Wallpaper design for the hall. General recommendations

You are doing an apartment repair, come to the hall, prepared the foundation, and don’t know what to do next? So what is next wall decoration. And here a stupor arises. Do not panic. We will help you choose wallpaper design for the hall, and consider all the nuances of them use of.

brown wallpaper in the interior

The modern design of wallpaper for the hall is diverse.

Before choosing a product, look into your wallet. You probably made up design-project the hallindicating all expenses. If not, it's time to do. Calculate the repair budget, this will help to avoid surprises. Now we know the amount we can spend on wallpaper.

Some more recommendations:

  • Pay attention to quality (make sure that there are no defects);
  • Pick up wallpaper in accordance with style and the color scheme of the room;
  • If you have children or pets, think about ways to protect the walls from their legs and feet.
combined wallpaper in the hall

Think carefully about all possible options to avoid regrets.

Can walls just paint, or lay out with a brick? Since we already selected wallpaperget down to business.

Everything should be harmonious

AT the room all details should be harmoniously combined. Only in this way will you be able to create beauty and comfort indoors. First of all, decide on the general mood the hall. What do you want to create in it, a cozy nest, modern designfull of light and color the room, or a relaxing place to relax?

wallpaper design in the hall

Focus on existing parts (furniture, accessories, textiles) to choose the design and color of wallpaper for the room.

So, focus on 3 main criteria.

Style premises Wallpaper Material Colors
Classic paper Black, white, dark shades brown
Mediterranean liquid White, blue, blue
Country Textile Brown, pale yellow, beige
Modern photo wallpaper Contrast combinations
Scandinavian Vinyl White, blue, gray

The table shows the most successful options. In addition to the proposed, you can use other combinations.

light wallpaper in the living room

Let's consider them in more detail.

Style matching

The first criterion that we took as a basis is style premises. He plays a major role, because wallpaper should harmoniously fit into the big picture the rooms

wallpaper in the interior of the living room

We bring to your attention several styles.


Icon style - a classic. It has remained unchanged for many centuries. Only minor parts undergo changes, but the basic principles remain.

wallpaper in the living room classic

Classics are characterized by calm features and clear lines.

If you want to pick up wallpaper with a pattern, here are some tips:

  • The pattern should be restrained;
  • Choose the basis of brown or black colors with white patterns;
  • Give preference wallpaper with monograms or floral ornaments;
  • Patterns should be soft, rounded (straight, rough lines for the classics are unacceptable)

For this style plain textured wallpaper. They have a heterogeneous surface, but at the same time there are no pronounced silhouettes on them.

classic style room

In general, classic wallpapers should be calm colors, monophonic (discreet pattern is allowed).

Fit best paper style wallpaper.


This light, freedom-creating style is used not only in homes off the Cote d'Azur.

mediterranean style living room

Recently, the quadrature of city apartments allows you to embody any imagination.

So, picking up wallpaper for the Mediterranean current, pay attention to nautical symbols. They can be displayed in combining of various colors and textures of wallpaperin ornaments. The most common marine theme is interspersing details with blue and white stripes. You can pick wallpaper such a coloring and to issue part of them walls above the sofa.

Mediterranean style living room design

The basic concept of style: a lot of light and free space.

For this reason, only light colors are used here. wallpaper (interspersing of dark elements to create accents is allowed), and marine are obligatory.


Modernity knows no boundaries. But it has its own rules. For modern design clear lines are characteristic as in classics, but they are more rough. And in general, the style is categorical and sharp combinations.

Art Nouveau wallpaper in the living room

For Art Nouveau, you can safely pick up wallpapers with geometric shapes, straight lines, and display of torn silhouettes.

Another postulate of the style is the creation of contrast. therefore wallpaper combinations radically opposite colors fit perfectly.

Black is often used Colour, which is a symbol of modernity. It is in perfect harmony (in contrast) with white, turquoise, blue, yellow. You can use and related compositions: brown, gray, olive.

modern wallpaper for the living room

Art Nouveau is distinguished by a glossy shine, vinyl wallpapers, paper with a suitable spraying (for shine) are well suited for it.

Widely used photo wallpaper with urban or geometric drawings. In combination with a stretch ceiling you will receive the room dreams in modern style.


Sometimes there is no way to realize the dream of any one style, and convey it thoroughly with all the nuances. Then power takes effect combining. So you can arrange the hall according to several currents. Pick up furniture Provence style, make the ceiling a classic, and walls in eco style. There is one golden rule in this process!

combination of wallpaper in the hall

In order not to make a circus out of the apartment, use similar styles.

Important! Combining styles, select adjacent flows.

In this case wallpaper play a primary role, and set the vector for the rest of the details. Even resorting to combining styles, everything should be harmonious. So every detail depends on another.

ideas for combining wallpaper in the hall

Since wallpaper is the main element, decide which style they will belong to.

It’s best to choose a calm, neutral background, on which you will build the whole composition the rooms. A great option for plain paper or non-woven wallpaper.

Color Matching

All aspects must be taken into account. In addition to matching the overall style, wallpaper should be in harmony with furniture color and other accessories. Selection colors Is a whole science. But we will try to clarify its main postulates.

wallpaper in the interior of the hall

Lighting conditions, the size and shape of the room play a decisive role, because color, saturation, and the pattern of wall coverings can significantly change the perception of the interior.

On color decision of wallpaper several factors affect:

  • Room style
  • Its area;
  • Individual preferences;
  • Ceiling height;
  • Furnishing and other details;
  • Lighting.

Let's figure it out. Of course, individual preferences come first - everyone obeys them the choice. The style of the room certainly affects. Use a combination of yellow green bright glossy of wallpaper interspersed with blue is unacceptable for the classics, while Provence or Art Nouveau fully support this combination.

wallpaper in the hall

Area, ceiling height and natural light also affect the choice of wallpaper color.

Indeed, for a small room, it is better to choose bright colors. They will visually expand the room, and will help make a room more spacious. If in the room enough daylight hits, bright wallpaper compensate for the small space even more profitably. In this case, do not clutter up walls patterns photo wallpaper and graffiti. Choose preferably plain or textured wallpaper white or any other bright shade

wallpaper in the interior of the hall

Use glossy surfaces (if style permits), this will help reflect light and make the room even brighter and larger.

When space gives vent to imagination, you have the right arrange the hall in both dark and light colors. Last will do its even more spacious, delicate and airy. In big bright the hall and the owner and his guests will feel free and easy. If you want to create comfort in living room dark tones are best for this. For a light cozy atmosphere, you should choose warm colors from the spectrum. They all include shades brown, beige (all pastel colors), olive.

brown wallpaper in the hall

With these wallpapers you will be able to create a pleasant mood for friendly gatherings or quiet family evenings.

Another factor: color of wallpaper must match of furniture. It does not mean that they should be the same, they should be in harmony. If you have already purchased furniturethen remember its color when choosing of wallpaper. If not, you have the opportunity to start all over again, and choose any color you like.

floral wallpaper in the hall

Using the color of wall coverings and its saturation, you can create various interior effects - for example, highlight functional areas.

Suitable material

Now we select the necessary for our ventures material. As you know, paper wallpaper previously so widely used are already somewhat fading into the background, due to the fact that there are all new models. So, many already know vinyl, non-woven and liquid wallpaper. We will analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

living room wallpaper design

Each type of wallpaper has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Despite the fact that paper wallpaper fade into the background, they are still in great demand. This is justified by their price. Their main positive quality is the low price (compared to the rest species) But among the representatives of this group one can also find very expensive models: with velvet inserts, interspersed with gold or other precious stones - a person’s imagination is limitless.

wallpaper for living room

A variety of colors and patterns allows you to choose the right design for any interior, whether it be classic or modern style.

Another plus: they are easy to using. Stick paper wallpaper maybe even small children (as we often helped parents with repairs in childhood).This option is suitable for any style

wallpaper room interior

You will find a huge variety of paper wallpapers, and you will surely find something that suits you.


Already used for kitchens, such wallpaper moved to Hall. They have a shine, and are suitable only for modern styles, calmer they also bypass.

vinyl wallpaper in the living room

With the help of polymer fibers, interesting designs are created.

Another minus: poor breathability. Such material does not give the walls breathe, which can lead to the formation of mold. It is not used in the room with high humidity, and in a corner room (as corners often prey here).

Vinyl wallpaper used to decorate a specific place. They are bright, often printed. Here you will find many options that perfectly complement the glossy stretch ceiling.

wallpaper in the living room photo

Vinyl coatings on a non-woven basis have a leveling effect and work as an additional heat and sound insulating layer.

It is worth noting that lately there are silk-screen vinyl wallpaper. They are made using special technology, with its help on the vinyl surface make interspersed silk thread. This option is quite expensive, but it will give the hall luxury and nobility.

silk screen wallpaper in the hall

Silk yarn vinyl, used for the top layer, allows you to create impressive modern wallpaper designs for living rooms.

These two kind of most commonly used for decorating the walls at the hall. It is worth mentioning the existence of non-woven, liquid and textile of wallpaper. it combined types having a backing as a base and a top layer of thread, paper or vinyl.

Selection of wallpaper for the hall It seems not so difficult, and even fascinating.

wallpaper in a luxurious room

We hope you succeed in repairing and implementing your own ideas.

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