Striped wallpaper for walls in the interior of different styles

For several years in a row, striped wallpapers remain in fashion in the interior of most styles. Design accents are periodically shifted to one or another classic color, but then again the linear pattern remains in demand. Any interesting solution can leave a lasting impression, even a simple coloring in the form of frequent or rare stripes.

Living room interior in pastel shades with gray striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper helps hide architectural flaws and create beautiful effects in the space of the room

Features of striped interiors

Nothing is simpler than a striped wallpaper pattern, but it is in this simplicity that lies a huge variety of unsurpassed solutions. It is amazing to an ignorant person how, using combined combinations, it is easy to create a memorable and stylish setting using a simple horizontal or vertical, parallel or gracefully curving line.

Blue walls in the living room with horizontal striped wallpaper

The variety of drawings on the wallpaper allows you to choose the perfect combination of width and direction of strips for any interior

Designers are increasingly offering wallpaper with diagonal and combined stripes in the interior of the hallway and living room, bedroom and kitchen. It doesn’t matter if wide or narrow fragments of the same color alternate, contrasting or blurry. With such a “ruler” it is easy to transform any space and adjust its visual perception.

The most “boring” or classic interior is easy to diversify, add dynamism and bold accents. To do this, it is enough to decide to experiment with striped wallpaper in a residential interior. This traditional coloring is quite friendly to combination with monophonic surfaces and any recognizable pattern. You can try to connect a cage, polka dots, floral ornament, abstraction or elegant geometry on one wall, connecting with wide horizontal lines, as in the photo.

Bright orange wallpaper stripes in a bright living room

Alternating vertical stripes with geometric patterns in a single color scheme

Stripes and floral wallpaper pattern in the living room of a country house.

Striped floral ornament adds romantic motifs to the interior

Why use "banding"? Not just for a change, but purely for practical purposes - a combination of stripes easily transform any space, right up to spectacular illusions of “moving” walls. Visually, you can make a small room with low ceilings a little higher and wider, as if “adding” volume and footage.

Colorful stripes on the wallpaper in the children's room

Accent wall in a narrow room

Wallpaper with vertical stripes in the interior of the living room with white walls.

A few bright stripes will dilute the monotony of the white walls.

Interestingly, it is not necessary to change the entire interior if it turned out to be plain-looking after repair. It is enough to add dynamism to the striped wallpaper in the living room with the help of strips on one accent wall:

  • vertically and horizontally;
  • diagonally and multidirectionally.

Horizontal lines move the room wide, so it’s best to use this technique on the end wall. When combining horizontal and vertical stripes, it is possible to create unexpected effects, including moving walls.

Horizontal striped wallpaper in the interior of the living room

When sticking wallpaper in a horizontal strip, the room will visually become wider by at least a couple of squares

Vertical stripes on the wallpaper in the living room

Vertical stripes “raise” the low ceiling

Extensive vertical stripes, like columns, “raise” the top, especially when combined with multi-level designs and glossy canvas.But with the usual white ceiling there will be a noticeable effect, as in the photo.

However, do not “dazzle” with contrasts “everywhere and immediately” - the wrong combination can tire you, especially in the nursery.

A skillful combination of a linear pattern with something discreet, floral ornament and weakly expressed spots will activate consciousness, encourage creativity. This is especially valuable in a teenager’s room or in a student’s office.

Striped wallpaper for kids room interior

Wallpaper in the nursery can be in gray-blue, gray-white or gray-pink stripes

Practical in any style you can use striped wallpaper. They are easy to combine with another linear pattern:

  • vertically and horizontally;
  • variations of shades in one color and contrasting;
  • modest and colorful;
  • only stripes or with inserts (curving lines, flower, ornament);
  • wide and narrow fragments;
  • weakly expressed and catchy (like "zebra");
  • wide rolls and narrow.
Interior of a modern room with striped wallpaper on the wall

Large pattern with stripes in different directions on the wallpaper in front of the console table

If you are creative in choosing combinations of lines, it’s easy to create a creative design in any living space.

However, it is important to take into account the wishes of all family members - perhaps someone will be categorically against the graphic stripes in their room.

Monochrome wide-strip wallpaper in the design of the lounge

Adherents of a calm interior should choose wallpaper with monochrome stripes without sharp contrasting transitions.

Which strips are best for a living room?

The arrangement of parallel lines can be designed in different ways, but the most popular arrangement of a linear pattern in classical ways:

1. Vertically Linear drawing, small format rolls.
2. Horizontally Wide color gaps on widescreen rolls.
3. Diagonally Medium-sized, pronounced banding.
4. Different directions Any pattern and strip, interesting wall pasting is important.
5. With inserts Narrow rolls with medium-sized stripes, combined with plain wallpaper.
6. Like a frieze (framing) A great way to decor framing an accent wall, mirror or niche.
Wallpaper with diagonal stripes in the interior of a modern living room

You can choose diagonal stripes for a separate zone in the room or to create a wall panel from wallpaper

All of these options are applicable in every living room:

  • hallway;
  • living room;
  • the bedroom;
  • the kitchen;
  • a bathroom;
  • hallway or staircase;
  • child or teen room.
Wallpaper in black and white stripes on the wall with a fireplace

Smooth, wide stripes of contrasting colors - ideal if you want to draw attention to any wall or interior item

Attention! In recreation on 2 floors in a duplex apartment or a two-story house, the vertical method is undesirable, which visually raises the ceilings even higher. It is better to use horizontal or combined pasting with striped wallpaper.

Striped staircase design in a three-story country house

A bold game with space stairs using coloring and black and white striped wallpaper

In a long corridor, avoid wide horizontal stripes on a solid wall that will make it "infinitely long." Such a solution is suitable only for the end wall or design accent walls at the interior doors.

When choosing a linear pattern, decide in advance which is better - narrow lines or wide fragments? The choice depends on the size of the room, its lighting and furniture. Weak styles will not irritate your eyesight, but slightly extend the living room (other space). But the motley-striped version does an excellent job of such tasks:

  • disguises curvature and bulge;
  • levels the difference in height;
  • hide cracks under the wallpaper and many other defects.
Wide dark stripes on the wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

A wide striped print highlights the hollows and bulges of the walls, so the surface should be carefully prepared before gluing

The alternation of a wide and narrow linear pattern looks good in beautiful delicate shades. This is a great choice for any living room or bedroom, kitchen, living room or studio apartment, as in the photo of wallpaper with vertical stripes in modern interiors.

The alternation of narrow and wide stripes on the wallpaper in the bedroom

Thick strips of calm pastel colors create a soft atmosphere, perfect for a sleeping place.

Important! Psychologists emphasize that non-contrasting narrow lines can activate vitality, therefore, they are recommended for people with chronic overwork and loss of strength. Annoying and depressing people should better abandon the zebra and sharp contrasts.

Interior of a living room with narrow stripes on paper wallpaper

Calm and discreet interior created by a print in a narrow strip

The choice of colors is individual, but do not forget that in your personal space, nothing should irritate, on the contrary, create a favorable atmosphere. And color variations are an extensive topic that can be discussed endlessly, good taste is needed here.

Marriage Bedroom Interior with Lilac Striped Wallpaper

Classics of the bedroom genre - lilac, blue or beige stripes of various thicknesses

Tip. Keep in mind that a “favorite” color, for example, lilac or turquoise, is perceived differently in a plain and striped design.

The contrasting black and white “zebra” does not go out of fashion, but it is not always appropriate. If we are talking about the correct two-tone design of the living room with a piano and upholstered furniture in leather, then the strip is appropriate on one wall. For example, it can be located behind a sofa or as a background of a musical instrument. Elegant monochrome interior - for lovers of laconicism and minimalism.

The inappropriate “ripple” of contrast bands will tire you if you do not think through everything in detail. It can spoil the impression of the most expensive repairs.

How to combine a strip in different styles?

From the designers' point of view, a linear combination, plus plain monochromatic rolls of a common color, as in the photo of striped wallpaper in the interior of a living room, is considered a win-win combination.

The blue background with golden monograms looks very beautiful - a hit of historical stylistics. Such wallpapers look great with plain turquoise and white inserts for mirrors and paintings. Such an exclusive design - for a chic bedroom with bright furniture on gilded elegant legs in the Baroque or Rococo style.

striped wallpaper in the classic style bathroom

The classic chooses non-contrasting plain color combinations of strips on the wallpaper

An opaque ruler with floral accents will decorate any à la carte setting, under Provence or in retro style. The only condition is natural gamut with a recognizable floral pattern. Such combinations are suitable for other styles:

  • ethnic;
  • romantic;
  • shabby chic;
  • vintage
  • boho.
Striped wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom in the style of provence

Stripes with flowers are suitable for a rustic bedroom style.

Striped rustic bedroom interior

Gray stripes in a bedroom decor in a country style

A thin contrasting strip alternating with metallic wallpaper is for a modern exclusive interior. It would be effective combination with a wall imitating stone or brickwork.

Extravagantly painted walls in combination with an irregular strip will become a real “find” for lovers of stylistics:

  • Art Deco;
  • pop Art;
  • modern.
Scandinavian style living room with striped wallpaper

Pastel stripes on a neutral background are used in the Scandinavian style or in minimalism.

A motley-striped format will emphasize the eclecticism of the environment - kitsch style or ethnic interior in a new rethinking.

At a time when English classics were in fashion, pearl gray wallpapers with emerald stripes were produced, which combined perfectly with the green cloth of a billiard table and mahogany furniture. This "hit" periodically returns to fashion.

English style living room interior with striped wallpaper

A discreet stripe on a beige, red and green background emphasizes the aristocratic interior of the English style with dark furniture

For a drawing room and a bedroom with imitation of palace "boudoirs" the soft pastel lining with white or golden monograms approaches. For the hallway there remains a “classic” burgundy background with a graceful golden pattern.

For the Empire style and Neo-Baroque, Neoclassical and Renaissance interiors, weakly expressed lines of delicate shades are selected.

Renaissance style living room design with striped wallpaper on the walls.

For decoration of walls in the Renaissance style, strips of delicate shades are selected.

Rolls of such tones are suitable:

  • light beige;
  • lactic;
  • cream;
  • pearl gray;
  • light pink;
  • peach;
  • mint;
  • pale lilac;
  • powdery;
  • gray pink;
  • pale blue.

The minimalist interior suggests a modest coloring, but contrasting stripes are acceptable. They can be placed in any direction.

The use of striped wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen in the spirit of minimalism

Vertical multi-colored stripes in the kitchen in the style of minimalism.

Expressionism and futurism are styles where you can experiment, for example, an emotional creative design. A combination of bright colors and a black and white “zebra” is appropriate here.

As can be seen in the photo examples, not only life can be striped like a zebra, but also an exclusive interior, and this is a great way to inimitably decorate your living space.

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