Choosing a sofa: colors, mechanisms, sizes

One of the most important questions when choosing a room’s interior: which sofa will fit into the decor better. Modern manufacturers represent a huge variety of upholstered furniture. So what to look for when buying? How to make the right choice?

the idea of ​​a beautiful room decor with a sofa

A green sofa in the interior will look good against a white wall

variant of the original bedroom interior with sofa

Soft corner sofa with shelves for books will be your favorite place in the house

modern kitchen design with sofa

Small pillows will complement the sofa and the design of the room as a whole

Goal definition

The first step is to answer a few questions. This will help determine the exact model, color, quality of the fabric.

  1. Using the sofa in the interior. If the furniture will be used day after day, then it is worth paying attention to models with dense upholstery (jacquard) of a non-marking shade. The sofa, which will be used for sleep, must have a solid frame, have an elastic surface. But for the living room, you can take the opposite soft sofa.
  2. The size of the room. Upholstered furniture should not seem bulky, interfere with the passage in the room. For small rooms, it is not recommended to choose non-standard models with wide backs.
  3. The frequency of folding. If you plan to disassemble a sofa for sleeping every day, then the mechanism should be strong and reliable.
  4. The overall style of the living room. Upholstered furniture should comply with the main concept of the style of the room.
  5. Price criterion.
idea of ​​unusual decor of an apartment with a sofa

White soft sofa in the living room, a great place for gatherings and tea drinking

idea of ​​a beautiful living room interior with sofa

The combination of the color of the sofa and the curtains looks beautiful

Color scheme

Someone wants to put a sofa - an accent of the interior, and someone wants him to just merge with the overall situation. With this choice, the most important role is played by the color of the upholstery. Experts identify several ways to achieve their goal.

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Shade game

The sofa will be perfectly combined with the general situation if its color is several shades different from the wallpaper in the room. The difference can be both in the dark side and in the bright.



The reception is quite bold. The upholstery is selected in bright colors: blue, green, yellow, red. But the wallpaper should be light: beige, gray. The brightness of the sofa can be dimmed by curtains or decor.



The sofa and the walls of the living room are selected in calm, but different colors. For example: white and black.


Maintaining balance

The combination of bright contrasting walls and upholstered furniture in a neutral color.



A harmonious combination in the interior of two bright contrasting colors.

Any color is combined with a neutral shade. Therefore, beige, brown, gray sofas in the interior are universal.

version of the unusual design of the room with a sofa

The yellow sofa will complement the room design well.

the idea of ​​the original decor of the living room with a sofa

The chocolate color of the sofa combined with the white interior looks amazing

the idea of ​​a modern apartment decor with a sofa

Bright red sofa lining looks very expensive

When choosing bright contrasting colors, you should be careful. Here are a few options for successful combinations:

  • Red: pistachio, lemon.
  • Yellow: gray, blue, green, purple.
  • Orange: blue, gray.
  • Green: purple, light pink, yellow.
  • Blue: cyan, yellow.

So, the color of the upholstery plays one of the most important roles in the design of the style of the room. It affects the condition of a person, his mood.Light colors can cause joy, and dark muted tones can calm. Previously, you can study the photo with different combinations.

the idea of ​​an unusual kitchen design with a sofa

A sofa with a berth in the living room will become your favorite place to relax.

version of the beautiful interior of the living room with a sofa

The sofa can be supplemented with pillows of different sizes.


When buying upholstered furniture in the living room, it is necessary to take into account the internal mechanism of the sofa. There are several types of structures, on which it depends how the acquisition will be displayed:

  1. The book is one of the first mechanisms and the most common. The seat rises, and after a small click lowers already with the back. It is certainly fast and convenient, but such furniture in the room cannot be placed close to the wall.
  2. Eurobook. To unfold a similar design, you need to extend the seat and pull the backrest in its place. Such furniture is suitable for daily folding.
  3. Dolphin. An additional half of the sleeping part is pulled out from under the first. The lack of design is usually considered the lack of a box for storing linen.
  4. Accordion. Such a sofa has a spacious seating area, but it unfolds very hard: the seat is lifted to a click and pulled forward.
  5. American and French folding beds. In these sofas, most of the sleeping space is stored under the seat. This furniture often has an original design and is very convenient to use.
  6. Withdrawable mechanism. Sturdy construction with a moving out lower part. But the wheels can leave on the carpet.

The mechanism is better not to look at the photo, but to try how it functions in reality.

version of a beautiful room decor with a sofa

The right decision is to choose a sofa for the color of the interior

idea of ​​a modern bedroom interior with sofa

Soft turquoise sofa gives the room a special atmosphere

the idea of ​​an unusual design of an apartment with a sofa

The gray sofa in the living room will harmoniously look in the interior

How to place a sofa

Several sofas

The general view of the living room largely depends on the location of the furniture. The most difficult thing is to place several models in the room so as not to clutter up the space. Experienced designers offer several options for placing sofas in the interior:

  1. Items can be set opposite each other. The option is very convenient, allowing the company to sit face to face.
  2. Corner seating is no less convenient, allowing everyone sitting on sofas to watch, for example, TV.
  3. You can install furniture along the wall in the living room, if the area allows.
original kitchen decor with sofa

A soft sofa in the living room will be a great place to watch a movie or read a book

idea of ​​modern design bedroom with sofa

You can combine completely different colors, give freedom of imagination

A big sofa

If there is enough space in the room, you can arrange a large sofa in the living room interior, including a corner sofa. When choosing a model, you should definitely pay attention to several points:

  1. Upholstery should be moisture resistant and easy to clean. It is desirable that the pillow covers are removed. This will facilitate care.
  2. Armrests, backrest, seat should be soft and comfortable.
  3. It is recommended to choose functional furniture with the presence of drawers inside, shelves (if a corner sofa). There are models in which a bar opens from the armrests.
version of the original design of the room with a sofa

The sofa can be matched to the design of the room

the idea of ​​an unusual interior apartment with a sofa

In such a place it will be a pleasure to relax

variant of the unusual decor of the living room with a sofa

Cream color goes well with dark wood

Volumetric sofas in the interior visually in any case always reduce the space of the room. It is worth considering that in a large trading floor or in a photo they always seem more compact. Therefore, you should think about sizes in advance. You may have to pay attention to compact corner sofas. They are no less functional.

Manufacturers offer large oval or U-shaped sofas. They are very interesting and unusual in the rooms. Placement of such models often does not require additional furniture in the room.

idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen interior with sofa

A sofa with a coffee table is a classic

version of the original decor of the apartment with a sofa

The black sofa in the living room interior looks rich

Modular sofas

In use, very comfortable modular sofas. The design allows you to often change the situation in the room. They are of two types:

  1. Selective, in which the blocks are connected relatively firmly, do not disassemble them often.
  2. Transformable models include many elements that detach from each other easily and quickly.
idea of ​​modern design of a room with a sofa

Room design is kept in one color

modern bedroom decor with sofa

You can always combine colors

version of the original design of the kitchen with a sofa

Sofa with poufs perfectly complement the design of the living room

Parts of the sofa can be of several types:

  • puffs;
  • armchairs;
  • couches;
  • sun loungers.

In this case, the height or tilt of the backs, armrests may change. That is, the decor and style of the room can change at any time without material investment. The number of blocks in a sofa can reach up to 50 pieces.

Using the modular sofas in the interior of the living room, you can divide the area into zones. For example, to separate the living room from the bedroom or play area, as shown in the photo.

version of the original room decor with a sofa

Dark blue sofa stands out in the interior of a white room

idea of ​​a beautiful living room decor with sofa

Great place to relax and have fun

Small sofas

For small rooms, miniature sofas are more often purchased. To them you can pick up chairs, poufs. Corner sofas can also be compact. It is better to install such a model with a back to the window. This will visually enlarge the room, add light. During installation, be sure to leave a space between the sofa and the battery.

Video: Corner sofa in the interior

50 photos of sofa examples in interior design:

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