Transforming tables in the interior of the living room: photos and advantages

The trends in the design of residential premises over the past few years have shown that people increasingly prefer minimalism in the interior. Perhaps this is a trend of Western motifs, but most likely, when choosing furniture, the criterion of practicality comes first.


Why furnish an apartment with a lot of voluminous objects of fanciful shape, if it not only takes up extra space, but also causes additional troubles during cleaning. And how inconvenient it is to move around the space of a small living space at a fast pace, when you need to urgently get together somewhere, and all the time “fly” onto furniture, the dimensions of which are occupied by half-apartments.

Purchasing a transformer table for a living room will partially help solve the problem. Buying such an interior item, you will receive a coffee, dining, writing desk and stand “in one bottle”. Photos of transforming tables for the living room can be viewed on the Internet or catalogs of furniture companies.


The benefits of transformable furniture

  1. Significant space savings.
  2. Multifunctionality, and, consequently, the profitability of a financial investment (pay for one transforming table, and not for a separate dining, coffee, and writing table).
  3. Furniture is easy to move around the apartment if necessary.
  4. Beauty and style.
  5. It saves space due to the specific dimensions and the fact that on the shelves, niches and drawers of the transformer furniture you can fold things that “clog” the room.

Style and practicality

It is a mistake to believe that the development of transformer furniture began recently. Undoubtedly, this factor influenced the improvement of parts and designs, but even representatives of ancient civilizations knew about the phenomenon of transforming furniture. When excavating the tombs of the pharaohs, archaeologists found many transformer objects (the throne transforming into a bed, a portable chair, which, if necessary, can turn into a table).


Today, the choice of such furniture is so great that any owner of a small-sized apartment, or a person who appreciates simple things, can easily choose for his home several options for tables, sofas, armchairs, children's cabinets, cabinets and other transforming furniture.

A transforming table in the living room can be not only a necessity, often it also becomes a designer decoration of the room. It is difficult to imagine how many different forms different variations of such tables can take. In addition, some elements may be made of different materials. You can buy a traditional wooden table, or you can intricate design and glass, metal and plastic.


Note: a massive wooden table with a sliding worktop will look rich and elegant, complement the interior (it will look great in a Provence, country style living room). Options with glass and glossy surfaces will decorate the living rooms, designed in the style of hi-tech, modern, loft.

Important. Before purchasing a transforming table, think about what function it will most often perform. Preference should be given to the option that does not take up much space in the position in which you will use it daily.

Transforming tables for the living room are conventionally divided into two types:

  • tables with multifunctional fittings, thanks to which you can change the purpose of furniture elements;
  • tables with adjusting mechanisms that allow you to change dimensions (for example, sliding tables).

If you prefer the first type of tables, you can use your purchase for different purposes. For example, to equip a workplace for lack of a separate office, or use a transformer as a coffee table. You can make a spacious cabinet out of it, hiding many small things, and decorate the surface of the countertop with your favorite photo, a vase of flowers, scented candles or other decorative objects.


Buying a table with an adjusting mechanism, you can use it as a dining room for a small family, and if necessary, open the tabletop and place a large number of guests behind it.

Having such a piece of furniture in the living room, you no longer have to move the dining table from the kitchen to the room or move several tables before the guests arrive.

How to choose a transforming table for the living room?

Before sending to the store in search of a table, you should first figure out which option you are striving for. Manufacturers of specific furniture provide such a huge selection that it is often difficult to make the right decision and adequately evaluate one or another version of the table for the living room.


In order not to make impulsive purchases and to satisfy your needs as much as possible, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that transforming tables are divided into several groups:

  • tables for the living room, which can be completely transformed;
  • tables in which only the height of the legs can be adjusted;
  • tables with adjustable size countertops.

If you use the table mainly for dining purposes, then buy the option with a sliding worktop.

If you are a fan of eating food lying on the couch, in front of the TV or computer monitor, then the best option for you would be a coffee table, which is convenient to transform into a dining table. The adjustable height of the legs allows you to choose the level of the countertop, depending on the position in which you are. At such a table it will be convenient for you to work with a computer, notebooks or have a meal. And when it’s time to rest, lower the countertop so that the laptop monitor or tablet placed on it is at eye level when you are lying on the couch.


When choosing a table for a child, it is advisable to stop at a written-computer version. The tabletop of this table provides a place for lessons, board games, a laptop, keyboard, bookshelf.

Tip. When purchasing a table, keep in mind that the child is growing rapidly, because the necessary criterion is the regulation of the height of the table. Invite your child to view a photo of a possible purchase so that he is also satisfied with the purchase.

Another important criterion when choosing a table for a living room is its physical characteristics and aesthetic appearance. Many people buy these tables as decoration for the living room. Structures of metal, plastic, wood, glass and other materials can be made in the most original and unexpected forms.


It is better to buy a table whose physical characteristics can satisfy your household needs. In any apartment there are many small things that the owners do not use every day, and during cleaning in the living room they simply shift them from place to place. Niches and shelves of the table can accommodate these things and save people from unnecessary trouble, you just need to buy a roomy version of the transformer.

Choosing a manufacturer of tables for the living room

Focusing on strength and quality, pay attention to German companies offering an assortment of goods. German table-transformations are made with special scrupulousness, accuracy and professionalism. Such furniture will serve for many years.In addition, the products of this country also have an interesting design approach. Purchased pieces of furniture from German manufacturers will decorate any room.


Choosing simple but elegant furniture, you should consider Italian collections. For a long time, Italy was considered a trendsetter in the world of fashion, and now does not lose ground. Elegance, elegance, sophistication and stylishness - these are the features that characterize the products of Italian manufacturers. Pay particular attention to collections made from quality wood.

You will receive quality, ease of operation and beautiful design by purchasing a table made by Lithuanian manufacturers. Today this country confidently declares itself as a reliable exporter of furniture and offers worthy collections to the attention of consumers. Lithuanian collections will offer you options for tables made in the classical style. But if you wish, you will find more elaborate specimens.

The most common products on the furniture market are Chinese. Contrary to stereotypes, among the Chinese furniture products you can find good options that are durable, reliable and have a beautiful design solution. Furniture suppliers from China offer the widest selection. You can get transforming tables from them of any design, dimensions, materials and purpose. A positive factor is the reasonable price.


Important: When choosing a transformer table, keep in mind that you will often have to carry out various manipulations with it. It is not recommended to save on such purchases, so that the purchased item does not have to be thrown away or repaired soon. It is recommended to consider options whose price exceeds 5 - 6 thousand rubles. Cheap copies often break.

Browse catalogs with photos of transforming tables for the living room without leaving your home. Having picked up a suitable option on the Internet, go in search of furniture stores. Not finding a suitable option, you will receive a table made to order. Already such an option will definitely satisfy you and will be exclusive.

Having bought such a table, you will immediately see the first advantages - small size and easy transportation. It is not difficult to bring home the purchase, the acquisition is easy to fold compactly, or transport in separate parts.

Transformer tables for the living room: 40 interesting photo options

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