Sliding wardrobes in a bedroom: beauty on a photo, saving in price

The rhythm of life of modern people is very fast and nervous, therefore, having come home, it is important for every person how to get enough sleep. But for a good rest, the bedroom should be comfortable, and a sliding wardrobe helps to make it this way. It, in combination with other furniture and accessories that make up the design, plays an important role in the design of the room. In view of this, choosing the right wardrobes is no less important than buying a bed or sofa.smoke-glass-sliding-door-wardrobe-logo

The beautiful design of the wardrobe, bed, dressing table, banquets, will make the bedroom the best place to relax. The furniture will not only look stylish, but will give the room more comfort.

At the same time, unlike a conventional sliding wardrobe, it can accommodate a lot and save a lot of space. And with external compactness, its filling can include a huge number of useful things.

In the closet with a mirror, you can put bedding, clothes and other accessories. At the same time, it will remain practical, convenient and aesthetically attractive. But so that it fits perfectly into the bedroom, you should choose it correctly!

Wonderful Closet Ideas For Small Bedroom Modern Wooden Wardrobe Storage Design

Design options

Before choosing a cabinet, you should decide what size, shape and color it should have. It is important to know for sure whether you are attracted to built-in designs or individual cabinet ones. The built-in option has some advantages:

  • Suitable for location in any type of premises;
  • Allows you to save space.

But there is one drawback - the product cannot be moved and is not as durable as we would like. Freestanding cabinets with a mirror take up more space, but are more practical and look beautiful.skafi-kupe_16

Before starting the installation of the design for the bedroom, it is worth measuring their parameters such as width, height and depth. The color scheme of the wardrobe should match the other furniture in the room. If you follow this rule, the room will look like a single space, of course. Prices for wardrobes vary and depend on the technical characteristics of the furniture.

Built-in wardrobes are often made from particleboard lined with melamine. Particleboard coated with laminated material can also be used as decoration. The standard thickness of the product plates is about 17 millimeters. When planning to place a sliding wardrobe, it should be noted that the guides will be on the floor and will steal about 10 centimeters.Simple-Interior-of-the-Contemporary-Bedroom-with-Wide-Bed-and-White-Bench-near-Fantastic-Master-Bedroom-Closet-Ideas

Size question

At the moment, living quarters are largely different in size and shape. Therefore, a wardrobe should be selected strictly individually, for each specific bedroom. This means that sliding wardrobes should be ordered based on certain sizes. This is the only way to save time and money.

Sliding wardrobe can have absolutely any size. But there are some points to consider. For example, standard sizes, most often used in design, are highlighted.schlafzimmerschrank-design-spiegel-kleiderschrank

What is worth paying attention to when ordering a cabinet with a mirror?

  • To the depth of the structure;
  • Height and depth of shelves;
  • Section width;
  • Cabinet Width
  • Construction height

A standard wardrobe has a depth of 600 millimeters. This is due to the fact that the standard size of the width of the hangers for clothes is 450 millimeters, and 80 millimeters occupy the door guides. Among other things, the wardrobe has a 20 mm gap between the door and the shelves. The remaining 500 millimeters make it possible to freely hang clothes in a design such as a compartment.If the depth of the cabinet with a mirror is more than 600 millimeters, it will be inconvenient to use it.nuvo-2-l

Cabinet Design

Coupe design may vary. The most common option is to install a mirror surface or a film with a spectacular pattern. But any design of the product for the bedroom should be concise and consistent with the overall interior. Then the coupe will delight you for a long time not only with functionality, but also with appearance.

Furniture for a bedroom with a mirror of the classical type - up to the ceiling, with a strict exterior - will be an ideal option for embedding in a niche. It will be almost invisible in the interior, as it looks like a mirror wall.modern-bedroom-design-decorating-ideas-1

The design with a mirror can significantly expand the space of the bedroom. Its use can make an impressive room out of a small room. Mirrors coated with tint look great. But using them for a dark bedroom is not recommended.

The design of the compartment design with a mirror does not harmonize well with elaborate furniture made of natural wood, crystal chandeliers and velvet accessories. If one cabinet is not enough for you, you can use veneer products, but nothing more.modern_wardrobes_g (32)

The main advantages of wardrobes

The bedroom wardrobe has many advantages over standard wardrobes.

  1. Any option coupe can be customized to customer requirements. At the same time, the finished product can be put in those parts of the bedroom where standard furniture simply does not fit. Up to 4 sections and many shelves can be installed in the cabinet. The depth of the product can be any.
  2. Filling the cabinet may be different. Sliding doors are used, which saves space in a narrow bedroom. The saved space can be used to set a double bed.
  3. The coupe looks great in the photo and has a large capacity. The height of the room can be used to the full. Filling the design can include any things - not only clothes, but also tools, household appliances and more. With the help of the cabinet, you can create a unique design, making an interesting dressing room.
  4. A wardrobe can have a unique design. Variations in the design of its doors can be different. The color scheme is extensive - from pastel colors to bright. When using fusing (stained glass), the design will look good in the photo and in life.
  5. Filling from shelves and a box is made strictly at the request of the customer. A wardrobe holds a large number of hangers for clothes, which is very convenient.master-bedroom-closet-ideas-bedroom-design-ideas-in-master-bedroom-closet-design

Practicality of wardrobes

The design of the selected cabinet option should not interfere with its practicality. In the bedroom, the wardrobe should not take up all the space, it is necessary to leave space for things and air. However, filling should allow for comfortable bedding and clothing.

The wardrobe of this type is equipped with a bearing, and its coating allows the doors to glide silently. Such a system does not spoil the overall design, and the life of the compartment increases. For ease of opening doors, special metal frames of vertical ends are used.Luxury-design-master-bedroom-closet-ideas

A wardrobe equipped with sliding doors looks modern and stylish, can be made of any materials. This means that it will look good in the photo in any interior. Sliding doors will never accidentally open, show the contents of the cabinet or create drafts.

It is convenient that small children or pets will not be able to open them. Stumbling over them will not work either. It turns out that a wardrobe is the most convenient and practical option for a modern bedroom. Some of his models look very original in the photo, especially if radial doors of complex shape are chosen for the design.lovely-modern-bedroom-design-with-wooden-closet-feat-glossy-dark-glass-door-and-wooden-dress-cabinet-and-mirror-915x646

How to choose a color

When choosing a cabinet color, it is important that it not only looks good in the photo, but also harmonizes with the overall design. Dark shades will look spectacular, but will steal a few meters from the space visually.

For the bedroom, it is recommended to choose pastel shades. If the room is for children, you can neglect the rules and choose a bright wardrobe with cartoons and children's characters. Then the child will be much more pleasant to put his things in it.ikea-closet-design-in-2014-closet-ideas-for-better-organizing-throughout-bedroom-closets-design-ideas

Many companies offer sliding wardrobes in traditional shades - cherry, oak, walnut. But, you really want to eat, you can order light green, orange, red products. However, it is worth noting that such a color scheme is tiring and can make a person irritable.

The shade design “dark walnut” or “light oak” looks exquisitely. The color of the furniture can make the room warmer or colder. To give the room creativity, you can use photo printing. A closet with her will cheer up and amaze guests, make the bedroom individual and unique.

Question about the safety of wardrobes

To make the furniture come out not only beautiful, but also safe, it is worth making it from natural materials - wood, plastic, rattan. Environmental friendliness is especially important in the bedroom where the children are.

It is also important to ensure that the product does not have sharp corners. If it will stand apart, its angles should be smoothed. The radius option is considered good and safe.i35ci34ealkb

The sliding system must be reliable, since the door leaf weighs a lot. When opening door leaves, it is important to prevent children and animals from reaching them so that they do not fall under the mechanism. When installing closers, you can reduce the problem to zero.

With a strong blow, the door can fly out! Therefore, it should be equipped with an anti-jump mechanism. Internal filling must have reliable fastenings.

So, using the design of the compartment will make the room not only practical and functional, but also beautiful. But, to make the furniture perfect, it is recommended to clearly measure. It is recommended to purchase models with a long lead time. Hastily assembled products may look ugly, but we don’t have to talk about safety and functionality in this case. If the assembly will go smoothly and clearly, the product will come out reliable and attractive in appearance.

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