Features of using green wallpaper to decorate the interior of your home

Have you ever wondered which color is the most pleasant in home interior design? Definitely green. This shade was presented to man by nature itself, and it has unique healing properties. Therefore, when choosing a material for wall decoration, choose green wallpaper in the interior. This color can give peace and tranquility to you and your loved ones. Its various shades, tones can be the perfect decoration for any room. Fresh, natural and beautiful kitchens, halls, bedrooms, executed in any tone, shade of green, have a unique effect that can bring peace, give happiness, joy and tranquility to the atmosphere.

Mirror on the wall with green wallpaper

The thoughtful interior of the room with green wallpaper is a guarantee of an excellent mood for all residents of the house

Pay particular attention to wall finishes with materials of this color. You will not lose by choosing it. And today's article will tell you how to choose the right wallpaper for your home with guaranteed.

Features of green color

Speaking about the features, you first need to deal with a lot of the shades of green. Some of them were bred by man experimentally, while others gave birth to nature itself. For example, a stone of the same name has a malachite color, and khaki was invented for use as a protective uniform for military personnel.

Brown chest of drawers on a background of green wallpaper

Regardless of the chosen shade, whether it is juicy lime or cold olive, green color will always soothe and relax

Green wallpaper is perfect for the interior of the room. The abundance of various shades allows you to combine options for stylistic decisions of the interior. The texture of the wallpaper is provided by all kinds of forms, shapes, patterns, which multiplies the flight of your imagination a thousand times. Using brown color is also suitable for furniture. This combination will bring freshness, fullness of the room.

Pillow with a green ornament near the crib

The calm atmosphere of a child's room with a minimum of furniture

Especially popular is the green color for the style of "Bionics", "Minimalism", as well as the "Scandinavian" style. It is worth noting some features when choosing wall coverings:

  1. Consider shades of green when you choose a finishing material. Their various options may respond differently to the interior of the room.
  2. The texture of the wallpaper also plays an important role. If the room is saturated with smooth surfaces, then using embossed wall decoration materials is unacceptable. This rule also applies to the opposite case.
  3. The pattern is able to work miracles. For a particular style, completely different patterns on the walls are suitable.
  4. Accent inserts on the wall space diversify the interior design. If this is light green wallpaper, then the insert should be the same color.
  5. Use of ceiling space to tone walls. Pasting the ceiling with green wallpaper of an excellent shade will give the room the effect of completeness.
White bed in the bedroom of a private house

Wall mural with malachite in a modern style bedroom

Classic living room interior with green wallpaper

The perfect combination of textile green wallpaper with white furniture in a classic style

The brightness, contrast, as well as the intensity of the shade of apple different interior styles should be selected different.More stringent Baroque, Classic take dark colors, while Provence and newer ones are light, tender or bright saturated.

Wallpaper with a green pattern in the children's room

Children's room with delicate floral print on the wallpaper and bright Roman curtains on the windows

A selection of green wallpapers

In order to decide before choosing a specific option, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the premises, the planned design. The overall gamut of saturation should be combined with the selected green wallpaper. Overloading the room with a saturated range is not allowed. It is better to focus on any part of the wall and dilute the overall decor with a neutral color, rather than oversaturate the room's design with an overly saturated color.

Green wallpaper with geometric patterns on the walls of the kitchen

Warm spring combined kitchen / living room

Combining wall coverings is one element of the interior of the room. But rushing to extremes is not worth it: responses can be traced in furniture, flooring, as well as in decorative elements.

  • As an “ally” of wall design, they often make a ceiling space. If green wallpapers are selected textured, then the ceiling finish should combine the responses of such a surface. The situation is the same with the pattern.
  • The green color of the wall decoration goes well with the plain facades of the old cabinets of the English Classics. It is acceptable to use a cage pattern inherent in this style.
  • Wall decorative elements are perfect in the same color as emerald wallpaper. The only nuance here will be the use of different tones, for some distinction.
  • The joint use of interior textiles and green wallpaper will create the effect of fullness, completeness of interior design.
Pastel colored bedroom interior

Bedroom with windows to the north side will become light with translucent curtains.

Tip. When choosing curtains, it is worth considering the texture. If the wall covering is smooth, then the curtains will also suit the satin texture.

Green mint curtains on the windows of the children's room

Austrian curtains matched to the mint color of the wallpaper in a classic style children's room

Before you decide on certain solutions, you need to draw up a design project of the room (perspective). This will help you to see first-hand the future interior design and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments. The wall space of the project must be painted with the colors that are planned when buying emerald wallpapers. The rules for designing a room design on paper can be found in our article by clicking on the link.

Green color styles

Leaves on wallpaper in various shades of green

Green color is considered almost a universal shade that can fit perfectly in any style direction.

Eco-friendly baby room

Green mural in the eco-style of a modern children's room


Light green wallpaper of the “Minimalism” style is a worthy solution for a city apartment of a large metropolis. As an exception, the widespread use of this color is suitable for this style. Take a look at the option where mint colors are used. Green wallpaper in the interior of "Minimalism" is sure to choose a smooth, plain texture. For a change in the sleeping area, the wall section can be decorated with a rectangular rectangular stone. On top of this solution hang lamps or a picture. When designing a living room, such an arrangement is organized in the area of ​​a sofa or TV.

Minimalist green living room design

To design a room in the style of minimalism, use wallpaper for painting

Tip. An interesting solution would be the arrangement of columns between window openings. With a mint hue, the columns fit brown. On the columns you can hang lamps with a mint response.

The flooring is best done in white using a laminate or ceramic tile. In this case, you will get a "light" room in which the soul, body rest. Lay a carpet of grassy texture on the floor. A small deviation from the “smooth” “Minimalism” will give the room an individual peculiarity.

Minimalist green carpet in living room interior

The green carpet should be darker than the wall covering

Bed linen is purchased in the same range.Do not be afraid to oversaturated the room with light green color. Using a soft mint hue will not load the interior, but will create an atmosphere of relaxation among the stone jungle.

Furniture matches the tone of the brown columns. "Minimalism" is remarkable because it uses a minimum of different scales. Indoor electronics, a TV, and a home theater are purchased with minty responses. Do not forget the main rule of this style: a maximum of three colors, the rest gets shades.


It also fits perfectly mint shade. He is advised by specialists in the field of design, as well as psychologists. Mint is favorable for visual perception, is not aggressive, has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Therefore, do not be afraid to use it often, a lot.

Small Provence style kitchen in mint color

Interior of a small kitchen with mint fronts

Green cabinets on gray walls

Unobtrusive combination of gray with a mint shade

"Provence" is suitable mint and olive range. Combine it best with a soft pink color. This is manifested in furniture, textiles, bedding, wall decoration with emerald wallpaper. When arranging a room with the Provence style, it is not necessary to adhere to the rule of three colors. It uses "multicolor". Additionally, the interior is furnished with green plants, even with flowers.

Tip. The use of combinations of colors of different loads will highlight different areas of the room. The so-called visual zoning is a new trend in contemporary design art.

Rustic style kitchen interior

Provence style olive kitchen

Purple, orange, yellow, even blue can be combined with a mint olive range. The main criterion is the use of soft shades that do not differ in sharpness.


Ageless "Classic" will acquire an exclusive look with the use of emerald wallpaper. A feature of this interior design of the room will be the use of dark shades. But this option involves the glut of the room. The use of emerald wallpapers in the interior of the "Classics" should not greatly prevail. It is better to paste over one side of the wall, while creating a certain zone, and arrange the rest with white tones.

Bedroom with vertical striped green wallpaper.

Green striped wallpaper serves as a visual change in space

Wooden chairs in a classic living room

Wallpaper with flowers, foliage and birds suitable for the bedroom and living room

Brown in the design of a classic living room

Colorful wallpaper with classic motifs

This style loves a noble tree. This should be considered when buying furniture for the hallway or living room. Sofas, armchairs, as well as cabinets and cabinets for the "Classics" are used in strictly dark colors.

Scandinavian style

Probably the best of all the styles listed above for the room, which is suitable when sharing the green scale for walls. On a white background that prevails in this style, green tones wonderfully fit. Moreover, the choice of one or another shade does not play a special role. Everything fits here. Zoning is what you should pay attention to when pasting with decorative material.

White birch trees on a mural in the living room

Wall mural with a green background in the Scandinavian style living room

White color will bring purity, while malachite or pistachio will refresh, designate, transform your kitchen or bedroom. "Scandinavian style" is perfect for any room. Use exotic shades. Marine, jade, emerald, forest, apple, malachite, grassy, ​​chartreuse, lime - nature is very richly endowed with all kinds of shades of green.

If you want to hear the sea tide, smell the sour lemon, or distinguish the trill of forest birds - choose the right shade for the "Scandinavian style" and plunge into the atmosphere of bliss and relaxation.

Liquid green wallpaper on the living room wall

Scandinavian style is suitable for people with a calm Nordic character

The kitchen is a place for experimentation, fantasy. Experiment here with interior design. Match the furniture to the tone of the walls. Arrange the transitions with beautiful skirting boards.

High tech

An interesting solution would be to design a living room with a high-tech style using a grassy tone. Walls are decorated with niches. At the same time, it will be beautiful to highlight the white zone of the wall under the plasma TV, and niches on the sides. You can create a combination of Hi-Tech and Loft. Niches are pasted over with textured wallpaper under a brick of light green tone. On the rim of the wall zone-niche, LED strips are placed, which when turned on give lightness, ease, cleanliness to the spaciousness of the living room. In addition to tapes, spotlights are also suitable.

Green in high-tech style interior

High-tech country house lounge

Gray tablecloth on the dining table

A bit of gray accents won't hurt here

The ceiling space is combined accordingly as well as the wall. The middle of the living room on the ceiling is indicated by a niche zone, which is created thanks to two levels. It (middle) is finished with building material of light green tone. The texture here is the same as for a wall - brickwork. The rest of the perimeter of the ceiling is whitened with ordinary whitewash, or with crystal clear white paint. Spotlights are also installed here.

Furniture will fit, naturally, in an intricate, cosmic form, as it is a Hi-tech. Semicircular sofas with chairs, bought in a single series, with chrome legs fit perfectly. Do not forget to put next to the glass coffee table, under which the grassy texture of the carpet is pre-laid. Beautiful porcelain vases filled with trimmed branches or floral arrangements can also be arranged throughout the living room.

White upholstered furniture on a dark floor

A glossy dark brown floor adds sophistication

Parquet is suitable for the floor. The texture of the tree blends perfectly with the grassy tone of the walls and ceiling. Since our living room combines elements of different styles, the parquet is laid with some square masonry. This combination of "Hi-tech", "Loft" creates an undaunted, exclusive "Eclecticism".

Malachite in the interior of the living room goes well with a bright orange tone. Such a neighborhood will add freshness and novelty. The walls are finished with malachite color. Furniture or other elements of the interior of the living room are made in orange. In this case, finishing materials can be decorated with birds sitting on tree branches, or large beautiful cranes flying away into the distance.

High tech bedroom interior

Better use a few green shades.

Also, do not forget about the classic stripes when decorating the wall space of the living room. They are suitable for both classics and any other style. In addition, the use of floral patterns will perfectly transform almost any interior. Their choice is huge, varies in texture, saturation, splendor and rigor. Choose any options for your design.

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