Gray wallpapers and a variety of combinations of shades

The selection of colors for the future interior is perhaps the most important stage, after choosing a design style for your home. Today, there are almost no restrictions on the range of colors, modern technology allows you to reproduce any desired shade and even realize incredible fantasies.

bedroom design with gray wallpaper

A room with gray wallpaper looks reserved and luxurious at the same time.

In the light of the latest fashion trends, there is an increase in the popularity of gray in the interior, as the dominant one. Moreover, in such a scale absolutely any room in an apartment or house can be designed, from the entrance hall to the living room. Even a kitchen made in silver or ash tones can look very bright, fashionable and elegant.

gray wallpaper in the kitchen

Gray is a complicated and multivariate color that can look different and convey different sensations, depending on the choice of shade.

The main thing is to know and understand how to correctly apply such a complex color, with which it can be combined, and what techniques designers use to give the interior nobility and sophistication, and not to turn it into a dull, gloomy space.

gray wallpaper in the bedroom

Gray wallpaper with ornament, ideal for creating a classic style in the bedroom.

The uniqueness of gray color lies in its diversity. Steel, pearlescent, charcoal, wet stone or pewter, Marengo or Gainsborough, slate or gray-green. In fact, there are a lot of shades. Like the main color palette, they are all divided into cold, warm and neutral. Examples in the table below.

Cold Marengo, anthracite, steel, fieldgrau, etc.
Warm Slate, quartz, grez, all types of gray-green and gray-brown.
Neutral Wet stone, light gray, silver, Abdel-Kerim Beard and many others
gray wallpaper in the living room

Due to this diversity, you can pick up a huge number of different stylistic solutions and use cases in the interior.

With the help of a competent combination between each other, as well as with other colors, you can easily create any atmosphere and mood in the house that matches the temperament and individual preferences of your owners.

Scope and style

In order to determine the scope, first you need to decide in which design genre the interior will be made. The versatility of the palette makes it possible to use it in one form or another in almost all styles. It can be either classic or, for example, Provence, or country, Scandinavian, or loft, hi-tech, or art deco, etc. There are as many options as the shades of this wonderful color themselves.

photo of a bedroom with gray wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is suitable for the bedroom and living room in a classic style.

The most common places of use are walls. For their design, you can use decorative plaster, paint or wallpaper. Moreover gray wallpaper in the interior can be absolutely any texture, plain or with a pattern. It all depends on the purpose of the room and the chosen design.

gray wallpaper in the bathroom

Geometric and abstract patterns are suitable for medium and large rooms.

For styles such as urban and loft, the use of coal and anthracite for the floor and ceiling is characteristic. It is even possible to perform all parts of the room in gray, for this a smooth transition from dark to light is used, and various materials are used. For example: for the floor - natural stone, concrete or a wooden laminate of dark colors (wet asphalt, coal), for walls - plaster or wallpaper of medium tones (tin, slate, pigeon), and the ceiling is painted in light gray shades (zircon, geysboro) .

loft accent wall

Gray wallpapers are a great option to create an accent wall in your loft style bedroom.

No less spectacular shades of gray look in the elements of decor and textiles. Furniture and curtains made in such a range perfectly convey the atmosphere of practicality and conciseness of high-tech style. A variety of textures and ornaments of gray-smoky tones in the decoration and objects that fill the space, emphasize the luxury and sophistication of art deco.

living room art deco

Gray wallpaper can be wall mounted by the fireplace or TV.

Application in the interior of different rooms

Wallpaper gray in the interior, if used correctly, can help solve several problems at once.

  • By combining light and dark tones, you can visually adjust the size of the room.

By obscuring unnecessary corners and niches, you can hide architectural flaws and focus on the central part.Dark gray wallpapers can make a large room more compact and comfortable, filling it with calm and warmth. And light gray and cool are able to make even the smallest room more spacious and brighter, introducing a sense of freedom and light.

combined wallpaper in the hall

For a small living room it is better to choose midtones and contrasting textiles.

  • By giving preference to certain tones when decorating walls, you can adjust the mood of the interior.

Cold will make the space more austere, solemn. Such shades in the interior go well with bright colors (blue, red, etc.). An excellent option for a living room, kitchen or hallway.Warm, on the contrary, will make the room softer and more comfortable. They are wonderful combined with almost all pastel colors.

gray wallpaper in the nursery

A good solution for the interior of the bedroom and nursery.

  • By means of an ornament on gray wallpaper in the interior You can radically change the style and image of the room.

A textured pattern on a gray background of wallpaper can be the main decoration and set the direction for the entire interior. The versatility of shades allows you to beat the design, just changing or removing bright accents. Accordingly, in order to breathe fresh notes and update the interior, you do not need to make major repairs.

gray wallpaper with a pattern in the bedroom

Wallpaper with flowers suitable for the bedroom in a classic and modern style.


The choice of colors for the interior of the hallway directly depends not only on individual preferences, but also mainly on the size of the room. Most often, it is not very large, and often lacks natural light. In such cases, it is recommended to choose plain gray wallpapers of cold light or medium shades. They will visually expand the space and make it more airy.

gray wallpaper in the hallway

Gray wallpaper in the hallway is best combined with white and black.

If you still want to make a small hallway in dark colors, then you need to choose warm muted colors, for example, grez. It will not be superfluous to complement such an interior with bright accents and take care of good multi-level lighting.

When choosing wallpaper with a picture for small hallways, it is worth giving preference to small ornaments, and for spacious ones to larger motifs. A vertical strip made of several shades of different widths will look great.

striped wallpaper in the hallway

Striped wallpaper can also help visually adjust the space.

Another good design technique for the hallway, when gray wallpapers are combined with various finishing materials. It can be wall panels, decorative stone, plaster, or painted surfaces. For this, both plain and floral wallpapers with a gray background are suitable.

If the size of the room allows, monochromatic gray wallpapers of dark colors framed by white wide moldings look very impressive.

gray wallpaper in the hallway decor

As a decor, you can use black and white photographs in beautiful white or black frames.

Living room

When deciding what should be gray wallpaper in the interior the living room should take into account its functional orientation. After all, if this room serves not only for receiving guests or family leisure, but, for example, also as a bedroom, then it is better to choose a softer, warmer color. This will create a calm, relaxing environment.

combined gray wallpaper

Luxurious furniture with upholstery and sconces will complement the interior.

If the living room is also used as an office or library, then you can use cooler and sharper tones. In combination with bright colors (blue, red, cold shades of green), on the contrary, they will not let you relax and add to the interior not only rigor, but also energy.

living room cabinet with gray wallpaper

A combination of light and dark shades can help correct room imperfections.

Regarding the choice of ornament on gray wallpaper, there is only one rule - it must correspond to the style direction of the room design. For example, geometric patterns (rhombuses, circles, stripes) are more suitable for art deco, high-tech and retro styles. Ornate complex motifs made in white or gold are characteristic of classicism and modern style.

gray wallpaper in the living room

Floral ornament in pastel colors emphasize the romanticism of Provence.

If we talk about how to properly combine gray wallpapers with textiles and furniture, then there are practically no restrictions. The main thing is to observe the general style and color type of design. That is, if the color of the wallpaper refers to cold shades, then the color of the curtains, furniture upholstery, decor elements should also belong to the cold spectrum. Well and vice versa.

gray wallpaper in the living room

Gray color can be used in any style, from classic to minimalism.

As for color compatibility, then, of course, the tandem with white and black is classic. But, as has been said more than once, gray wallpapers are quite versatile and perfectly combined with almost the entire palette. The table shows examples of the most fashionable color schemes.

Combination table with a different color in the interior

Shade name The best color combinations
River mother of pearl Golden red
Pigeon Lemon, Lavender
Steel Steel blue, blue hyacinth
Marengo Light emerald, dusty apple
Feldgrau Pink, red, gold
Slate Pink, chocolate, green
gray bedroom design

The gray walls in the bedroom set a calm tone in combination with a companion color.

Children's and bedroom

To decorate the walls in the bedroom or children's room, it is advisable to choose gray wallpaper in light colors. They combine well with delicate pastel shades (pink, blue, beige, etc.) and give a state of peace and tranquility. For children, it’s just a find, especially if the family has hyperactive children.

gray wallpaper in the nursery

Gray wallpapers in the nursery combined with light furniture and delicate pastel colors will create a stylish look.

To create a harmonious space, designers are advised to fill the interior with many accessories and decor items. It can be numerous bright colored pillows, vases and caskets, figurines and candlesticks, photo frames and paintings. Everything that makes our house so cozy.

It is neutral gray wallpapers, due to their versatility, that can become a good background and smooth out the clumsiness from a large number of objects.

gray wallpaper for kids room

Suitable for both boy and girl's room.

An interesting option for an adult bedroom can be a monochrome interior.The combination of several shades, thanks to different materials and textures, will create an incredibly stylish and elegant look.

Color psychology

Very many people perceive gray wallpapers as boring, too conservative and even gloomy. Indeed, they themselves are rarely capable of evoking positive emotions. For people prone to melancholy and depression, they are categorically contraindicated.

dark gray walls

Dark gray wallpapers of steel, coal and tin colors look self-sufficient, they can be lightened with pastel colors.

However, with the correct selection of the shade and its saturation, in combination with natural materials, gray wallpapers can give a feeling of calm and security.

The combination of bright and saturated colors (blue, red, purple, etc.) for furniture and decor with gray wallpaper fills the space with energy and strength. Such a combination will appeal to eccentric, extraordinary people who like to emphasize the individuality of the interior with bright accents.

bedroom with gray wallpaper and red curtains

This combination can only be used in spacious bright rooms and as an accent.

A combination of light gray shades with pink, green or blue is more likely to be more gentle and sophisticated natures. This color gives the space freshness, lightness, elegance.


Do not be afraid to use gray wallpaper in the interior. Refined, noble and stylish, they will give a feeling of comfort, stability and peace.

design ideas with gray wallpaper

The gray-pink combination of muted shades creates a feeling of relaxation, freshness of the rain and flower garden.

The trump card of gray is its versatility. It is combined with any color, it can be used as the main or as a background. His whole palette is perfectly characterized in various design genres, and it is also suitable for absolutely any room in the house. This gives unlimited opportunities for the realization of any creative fantasies in creating the interior.

gray wallpaper in the kitchen

Gray walls are a great backdrop for any furniture and headset.

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