What wallpaper design is suitable for the kitchen

What wallpaper to choose for so significant premises as kitchen? This question is asked by many who started repairs. After all wallpaper must be practical: play the role of durable, functional coverings, to give a good mood to households and their guests. Kitchen Wallpaper Design obliged to supplement the main style rooms, emphasize its features and hide flaws.

wallpaper in the kitchen

This is the only way to achieve the perfect result, to make yourself and guests at home happy.

Suitable wallpapers

A wide range of products of wallpaper various types and designs makes it possible to choose material for wall decoration on the kitchen right, given the money issue and quality.

  • Washable wallpaper
washable wallpaper for the kitchen

This type of wallpaper is applied to the walls without any extra problems. However, their cost is high.

There are several types of washable wallpaper. Those that can be washed using special cleaning products. Also those that can be cleaned with chemicals and cleaning brushes.

Vapor permeability is the advantage of this type of wallpaper, thanks to this they quickly dry out, without forming excess moisture in the room.

Dense material lasts much longer. So dirt will accumulate less than other species.

  • Vinyl wallpapers
vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen

The material is able to imitate the decoration of walls with bricks, decorative plaster, plant fibers.

A good option for pasting the walls in the kitchen. They are quite dense, able to hide minor irregularities in the walls.

They have a good moisture resistant effect. Not afraid of temperature extremes and constant sunlight.

Vinyl wallpapers also have a scratch resistant structure and are easy to clean. On the market are species that can be repainted many times.

Qualitative species have micropores that can pass air and evaporate moisture. Avoids mold. The cost of wallpaper makes it affordable for many who want to make repairs.

  • Non-woven wallpaper
non-woven wallpaper in the kitchen

One of the best options for wall decoration in the kitchen. Wallpaper breathes and does not form mold.

The material is easy to use, does not crease, and no bubbles appear during operation. Hides minor wall defects.

They have a water emulsion effect. This allows you to wash and repaint them up to 7 times.

The cost of this material is the only drawback. Even domestic manufacturers set high prices.

  • Acrylic Wallpaper
acrylic wallpaper in the kitchen

Finishing material consists of paper and an acrylic layer.

This allows you to withstand high humidity and small physical influences.

Before choosing this material, you need to consider that the wallpaper is repainted only a few times and does not lend itself to thorough cleaning.

  • Silk screen printing
silkscreen wallpaper in the kitchen

The material is represented by a variety of vinyl wallpaper with silk threads on the top layer.

Wallpaper has a water-repellent effect, so they are unpretentious in care, do not lose color when exposed to sunlight.

  • Fiberglass
cullets for the kitchen

Great option for the kitchen. Wallpaper is durable, can withstand the effects of fire, water and steam.

Usually performed in white, as they mean painting up to 15 times.

Hide bumps, cracks in the walls, do not allow new ones to appear. The main advantage of the material is reusable repainting.It does not harm the appearance and allows you to update the design of the room every few years.

They also allow air to pass through and prevent mold from starting. Due to all the advantages of wallpaper, their cost is determined too high, but they are worth it.

  • Liquid wallpaper
liquid wallpaper for the kitchen

Finishing material has a simple composition. It’s easy to work with.

Liquid wallpaper can mask surface irregularities and minor defects.

Before choosing this type, you need to consider that the coating is suitable if it is coated with a special varnish on top. Then a water-emulsion effect is formed and the wallpaper can easily be cleaned with wet cleaning.

  • Photowall-paper
mural for the kitchen

The latest news on wall murals gives you the opportunity to paste on their walls even in the kitchen.

They have a special protective coating that prevents moisture from penetrating deep into the wallpaper and destroying the structure itself.

This material performs an important function - it increases the space of the room. It is also possible to choose wallpaper for every taste, with any image. You can even custom-make a drawing.

  • Self-adhesive wallpaper
self-adhesive wallpaper for the kitchen

Practical, beautiful coating, easy to apply. A convenient option for the kitchen.

They lend themselves to wet cleaning, do not absorb moisture.

They are durable, as they withstand prolonged adverse effects. Do not lose their appearance when using acid and alkaline agents.

The disadvantage of wallpaper is the high cost. However, this is inevitable if the material is really easy to use and practical to use for many years.

Unacceptable Wallpaper

Kitchen - a place where any wall does not fit coating, because it is affected by steam, moisture, temperature changes, mechanical damage.

wallpaper in the kitchen photo

This means that not all types of materials are suitable.

Variety of wallpaper Description
Paper Absolutely not suitable for kitchen finishes. They will not be able to serve for a long time, even with moisture impregnation. Also disadvantages will be:

  • Absorption and preservation of culinary smells;
  • Staining;
  • Loss of color when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
They must not be wet-cleaned. They do not withstand mechanical stress.
Natural The disadvantages of this type are similar to the previous version. Wallpaper not suitable for gluing this premises. They are afraid of moisture, absorb various odors.
The only suitable option for finishes will become wallpaper, the top layer of which is trimmed with wood veneer, mounted on a non-woven base.
Acrylic on a paper basis A totally inappropriate option for kitchen finishes. Embossed wallpaper easily deteriorate. They do not tolerate moisture, heat, absorb odors and become covered with a coating that cannot be removed.

The choice of shades of wallpaper for the kitchen

There are certain shadeswhose application will complement interior, among them:

  • Blue

Blue color promotes relaxation from an active and productive day.

blue wallpaper in the kitchen

It creates a bright room with a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Green

Such a design of the kitchen creates a good light mood, helps to get peace and tranquility after a hard working day.

green wallpaper in the kitchen

Green color will look spectacular with interior items (furniture, kitchen sets and utensils) in black, brown, beige colors.

  • Gray

The advantage of the gray shade is compatibility with all colors.

gray wallpaper in the kitchen

A good decision would be to create an aristocratic style.

  • Orange

This is the ideal tone for the kitchen, it is able to increase appetite, emotional mood.

orange wallpaper in the kitchen

Orange looks good with yellow and coffee hues.

  • White

White color will brighten the room and expand it.

white wallpaper in the kitchen

Bright elements of decor will complete the design of the kitchen style.

Wall decoration in a neutral color palette

Most homeowners who decide to make repairs on the kitchenchooses finish surfaces in neutral colors. This solution has many advantages.

light wallpaper for the kitchen

The decoration of the room in light pastel colors visually enhances the room.

Also wallpaper gray, beige, cream, pistachio shades perfectly emphasizes decor elements, headsets and appliances made of glass, chrome or metal materials. All these components complement interior and create sophisticated, competent and full-fledged style.

Accentuating with vibrant wallpapers

Bright accents in the room create a cheerful atmosphere. They create unique, special in their own way. interior.

Floral print

Flower patterns of wallpaper common with kitchen design. Also some styles use a vegetable print on the wallsheadset or decoration. However, there are rules for their application. From colors and size drawing the result depends room decoration.

floral print on the wallpaper

Small flowers on a light background can increase the space of a room, decorate it, make it more comfortable.

Large flowers on a bright, dark background, on the contrary, can steal free space. This option is not suitable for small kitchenslarge pattern will make it darker premise, even the presence of a large window will not be able to rectify the situation.

Accent wall of floral patterns will serve not only as an element decorating the room, but also as a way of zoning premises. So it will be possible to decorate the recreation area.

Classic version: cell and strip

The surfacedecorated with strict horizontal or vertical lines form a classic atmosphere in the room.

striped wallpaper in the kitchen

Thanks to the vertical lines, you can visually stretch the room, and horizontal to expand it.

Checkered wallpaper able to transform interior just like spoiling it if you make the wrong decision to use them. This choice is suitable for a spacious the kitchen with good natural light.

As for the lines, it’s easier to draw with them interior. The choice will be in the form the kitchenfurther formation depends on this design.

cell wallpaper in the kitchen

Both surfaces can be pasted over, and one, for example, in the dining area.

A cage and strip is often used in a classic, Provencal or country interior, creating a sophisticated interior in one case and emphasizing the whole charm of a rustic style in another. It should also be remembered that the selected ornament must match of furniture and a headset to complete the interior, and not make it ridiculous.

Wallpaper in different styles of interior

Choosing the right type of wallpaper you also need to take care of their respective interior styles. He must harmoniously combine the decoration the kitchenheadset furniture and technique.

  • Country

This style implies beige, pale pink, green, yellow, terracotta, purple shades.

wallpaper in the country kitchen

Forms a calm, comfortable rustic atmosphere.

It is expressed in the use of gentle warm tones. Animal and floral ornament wallpapers are welcome. Thus, you can finish the entire kitchen or just one accent wall.

The wall covering can resemble natural materials (stone, wood), which perfectly complement the wooden set and furniture.

  • Provence

The interior is dominated by white, cream, olive, blue, sand, lavender tones.

wallpaper for kitchen provence

Plain wallpaper, or with a small floral pattern, will do.

There may be an accent wall decorated with flowers, a cage, vegetables, fruits and other drawings. Provence accentuates the rough finish with stucco, aged wooden boards.

  • High tech

Cold shades of blue, gray, blue colors will be appropriate in such an interior.

high-tech kitchen wallpaper

High-tech is characterized by practicality, functionality and simplicity.

The walls are finished with textured wallpaper with a large texture or simply covered with paint. Additions will be decoration elements made of stone, metal, brick.

  • Classic

The interior is decorated in white, beige, cream, gold tones.

wallpaper in classic kitchen

This is a common option for the design of the kitchen, as the classic style remains relevant at all times.

Wallpapers are selected inconspicuous with a neat pattern, stripes, monograms, damask and medallions. The interior will be completed with a photopanel, frescoes of ancient cities and paintings.

  • Modern

When designing a kitchen in the Art Nouveau style, preference is given to black and white.

wallpaper for modern kitchen

Modern is a popular type of interior of the last decade.

This style makes it possible to realize any design ideas. A manifestation of fantasy is the motto of this style of interior. Here, wallpapers with large geometric shapes, stripes, curved lines are suitable. White and black color also applies to headsets, furniture and appliances.

  • Retro

This style loves all kinds of bright colors and their shades.

retro kitchen wallpaper

Retro involves a choice of bright wallpapers with landscape pictures, drawings of various household items, life scenes, patterns.

Since “retro refers to the past”, the kitchen is decorated with old or artificially aged furniture, a headset, and decorative elements, such as:

  • Photos in vintage frames;
  • Lamps in the form of old lighting fixtures.

Rules for reading badges on a label

Before purchase of wallpaper you need to make sure that they meet not only the requirements for design, invoice and drawing, but also operational characteristics. After all, quality, properties such as moisture resistance, heat resistance, light resistance and wear resistance will be key when buying.

wallpaper design for the kitchen

Knowing the icons on the roll packaging will help you make the right choice.

In the store, each roll should be checked against the batch number. It is also necessary to keep the label until repairs are completed, as additional rolls may be needed during operation. If the batch number is different, then the shade of wallpaper hardly match. It will ruin the overall kitchen Design. The photo below shows all the icons and their decoding.

wallpaper icons

The designations on the wallpaper for the walls.

50 options for designing a kitchen with wallpaper:

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