Original butterfly decor: photos, tips, materials

If you are bored of the interior and want to change something in your home, but you are not ready for radical decisions, then decorating your own walls with the help of such decorative elements as a panel or applique will be a great option. Especially popular with designers is the decorative elements in the form of butterflies, which symbolize joy and natural beauty.

Such decoration will look especially harmonious in a bedroom or a nursery, but with skillful use it will fit into other rooms. This economical and rather extraordinary way of decorating walls will transform any room with minimal time and money.

beautiful butterflies in the decor of the nursery

Multi-colored butterflies in the interior

beautiful butterflies in the style of the bedroom

Butterflies in the interior of the room

Butterflies in the interior

Butterfly jewelry is rarely solitary. Usually whole groups of many moths are created. This creates a wide scope for imagination, because you can place them in the most unusual ways: on walls, under the ceiling, around chandeliers, curtains or other interior items. Very interesting are the airy compositions that come to life with a slight breeze.

unusual butterflies in the interior of the room

White butterflies in the interior

beautiful butterflies in kitchen design

Multicolored butterflies on the wall

Butterflies will become a bright accent for a monochrome interior. Their color can be absolutely any: from strict white or black tones to the brightest neon shade. The main thing is that they organically fit into the interior, and their color echoes the color of the walls and other elements.

If you believe Feng Shui, butterflies bring happiness and mutual understanding to the house, bring romance into relationships and contribute to the fulfillment of the most cherished desires.

Butterflies in the interior are also used for zoning. By hanging them on the ceiling or decorating them with a wall, you can easily make several functional areas in the room.

unusual butterflies in the decor of the nursery

Beautiful butterflies in the interior

unusual butterflies in the style of the corridor

Butterfly Room Design

What style are butterflies suitable for?

Moths are an absolutely non-binding element of decor. This decoration is suitable for almost any style of the room:

  • Provence
  • classic;
  • eco style;
  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • modern.

The main thing is to make sure that the butterflies are combined with the room in color and are located appropriately. Usually their coloring contrasts with the color of the walls, otherwise they will become simply invisible.

beautiful butterflies in the interior of the hallway

Butterfly Room Design

beautiful butterflies in the decor of the kitchen

Butterflies in the interior

Designers recommend the following color combinations:

  • Absolute contrast. Glue black butterflies to a white wall, white - to black.
  • Color accent. Bright butterflies on a monochrome background.
  • Light green or red moths will look great on a beige wall.
  • The best decoration of the pink wall will be blue or scarlet applications.

Materials used

Of which just do not make butterflies for decoration! The selection of materials is truly impressive.


The most economical and convenient material to use. You can fix paper butterflies on the wall using glue or double-sided tape.


This material is stronger and more durable than paper, but making applications out of it is more difficult.Since it is quite heavy, it will be more reliable to fix cardboard moths on the wall.

unusual butterflies in the design of the corridor

Butterflies in the bedroom interior

unusual butterflies in the decor of the bedroom

Butterfly Bedroom

Vinyl film

This option is ideal for wall decor. Cutting out of it is a pleasure, in addition, you do not need to mess with glue and scotch tape, just peel off the protective layer. In addition, vinyl film has a very nice glossy gloss, more resistant to moisture than paper and cardboard.

the cloth

Most often used to decorate curtains and various draperies. Fabric butterflies add coziness to the atmosphere. Fasten them with PVA glue. To give the butterflies the necessary shape, you can use a soap solution and glue. First you have to wet them and give them the desired bend, which they will retain after drying.

beautiful butterflies in the interior of the room

Huge butterfly in the interior of the room

unusual butterflies in the design of the nursery

How do butterflies look in the interior of a children's room


Butterflies from this material are durable and voluminous. The necessary color can be given with acrylic paint, and attaching it to the wall will not be difficult with ordinary glue.


In making butterflies from gypsum, there is also nothing complicated: spread the gypsum with water, pour it into a mold, then wait for it to dry and paint the resulting decoration with acrylic paint.

Mirrors and Glasses

Making wall decor elements from mirrors and glass is a rather time-consuming task, but the result is definitely worth it. The butterfly-shaped mirror will look very original in any room.


Know how to cut wood? Your talent will definitely come in handy if you decide to decorate your apartment with your own handmade butterfly-shaped jewelry.

beautiful butterflies in the style of the hallway

Pink butterflies in the interior

beautiful butterflies in the decor of the corridor

Circle with butterflies


Here at hand are the means at hand - plastic bottles. The butterfly is cut out of the bottle according to the pattern, the wings are given the necessary bending and coloring.

Old photos

Moths scattered on the wall from your favorite photos can replace boring photo frames.

Fabric or painted composition

Textile moths are great for decorating walls covered with liquid wallpaper. On the walls of this texture they can easily be fixed with PVA glue. For the manufacture of plain and colorful shreds.

Before you cut the necessary shape, it is recommended to soak the pieces of fabric in a solution of PVA glue and dry. After this procedure, cutting will become easier, and the edges will not be frayed.

unusual butterflies in the design of the kitchen

Butterflies with patterns in the interior of the room

beautiful butterflies in the interior of the nursery

Butterflies in the interior

To create a painted composition, you need a few simple tools:

  • cardboard stencil;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brush;
  • sponge.

Drawing a picture on the wall is simple. We apply a stencil, apply paint with a sponge, circle the edge with a brush. The stencil is not recommended to be removed until the paint is dry, otherwise it may spread. For the same reason, paint must be applied to the wall with a thin layer.

Glowing butterflies

To create a magic corner in a room with butterflies fluttering in the dark, we need phosphor paint.

Place the picture on a white wall next to the desk lamp. Glue the stencils to the wall, apply phosphor paint with a sponge. The process is better controlled in subdued light. After drying, the stencils are removed, and the butterflies remain on the wall, creating the illusion of their free flight.

To enhance the effect, you can use blue paint around the wings.

unusual butterflies in the style of the hallway

Multi-colored butterflies in the interior

unusual butterflies in the decor of the corridor

Butterflies in the interior

Colored paper moths

We need several sheets of colored paper in the desired shades, a pencil, thick double-sided tape, scissors and stencils that you can do with your own hands, cutting them out of cardboard. A composition of butterflies of different sizes will look more effective, so make a few pieces.

We circle the stencils and cut out the resulting figures.Their number depends on how large your idea is. In order for the moths to be voluminous, bend the colored paper in half, but do so so that the fold line is not sharp.

beautiful butterflies in bedroom design

Butterfly Room Design

unusual butterflies in the interior of the hallway

Beautiful butterflies in the interior of the room

The most enjoyable part of the job is placing butterflies on the wall. There are many variations of composition.

Most popular:

  • a flock of butterflies flying out of the room;
  • a whirlwind with moths flying from the center;
  • butterflies that form a common figure (heart, large butterfly, spiral, etc.);
  • chaotic location across the wall.

There should not be any problems with fastening; paper butterflies are very light. Double-sided tape is ideal for this purpose, which will allow you to get rid of the decoration at any time without damaging the wallpaper.

Butterfly decor: 7 exclusive ideas for handmade

Butterflies made of paper and cardboard are, of course, beautiful, but if the soul asks for originality, then completely different ideas will come to the rescue. We have put together 7 extraordinary ways to decorate your picture with butterflies using the most unexpected materials and design solutions.

1. From vinyl records

Do not rush to throw out old vinyl disks, because they are an indispensable material for decorating a room with your own hands. Including plates are used to create jewelry in the form of butterflies.

beautiful butterflies in the style of the room

Butterflies in the interior of the room

beautiful butterflies in the style of the kitchen

Butterfly Room Design

The process itself includes several stages.

  • We put a picture on the plate according to the template.
  • We heat it in the oven or microwave for about 1 minute until the edges begin to bend slightly.
  • Cut out the shape.
  • Grind the edges with sandpaper.
  • With glue we attach to the wall.

2. Multilayer and bulk

Made of several layers of different colors and sizes, they look very lively and truly voluminous. Usually only butterflies' bodies are glued together, while the wings remain free and bend at different angles.

An unusual effect is achieved by a combination of ordinary butterflies with openwork. To do this, two butterflies are cut according to the pattern of the same size, but differing in color, moreover, the wings of one butterfly are solid, and the other with patterns.

In order not to cut the same shape several times, fold the paper so that you get several butterflies at once.

unusual butterflies in the interior of the corridor

Photo wallpaper with butterflies

beautiful butterflies in the design of the hallway

Butterflies in the heart

3. From corrugated paper

Moths from such paper are even easier to obtain than from ordinary ones. Making them is very simple even without the help of glue.

  • Cut out a rectangle of the desired color from paper of a size slightly larger than the butterfly is planned.
  • Sew the rectangle with a thread in the middle, tighten, resulting in a bow.
  • Fold it in half, smooth the wings.
  • From one edge we cut a small strip on the antennae. Scissors cut the pattern along the edge of the wings.
  • We turn the cut strip into a tube, forming a tendril.
  • We turn the wings and carefully smooth them, giving them the desired shape.

4. From cans

Butterflies for decor are made even from such inconspicuous objects as ordinary cans. When cutting the silhouettes of moths, extreme care must be taken not to cut your hands. This design can be fixed with a thin wire. Freely moving butterflies will create a slight chime at the slightest wind

5. Accordion

The secret to the success of such a product is in a small accordion. It is necessary to cut 2 squares from paper, fold them with an accordion, then attach to each other and wrap with thread. The antennae will be made of flexible wire of the same color. Spread the wings, give the butterfly the desired shape. The moth is ready!

6. Mobile

The elegant hanging composition of butterflies will look great both in the children's room and in the bedroom. To build such beauty at home is easy.

To implement this idea, we need a hoop, fishing line, ribbon, and the butterflies themselves, the numerous manufacturing options of which we have already considered. We fix the hoop under the ceiling with satin or chiffon ribbons, evenly attach the fishing line to the hoop over the entire area. Place butterflies made of paper or cardboard on a fishing line. You can make them both monophonic and color. This voluminous decorative composition looks very impressive in the women's bedroom and emphasizes the romance and femininity of the hostess.

beautiful butterflies in the style of the nursery

Butterfly Room Design

7. Pictures

The essence of the idea is that now butterflies are not placed directly on the wall, but become part of a single application enclosed in a limited frame.

We cut out butterflies from old magazines according to the finished template and place them on a plain sheet, which will be the basis of the picture. We will attach them with the help of volume double-sided tape so that they rise above the level of the picture. If this is not available, then you can insert a foam piece between the tape.

We combine colors so that they flow smoothly from one to another. We insert the finished picture into the frame.

To summarize

Do-it-yourself butterflies for decoration - this is a very budgetary, but at the same time creative and original option to decorate the design of any room. A little time, patience, imagination and more butterflies, and she will simply not be recognized!

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