Photo catalog with examples of wall decoration with wallpaper in the living room

Fashion for wallpaper, as well as clothing, is changing at the same rate. Designers offer new wall options every year. Wallpaper for the living room in the photo catalog with examples of decoration in 2016: 3D wallpaper, photo wallpaper in the interior of the rooms in classic and modern styles, a combination of wallpaper in the living room. Designers draw on ideas for their masterpieces from nature: more and more in collections with wood and stone prints.


Combining wallpaper in the living room: techniques

Vertical stripes. The visual effect increases the height of the room. It is necessary to use rolls of the same width and texture. The classic combination of pink and gray, green and orange is always advantageous. Interior design using two monochrome rolls of wallpaper creates a rectilinear shadow effect.

Acceptable is the use of patterns with ornaments, patterns or polka dots and stripes. Black striped beige models will visually increase the height of the room in a classic interior. The strip is used by many designers in the 2016 collection. For small rooms, this option increases the size of the room.


Alternating different wallpapers costs both through one strip of roll, and after several.

Combining shades is the simplest and most reliable solution that brings grace and nobility.

The combination of contrasting colors is a bold design decision that emphasizes the individual character of the room. The classic version in 2016 is a combination of black and white colors. Drawings should fit together.

A simple option is to take one monochrome strip and one with a pattern.

Important: you should not try to cut or reduce the strip along, exactly this will still not be possible to do. It’s easier to buy narrow wallpapers.

Another option is to use similar prints: peas, flowers, twigs of different sizes and shapes.


Horizontal division

This technique of combined decoration is suitable for any style decision.

The wall is divided horizontally by wood or plastic panels under the tree. Use of contrast strips or contrasting colors is allowed. Models can be with a different pattern, as shown in the photo. The strip should be horizontal to the floor. If this does not work, you can always stick a border.

Tip: alternating wallpaper horizontally in a room with a low ceiling is possible through a meter. If the strips are larger, the room will appear quite low.


Inserts of wallpaper of various colors and patterns. Stripes, polka dots, flower - a combination of two or more photo wallpapers in the interior involve framing of wooden structures or plastic moldings. Particular attention when gluing wallpapers with this combination should be given to the joints.

Another interesting design of the collections of 2016 is small pieces of pieces. With the help of wallpaper inserts, you can zone the living room into the game zone, relaxation area and the office. All this can be achieved by inserts with photo wallpaper or 3D wallpaper in large areas. On a small wall lined with furniture and shelving, the reception will not work.

Patchwork Combination

The patchwork combination of wallpaper in the interior of the walls is suitable for country style and Provence style.

Important: the pattern on the wallpaper should be the same: floral or striped, otherwise it will create a sense of chaos.


The photo shows the floral patchwork from the 2016 collection.

The allocation of individual zones and niches. The design of such living rooms consists of a large number of additional complex structures made of drywall. There are many colors to choose from; you can choose a combination of two or more shades. A photo of such interesting solutions with photo wallpaper contains the catalog of collections in 2016. A combination of different shades of colors will highlight niches and recesses in the walls additionally.

Important: Pasting niches is difficult. Joints and corners are places where you need to be especially careful. The result of designing niches is a unique, individual interior.


Photowall-paper for a drawing room

A beautiful and unusual atmosphere is provided using photo wallpaper. With their help, interior design will turn a room into a tropical forest or the sea coast. The living room is completely transformed with a family photo. Numerous companies will print photo on order, photo of the New Year's Eve 2016. Photo wall murals change the geometry and dimensions of the room, darken it additionally or, conversely, create a brighter atmosphere.

Models with landscape photos: green meadows, mountains, lakes, sunsets are perfect for eco-style interiors. Wall murals fit into the size of the room, make the atmosphere more fresh and unusual. The classic design looks with large bouquets. Photos must be taken in macro mode.

The combination of hi-tech, minimalism or loft styles with views of skyscrapers and luminous cities is a frequent design technique to create the effect of the extended borders of the room, its increased size.


The photo catalog for classic styles includes photo wallpapers with reproductions of famous paintings. Such interiors give aristocracy and sophistication.

Tip: If the room is large, then the photo can be placed on one wall, while occupying it in full.

If the room is large, then large-scale wallpapers can be glued to all walls, from the floor to the ceiling. This is a bold design decision with drawings and images. In standard small spaces, such a design is not recommended, and such ideas will make them even smaller, lower. The most common option is sticking to one of the walls located opposite the sofa or couch. The furniture is arranged so as not to obstruct the image.

Using 3D wallpaper in the interior

This is a practical material that does not change the color of the picture and the brightness of the colors. Dust from such a coating can be washed with a wet rag. Such models are made in all colors, patterns. The design offers the most daring ideas of high-strength polyester wallpaper with water-repellent properties. Panoramic 3D wallpapers are the most popular and beautiful. This is a one-piece web up to several meters long.


Glue such models in the same way as vinyl ones. 3D feature: the image on them seems to protrude from a flat wall into the space of the room. This type of coating gives the room originality and uniqueness, as it is made to order. Everyone can choose a photo or reproduction. The room creates the atmosphere of London or Paris.

Three-dimensional images are created using particles that reflect and refract light from natural and artificial sources. Designers are advised to choose and place such sources according to the rules, otherwise the effect of coverage is minimized.

Important: The best option for lighting 3D wallpaper is a lamp with ultraviolet radiation. They help create a volumetric effect.


The advantages of 3D wallpaper:

  • gorgeous, unique design developed for each client;
  • resistance to moisture, washing;
  • environmental friendliness and safety, lack of toxic elements;
  • preservation of brightness of colors over time.

Only one drawback. This is the high cost of such wallpapers.

What type of wallpaper to choose for the living room

The style of the interior is determined by personal taste.The design in 2016 takes into account all previous trends, as well as new technical achievements, like fluorescent or luminescent models.


Suitable for living room:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • tissue;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • fiberglass;
  • bamboo;
  • 3D Wallpaper.

The color scheme should be calm, relaxing. Light shades are suitable: beige, peach, pink, light green.

Non-woven varieties are durable, durable, and resistant to fading. They can be painted if necessary, giving them a new design. Vinyl models can be washed, and in quality they are not inferior to non-woven ones. The seams are almost invisible. Vinyl wallpapers for horizontal contrasting of a room with a combination of two or more colors are well suited.


Decorations in classic English and French interiors are expensive fabric wallpapers. This material must not be washed; dust can only be brushed off with a dry cloth.

Important: fabric wallpapers simply accumulate dust, like carpets, so beloved by our compatriots. Only the carpets could be removed and exhausted, and the fabric wallpaper would only have to be completely removed.

Fiberglass or fiberglass is very durable, fire resistant, lasts a long time.

Bamboo wallpapers are made in beige, reflecting the natural beauty of wood. Suitable for interiors in eco style.

Paper wallpapers are thin, they cannot be washed, and all the irregularities of the walls will be immediately visible. Such models are less interested in designers. It is difficult to work with them, glue through them shines through over time, they are too short-lived. It is much easier to glue non-woven or vinyl models.


Choosing the color of wallpaper for the living room

Color affects the mood and psyche of a person - this has long been established by psychologists. Cold shades help relax. Blue, burgundy and purple for wall decoration in 2016 are welcome, but there should not be too many of them. You can paste only one wall, and the rest in contrast in light colors. To pick blue to pale pink or beige.

Brown models are warm colors. Dark brown wallpapers are suitable for minimalistic wall solutions.

Did you know? The main rule when choosing a color is: the smaller the room and the lower the ceiling, the brighter the color of the walls. Horizontal stripes will increase the width of the room, and vertical height.

For apartments with windows oriented to the north side, models of light yellow, golden, beige, peach, pink colors are suitable. For southern windows, dark blue, violet, green and steel gray are used.

Wallpaper for the living room - photo catalog with decoration examples: 40 options

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