of small thickness. They will be higher, due to which they do not lose in their spaciousness.
Interior of a small entrance hall with a built-in wardrobe

A sliding wardrobe in a niche - the ideal solution for a narrow corridor

Wardrobe with sliding doors in a narrow corridor

Custom-made sliding wardrobe will allow to use each centimeter of usable space as efficiently as possible.

Sliding wardrobe material

Much depends on the material of manufacture: appearance, safety, life, cost. Today in the market you can find sliding wardrobes from various raw materials. The most popular types of materials are discussed in more detail below.


Chipboards are affordable, low-cost raw materials. They are a good alternative to natural wood. Plates are not subject to expansion, compression. These characteristics were achieved thanks to a reliable laminated finish.

Wardrobe from laminated particleboard in the hallway of a private house

Modern technologies have minimized the toxicity of particleboard, but the health risk still remains, especially with damage to the decorative coating

White frosted glass on the doors of the wardrobe

It is better to choose to choose models with a minimum number of chipboard panels, for example, with glass facades

However, sliding wardrobes made of chipboard have a number of serious drawbacks. When part of the laminated finish is broken, a gradual destruction of the entire structure occurs. Plates begin to absorb moisture, increasing in size, losing their original qualities. After such a phenomenon, repairing, restoring the item will not work. Another disadvantage of plates is poor nail retention. For this reason, various binder resins are used in the production of the material. They are unsafe for human health.


Choosing an affordable version of a hall cabinet, you should pay attention to the models from MDF. This is one of the varieties of fiberboard. This material is tiled. It is made from wood fibers. In the production process, they are glued together reliably when exposed to certain forces - heat, pressure.

Mirrored wardrobe as part of a set of furniture for the hallway

MDF panels are more expensive than chipboard products, but they are stronger, hold fasteners better and allow milling of decorative elements. Manufacturers often combine these two materials, making facades from MDF, and the cases from chipboard

MDF has a number of positive characteristics:

  1. Great structure. Plates are rigid, there are no granular elements on them.
    Ease of processing. Raw materials are easy to drill, saw, and glue. It lends itself to almost any decorative finish.
  2. Reasonable price of finished products. Furniture made of MDF is inexpensive because of the economic efficiency of raw materials. In stores you can find a wide selection of items in different price categories.
  3. A wide variety of ready-made models. Sliding wardrobes from MDF surprise with their unusual shape, extraordinary design.

The only significant drawback of this material is its toxicity. In the manufacture of plates, harmful resins are used. If the finished product is leaky, toxins will leak into the environment. It is harmful to humans.

Natural wood

When choosing raw materials, of course, it is worth giving preference to the natural. The best option is natural wood. It combines the highest qualities. Beauty, warmth, environmental friendliness - all this is collected in wood products. A sliding wardrobe made of wood is not cheap. However, such an item can serve for many years in a row without losing its original qualities.

Dark brown solid pine wardrobe

Opening the doors of a high-quality cabinet made of natural wood, you will never smell formaldehyde or cheap plastic

Mirror on the middle door of the wardrobe

A wooden frame and plywood panels are a good alternative to products from pressed sawdust

The choice of cabinet models is striking in its diversity. Wood is easy to process. Any master is happy to take up work with him. A disadvantage of wood is its high susceptibility to moisture. Under the influence of humidity, it can deform. For this reason, the lobby should always have optimal temperature, humidity. The only exception is plywood. This material is resistant to moisture. It will not change when exposed to water.In order for the cabinet to last for a long time, it is not necessary to purchase a model made from one raw material. You can choose the option in the manufacture of which several materials were used simultaneously.

Cabinet inside

In addition to the main material, when buying a wardrobe, you need to pay attention to the filling. The design of the subject can be varied. Filling should be selected based on the needs of the family, excluding unnecessary elements.

An example of filling a wardrobe for a hallway

Filling depends on the size and design of the cabinet

When choosing a filling, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Pipes for clothing should be clearly perpendicular to the walls. Hanging clothes on them is convenient. Pipes must be made of durable material.
  • You can not buy products with shelves made of melamine. This material is characterized by high fragility, short service life. Shelves must be durable, shockproof.
  • The shoe net should be convenient for the owners of the apartment. It can be single-level, retractable, multi-level.
  • Drawers for storing small items are more convenient with ball guides. They will last longer.
  • Small accessories should be made of quality raw materials. Even minor defects will indicate a low quality of fasteners, handles.
Suitcase on the top shelf of the cabinet in the hallway

Brackets for light clothes

Folding hanger in a large compartment of the wardrobe

Convenient folding bar

Summer shoes on the wire shelf of the cabinet

Extendable shelf for summer shoes

Facade in the design of the hall

The facade of the cabinet is its “face”. It will be he who will rivet the eyes of the guests. The facade should be in harmony with the interior of the hallway, be refined, sophisticated.

You can decorate the product design in several ways:

  1. Glass. Glass facade elements will become a real highlight of the furniture. Glossy shine will surely attract enthusiastic looks. Glass can be transparent, colored, black. Glass of gold color is very popular. It fits perfectly into the modern style. Modern furniture glass is quite durable. You won’t have to worry about security in the lobby.
  2. Mirror surface. This is a classic solution. The mirror surface will allow you to visually increase the area of ​​the hallway, make the space freer. It will perform two important functions at once: it will hide things from prying eyes and act as a large convenient mirror. In the hall a mirror is irreplaceable.
  3. Photo printing. You can add bright colors to the design of the smallest room in the house using photo printing. This technology will allow you to apply any selected print or pattern to the facade. Photo printing is affordable, over time, the image can be updated.
Built-in wardrobe with three doors

Sliding wardrobe with colored glasses

Choosing an installation location

The attractiveness of the interior of the hallway largely depends on the correct furniture. Arrange items necessary taking into account some nuances. The highlight is the purpose of the item. If the cabinet will be used daily, everyday outdoor clothing will be stored in it, then you need to place it closer to the entrance to the hallway. If it begins to be used as a storage for things out of season, you can set the item a little further, freeing up space for hangers, additional shelves for shoes.

Reflection of the interior of the hallway in the mirrored doors of the wardrobe

The fully mirrored cabinet looks simply gorgeous

The angular arrangement of the wardrobe is the best solution in small hallways of irregular shape. Corner furniture saves space, allows you to accommodate more things. It is usually made to individual measurements. Built-in lockers do a great job of saving space. They are compact, convenient to use, quickly mounted. However, there are not always technical opportunities for placing such furniture.

Video: technical features of choosing a wardrobe for a hall

Photo: wardrobes in the hallway interiors

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