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If there is a dressing room in the apartment, a quite relevant question arises - how to harmoniously fit it into the interior of the room not only without violating the combination, but rather improving the design with it. The right choice of a door - a compartment to the dressing room will allow it to harmoniously fit into the interior of absolutely any room or apartment. It is worthwhile to pay close attention to this issue and approach the purchase after understanding all the nuances. This design will not only save space, but also give it a certain charm. It all depends on the right choice.

Facade, advantages and disadvantages

disadvantages and advantages of coupe photo doors

brown wardrobe door

To begin, let's look at the material from which the manufacture of the facade is possible. There are several different materials of which the doors are made - compartments, they differ among themselves both in technical and operational characteristics, and in terms of price equivalent:

  • LDSP, chipboard, MDF. It is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and low cost. The disadvantage of this type of material is the fear of moisture, since it is a mixture of pressed sawdust and glue coated with a matte or glossy film.

    wardrobe door

    materials for the manufacture of compartment doors in the dressing room

  • Plastic - A great option for a children's wardrobe. The advantage is a large color gamut, relative resistance to mechanical stress (scratches, light impacts), moreover, it can be washed with almost any detergent.

    wardrobe door coupe photo

    plastic wardrobe door

  • Glass mirror - in most cases, the manufacture of a door - compartment uses shock-resistant glass, so do not immediately say that the child will break it on the first day. Such doors are very advantageous to use in small rooms, as they reflect the surrounding environment and visually increase the space of the room. At the moment, there is a large selection of diverse designs of such doors.

    compartment door with mirror photo

    photo printing on the doors to the wardrobe

  • Photo printing. The image that interests you is applied to the glass. It can be a landscape, images of animals, birds, any other design decision and even a photo chosen by the customer.

    fashion wardrobe

    wood door coupe

  • Valuable tree. Doors made of such material look solid, so to speak officially, but they certainly stand accordingly.
  • Bamboo or rattan. You can call the most environmentally friendly doors, they fit perfectly into the interior of the room made in eco - style.
  • Fur and leather. The choice of such a door for the dressing room is quite a bold decision. Suitable for a room made in a similar design style.

    designer wardrobe

    glass doors for wardrobe room

Glass doors

The most common are glass doors. There are several options for finishing the paintings:

  • Corrugated, with various drawings.
mirrored wardrobe doors

glass compartment doors

  • Stained glass. Artwork performed directly by individual order. Differ in quality of the painted surface.
  • Sandblasting, pattern. With the help of innovative technology, unique images are made on glass and a mirror surface.
wardrobe doors with drawings for the dressing room

sliding wardrobe doors with patterns in the dressing room

  • Decorative color films. Stick to the back of the canvas.With the help of them, gloss is created on the door, a matte shade, a shiny surface.
  • Acrylic. Novelty of the Russian market. Acrylic has a high transmittance and resistance to ultraviolet rays.


several types of wardrobe photo

varieties of wardrobe doors

Under the general term doors - compartments are meant doors that open not by the swing method, but by moving parallel to the wall surface. There are three main types of such doors:

  • Hinged doors - coupe. The name of the view comes from the installation method. Guides are attached to the wall or ceiling, it is along them that the door suspended in the future moves. They are the most common in the entire class. Ease of use is that there are no additional guides or hinges on the floor through which you and your loved ones will stumble.
wooden sliding door for dressing room

compartment doors for wardrobe made of wood

  • Suspended doors - coupe. If you compare the photo with the first view, then at first glance you will not find a difference. In this case, the guide is not mounted on the ceiling or wall, but on the doorway.

    wardrobe sliding rails mount

    hanging and cassette doors for the dressing room

  • Cassette doors - compartment. This design is the most expensive of all, since the dispersing folds go deep into the walls. The name comes from the design itself. The canvases, when opened, are driven into special cassettes mounted in the walls. In them they are in limbo, equivalent to window curtains. To install such a door, specialist assistance is required, because you have to break two side walls, install guides in them and restore broken walls.
  • high-tech wardrobe doors

    high-tech wardrobe doors

Design ideas when choosing a design

When choosing a door, you have to choose which one to install? You can choose single, double or cascade. The specific choice depends on several factors:

  • The size of the door space;
  • The area of ​​the walls of the room.
cascading wardrobe doors

design solutions for coupe doors

When choosing one or two-leaf doors, the canvases, when opened, move along the surface of the walls. In the case of cascading doors - the movement occurs only next to the fixed wings. If the entrance to your dressing room is large (relative to the size of the walls), then it is most beneficial to choose glass or mirror paintings.

Useful information! Mirror leaf visually increases the space of the room, and glass - makes the room more voluminous.

Advantages and disadvantages

the preferred solution for the wardrobe

advantages and disadvantages of wardrobe doors

Any solution has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as with the choice of the door for the wardrobe - the cabinet. Let's first look at the benefits of this choice:

  • Space saving. This issue is especially relevant in small apartments. You won’t have to think about whether there is enough space to fully open the door.
which compartment doors are better for the dressing room

how to choose mirrored coupe doors for the dressing room

  • Interesting designer look. Doors - coupes are the most suitable option in order to give the premises a complete look due to them. For example, you can set the canvas with a photo - print, thereby giving it a kind of personality. It is the coupe doors that are distinguished by their bright design, with which you can further highlight the uniqueness of your home.
designer wardrobe doors

wardrobe doors with photo printing in the dressing room

  • Child safety. Each parent will understand this without decryption. Young children very often, playing or running around the house, slam their forehead into the open doors. In addition, with such a closing mechanism, the clamping of the baby finger between the opening and the door leaf is excluded.
particleboard doors

compartment doors made of chipboard for dressing room

  • Easy installation. In order to complete the installation of the door for your room - the cabinet, no additional skills and tools are required. The size of the structure can be ordered directly through the opening, so you don’t have to break anything or finish it.In addition, in the event of a breakdown of an element, it is possible to order it separately.
  • Due to their design, the flaps will not open from drafts in the room.
positive characteristics of the wardrobe

positive characteristics of wardrobe doors

Here are some of the positive characteristics of such doors, now let's look at the negative factors:

  • Sound when opening - closing the door. When the canvas moves, a rustle is heard. You will no longer be able to dress early in the morning and without waking anyone to leave the room. And sleep is especially sensitive in the morning hours.
  • Lack of tightness. Doors of this kind have poor vapor and smoke insulation, unlike ordinary hinged ones. Therefore, when planning a wardrobe - dressing room, try to place it away from the kitchen.
original compartment doors for dressing room

sliding door with designer pattern for dressing room

  • With frequent use, the mechanism loosens. In addition, cheap designs of glass or mirrors do not differ in durability at all, often the glass in them is of very poor quality. But in contradiction it is worth noting again, the design is one big designer, so you can easily replace a failed part with a new one, of suitable quality.
wardrobe doors with wardrobe patterns

sliding door for wardrobe

  • If during operation you break the handle, then it is unlikely that you will find her a similar replacement.
  • Cabinet working volume decreases due to the presence of guides. For example - the depth of the dressing room is 45 cm from the outside, the inside will be no more than 37 cm.
  • Cost this design is more expensive than conventional swing doors.

    Tips for choosing a wardrobe for a dressing room photo

    wardrobe doors cost

Useful Tips

You decided to install in your apartment not a wardrobe, but to make a dressing room with integrated doors - a compartment? Then it is worth knowing some of the nuances associated with their installation, acquisition and technical characteristics.

  • Such systems are installed directly in the wall, then the edges are closed with drywall. Therefore, the best time to install is the time when the room is being renovated.
plastic wardrobe doors

pvc wardrobe doors



  • When buying or ordering, pay attention to the quality of the hardware on which the doors will be located. The best option would be an aluminum rail and metal bearings. The choice of such a material will guarantee that the door will not fall after a year of operation, as a result of erasing plastic elements.
how to choose the right plastic door coupe

how to install plastic compartment doors for a dressing room

  • Do you have a door lock? When choosing it is worth considering that an ordinary castle will not work. For doors - coupe there are special locks.
  • The choice of material, web design depends on the design of the room. For example, in the living room, it is quite possible to place doors with a photo - image. Children's room, respectively, drawing, photographs of children's subjects, and so on.
application of technological doors for a sliding wardrobe

sliding wardrobe doors

The use of such doors in your home is a sign of how, with the help of innovative technologies, to give each apartment or house its own personality. To do this, it’s enough to have a good imagination, or at worst, the Internet, with which you can choose the picture or photo you like.

Before ordering, weigh all the pros - cons, decide on the design of the room and door leaves. Only after carefully weighing all the arguments is it worth making a final decision.

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