Wallpaper companions in the interior: the secrets of combining

When undertaking repairs, it is worth abandoning the traditional cladding and experimenting, for example, try wallpaper-companions in the interior of the living room. Famous designers often resort to such a combination, working on exclusive projects. Beginners in this matter are more difficult, since the selection of harmonious options requires certain knowledge in the design business. This is not difficult if you use the recommendations that the experts have kindly shared.

The combination of wallpaper with different prints in the living room of a private house

When choosing companion wallpapers, the design and the correct arrangement of accents are of primary importance

Why combine wallpaper?

Those who have often re-glued wallpaper in living rooms are familiar with the feeling that such a repair does not radically change anything. Fans of novelty and radical changes should try something else - decide on an extraordinary pasting of walls with wallpaper-companions in the updated interior, as in the photo.

Living room design with wallpaper companions

Using a combination of different wallpapers, you can successfully hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of the interior

Green wallpaper on the walls of the living room

Wallpaper companions can be used to decorate any room

Of course, the choice of finishing materials must be approached carefully, having an excellent taste and artistic flair. Some people who do not even have a design education manage to perfectly combine wallpapers that differ in many ways:

  • color;
  • drawing;
  • invoice;
  • surface coating materials (paper, vinyl, laminating film, silk screen printing, fibers of natural origin).

Of course, in the event of an unsuccessful experiment, you can get the opposite effect - instead of creative, you get bad taste. But the companion finishing materials are good because one or two walls are processed, and any of them can be replaced on time. However, even a not quite harmonious duet can easily be balanced by furniture and accessories that have a similarity in color, texture or pattern, as in the photo example.

The combination of wallpaper with different prints in one color scheme

Wallpaper with different patterns, but in one key

Companion wallpapers can radically transform any room. Most often, combined accent wall gluing is resorted to in the hallway, living room (hall), bedroom and children's room. For practical purposes, a long corridor is often pasted over with two types of wallpaper - a striped and patterned bottom to the level of panels and a plain top (or with a small pattern).

Well-arranged rolls will help achieve a specific design goal, including visually expanding the space and masking wall defects.

Bedroom in blue tones in a country house

Using a combination of wallpapers, you can “hide” some wall defects if you paste over uneven surfaces with background wallpapers and place bright accents on ideal surfaces

Pink wallpaper with a small ornament

Horizontal combination of two types of wallpaper with separation by a border strip

The use of wallpaper-companions in the interior of the living room has certain advantages:

  • more opportunities to create an inimitable interior at low cost;
  • unlimited design potential;
  • achieve greater harmony in the decoration, if you want to simultaneously see a plain background and a beautiful pattern on the insets;
  • expanding the list of options for correcting the dimensions of the room, visually transform the volume of the room;
  • an excellent way of zoning individual parts of a large living room, kitchen, studio apartment or house without walls.
Wallpaper companions in the interior of the living room of a private house

Combined wall decoration emphasizes the originality of the interior.

Important! Decorating with companion materials is an ideal way to attach your favorite wallpaper, which is not enough for the whole room. In this case, it is not necessary to rely only on rolled materials.

Highlighting a living room sofa with strips of vibrant wallpaper

Insertions are a simple implementation option. First, the background is pasted, and then bright stripes are on top of it, while the latter should be really noticeable and catchy

Pasting the wall in the bedroom with scraps of wallpaper of various types

Wallpaper flaps - a very original way, but more difficult to implement

As companions, you can pick up finishing materials similar in texture, including decorative plaster, lining, cork or bamboo. A good way is also considered a combination with "liquid" wallpaper and involving multiple painting.

New opportunities when combining materials of "companions"

Of course, it is realistic to make an exclusive design without combining 2 types of wall decoration, but it turns out much more interesting.

  1. It’s easier to find an interesting background for a niche, accent wall, insert or find an option to replace 1-2 damaged strips damaged by small “artists”.
  2. The ability to “lighten” one wall or zone, when the overall pasting with chic dark wallpaper looks gloomy.
  3. Accent inserts can become a stylish and fashionable “highlight” in a minimalistic interior or in a room where there is little furniture.
  4. Originality is the main “trick", where there are wallpaper-companions in the interior of a bedroom, living room or nursery.
  5. Very expensive exclusive wallpapers are expensive repairs, but one roll is enough for an inimitable interior, if you choose a beautiful duet. In addition, pasting up the whole room with expensive rolls can look elaborate, with a claim to ostentatious luxury.
  6. The combination of decoration when zoning a large room is a favorite technique of interior designers. At the same time, 2-3 corners can be decorated with your own wallpaper, with the most suitable coloring for the meaning.
The combination of two types of wallpaper in the nursery

Wall zoning

Tip. In order to save at least a little, you can buy expensive finishing rolls right up to the mark, inexpensive background ones - always with a margin.

Using moldings to separate wallpaper with a different pattern

A successful combination of materials using moldings to separate surfaces

When purchasing 2-3 types of wallpaper, it is better to focus on the products of one manufacturer and in the general price category - this will make it easier to deal with pasting. As a rule, they have the same base or substrate, due to which the rolls give the same shrinkage and do not diverge at the joint when drying.

A bright combination of wallpaper in the women's bedroom

Remember that contrasts can visually reduce room space.

Two kinds of wallpaper for decorating a large room is a popular design technique in the west, and soon it will be just as popular among our environment.

What color scheme is best for combining different wallpapers?

The easiest way to choose a color scheme for wallpaper-companions in the interior, if there is already one priority shade.

Decoration of the dining area with wallpaper with a different pattern

A combination of three varieties of wallpaper is appropriate in spacious rooms

Designers use the "golden rules":

  1. It is advisable to design a room only in shades of one part of the spectrum - cold or warm colors. The exceptions are white and black, pastel and non-spectral tones that blend well with bright favorites.
  2. White is a universal color, but in the choice of rolls for decoration and background decoration, remember that it happens with yellowness and blue. If you combine dairy with a cold palette, they may look dirty or old. The crystal whiteness of the walls of the interiors in a warm range carries a cold, unfriendly atmosphere. The grayish white color of the base looks “dirty”, but it will be “cleaner” in combination with dark inserts of emerald, burgundy, graphite or black.
  3. Wallpaper of the same color with different textures will look different in artificial light falling at an angle.
  4. The cage and grille are combined only with plain wallpaper, abstraction with floral patterns, graphic patterns with stripes, floral prints with monograms.
Wallpaper with colorful stripes in combination with a white print on a black background

Vertical dark stripes visually stretch the room

An interesting effect can be achieved by alternating monophonic stripes without a pattern, but with different textures. For example, cream-colored jacquard rolls of a cream color, where the matte pattern is applied on a glossy base, can be combined with a rough sand-like surface. During the day, the walls will look monotonous, with artificial light they will show a multi-color play of shades on the difference in textures.

Each color has its own characteristics, and this cannot be ignored, since they all affect the subconscious in different ways.

1. Yellow (canary, lemon, fruit) The traditionally “mouth-watering” cheerful color of warm colors perfectly compensates for the lack of sunlight from the northern windows, adjusts to positiveness, helps to create coziness, adding yellow wallpaper is considered an ideal choice in the food intake area.
2. Orange (peach, apricot, orange) In combination with white and “warm” colors, it encourages activity; it is added to the nursery or bedroom to activate melancholy depressed people, as the main color - studio, living room, hall, kitchen.
3. Red (scarlet, cumach) Active color, a symbol of passion, has bloody and other aggressive colors, they can not be combined with black wallpaper in the bedroom and living room. Often used on an accent wall along with beige, but not as the main one.
4. Pink A gentle background, has several floral shades, is ideal for a female bedroom or young spouses, “expands” the room, is well perceived with white and light green.
5. Lilac (lilac, lavender and pale purple) Beautiful shades are rarely used in the living room, with the exception of the bedroom, it forms a mystical aura, subconsciously gives a feeling of “hanging” between the past and the future, combined with a cold gamut.
6. Blue blue It calms, but activates consciousness, is good for an office, we combine with a cold scale.
7. Green (mint, grassy, ​​coniferous, lettuce, "green apple") These shades are rarely used in modern interiors as a basis, with the exception of yellow-green in the kitchen. Favorably affects the optic nerve, preferred for gluing the working area of ​​the computer. It “reduces” rooms, is undesirable with gray.
8. The black Great contrast, but not as a basis.
9. White An ideal background for any room, it is perfectly combined with any color, including contrasting combinations.
The combination of blue wallpaper with floral patterns

Blue shades are soothing and suitable for rooms where people often gather for conversations.

Important! When choosing color duets, it is worth considering all the nuances, since each tone has a lot of shades.

Fresh flowers on a table near a gray wall with wallpaper

For a compact room, monophonic canvases and with a pattern, but without bright colors

For example, dark green in combination with thick gray is undesirable, designers call it "longing green." But the salad with pearl gray color is a good duet for the room of a teenager who experiences a great emotional and intellectual load in the environment.

Living plants in the living room interior with paper wallpaper

A successful combination of two pastel shades

Combination Rules

Design projects sometimes look somehow "illogical" from a philistine point of view, but professionals are guided by unshakable rules.

  • In the kitchen, use colors and combinations that have a beneficial effect on digestion and the desire to cook, regardless of style. It is mint, strawberry, raspberry, apple, caramel, yellow and chocolate color. Companion wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen involve a combination of bright inserts with a light background - white, milk, cream and light beige.
  • At the request of the client, you can adapt any color in one of the living quarters, but it is not necessary to cover all the walls with such wallpaper.The base should be calm, it is diluted with inserts, niches and accents of the preferred color. It’s easier to create an elegant design, avoiding bad taste and pressure on the subconscious of bright colors.
  • Combining several bright colors is undesirable. For an emotional, cheerful interior, 2 juicy colors that are in harmony with each other are enough, but it is better to choose a calm background.
  • To enhance the effect, they combine not only wallpapers of different colors, but also different textures - smooth and rough, matte and glossy.
  • When choosing companions for wallpapers with floral ornaments, it is advisable to select their "native color", corresponding to the shade of flowers, leaves and other elements.
  • In historical and retro stylistics, it is illogical to use bright colors that were not there in that era.
  • When choosing background wallpapers, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the room in order to visually expand it or fill it with something, taking into account the color of the walls and ceiling.
  • An important aspect of the use of companion wallpapers is their functionality in the interior. Some shades soothe and relax, while others activate consciousness and muscle tone. Wallpaper can hide wall defects and create the illusion of expanding space.
Wallpaper with floral patterns at the head of the bed

Background wallpapers should occupy at least 60% of the total wall area

The combination of wallpaper with various patterns in the bedroom interior

In a bedroom, it is best to focus on the wall behind the head of the bed.

Striped headboard

For the bedroom, natural combinations are ideal

The choice of wallpaper in different styles

Provence and country - wallpaper in a small flower or with other floral ornaments can be combined with a smooth texture that simulates whitewashing, brickwork, natural wood. The same techniques are used in vintage and retro styles.

Kitchen design in a rustic style with two types of wallpaper

Floral wallpaper in the kitchen in provence style

Vanguard and futurism are extravagant styles for bold experiments where everything is possible, but within reason, designers are guided by the basic rules, allowing for exceptions. Floral prints in a graphic solution, an abstraction with recognizable elements, unusual neon shades - a white background is ideal for them.

Oriental styling is characterized by an abundance of colored textiles and intricate patterns with complex geometry of weaves. It will be interesting to look insert that imitates expensive fabrics with oriental ornaments or real textile wallpaper.

Kitsch is a playful eclectic style, born on the verge of mockery of classical traditions. This is the only case when you can balance on the verge of bad taste and experiment with incompatible ones, including methods for decorating walls in the style of patchwork (patchwork technique).

Combining kitsch style living room wallpaper

Custom and spectacular kitsch style

Classics will not go out of fashion, it will always be relevant, thanks to centuries-old verified canons of beauty. One of them is symmetry, keep this in mind when choosing wallpaper for inserts.

Gramophone in the interior of a classic style room

A typical combination of wallpaper for the European classic style

Minimalism - designers claim that everything from lush decoration in the rococo style and "boring" classical forms returns to it. The rejection of all superfluous is an ode to asceticism, which has several varieties, modern, Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism - the most striking examples of incarnations. Provides a combination of no more than two different textures in the decoration of the walls.

High-tech and loft are the most popular modern styles, where inserts in the form of bare brickwork or concrete wall, metallized wallpaper and photo wallpaper on an urban theme are welcome.

Hi-tech hallway interior with wallpaper on the wall

The combination of horizontal and vertical stripes in the high-tech hallway

Wallpaper was not used in historical styles, but today there are many proposals that imitate the coverings of palaces, temples and medieval castles. Baroque and Rococo - use wallpaper with monograms and imitation of modeling. Frames, cornices, classical architectural elements, including in the image of wallpaper, are appropriate.

Rococo style living room interior with embossed wallpaper

Wallpaper with embossed rococo ornament

The majestic empire is an imitation of imperial luxury based on Egyptian themes, the style originated after Napoleon's campaigns. Until now, it reflects epic murals, elegant patterns and delightful exoticism. It is difficult to make the right choice of wallpaper-companions in a residential interior. It is advisable to focus on special notes in catalogs and the finished work of professional designers.

Remember that in a spacious room you can give vent to bold experiments, in a small room it is better to avoid large drawings and sharp contrasts that divide the space. More interesting variations are in our photo gallery.

Video: combined wallpaper in the kitchen

Photo of successful wallpaper combinations

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