Wallpaper design for a unique setting

Excellent taste, wealth, lifestyle and bright personality of the owners of the apartment - this is what guests can tell about wallpaper design. With all the richness of the choice of modern finishing materials, most houses prefer ordinary wallpapers. But more and more unusual roll-up materials on paper basis or fiberglass take root. You should not buy the first wallpaper that comes across just because they are affordable, especially if something does not suit the material or color.

wallpaper design

Catalogs abound with an extensive assortment, and each offer is thought out in style, color scheme and functionality of the room.

Varieties of wallpaper and their application

Walls occupy about 2/3 of the surface area of ​​any room, it is important to pay maximum attention to the choice of coverage. These planes are at eye level, we rarely look at the ceiling, and the floors are covered with rugs.

photo wallpaper design

For walls, beautiful designer wallpapers are often selected.

It is difficult to imagine an apartment where paper rolls were never used. Wallpaper - this is an affordable finish, you can do it yourself repair and design of the apartment. But gradually, cheap paper is being replaced by alternative coatings, leaving only the paper base, which adheres well to the wall.

beautiful wallpaper design

All kinds of roll coatings look attractive.


1. Veneered Wallpaper With a thin cut of paper-based wood or non-woven backing.
2. Cork and bamboo wallpapers They are produced more often without a substrate, perfectly fit on the walls, require great accuracy at the joints and when cutting.
3. Stone wallpaper Processing a flexible or tiled base with sandstone with a natural shear pattern.
4. Metallic Wallpaper A foil layer is applied to the base to facilitate sticking, imitate gold, silver, chrome plating, copper, brass, bronze.
5. Texture wallpaper Repeat the natural texture - under the cut of a tree, sand, stone, salt and pepper, coffee.
6. Cullet Fiberglass rolls with a textured pattern or convex ornament for painting.
7. Textile wallpaper Without a paper base, a fabric of different textures.
8. Composite Wallpaper A combination of various materials without a backing or a print on paper rolls.

Textile or fabric wallpapers do not require a base; they perfectly fit the surface, imitating different materials:

  • Burlap and gunny;
  • Jacquard satin and brocade;
  • Velor and velvet;
  • Suede and leather.
unusual wallpaper design

Wallpapering the walls is one of the easiest finishing methods that you can do yourself.

Non-woven wallpaper - non-woven rolls are dense from cellulose fibers. They are quite durable, used both for painting and in the usual form. They are more plastic than paper, so they are used in subsiding houses. Non-woven segments are good for gluing two-level walls, for example, at a staircase of 2-3 floors, where it is difficult to work with soaked paper.

living room wallpaper design

Wallpaper can be combined with other types of decoration materials.

Liquid wallpaper has a seamless surface, and the process is more like painting the walls. Equally popular are duplex wallpapers, where a vinyl pattern or silk-screen printing is applied to a paper base.They look more chic than regular paper, but they have much more complicated seamless pasting.

liquid wallpaper

You can highlight the room with a bright accent.

There are rare kinds of wallpaper designs, which are used only in very expensive finishes, but they deserve the attention of people with average incomes. One two expensive textile rolls in the form of inserts or vertical panels will unusually enliven any interior.

Using simple and unusual wallpapers

Wall decoration forms a special aura of each living room, is reflected in the psychological state of the residents.

wallpaper design 2018

The design of a room with different wallpapers in its own way affects the sphere of desires and motivation.

Depending on the pattern and color, they can:

  • Put to sleep and rest;
  • Excite the imagination;
  • Tune to work;
  • Stimulate creativity;
  • Cheer up;
  • Induce apathy and indifference.

Many people know the expression "longing green", so the gray-green color of the walls and ceiling is practically not in demand, although in the Soviet era such wallpapers were most often produced. However, a successful combination of a shade of a green apple with silver stripes for some reason cheers up.

wallpaper design 2018

Artists working on successful combinations create a drawing or wallpaper design for walls in different rooms.

There are simple materials with which you can also get spectacular design - liquid wallpaper, fiberglass or non-woven paint. Repeatedly repainted walls are a huge advantage in families where young artists grow up, who are useless to wean from the “hand-painted” walls.

living room wallpaper design

It’s enough to get a little paint and in a few minutes to hide the inept artwork roller.

If you wish - draw yourself or with children decorate special wallpaper for wallscreating your design. The surface for painting can be made stripes, geometric shapes or abstract fragments. Designers also suggest alternating stripes of different wallpapers when appropriate, for example, in a narrow hallway.

patterned wallpaper design

Often it is understood in terms of color for what these or other rolled materials are intended for.

  1. Cups, saucers, coffee grains, fruits - for the kitchen.
  2. ANDsacred lines resembling the curves of a female body, wallpaper design with flowers - in the bedroom or the room the girls.
  3. Neutral mesh or striped pattern, with small or large elements resembling monograms, floral ornament - into the living room.
  4. Starfish, shells, fish, corals - to the bathroom or bathroom.
  5. Strict classic or fine-grained pattern - for an office.
  6. Spectacular texture reminiscent of natural materials - in the hallway and corridors.
  7. Funny animals or fairy-tale characters - to the nursery.       

Important! Wallpaper is used not only for pasting walls, but also for budget decoration of the ceiling. It is important to choose a texture where seams will not be visible. Especially for this, ceiling vinyl wallpapers with a square pattern resembling tiles are produced.

What are designer wallpapers?

We can say that any type of wallpaper can conditionally be attributed to “design”, since design specialists worked on creating their appearance. However, today literally, by “designer wallpaper” is meant the latest developments of eminent manufacturers who dictate fashion for innovative finishing materials.

designer wallpaper

Finishing should create a single, harmonious image.

Wallpaper Designers working on new products similar to how dominant trends are being developed in clothing, cosmetics and hairstyles. They also have their own “podiums” or international exhibitions like the Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

designer photo wallpaper

In the living room, all types of wallpapers can be used for full or partial wall decoration.

The most popular niche of eco-wallpaper, it is understandable why their popularity is increasing. Rolled finishing materials are produced on the basis of natural components, and manufacturers focus the attention of potential buyers on this. But wallpaper design pay no less attention.

eco wallpaper

The material does not lose its aesthetic qualities for a long time.

The elite series uses gem stone chips, gold threads and silver plating, and Swarovski crystal designs. In the production of the most expensive wallpapers, hand-painted or printed is often used, just as batik or handmade printed tablecloths are created. However, among mass-produced products one can find delightful designs that look no worse than an elite handmade series, like on the picture.

luxury wallpaper

For a bedroom, this type of decoration can be used not only for accent surfaces, but also for all walls of the room.

Tips for choosing a wallpaper design in a modern interior

The appearance of the wall covering is affected not only by the material, but also by the scale of the wallpaper. A colorful pattern will “ripple in the eyes” if the room is small and the area of ​​the walls is not blocked by anything. A large picture will conceal a limited space, but some large elements are perceived as decoration elements, competing in beauty with other elements of the environment.

large pattern wallpaper design

Such wallpapers are intended for spacious rooms where a large drawing fills the void.

Medium-sized wallpaper design often used for studio type apartments and for decorating the largest room. But if the drawing attracts attention, then monophonic textiles are selected on it - curtains, sofa upholstery and a foot mat. Solid ceiling and floors with discreet texture - in priority.

If there is a desire to use a spectacular decor in the room, then nothing should distract from these objects. Often a room is decorated with paintings and photo frames, mosaic panels or do-it-yourself wall paintings, hand-made shelves or luxurious mirrors. The expressionless wallpaper pattern should become the backdrop for these emotional accents.

plain wallpaper design

It is better to choose a plain wallpaper or with a fine-grained texture.

A small-scale drawing is also perceived as a neutral background. It can successfully set off spectacular furniture or emphasize style in interior design. For example, a small floral pattern is often used in retro and romantic style, in country and decor for Provence.

floral print wallpaper

Wall decoration with print wallpaper is an actual way of decoration.

Wall-paper with imitation of wood and stone texture is often used in an apartment with an emphasis on eco-stylistics. To add variety such wallpaper design, You can trim the living room or cabinet cork or bamboo panels.

On sale can be found designer wallpaper or their imitation with mosaic or “architectural” patterns, with frescoes or the likeness of hand-painted.

hallway wallpaper

They will become a perfect decoration of any hallway, additionally "expanding" the walls.

Stone or marble wallpaper is often available with moisture protection to be used in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But they will look great in other rooms, in accordance with the style of the interior. And in the children's room, murals with imitations of the scenery of the princess palace or the fairytale castle will be appropriate.

For a visual increase in the room, experts recommend using a vertical pattern or stripes in the wallpaper. But the width and frequency of the picture is perceived differently. The width of the stripes and their pattern can outplay the space in different ways.

striped wallpaper design

The choice of wallpaper should be based on knowledge, and not only on personal preferences and tastes.

Advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper

All finishing materials have their pros and cons.

wallpaper in the living room design photo

Wallpaper has a lot of advantages and benefits.

  1. Minimum repair costs.
  2. Ease of decoration, DIY wallpapering is available.
  3. The ability to replace individual strips if they are dirty or have become unusable from mechanical stress.
  4. A wide range of colors and textures.
  5. The ability to combine different wallpapers for decorative purposes, can be glued horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
  6. A good opportunity to hide small wall defects without prior study of the surface.
  7. The fastest and most affordable repair that needs to be organized before the reception of guests or an event involving the visit of important guests.
  8. An excellent budget alternative to textured finish from natural materials with their imitation.
wallpaper with large flowers

Among the shortcomings can be noted the need for periodic replacement of wallpaper, even if it is multi-layer rolls of increased strength.

Most varieties fade in open sunlight, so the windows must have curtains or blinds. Uncleaned surfaces leave greasy spots and contaminants that cannot be removed. For the arrangement of the kitchen, it is better to choose washable wallpaper, reminiscent of abstract splashes and spraying.

Original Design Ideas

In a small one-room apartment there is not much space where you can implement design ideas. It’s important to choose wallpaperto room design Looked impressive and stylish. The choice should be accurate, like a shot in the top ten.

wallpaper design for home

You need to decide on the idea or concept of the room.

  1. If this is an eco-design, wall murals, large-scale prints on the theme of nature or photo printing will be appropriate. The only difficulty is the choice of furniture for such a decoration of the only living room, so that the whole atmosphere is in harmony. If the murals are used in the hallway, which you want to visually expand, plots with steps, an open door or a panorama outside the window are appropriate, then with furniture everything is much simpler.
  2. An accent wall is often used by designers to create an exclusive interior. For this, an unexpected solution is used, for example, black velvet wallpaper. This is a great backdrop for a glass showcase with a collection of weapons, dishes, a rare figurine or exotic plants.

    accent wall

    The accentuation of the wall can be without exposure or installation - just a spectacular backdrop for a multi-seat group of sofas.

  3. Glossy wallpaper design reflect light well. They can be used opposite the window on the north side in the form of an accent wall or over the entire surface. This at least compensates for the lack of sunlight, but the tulle should be yellow or orange. The translucent homogeneous fabric transmits light well, but it should be in harmony with the texture of the wallpaper and suit the style.
  4. Nostalgia for a favorite vacation spot or last trip can also be framed using wallpaper. Use murals and collages from large prints printed on the printer. Do not forget that wallpaper is, first of all, paper, they can be drawn with marker and paints, complementing the idea.
  5. The color of the wallpaper is chosen for certain tasks and the functionality of the room. If the living room is furnished under the cinema, there is no point in colorful decoration, any texture in soothing colors will do.

    wallpaper in the living room

    Gray, beige, brown tones will look perfect.

  6. Good lighting is important in the work room. Light wallpapers, especially glossy ones, have a high reflectivity. But they cannot be used on the south side, because the reflected light will dazzle.
  7. A high-tech kitchen should not be white - in combination with glass, chrome fittings and blinds, it will resemble a medical office. Use silvery and soft floral tones to give more life.
  8. The bedroom or living room of a Japanese-style studio apartment requires careful selection of wallpapers. Extremely popular are motifs with rare hieroglyphs, bamboo and sakura branches.
  9. Combining wallpaper, be careful not to fragment the space.

    wallpaper combination

    Distortions of space adversely affect the perception of the environment and create mood.

To avoid mistakes in the choice of finishes, we recommend using ready-made examples wallpaper design from the photo gallery.

VIDEO: Options for combining wallpaper for walls.

50 wallpaper design options in different rooms:

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