Dark gold wallpaper in a luxurious interior

Since time immemorial, the golden color in the interior was used only by the most wealthy people who want to emphasize their status in society and a high level of security. Although today everyone can access wallpapers with golden patterns or paint imitating gold leaf on furniture, this splendor is associated with luxury and a successful life. Everyone has their own motives, but the golden color must be used wisely to avoid pretentious eclecticism and outright bad taste. Not everyone will be able to choose the right furniture and accessories for the wallpaper dark gold in the interior of modern style.

Wallpaper with golden ornaments in the interior of the living room

Golden hues are associated with sunlight, warmth and joy, and in the interior they remind of luxury and prosperity.

What is the purpose of choosing gold in interior design?

Gold is a noble metal that will never depreciate. This is a symbol of prosperity, prosperity and luxury, so they went for everything for it, including crime. But times are changing, and today almost everyone has access to wallpaper in gold in the interior, accessories and textiles in golden colors. For some, living in such an environment is prestigious; for others, it inspires confidence in security for the foreseeable future.

Classic chest of drawers with gold trim

Golden wallpapers bring an atmosphere of prosperity and prosperity to the interior

Gold embossed wallpaper

Noble shade inspires confidence and calmness

This metal color was once very difficult to imitate. Since the time of Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Mesopotamia, gold handles for doors, figurines and frames for portraits of kings and nobles were used from pure gold. Handles for knives, inlaid with gems, precious bowls and trays on feasts competed in beauty with jewelry. Today, golden curtains in the interior of the kitchen, dishes with shiny rims and a pattern on a kitchen tile have become something common.

Once upon a time, tons of this metal went to decorate the temple of Solomon and other buildings, which is described in the Bible and other ancient texts. In later times, the use of gold in the interior became mandatory for Orthodox churches and mosques. The tradition of decorating personal weapons and luxury items with gold has survived to the present day. Even if this color is not in its pure form in modern decor, often the upholstery of upholstered furniture is produced with a golden tint, the curtains and tulle are covered with metallic lurex.

Gold decor on the wallpaper in the living room of a city apartment

Shiny canvases reflect light, which visually increases the space, making it cozy and bright

Picture in a gold frame on the wall of a bedroom

The golden hue is equally beautiful in spacious living rooms and small bedrooms.

Thrones with armrests in the form of golden lions and brocade robes with golden threads emphasized the status of their owners in antiquity. Gold in the interior of palaces and castles was once an important attribute of a high position in society. The tradition of decorating personal weapons and luxury items with gold has survived to the present day; it has also entered the interiors.

Lighting in the living room with dark golden wallpaper

A room with dark gold wallpaper should have good lighting

To the ignorant in the design, it seems that this color has no shades, but this is not so. In practice, the gold palette is quite multifaceted, ranging from a barely noticeable flickering brilliance to a saturated shade of "old" gold.Golden wallpaper in the interior looks very noble if the pattern is applied on a different basis:

  • cream;
  • peach;
  • beige;
  • burgundy;
  • brown;
  • emerald;
  • the black.

The special magic of golden color attracts an enchanting brilliance and subconscious desire for luxury. Designers use this property for interior decoration, and the combination with the golden color of other fashion favorites periodically rises to the peak of popularity in a certain interior style.

Rich classic-style bedroom interior with dark gold wallpaper

The size of the golden patterns depends on the size of the room

Attention! The excess of shiny surfaces in the living room looks too pompous, even vulgar, golden wallpaper often creates glare, tiring visual perception.

Elongated kitchen with golden wallpaper print

Noble look interiors with a combination of gold wallpaper with burgundy furniture

Some, based on the law of mutual attraction of similarities, are convinced that "gold attracts gold." They liken their apartments and houses to palace interiors resembling Versailles or Peterhof. However, no one will deny that it is pleasant to watch how the morning rays or a reflection of the setting sun are reflected from the walls of the golden interior with a characteristic brilliance, filling the room with a special glow. It is no less pleasant to step in the bathroom on the floor tiles made of marble-like porcelain stoneware with a metal-like decor in gold.

Designers offer new solutions to those who love a golden color in the interior, especially when it is stylistically appropriate. It was actively used in the Baroque and Rococo times, as well as in oriental stylistics and eclectic design at the turn of the twentieth century. But such an interior requires a sense of proportion to avoid vulgarity and pseudo-luxury, like "Barbie style", "glamor" and "ruble."

Wall decoration in the bedroom with gold print wallpaper

Accent wall with gold-textured textile wallpaper

Today, many refuse brilliant finishes, fearing accusations of bad taste and "mannerism." But you can get a refined setting, dosed using the golden color of the wallpaper, but only where appropriate.

Golden Rules of Interior Design

Gold trim looks great in a small bedroom, a spacious living room and a tiny bathroom, but it is used in a metered way.

White sink and mirror in a gold frame

Waterproof wallpaper with gilding in the bathroom

The property of light reflection is the main practical side of the use of gold in the interior. Thanks to this radiance, any room seems lighter and more spacious. This finish, especially in combination with white, creates the illusion of cleanliness and high cost. However, in each stylistic decision varies:

  • percentage of metallized surfaces;
  • a combination of gold with dark and light shades;
  • shade of metal and the degree of reflective gloss.
Curtains with golden patterns on the windows of the living room

If there is an overabundance of shine on the walls, the interior may lose the atmosphere of sophistication, so it is better to combine wallpaper with gold furniture upholstery or with ornaments on the curtains

Important! This color should not dominate, regardless of the degree of brilliance. Excess or glut of gold will not only destroy the overall nobility of the interior, but can ruin all investments in repairs. In a percentage ratio it should be no more than 20-30%.

Gold wallpaper in the interior of a classic style

A bedroom in a classic style, where vertical stripes on the wallpaper visually raise the ceiling

The setting looks luxurious in which only one is framed in gold:

  1. Walls (wallpaper, painting).
  2. Furniture (wooden parts in gold leaf, upholstery).
  3. Textiles (pattern or weaving with metallic thread).
  4. Accessories and fittings.
Gold color bedroom interior

As additional decorating details, you can use paintings, mirrors and other accessories with gold-plated elements

The emphasis can be made, for example, on golden curtains in the interior or accessories with a yellow tint. As you know, all metal parts are available in 4 colors:

  • white (chrome plated, wired silver);
  • yellow (gold and its derivatives);
  • reddish (copper);
  • greenish (bronze).
Large dining table in a room with golden wallpaper

A good background for gold patterns is gray in any shades.

Tip. In interiors made with taste, there should be only one shade of metal - such general requirements.

Spotlights in the kitchen with gold wallpaper

In small rooms, a golden hue can be combined with white

If the choice falls on the golden color of the door handles, try not to abuse the textiles and color of the wallpaper in the same way, so as not to overdo it. The exception is applied items that initially make (or could make) of gold or gilded.

Typical elements for palace interiors and some historical stylistics:

  • small sofa cushions with expensive embroidery;
  • handmade overhead fragments in gold leaf;
  • graceful candlesticks;
  • portraits and mirrors in gilded frames;
  • inlaid armrests;
  • legs of elegant furniture in gold;
  • lambrequins, fringe, braid with “bells” and other decor for velvet curtains.

If such a decor, accessories and accessories are enough, then gold wallpaper in the interior will be redundant. And vice versa, you can choose wall decoration with noble shimmer, but textiles and other additions should be as modest as possible, the emphasis should be on the elegance of forms and high quality workmanship.

Dark gold wallpaper in the hallway of a country house

For the hallway, it is better to choose vinyl wallpapers that can be dust-wiped with a damp sponge

Important! Golden yellow gamma refers to the warm part of the spectrum, so it is often combined in duets and trios with their companions. However, this color will “warm” and give “liveliness” to the interior in a blue-blue range, it is delightfully perceived with white and blue.

wooden chair against a wall with dark gold wallpaper

Gold color is presented in different keys, so everyone will find a suitable option

In the eastern style, emerald green and golden colors are a true embodiment of luxury. This shade of metal is also able to ennoble black and brown in the cladding of any room, even if there is a lot of dark.

Wallpaper with gold patterns on a burgundy background

If you are not satisfied with excessive shine, you can choose matte wallpaper with a flickering effect

Basic rules for using gilded objects in a living room

  1. A sense of proportion - quality is important in the design of any interior, and here it will be felt most of all, as well as its absence. The metered use of gold in the interior will only emphasize extravagant luxury, especially in combination with dark colors. In fact, gold with black, burgundy, emerald or chocolate color entered the classics of designer duets in the coloring of wallpaper.
  2. A sense of style is equally important. The choice of palette should be dictated by the style of the room, since not every golden interior really delights with sophisticated sophistication. Do not abuse the surfaces of a large area - gold wallpaper on the walls, curtains and upholstery at the same time. It is better to limit yourself to fittings and accessories, as described previously.
  3. Good taste is another condition when they want to take on the golden color in the interior. This is what will help to achieve a stylistic unity and not spoil the overall impression when creating a stylish design for a living room or bedroom. You can even make some souvenirs or accessories with your own hands, imitating works of art. Designers with a delicate taste can, with the help of several accessories, correct other people's mistakes, supplement the unsuccessful color scheme and create an enchanting aura of the room.
Chair with gold upholstery on a background of paper wallpaper

Gold should be dosed, only in this case its value is emphasized

Tip. If the style does not involve gold, but recommends Feng Shui, add an aquarium with goldfish, a casually opened jewelry box, a vase or a picture with gold colors.

Black chairs at the dining table in a room with dark gold wallpaper

The ideal ratio of golden tones to other shades is 1: 3

Gold color in the style of interiors

Wallpaper with a graceful golden pattern are considered universal, because they successfully fit into many stylistic decisions.But each of them has its own background.

Living room in a modern style with golden wallpaper

A variety of design options allows you to design rooms with golden wallpaper in almost any style

1. Classic An exquisite floral ornament, in imitation of a tapestry with the use of milk, burgundy, blue and dark green.
2. Historical styles Intricate monograms on a white or blue background.
.3. Art Deco Graphic drawing on a dark background.
4. Modern Graceful “whip strokes” or outlines of lizards, plants, or female forms against a muted, saturated background.
5. Oriental styles Ornate graphic patterns without the image of people and animals combined with shades of precious stones.
6. Romanticism Light floral ornament with pink, green and brown on a light background.
7. Urban styles Only in the form of auxiliary lines in a graphic drawing against a background of rough texture or simple decoration.
8. Minimalism Used in a duet with a white and wood background.
Gold embossed paper wallpaper in the living room interior

Most often, gold walls are found in all varieties of the classical style

Lighting in the bedroom with golden wallpaper

Geometric patterns suitable for art deco style.

Dining area with wallpaper in golden hues

Floral prints for a light and romantic atmosphere

The palette of shades of precious metal looks good both in a duet with white, milky or beige color, and with dark saturated shades of precious stones and gems:

  • blue sapphire;
  • purple amethyst;
  • green emerald;
  • black onyx;
  • raspberry red ruby;
  • brown honey amber.
Classic ornate bedroom interior

Luxurious bedroom for the king

If you want the golden color in your interior to be perceived very harmoniously, see photo examples in our gallery.

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Photo interiors with golden wallpaper

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