How to use wallpaper in the interior

The decoration of the walls of the room plays an important role in the overall perception of the home. A popular way to decorate surfaces is wallpapering. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of decoration products. By choosing the right color, texture, you can create an unforgettable, original space. The selection of several types of coating is simultaneously a difficult and interesting task, any style, even the most traditional, can be made unforgettable, individual.

The combination of light green wallpaper with colorful curtains

Wallpapering is the most popular way of decorating walls.

Color combination

If you look at the design of vertical surfaces in a classic way, this is a standard pasting with your favorite material in one tone. Times and glances are changing, plain walls look dull. The combination of wallpaper is different, it is not necessarily dark and light, you can combine one, but in several variations. This technique can dramatically change the perception of the home, make it wider, more spacious, raise ceilings, create a solemn or intimate atmosphere.

Different wallpapers in the living room with fireplace

Combinations of different wallpapers give the room an original look


The choice of the components of the color wheel is preferred by few, they are considered neutral, hardly noticeable. Crowding can be avoided by applying blue, green, pink in the work. The colors are soft, pastel. With a competent combination of two colors of wallpaper of a neutral color, the visual space will become wider. Classic white in perfect harmony with cream, cognac, linen.

Wallpaper with a light ornament on the living room wall

Light wallpapers visually expand the space of the room


If the owner is a lover of rich, dark shades, with a competent approach, a tandem with a light one will be ideal. Designers use brown, green, black in their work. They will delimit space, emphasize some details, and emphasize. It should be emphasized that there should not be much dark if overdoing the situation becomes depressing, oppressive. Such components are recommended for large footage, it is likely that they will visually reduce the space. The combination of wallpaper in a small room needs to be developed carefully.

Wall decoration over the sofa with dark wallpaper

Dark wallpapers are ideal for highlighting an accent wall.


Gray has long ceased to be boring. It is he who is the ideal “partner” for brighter shades: brown, white, black.

Living room interior with gray wallpaper

Wallpaper with gray print blends perfectly with furniture of a similar color.

Recently, housing design in black and white has become more and more popular. This combination of wallpaper can be called both bold and unique. Its main advantage is the game in contrasts. The choice of similar materials can be attributed to styles that have the features of a classic.

Selection of the desired gamut

There are several specific rules in design work, which are recommended to be followed when combining wallpapers of prevailing shades:

  1. Simple selection - 2 colors that complement each other are taken as a basis.
  2. Complex combination - several similar shades are selected.
  3. Extraordinary combination is the most difficult, more than 4 components are used in the design during the design.

When working with multiple tones, designers use the “color wheel”, it helps to visually determine the combination of wallpaper colors.

Color circle scheme for the selection of color combinations in the interior

Use the color wheel to select harmonious combinations.

If the owner wants a home decorated in soothing colors, it is preferable to use lilac, eggplant, purple. They fit perfectly into the decor of the bedroom. When repairing the living room, kitchen, you can use orange, blue, it is allowed to use different wallpapers in the interior.

Rules for competent combination

There are many ways to beautifully and peculiarly stick wallpaper.

Light wallpaper in the interior of a children's room

The combination of wallpaper of the same tone, but a different pattern

Combination of 2 types vertically

The simplest and most effective design technique, with its help the room is changing beyond recognition.

An example of a vertical combination of wallpaper

Vertical combination is the easiest way both in terms of design and in terms of pasting

Vertical combination of contrasting wallpaper

The combination of contrasting wallpapers adds rigor to the interior.

The most popular is the alternation of vertical stripes around the perimeter of the walls or any one of them. Strips can be of different colors. Strip width, texture of the working material is recommended similar in style. The best option for the living room, bedroom, the combination of wallpaper colors in the interior should not be too bright, acidic.

Selection of 2 types horizontally

In this way they paste over bathrooms, children's rooms, hallways. When decorating, the wall is divided into 3 parts, the top is designed in the same style, it is allowed to experiment with the bottom. For example, the upper part is bright, with a pattern, the lower one is in a classic strip. Or, bottom, saturated, catchy, top - neutral. The resulting seam can be played as a decorative additional element.

An example of a horizontal combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

Horizontal stripes edged with polyurethane moldings

Paper wallpaper with a border on the wall of the hallway

Different wallpapers can be divided using a border

Photowall-paper in different interiors

Selecting photo wallpaper is quite simple, if you have an idea or imagination, you can create an interesting, unusual interior. They fit into any functional room, the main thing is the relevance of the pattern. Classical combination - connection with usual coloring.

Wall mural on the wall of a bedroom of a young girl

The combination of the floral ornament of the photo wallpaper and the plain wall decoration in pale pink looks elegant

It is important to choose the right pattern, pattern, so that it organically fits into the overall look. They should be suitable for the overall color scheme.

Whatever the size of the hallway, it’s better to make out in light, pastel colors. Even decorated neutral, it will look bright. Do not forget about the practical side of the issue. Easily washable coatings are relevant for the hallway. Wall murals do not have to be placed on the wall; you can decorate a wardrobe or a mirror.

Realistic photo wallpaper in narrow hallway design

The space of a small hallway can be visually expanded with the help of photowall-paper with a perspective

When choosing the decoration for the bedroom, it is necessary to consider the location of the sunny side. Images with green plants, marine, space themes look beautiful in the sun. The color scheme is calm, conducive to sleep and rest: orange, yellow, beige. A little lit, cramped room will expand with light halftones.

The living room can be decorated more boldly; the floral theme is perfect. A fashionable, urban style will turn out if you place space images on the wall.

Space living room interior with photo murals

Mysterious galaxy on the wall of the living room

When choosing a cover for a children's room, you should definitely consult with the baby, his wishes are important. Most likely, the "owner" will give preference to a combination of wallpaper with the image of your favorite cartoon characters, you can dilute them with gentle childish tones. A large number of images is undesirable. Children's preferences change quickly, thematic images quickly bother. It is good if the thematic decoration will occupy no more than 40% of all surfaces.

Pink wallpaper in the room for the baby

For decorating the kids' room, it is better to choose soft, gentle shades.

Color selection rules

There are 3 undeniable selection rules:

  1. Contrasts are allowed, but no one canceled similar features. The rule says - any coating in one room should have common features: the color of the base, style direction, pattern.
  2. The unity of style. Designers constantly repeat, but not all owners hear them: you cannot mix several styles in one workplace.
  3. The similarity of textures and decoration material. With a difficult selection of 3-4 shades, even similar ones, the texture of the working material must be the same without fail. Otherwise, the walls will oppress, crush. It may be necessary to draw up vertical surfaces several times, not always, it turns out, to create an ideal environment the first time.
Pasting the wall behind the sofa with different wallpapers

Choosing the best combination, combine shades of cold and warm colors

Harmonizing and non-harmonizing colors

The main task of the designer is to find the halftones that are most harmonious with each other. This takes time, you need to try, compare, experiment, do not be afraid to make a mistake, the combination of wallpaper in the interior can not always be traditional.

Kids room with patchwork style wallpaper

Patchwork wallpaper combination - another way to effectively decorate the interior

The main color is taken as a basis:

Red gray, green, gold, not recommended - brick, violet, chestnut.
Pink brown, burgundy, gray, undesirable blue, turquoise.
Orange green, violet, red color is undesirable.
Brown beige, gray, blue, gold, undesirable pink, burgundy.
Blue brown, orange, unwanted purple, burgundy.
Blue gray, red, gold, white, undesirable: lilac, brown.
Gray black, red, pink, undesirable beige, brown.
The combination of different ornaments on the wallpaper in the lobby of a private house

Combination of wallpapers with different motives.

Combination options in the hall

It is desirable that the combination of wallpaper in the hall room is 100% satisfied with the owner, consistent with preferences. The whole range is selected based on the size of the room, shape. If the parameters are modest, it is advisable to use a light, neutral color: beige, gray, blue, lavender. If the footage is impressive, you can apply more saturated colors.

Black tv on the wall with beige wallpaper

Beige wallpapers make the living room interior elegant and at the same time calm.

Brown wallpaper in the design of the hall

Brown wallpaper is considered a classic for the design of the hall

The combination of wallpaper can be different, for example, coloring distinguishes functional areas. The rest room allows you to decorate the walls saturated, the working area can be finished in pastel shades.

Combination options in the bedroom

Since the main function of the bedroom is rest, relaxation, experiments with the interior are undesirable. Gamma should be calm, bring peace. An excellent option would be the use of blue, light orange, pink, beige. Unusual and elegant looks like a wall located by the bed, highlighted by radically different material.

The combination of wallpaper pattern with pillow covers

Unusual ornament on the wallpaper in harmony with the pillows on the bed

Yellow and white wallpaper in the bedroom interior

A bedroom with a yellow accent and an unusual solution for sharing diverse wallpapers - the narrow panel also acts as a shelf for photos

Combination options in the kitchen

The color combination of wallpaper in the kitchen, a simple task. But, it is important that the shade of furniture is in harmony with all the elements. One of the surfaces is covered with tiles, its color also needs to be selected. The design of the kitchen is preferably neutral, without striking patterns and small drawings, they quickly become boring and start to annoy.

Narrow kitchen interior with white furniture

Combined wallpaper should be combined with the overall style of the kitchen

Wall mural in the interior of a modern kitchen

3D wallpapers will help to visually change the space of the kitchen and hide wall defects

Kitchen dining area with blue wallpaper

Blue wallpapers look restrained and stylish.

The selection of working material is an interesting, fascinating occupation, which each owner can handle. Thanks to the general recommendations of specialists, you can independently create an unusual, peculiar style. The preliminary project is easily created through special computer programs.

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