Making wedding glasses: selection of materials, techniques, master classes

A wedding is an important event in the life of every person. As a rule, they prepare for this holiday for a long time and thoroughly. It is on this momentous day that the life of a new family begins. One of the most important accessories that are used throughout the celebration and attract the attention of those gathered is considered to be glasses of the newlyweds. Moreover: they are stored all life. Therefore, any married couple wants this thing to be unique. So, how to decorate your wedding glasses with your own hands?

An example of a vivid decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

Preparing for the wedding is a very important process. Every little thing is important here.

the idea of ​​bright decoration of the design of wedding glasses

The most important accessory at the wedding are glasses of newlyweds.

variant of unusual decoration of the style of wedding glasses

It is very important that the glasses are beautiful and unique

Wedding glasses and traditions

As you know, after the main wedding procedure - the newlyweds' paintings, the newly made husband and wife beat champagne glasses with ringing. And then, on the very walk, they drink already from the special - beautiful ones. It has long been believed that the more fragments there are, the happier and richer the family life will be. Of course, there is a whole list of wedding traditions, customs, signs. But the decor of wedding glasses with their own hands is a trend of modern time. So far, no one can say exactly where such a “fashion” came from. But the fact remains: more and more couples prefer to drink champagne from handmade glasses at a banquet.

A similar creation can be ordered from the master. Many handmakers offer such services. And you can do it yourself.

There are many ways to decorate glassware for a sparkling drink. It all depends on the imagination and skill of the needlewoman. In addition, such work will allow the future wife to show how skilled she is, to show creativity.

It does not really matter what form the glasses will be selected. The technique does not depend on this. Although most newlyweds prefer a romantic drink - champagne.

a variant of beautiful design of the style of wedding glasses

For help in the design of glasses, you can contact the master

An example of a vivid design of the design of wedding glasses

You can beautifully arrange your wedding glasses yourself

We prepare materials and tools

For the design of wedding glasses will have to prepare certain tools and materials. Their set largely depends on the chosen design idea.

Do not be scared. The decor of wedding glasses is interesting and fascinating. There are many ways that are available to people who have nothing to do with creativity.

Choosing a technique, do not grab the most complex and painstaking, especially if you have not heard about it before. First you need to see the master classes, study the necessary information. It is important to make sure that all accessories are available for the beginner. It is recommended that the wine glasses fit into the overall design of the hall, fit the style of the newlyweds. Someone decorates exclusively glasses of the groom and the bride, and someone - for all guests. This is a matter of taste, desire, time and material possibilities.

The standard materials and tools that may be required include:

  • acrylic or stained glass paints;
  • glitter in jars or any sparkles;
  • tapes;
  • lace;
  • original ribbons;
  • various beads, beads, rhinestones;
  • dried flowers or artificial flowers;
  • glue gun;
  • PVA glue.
the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

First, it’s worth deciding what material the glasses will be decorated with.

the idea of ​​an unusual decoration of the design of wedding glasses

Glass decoration is a very interesting and fascinating process.

option for bright decoration of the style of wedding glasses

You can beautifully arrange glasses without special knowledge in this matter.

Decorating techniques

You can learn more about what is required for creative work by examining the features of the technique that interests you. Many of them are given in the table.





One of the most affordable ways to decorate. Its difficulties come down only to the master’s drawing skills. You can depict floral, floral ornaments, wedding-themed images (rings, pigeons, silhouettes of the newlyweds), inscriptions on the surface.

Acrylic paints (they are considered the most durable, do not wear off), any glitters, non-washable markers for drawing on glass.

Stained glass window

Stained-glass paints will create unique glasses. Glass can be easily painted in different colors, and themed elements can be drawn on top. If necessary, you can use special stencils.

Stained glass paints, acrylic for painting, brushes, stencils.

Sequin decoration

It will be much easier to decorate wine glasses with friable sparkles. They are sold both in cosmetic stores and in office supplies. To decorate the glasses, it is enough to smear the desired area with glue and cover it with sparkles. After drying, the excess can be shaken off.

Glue stick, sparkles, brushes.


Such works look expensive and original. The most affordable option may be to tie a bow at the base. From ribbons can also make roses, flowers, which are securely attached to the glue gun. The decor can be complemented with beads, rhinestones, lace.

Tapes, scissors, glue gun, additional decor if necessary.


This option will add an inventory of tenderness and romance. From lace ribbons it is really possible to make original skirts for the legs of a glass. Wine glasses in a lace net will look stylish. The process is quite simple. To begin with, material of the right size is cut off with a margin of a couple of centimeters. Lace is coated with PVA glue and attached to the glass. After a few minutes, excess glue is removed with warm water. Additional jewelry can be attached with a glue gun.

Lace, PVA glue, scissors, warm water, glue gun, additional decor.


Glasses decorated with gold or silver ribbon look minimalistic and stylish. You can just gently wind the glass in a spiral. Wine glasses will look very elegant. Or a shiny lace can be wound tightly around the leg.

Glue, braid.


All small accessories such as beads, beads, rhinestones are actively used to decorate glasses for the celebration. With their help, really create any ornament. Drawing can be limited only by the imagination of the master. For fixing, it is recommended to use silicone glue or a glue gun.

Beads or any small accessories, silicone or glue gun.

Flower petals

Natural flower petals, of course, will not work, as they are very short-lived. But artificial ones are a great option. It is enough to glue the petals in the desired composition onto the fat-free surface of the glass in any convenient way. You can stick them in several layers. A transparent contour can then be applied to imitate dew.

Petals, glue, additional decor, silicone or a transparent contour.

Natural flowers

Wine glasses with natural colors will look fresh and original. Better if they will be combined with a bouquet of the bride. But it is worth noting that the work will be long and painstaking. In addition, decorating dishes will have immediately before the celebration of the wedding.

Fresh flowers, cotton wool, water, floral tape, glue for plants.

Whatever technique is chosen, the activity will require accuracy when doing all the details. It is very responsible to approach the choice of materials and especially glue. It should be high-quality and invisible on the product.

An example of a vivid decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

There are several techniques for decorating glasses.

The idea of ​​a light design for the design of wedding glasses

Choose quality materials for decoration

Useful workshops

To better understand this or that technique, you should study master classes from professionals.

Original glasses in the style of “Bride and Groom”

This type of design has recently been found more and more often. Styling glasses to the image of the bride and groom is relevant and stylish. In addition, the design is considered quite simple to execute. The following materials will be required for the work:

  • glue gun and rods;
  • satin ribbons of black and white;
  • artificial flowers for decor;
  • lace;
  • tulle;
  • beads and rhinestones;
  • scissors.

Masters advise starting work with a glass for the bride, as it is much more complicated. A skirt is usually made of lace. Waist can be emphasized with white beads or rhinestones. And on the top of the glass is placed a tulle, which creates a semblance of a veil. All decor elements are fixed with a glue gun.

When making a wineglass for the groom, they also start with black lace, which imitates a tailcoat, and white - a shirt. The tie is made of black satin ribbon.

An example of unusual decoration of wedding glasses decor

You can beautifully arrange glasses on your own, for this it is enough to see the master classes of professionals

An example of a vivid style design for wedding glasses

At present, the decoration of glasses in the style of the Groom and the Bride has become very popular.

variant of the unusual design of the style of wedding glasses

Begin designing advised with a glass of bride

Decoration with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are the most difficult material for decoration. Delicate flowers require special patience. So, we will analyze in detail each stage of the work.

  1. Each flower is pruned shorter and dipped for several hours in the water. It should be perfectly saturated with liquid. The larger the flower, the shorter the stem should be.
  2. A specialized teip tape is attached to the glass. It can be found in flower shops.
  3. Each flower comes from water. A cotton fleece, abundantly moistened with water, is applied and fixed to the place of cut.
  4. The coiled ends of flowers hide behind a ribbon on a glass.
  5. To hide sloppy elements and bulges used beads, rhinestones, beads, satin ribbons.

After the end of work, the product is sprayed with water and stored in a bag in the refrigerator. So the glasses will keep a fresh look until the celebration.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

Flowers are the most difficult material to decorate.

an example of unusual decoration of the style of wedding glasses

Glasses with flowers will look beautiful and modern

Stained glass paints in decoration

Masters use several methods to decorate wedding glasses with stained glass paints. For the first, you will need to prepare such materials:

  • outline stickers;
  • stained glass paints;
  • thin brush;
  • satin ribbon;
  • glue gun.

The contours for the stained-glass window are separated from the base and attached to the glasses. The glass surface should first be degreased. The void between the contours is neatly, evenly painted over with paints. After drying, at the transition of the glass, a ribbon is tied into the leg or a small flower is glued.

The next method will appeal to lovers of drawing. For its implementation, a stencil, adhesive tape and the same materials as in the previous version will be required.

A stencil bought in a store or drawn independently is fixed with tape in the inside of the glass. And outside all contours are well drawn with contoured stained-glass paint. He needs to dry for several hours.

After that, you can remove the stencil and follow the steps described above. If the master is confident in his talent, then you can draw immediately without stencils, relying only on your imagination.

The drying process can be accelerated with an ordinary hair dryer.

option for a beautiful decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

Using paint for decoration, you need to be careful

An example of a light decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

Paint drying can be accelerated with a hairdryer.

variant of a beautiful decoration of the style of wedding glasses

The leg of the glass can be tied with tape

Use of tapes and polymer clay

If you have free time, the desire to engage in small painstaking work, then decorating your wedding glasses with ribbons and stucco made of polymer clay will be a great option. For such work, you will need to prepare:

  1. glass wine glasses;
  2. a set of polymer clay;
  3. special contour for glass. it is better to choose white and lilac colors;
  4. glue-moment;
  5. beads of different sizes.
  6. thin satin ribbons 1.7 m long in white and pale purple;
  7. pastel in the same shades;
  8. degreaser (alcohol can be used).

Before starting decorative work, the glasses should be washed well and degreased. It is worth saying right away that you can’t do this with vodka, since it contains oils in its composition.

option for a light decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

Ribbons are great for decorating wedding glasses

the idea of ​​brightly decorating the design of wedding glasses

Before starting work, the glass should be thoroughly washed and degreased

Now you can start creating flowers from polymer clay:

the clay stick is cut into pieces, each of which is divided into small segments - these will be the petals;

  • make a small ball of clay;
  • roll the slices into balls and flatten, the resulting petals are attached to the ball;
  • rub the pastel into crumbs;
  • in the course of activity, so that the products do not stick to the fingers, they are dipped in pastel;
  • finished flowers are baked in the oven for fifteen minutes at a temperature of 100-110 degrees (it is better to see the recommendations on the package);
  • glue flowers attached to the legs of glasses;
  • the pastel is rubbed into the surface of the flowers, the details are drawn with contours;
  • the contour draws the necessary elements on the glass;
  • additional decor in the form of beads is glued.

After all these steps, wedding glasses can be considered finished.

the idea of ​​a bright design for the design of wedding glasses

Glasses with red ribbons will look elegant and beautiful

An example of unusual design of wedding glasses design

Additionally, the glass can be decorated with beads

An example of a beautiful design of the design of wedding glasses

The stem of the glass can be decorated with small flowers

Wizard Tips

Of course, creating important attributes for the wedding is very exciting. But in the process of decorating, a mass of pitfalls can come up, which can ruin all the work. For this reason, you should read some tips from professionals in this matter.

  1. In order to make the result look neat, there were no visible pieces and threads of dried glue, it is better to choose a special glue for glass and ceramics. It differs in that it freezes in seconds, has an absolutely transparent color. Silicone can become an excellent analogue of such a material.
  2. Many craftsmen prefer to use cyanoacrylate adhesive to fix the decor. He fixes beads, rhinestones and other small elements especially quickly. Its main advantage is that it is not afraid of moisture. Find it real in any store with goods for construction.
  3. Master classes often mention PVA. It is well suited for decoupage, decorating with textile materials. It also leaves almost no residue. If inaccuracies do occur, they can be eliminated with alcohol or warm water.
  4. Before starting to decorate wedding glasses, it is worth trying out the selected technique on any unnecessary dishes.
  5. Glasses before work should always be well washed, dried. Any residual dirt, fingerprints can lead to the fact that the decor will simply fall off at the most inopportune moment.
  6. After completion of work, the glass can be coated with colorless paint or varnish for glass surfaces. So all the flaws in the work will be hidden and jewelry will be more firmly fixed.
  7. Glass jewelry can be purchased much cheaper in office supplies or in stores with sewing supplies.
  8. In order not to spend money on unnecessary materials, it is recommended to clearly determine the technique in advance, think through each step and write a list of everything you need.
bright style design for wedding glasses

To make the glass ultimately beautiful, choose glue for glass and ceramics

An example of a beautiful decoration of the decor of wedding glasses

Before registration, glasses should be thoroughly washed and dried

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple in love. In order to have as many pleasant memories as possible from this event, you should not deprive attention of the decor and decoration of the holiday. Glasses - this is what will be in the hands of the heroes of the occasion throughout the day. Therefore, wine glasses must be exclusive. And it's better to do them yourself.

Such handmade products will appeal to all guests and will be stored for a long time in the family home. The main thing is to choose the most suitable and affordable way to decorate. If you have time, you can decorate glasses for guests. It is important to note that glassware for sparkling drinks should not be knocked out of the general composition.

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