Design features of the bedroom with photo wallpaper

Modern interior design solutions offer unlimited possibilities for our creative imagination. You can choose materials, paints, fabric and shape of curtains, furniture for almost every taste. One of the spectacular moves that is used in the design of the premises is the design of the bedroom with photo wallpaper. It is not surprising that in our time, repair using photo wallpaper is more relevant than ever. With the help of photowall-paper alone, it is possible to achieve results that were not dreamed of by the most sophisticated aesthetes of the last century.

Black and white photo wallpaper over the head of the bed in the bedroom

When you see the picture you like, immediately imagine it in your bedroom. Think about how it will look better - in the form of a panel above the head of the head or as filling the entire wall

Here are some of the advantages of photowall-paper that allow you to create a stylish and atmospheric space without any special expenses:

  • modern printing and the possibilities of computer processing images on photo wallpaper create any effects that you need;
  • murals are a full replacement for expensive repairs;
  • the use of photo wallpaper visually expands and deepens the space of the room;
  • financially, the use of photo wallpaper is profitable and effective, since it does not require large expenditures on materials;
  • Photowall-paper fits well into an interior, thanks to a variety of styles and color schemes;
  • speed and ease of repair using wallpaper, helps save time and effort;
  • Wall murals instantly make housing more comfortable.
Wall mural with dandelion in a bright bedroom

In the bedroom, wall murals look excellent, differing by several tones from the dominant color of the interior

How to choose themed wallpapers

With the help of wallpaper with a photo, you can independently create a new style of interior. Also, murals can decorate housing in traditional directions. It is easy to choose photo wallpaper for the interior, age and cultural needs of all the inhabitants of the apartment or house. The types of photo wallpaper are so diverse that everyone will find among the options that matches his needs and fantasies.

Wall mural sports theme in bedroom design

Suitable theme for athlete's room

White roses on the mural in the female bedroom

Delicate shades for a romantic room

Cool shades on the mural in the bedroom design

Wall mural in cold colors in a Scandinavian style bedroom

In order for the photo wallpaper to fit into the bedroom interior most successfully and become its central component, it is desirable to free up space in front of the wall. So, if your choice of image for wallpaper is focused on a realistic photo of the city, natural landscape, interior, the wall should remain as free from furniture as possible. This is necessary in cases where only one wall is used under the mural.

Wall mural with wildlife in the bedroom interior of a country house

The image of summer nature will warm you in the cold winter and cheer you up

Traditionally, the interior of a bedroom with a photo wallpaper is associated with a picture or photo above the head of the bed. But the choice of place for wallpaper stickers is not limited. Well-chosen ornaments or photos can replace many elements of decor and decor.

Wall mural on the ceiling of a bedroom in a classic style

Wall murals can also be glued to the ceiling, where the starry sky or clouds will be appropriate


  • Create the illusion of no wall or view from the windows.
  • Simulate the effects of walls decorated with different materials.
  • Create the appearance of niches, alcoves, openings in the room.
  • Wall murals with 3D create the appearance of convex, concave, inhomogeneous in shape walls with various bends.
  • Replace the painting or bas-relief with any plot.It can be bird flowers, animals, abstractions, ornament.
  • The wall with the image of luxurious curtains or the effect of expensive fabric gives the interior of the bedroom with photo murals additional comfort and tranquility.
  • Photowall-paper in a bedroom can be also a bright center of a design composition, an element of the general decor, replace a ceiling covering.
3D photo wallpaper with birches on the bedroom wall

I want to step and go through this wall

Wall mural with a bridge over the head of the matrimonial bedroom

Properly selected linen can visually increase or decrease the space of a bedroom

Retro murals over the head of the bed

When choosing a black and white photo wallpaper, the main thing is to ensure that the retro charm does not turn into excessive gloom

French-style bedroom with wall murals

Vintage motifs for a Parisian style bedroom

Various murals to create the style in the bedroom

Depending on preferences and the general style of housing, it is possible to choose an original solution in several ways. For example, in the bedroom for husband and wife, photo wallpaper with flowers will work well. A fashionable trend in modern room decoration is large photographs or images of flowers, plant motifs, which are located on the wall space at the head of the bed, especially if the room is small.

Wall mural bedroom interior in modern style

Engraving on the wall of a bedroom in a modern style

Wall mural in the design of a youth bedroom in a modern style

Wall mural in the interior of a youth bedroom

Murals with blurry effects in a bright bedroom with panoramic windows

If you are young and full of energy, take a look at unusual blurry images with muted shades.

For youth bedrooms, wall-paper with images of musical instruments, images in the style of steampunk and cyberpunk, scenes from films with photographs of heroes and artists are popular.

As for the photo wallpaper for children's bedrooms, a very large number of them are now being produced. They are specifically focused on children's perception and interests. Basically, this is a wallpaper with cartoon characters, fairy tales.

Photo wallpaper coloring in the interior of the children's bedroom

“Photographic picture” for a children's room, which you can color yourself

Children like colorful pictures, but it is advisable to alternate them with pastel calm tones in the bedrooms, as young children can be overwhelmed emotionally by an excess of impressions. The murals, which are made specifically for children's bedrooms, use the most environmentally friendly and safe materials.

Photo wall mural on the bedroom wall for a preschool child

With the help of murals, you can select a play area in the baby’s room.

Wall mural in the form of a geographical map in the bedroom of a schoolboy

The geographical map on the wall is suitable for schoolchildren of younger and middle age

Wall mural on the bedroom wall of a teenager

A teenager should like this composition

In any bedroom, wallpapers with photographs of natural landscapes, forests, marine themes look great. Walls with such photos not only calm the nervous system, but also visually expand the space of the room, especially pictures with a 3D effect. Natural colors enable the body to fully relax.

Wall mural with a vegetative landscape in the design of the bedroom

Photowall-paper with landscapes are combined practically with any style of a bedroom interior

Mountains and lake on the mural in the bedroom interior

Lake and mountains - a harmonious combination of cold and warm colors

Wall mural and feng shui

In feng shui, it is believed that all objects in the home, and especially the walls, accumulate the emotional energy of people, including negative ones. Therefore, you need to select the color of the walls and the images on them to your temperament, so that they improve mood without causing fatigue. In the bedrooms, images related to the elements of air, water and earth work well. Photowall-paper with pictures of landscapes, falls falls perfectly under this recommendation. In addition, anything that improves your mood and helps you relax is suitable.

Wall mural for a bedroom with flowers in pastel colors

A successful composition for the bedroom in pastel colors

Here are a few tips on feng shui for using colors for the bedroom:

  • Shades of blue relax and bring peace. They visually increase the space.
  • Green color helps to establish balance and harmony in life and in the family. It removes negative emotions such as resentment and anger.
  • Yellow sunny color adds love and optimism to the mood.
  • The violet color directs our thoughts to philosophy and awareness of life.
  • The colors of the red part of the spectrum can improve a person’s social position, they also enhance vitality and passion.
Blue mural with galaxy map over white bed

Neutral blue color of the star card has a comfortable sleep

Wall mural Provence style bedroom interior

Green shades are suitable for those who are very tired of hard work.

Wall mural with bright flowers and leaves in the design of the bedroom

Vivid accents should be chosen with caution, they are more suitable for extraordinary and cheerful personalities

Wall mural with retro style city on bedroom wall

The color scheme of the selected canvas should ideally stand out from other elements of the bedroom interior

New murals can not only decorate the interior and create comfort in the house, they can improve the quality of life and cheer up.

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